Spending 24 Hours Straight Under Water Challenge

  • Published on Aug 24, 2018
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  • XxgamerxX Gilr
    XxgamerxX Gilr 45 minutes ago +1

    May I just say you said sub or I take your dog I has bunny if you take him you die🤗

  • ツXCITE
    ツXCITE 6 hours ago

    "I hope this gets a lot of views"
    It sure did Jimmy, it sure did

  • 1HourMemes
    1HourMemes 10 hours ago

    People saying he might die but actually the pressure of being under water balances out because of gravity

  • ok
    ok 11 hours ago +1

    Im watching this and can't breathe for no reason.

  • AutisticFaggotMcGaggot
    AutisticFaggotMcGaggot 13 hours ago

    “I hope this gets a lot of views”
    Good job, RU-clip.

  • Blake scooter Vlogs 101

    hes good at this

  • Denielle Aldridge
    Denielle Aldridge 15 hours ago

    so thats sea sick and on the mayflower a lot of peeps died so its a good thing that you got out :/

  • MAXalytics
    MAXalytics 16 hours ago

    when cris said i had low battery i had full battery ;-;

  • CASPER no
    CASPER no 17 hours ago

    Oh its a Jake 10 seconds later I'm getting Asulted

  • coatlicue Mi canal/ my chanel

    All this ideas, some are really extraordinary. Keep up the good work guys.

  • Same 207
    Same 207 19 hours ago

    Oh and what about pooping? U can pee in the water lol gross but about the solid?

  • XxgamerxX Gilr
    XxgamerxX Gilr 19 hours ago +1

    I hope you is ok

  • stephanie young
    stephanie young 20 hours ago

    Your name is Jimmy

  • HurriKane BF5
    HurriKane BF5 20 hours ago +1

    Did chandler have no shirt in the store

  • Austin Carter
    Austin Carter 22 hours ago +2

    It was probably that sushi

  • Proud_Potato Studios
    Proud_Potato Studios 22 hours ago

    I love that dude ;3

  • Quizels 06
    Quizels 06 22 hours ago

    tzat box

  • Kai Allen
    Kai Allen 22 hours ago

    The only reason Jimmy gave up is because of all the carbon dioxide in their and over 5 percent is lethal to humans and he was in there for too long

  • Tyler Watson
    Tyler Watson 23 hours ago

    He’s just watching PewDiePie underwater

  • Marin Fabijanić

    0:19 as you can see ....

  • aVeryLazy Rock
    aVeryLazy Rock Day ago


  • Ders snek in me boots

    Papa beast : *give up "im sick down there, couldnt take it anymore"
    Morgz : "i aLmOsT dIe dOwN tHeRe!!!!!!!"

    • Mr. Mole
      Mr. Mole 23 minutes ago

      Ders snek in me boots so true

  • Gavin The knight

    Ya you got co2 posing

  • Piotr Zbik
    Piotr Zbik Day ago

    Shadical is subscribed to T-serise

  • Jarli G43
    Jarli G43 Day ago

    Thanks for being a good person and making me feel good

  • gacha life stormieUWU

    Are you agree with the sushi I love sushi but my mom hates fish I don't know where I got it cause my dad never did wake fish either

  • Senpai Kookie
    Senpai Kookie Day ago

    Chris: I'll spend 24 hours underwater.

    Me: how do you pee? :v

  • ndaschyo oo
    ndaschyo oo Day ago +1

    pool keeper:what the hell this boy do?

  • Miox Lvax
    Miox Lvax Day ago

    I think that Mr beast is the real perfect dude

  • Kellie Sapp
    Kellie Sapp Day ago

    No one got you glow sticks or anything? Your crew needs to up their game lol

  • IRT4ZA 1116
    IRT4ZA 1116 Day ago

    Love you mr beast

  • Carter Stack96
    Carter Stack96 Day ago

    Take your time and do a good job

  • Jimmy Howell
    Jimmy Howell Day ago

    dude my name is jimmy too!!!!!!!!

  • Raz Emon
    Raz Emon Day ago

    Btw if you dunno why he had a headache it was because he didn’t breath oxygen but he started breathing Carbon Dioxide and that could’ve killed him

  • XGamerFitz.
    XGamerFitz. 2 days ago

    Your friend and you are funny family

  • Cooper Greer
    Cooper Greer 2 days ago +1

    That’s a dumb thing to do

  •  2 days ago +1

    We all ❤u

  • TheYoungFellowBoy
    TheYoungFellowBoy 2 days ago

    well at least he told the truth :)

  • Kimberly Wong
    Kimberly Wong 2 days ago

    The Best Buy worker tho 🥵

  • Crazed Poetry
    Crazed Poetry 2 days ago

    I'm suffocating just by watching haha...

  • Dustin Dawind
    Dustin Dawind 2 days ago

    How many times did you pee in the pool?

  • cursedvideos
    cursedvideos 2 days ago

    I remember this got age restricted

  • Chase Chestnut
    Chase Chestnut 2 days ago +2

    Mr beast: hey you're stealing my oxygen get out
    Mr.beast:now I'm wonwey

  • Chase Chestnut
    Chase Chestnut 2 days ago

    I have my own YT channel check it out

  • Chase Chestnut
    Chase Chestnut 2 days ago +7

    Mr beast: IDC what u say sushi is the best food ever
    Me: sike

  • Chase Chestnut
    Chase Chestnut 2 days ago +1

    Mr beast is awesome

  • Sebastian vlog mai
    Sebastian vlog mai 2 days ago


    Ha lol ha but yeah

  • Sven
    Sven 2 days ago +1

    I have a better idea u could have used. A water breathing potion from minecraft

  • JoKka
    JoKka 2 days ago

    For people who think that was carbon dioxide poisoning im unfortunately going to say no it wasnt. See, carbon dioxide disolves to water and in water its pretty much harmless. Over 5% co2 inhaled is fatal in most cases. To reach that 5% it would have happen alot earlier since that space was so tiny. So that must have happen becouse constant pressure diffirence or just tiredness.

  • hamdan aslam
    hamdan aslam 2 days ago +4

    Mr beast:I hope this gets alot of views

    *Me looks at views*

    Me: *43 million what the*

  • Kevin Glass
    Kevin Glass 2 days ago


  • wild tiabkcilc
    wild tiabkcilc 3 days ago

    2019 ANYONE????

  • zatonedud e
    zatonedud e 3 days ago

    10:52 when you bust a nut for the first time

  • Roland Cleary
    Roland Cleary 3 days ago

    Sushi is the best

  • Dean Solistino
    Dean Solistino 3 days ago +1

    I hope u go to Bermuda triangle💯👑🤘

  • Edgar Sebastian
    Edgar Sebastian 3 days ago

    Last one to leave scuba diving ?

  • Hobby Ninja
    Hobby Ninja 3 days ago

    I'm pretty sure the main reason he got a headache and had to quit is because they didn't make a way for the carbon dioxide to get out after he breathed out and it eventually built up. I'm just guessing though

  • Nivah Rolleston
    Nivah Rolleston 3 days ago

    You got 1million. Likes

  • All Around Yugo
    All Around Yugo 3 days ago

    Losses the tube while everyone is asleep😐

  • Nikolaj Lohse
    Nikolaj Lohse 3 days ago