Police NOT HAPPY with illegal Aventador Mods


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  • Caleb Fancher
    Caleb Fancher 6 hours ago

    The other cars didn’t have a violation because only the back windows were tinted and that qualifies as privacy windows you can tint the 2rear passenger windows and any rear windows black but front driver and passenger doors aren’t allowed to have any window tint.

  • T A Y A
    T A Y A 10 hours ago

    So basically he’s living in real life GTA lol

  • (STUDENT)Jonah Bennett

    That under glow with blue and red or make calls mad but everybody that watching will think it’s cool and I think in the school to that is so darn cool I wish I could have a Aventador SV roaster and just a regular Aventador.

  • chaitanya orakala

    May i please know how did u buy all those cars🥺

  • Owl king Black spectra


  • GM Guess
    GM Guess 3 days ago

    Looks better with black wheels

  • PRK
    PRK 3 days ago

    What type of dog is Oscar he’s so cute

  • Navaid Ahmed
    Navaid Ahmed 3 days ago

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  • Navaid Ahmed
    Navaid Ahmed 3 days ago

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  • Elizabeth Duarte
    Elizabeth Duarte 4 days ago

    its illegal for dark window tint in the front seats the back seats don't matter .. smhhh ! its dumb but thats how it is

    • Deltasource
      Deltasource 2 days ago

      I can kinda understand the justification, like in Australia they aren’t allowed to be tinted too much you can tint slightly beyond factor standards. The justification is not a police thing like some have commented but more for other drivers so they can see if your motioning to them for instance if you where allowing them in your lane or giving way (instead of like flashing your lights because this may affect other drivers not involved in the interaction).

  • David Molinarolo
    David Molinarolo 4 days ago

    Window Tint laws only apply to the front side windows. Rear windows can be 5% Limo dark. I have 20% on my front side windows on my truck, when 35% is technically the legal limit, but I see many, many vehicles with 20% or darker. My tint guy is a cop himself, so... And he does 5% tint jobs on sports cars all the time.

  • Dennis Magkasi
    Dennis Magkasi 5 days ago

    you need a urus and put window tint and light under it

  • Charlie Hodgkinson
    Charlie Hodgkinson 6 days ago

    YOUR ADRES IS 14101

  • Zaxe
    Zaxe 7 days ago +2

    Is purple and red considered “illegal” Sense the purple is like blue :/

    RANGERHOOD 7 days ago

    0:57 Lol Hacker in real life jk. its cool super cool

  • Bloxysaurus Rex
    Bloxysaurus Rex 8 days ago


  • Faith Supplee
    Faith Supplee 9 days ago

    Move Ohio it cool

  • Pronoob1234 Meme
    Pronoob1234 Meme 10 days ago +1

    I think you gonna buy the Ferreira you where driving

  • SERIES 3
    SERIES 3 11 days ago

    Window Tinting Exemption
    Arizona law states the amount and manner of window tinting a motor vehicle may have to be lawfully operated in this state. It is a violation of law to operate a motor vehicle that does not meet these window tinting requirements. Specific questions should be directed to your local law enforcement agency.
    If you are required for medical reasons to be shielded from the direct rays of the Sun, you may receive an exemption from the window tinting requirements. The exemption is granted for any vehicles that you own as well as other vehicles in which you are a regular passenger.
    To apply for the exemption, present a letter, signed by a physician, stating the medical necessity for window tinting and a copy of the registration to all vehicles to be tinted.
    The letter and registrations must be submitted to the Medical Review Program for evaluation.

  • Jonelle Mc Clean
    Jonelle Mc Clean 12 days ago


  • amazeing the roblox boy

    love the under glow in wish I had your aventador I have a toyota supra

  • Kenneth Paul
    Kenneth Paul 14 days ago

    That’s what our new star of the X5

  • Kenneth Paul
    Kenneth Paul 14 days ago

    Start the XL file

  • Cole Thompson
    Cole Thompson 14 days ago

    It's cool I'm just saying

  • Hamdan Baig
    Hamdan Baig 14 days ago

    You are just cool

  • Filip Černigoj Hrovatin

    Why you gotta flex with which car to drive

  • rohbohtz
    rohbohtz 15 days ago

    Cute puppy

  • Black Dragon
    Black Dragon 15 days ago

    I have seen this 650 spyder in Cannes france

  • KNI Kripted
    KNI Kripted 16 days ago

    Strait pipe

  • Jonas P
    Jonas P 16 days ago

    Today i was in my town.
    And i saw A
    Audi 80 with straight pipe and all rusty

  • XxAshley& JamesXx
    XxAshley& JamesXx 16 days ago

    I want a lambro like yours

  • Cade Olson
    Cade Olson 17 days ago

    Boi. All those cars are legally tinted rear windows are ok to be darker. Front on the other hand has restrictions

  • Anthony Carbone
    Anthony Carbone 17 days ago

    U were pointing out SUVs but they’re allowed to have privacy windows which are really dark in the back

  • Merlin Michael
    Merlin Michael 17 days ago

    How much custom

  • StepOut Design
    StepOut Design 17 days ago

    Come to Germany and meet the german police...you will love your USA

  • Bogdan Vacic
    Bogdan Vacic 18 days ago

    Hi james I just wanted to say thank you for all the info about cars you actually helped me study about cars i learn new things from you so thank you for giving me into and thank you for all your help ps your the best man I've ever heard of thank you

  • Steve Morgan
    Steve Morgan 18 days ago


  • Sten PlayZ
    Sten PlayZ 18 days ago

    I really really wanna sit in a mclaren 670s spider

  • Sten PlayZ
    Sten PlayZ 18 days ago

    Destroy the x5 and give him the R8 lololol if you do that 😂

  • LoL Haigen Edwards
    LoL Haigen Edwards 19 days ago

    Are you in wait

  • Philip Collins
    Philip Collins 19 days ago

    So sick ,I want one of each two

  • HeLLz hAllOw42
    HeLLz hAllOw42 19 days ago

    The rarie

  • Adrian V.
    Adrian V. 20 days ago

    I was just waiting for the black aventador to scrape

  • Mason Fugate
    Mason Fugate 20 days ago

    I think it look good in my opinion

  • Jultz
    Jultz 20 days ago +2

    I have uveitis which causes light sensitivity so does that mean I can get my windows tinted

  • Hassan Hariri
    Hassan Hariri 20 days ago +1

    Or keep is sold

  • Hassan Hariri
    Hassan Hariri 20 days ago +1

    Audi r8 is sold?

  • Twitch Reqqzyz
    Twitch Reqqzyz 21 day ago +4

    in my state bigger cars can have window tint like that but not small cars

  • Branimir Bogosavljev
    Branimir Bogosavljev 21 day ago +1

    I would love to be able to just have an issue choosing what car to drive

    • Lewis Rogers
      Lewis Rogers 20 days ago

      I said ur username out loud and my furniture is dancing... Help

  • Justin Barber
    Justin Barber 21 day ago

    I am guesing that the thing from the bank is that your going to finance that bad Ferrari for 7 years

  • Crisfabz20 Fababeir
    Crisfabz20 Fababeir 21 day ago

    I hate idol heroes

  • jagbir sandhu
    jagbir sandhu 21 day ago

    Illegal mods

  • Michael Love
    Michael Love 22 days ago


  • Tom Clemow
    Tom Clemow 22 days ago

    Underglow life

  • Epic_Dude 124572
    Epic_Dude 124572 23 days ago


  • David Sánchez
    David Sánchez 24 days ago

    Is everyone

  • David Sánchez
    David Sánchez 24 days ago

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  • Liam Erbiceanu
    Liam Erbiceanu 24 days ago

    0:44 hmm hmm COLD start X5!
    Nvm if u want to hear the hmm hmm go to 0:41

  • weston chandler
    weston chandler 24 days ago


  • mason houskeeper
    mason houskeeper 25 days ago

    You can is so cool

  • Pori Pori
    Pori Pori 25 days ago

    It's so cool

  • Eric Bichel
    Eric Bichel 25 days ago

    In Canada the back windows in are allowed to be tinted

  • speK ZEXIX
    speK ZEXIX 25 days ago

    Dude your neck look so sunburned when you get pulled over

  • hggfesndaak hggfesndaak

    Prank him and pretend someone stole it

  • Bondbros01 YT
    Bondbros01 YT 27 days ago

    It's really not in Arizona tho

  • Ali gaming
    Ali gaming 27 days ago

    Bay it

  • Ali gaming
    Ali gaming 27 days ago


  • The Legend Gamer and Vloger

    That looks sick and I wish I had a Aventador but you should save up for Maclarun

    • Cale
      Cale 26 days ago


  • NiceLikeIce 123
    NiceLikeIce 123 28 days ago +4

    U can’t put tints on the front windshield and driver and passenger window according to the popo

    KILLINGTONGOD the 2nd 28 days ago

    She sound mad as hell

  • Gage Chavez
    Gage Chavez 29 days ago

    That cop is trying to be nice but she’s an asshole. 🤦🏾‍♂️

  • DeFeNd3
    DeFeNd3 29 days ago +1

    I live in az its lit here for window tint lmao

  • Igor Tereshchenko
    Igor Tereshchenko Month ago +1

    You should replace front lambo logo with unicorn. That will match color and these lights lol.
    I looks really good in stock

  • Wck
    Wck Month ago +1

    you can tint the windows as dark as you want except the front and passanger so all those cars you called out were legal because the driver and passenger tint was above 44

    • TheStradman
      TheStradman  Month ago

      No they weren’t. The driver and passenger windows were way darker than 44. 44 is effectively zero tint

  • John Ramsay
    John Ramsay Month ago

    Make friends with a Eye doctor. They can give you a script for tinted windows and then you will be legal.

  • Camrone O'higgins
    Camrone O'higgins Month ago

    on the X5

  • Camrone O'higgins
    Camrone O'higgins Month ago

    Pop a tire

  • Abi uthayachandran
    Abi uthayachandran Month ago

    Spray paint it

  • Super Dude Productions

    pleas live in Arizona live weth me

  • Lynch Bmx
    Lynch Bmx Month ago +1

    You can have your back windows tinted is dark as you want but your front windows have to be 44%.

  • Matthew Ng
    Matthew Ng Month ago

    Destroy his car

  • Stefan'z Crazy TV
    Stefan'z Crazy TV Month ago +1

    Omg , richest ricer I’ve seen keep it up ricerrrr

  • Mr. Wiggins
    Mr. Wiggins Month ago +11

    You can probably tell them that you are in a 500,000$ car, and don’t want to crash due to not being able to see from sunshine. Hope this helps, thanks for the good content!

  • can we get 1,000 subs with no videos

    That was literally the nicest sheriff I’ve ever heard lol

  • Vivid-sniper Snipes
    Vivid-sniper Snipes Month ago +2

    I wonder what he looked like when he read the comments and realized that suvs are allowed to have there back windows tinted

  • Speedsoft 101
    Speedsoft 101 Month ago +1

    You do know on a suv the back windows can be how ever dark you want them but the front window driver window and passenger window have to be 44%

  • Ben Dover
    Ben Dover Month ago

    Good video very entertaining!

  • My Corvette Life
    My Corvette Life Month ago


  • Ghost Tfue
    Ghost Tfue Month ago


  • Nick davisss
    Nick davisss Month ago

    Windows can be tinted in the back of an suv but the front driver passenger and windshield cannot be tinted

  • Grey_ Cloudzz
    Grey_ Cloudzz Month ago +5

    0:40 me: Walks out of my house
    Neighbor(Stradman): laying on the floor talking to a camera
    also me: walks back inside

  • Bobby Anadobi
    Bobby Anadobi Month ago

    That car just reminded me of Need for Speed😅😅

  • xX_bigdaddyherc_Xx 69

    Thas Fire

  • Alexandra Edwards
    Alexandra Edwards Month ago +24

    The other cars didn’t get pulled over as the tinted windows were in the back, if their front ones were, then they’d be pulled over. Sick car with those lights though 🤩

  • Oliver James-Peet
    Oliver James-Peet Month ago

    Dont like it

  • Sarah Gibson
    Sarah Gibson Month ago

    I love your vids and your cars look awsome

  • Adrienne Fleming
    Adrienne Fleming Month ago

    In America I don’t think that window tint is a thing I love your videos keep up the great work I try to watch all your videos but I get so many video notifications

    • Jonah Hamilton
      Jonah Hamilton Month ago

      Adrienne Fleming what do you mean window tint isn’t a thing

  • FCfootball Club
    FCfootball Club Month ago


  • Sarmat Khabalov
    Sarmat Khabalov Month ago

    My dads window tint on his bmw is 5% 😂😂😂

  • Bruno Morales
    Bruno Morales Month ago +1

    going 70 mph i thought youre top speed was 55 mph