Police NOT HAPPY with illegal Aventador Mods

  • Published on Apr 19, 2019
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  • Edward Santos
    Edward Santos 16 hours ago

    Just say that you get sun burn easily on the application form that's why you're asking for exemption

  • TwoPxs
    TwoPxs Day ago

    The title literally says “Illegal” how do you expect the police to react

  • REDgames
    REDgames 2 days ago

    The check is for the gladiator

  • ps31871
    ps31871 2 days ago

    Move to idaho lol, utah is just a shitty mormon state run by a church lol

  • Th3UltraMotive :D
    Th3UltraMotive :D 3 days ago

    Oscar has to be the best dog in the world he is cute, like,he follows James I guess he looks like the happiest dog in the whole entire world

  • Scar
    Scar 3 days ago

    Poverty pizza!

  • Wilmer Dubon
    Wilmer Dubon 3 days ago

    Nbccjndbnmnnshhunfiojlkjz. 😂🕧👱‍♂️👧🧒🏼💩👩‍🎤👮🏽‍♂️🧢🧦🏡hhjxjijxswiojdxoji. As.AznjkdskjhddkndckjhsdjsdciljwdcoijfdiljdcoijfwdljkoijedkjnwedwkjekjjasdkjndcsxjjjJB B BJIHJ LKKJLECJL KLWDMKLCKCKLKKLWDCKJKLCDWLJKDCSKLWJCDWJKLCDLJKDCLJKWDCJKLWCDDIJLD KJLWCDJKCWDJKLNL SD,MM SMDMM DKA KL SDMDS. MD SD MD , LM. XS

  • Pablo Aguilar
    Pablo Aguilar 4 days ago

    Move to Arizona but its hot i know it

  • Big Chungus
    Big Chungus 4 days ago

    AZ BOI here u should move to arizona

  • kick derel
    kick derel 6 days ago


  • Soldier 76
    Soldier 76 6 days ago

    She only pulled him over for the car it’s not even tinted that much just need to mind their own business somebody probably robbing a bank rn and she worried about Tints smh

  • trevorholland1
    trevorholland1 7 days ago

    I would check to see if your state has a provision for private investigators, because you might be able to have tint if you get a P.I. license.

  • Miles Daugherty
    Miles Daugherty 8 days ago

    I did not know strad was a ricer

  • Ayush Pratap
    Ayush Pratap 8 days ago

    Using money for gladiator

  • Drawds
    Drawds 9 days ago

    Lambo Tokyo Nights

  • Elias Moes
    Elias Moes 9 days ago

    window tint violation is only for cars not trucks and suvs

  • Kevin De Smet
    Kevin De Smet 9 days ago

    That door hinge squeeking is disturbing.

  • Max Boi
    Max Boi 10 days ago

    Lol is power wheel is illegal

  • Jorge Salinas
    Jorge Salinas 11 days ago

    That’s nice

  • ATVVWAD 616
    ATVVWAD 616 11 days ago

    Those windows are stock bro!!

  • Shawn Lovell
    Shawn Lovell 12 days ago

    Why can't you have Blue or Red under-glow lights?
    Edit: Is it because it kinda looks like police car lights?

  • Aaron Fraser
    Aaron Fraser 12 days ago

    The window tint violation is for the front windows, those other cars had it on the rear. Also medical exception: Wear glasses

  • Kushagr Agarwal
    Kushagr Agarwal 14 days ago

    @TheStardman I want to know from where you bought those underglows and for how much
    And ya love from INDIA

  • XxFaturXx Xx
    XxFaturXx Xx 14 days ago

    If You In Indonesia You Can Window Tint

  • nony545
    nony545 14 days ago

    I know a lower percent call road kill Actually how's the Datsun that has a lamborghini odos engine or another and Janetta really now

  • Max Boi
    Max Boi 14 days ago

    Nice car what’s the retail on one of those

  • Max Boi
    Max Boi 14 days ago

    I think that Ferrari is in the first fast and furious film

  • the gamer named josh
    the gamer named josh 15 days ago

    i live in az

  • A Echta Bayer
    A Echta Bayer 17 days ago

    Nice officer....whats a Window tent?

  • Ethan Mielke
    Ethan Mielke 17 days ago

    Is it sad that the car looked better stock with no purple and no stupid underglow

  • Ethan Mielke
    Ethan Mielke 17 days ago

    What is your taste of cars Jesus

  • PrinceEdward
    PrinceEdward 17 days ago +1

    7:43 TheStradMan is about to get some people for window tint violations.

  • Mikaele Jennings
    Mikaele Jennings 18 days ago

    Your cars are So osum

  • Try hard Ty
    Try hard Ty 18 days ago


  • Dominick Gerace
    Dominick Gerace 18 days ago

    I'm pretty sure the window tint percentage only applies to the front side windows. Most of the cars you were pointing out had dark rear windows only. Except maybe the Honda.

  • Aarav Patel
    Aarav Patel 18 days ago

    Aventodor looks sick now

  • Bradley Farrell
    Bradley Farrell 18 days ago

    Why does that BMW sound so good?

  • frank Cabello
    frank Cabello 18 days ago

    I have limo tint on my Lexus is300 and I’ve got stopped several times but I never take it off cause i hate the sun 🙃

  • Exo Deano
    Exo Deano 19 days ago

    Stradman: “pshuuuu”

  • Charlie fortnite gaming pro

    I think the money is for a Mercedes Benz c63 amd

  • Dollarspodcast
    Dollarspodcast 20 days ago +1

    god bless arizona

  • D Omega
    D Omega 20 days ago

    You know, I've noticed you keep the rpm's high while you're driving on the highway. Gear up bro!!!

  • Just sub to me for no Reason

    I never have the top comment

  • Mirxxh 99
    Mirxxh 99 20 days ago

    He looks like a china person

  • Kergami
    Kergami 20 days ago

    Cop wouldn't of pulled you over if you weren't in a Bright Purple Lambo.

  • fahed melhem
    fahed melhem 21 day ago

    Why the police stop you I didn’t understand

  • Mark Pasquinelli
    Mark Pasquinelli 21 day ago

    those transitions tho

  • justin smith
    justin smith 21 day ago

    S word over window tint

  • OnyxCobra
    OnyxCobra 22 days ago

    You can stop whining about the law being 44%, it's 70% in NY which is actually, as you said, basically no tint.

    • Jesusjuice32
      Jesusjuice32 20 days ago +1

      OnyxCobra yea. Stupid people making very stupid laws. Thats what happens when people keep voting demorats

  • Jack Van Epps
    Jack Van Epps 22 days ago

    If I were him I would have turned the underglow on flashing red and blue to screw with her when he got pulled over

  • Rhett Peddy
    Rhett Peddy 22 days ago

    You should have wrapped it pink

  • Chris Parayno
    Chris Parayno 22 days ago

    You living back in the Fast and Furious era DayZ? Sorry man, these click baits aren't gonna sustain you in the future.

  • Jamie Walter
    Jamie Walter 22 days ago +5

    4:18 WOW- u just went past a raptor without mentioning it?... frick the lambo- awesomeness passed to the raptor!!!!

  • Mirva Alasaad
    Mirva Alasaad 23 days ago +1


  • wall1
    wall1 23 days ago

    Ur a toolbox

  • so young kwon
    so young kwon 23 days ago

    Vietnam 🌶

  • Freddie Lopez
    Freddie Lopez 23 days ago

    I have one question how do you get all these cars and how did you get all these cars

  • Ry Caruth
    Ry Caruth 24 days ago


  • Ronit Kumar
    Ronit Kumar 24 days ago

    5:07 you can see a mini Lamborghini

  • robert blake
    robert blake 24 days ago

    its abt the front windows only

  • Lo Polcat
    Lo Polcat 24 days ago


  • GRP_Rhys
    GRP_Rhys 24 days ago

    like it

  • GRP_Rhys
    GRP_Rhys 24 days ago


  • Isak Aspli
    Isak Aspli 24 days ago

    I would like to see a switch on the Gallardo tail lights. Great video btw!

  • James Rabon
    James Rabon 24 days ago

    2:36 holy swirls

  • CS TT
    CS TT 24 days ago

    Rap the r8 mat black again pls

  • henry hernandez
    henry hernandez 25 days ago

    Lol this guy with his window tint

  • REDdiacono
    REDdiacono 25 days ago

    BLOW UP THE X5!!!!

  • Nathan Naceanceno
    Nathan Naceanceno 25 days ago

    The trana am won the battle against the Lamborghini.

  • Rav Rage
    Rav Rage 25 days ago

    with that under lights he's look a ricer

  • Shahil Ahmed
    Shahil Ahmed 25 days ago

    I love the glow

  • Igor Solovyanchik
    Igor Solovyanchik 25 days ago

    Window tint? You need to take it to court

  • Cameron Graham
    Cameron Graham 25 days ago

    r u lds?

  • Hugh Rodgers
    Hugh Rodgers 25 days ago

    Haters hate and with a public servant salary that was the closest she will ever come to an Aventador.

  • Alton Stolfus
    Alton Stolfus 25 days ago

    That's ilegel

  • LimeyMimey
    LimeyMimey 25 days ago

    I really thought the illegal mod thing was the underglow

    WIM VLOGZ 25 days ago


  • Franco Sengers
    Franco Sengers 25 days ago

    Happy lights on a aventador?really??

  • Alexander Broderick
    Alexander Broderick 25 days ago

    Rice 😂🤣😂🤣

    GHOST 25 days ago

    Lol Stradman *Triggered* edition :D

  • Leon Erickson
    Leon Erickson 25 days ago

    The other vehicles are ok because the tint is in the back, you just cant have tint in the front windows.. well that's what it's like where I live

  • David Pressman
    David Pressman 25 days ago

    violation is only for front window tint

  • Aaron Jackier
    Aaron Jackier 25 days ago

    The black Aventador Roadster's tints tho 😭

  • Overlord of Random
    Overlord of Random 25 days ago

    Could you flash green and yellow

  • Kyle Collier
    Kyle Collier 26 days ago

    Window tint.. It's a really big deal. lol

  • ToastToGo
    ToastToGo 26 days ago

    Our legal limit is 50% front. I went with that when I got my front windows tinted and yeah, it's not much but definitely not clear

  • Remco Hottentot
    Remco Hottentot 26 days ago

    Strad on the back windows it’s legal but front not. People need to be able to see you and you people. (This is at least how it is in the Netherlands)

  • Lachie Cullity
    Lachie Cullity 26 days ago

    Transition: SHWUUU

  • Miguel Mendoza
    Miguel Mendoza 26 days ago

    What dog breed is Oscar

  • Dylan Jeter
    Dylan Jeter 26 days ago

    Rear and side window tint isn't illegal, nor is the factory window tint on most of those SUV's you passed by.

    Your window tint is illegal because it's for one, aftermarket... Then for two, it's too dark to your state's standards.

    But yeah, get yourself a medical waiver and stick the middle finger to them lol

  • Devr0ss
    Devr0ss 26 days ago

    The violation is only for driver/passenger side window and front. You can black out all other windows if you want. Its only because cops can't see inside the car when they profile you and pull you over.

  • Aussie Country Boys
    Aussie Country Boys 26 days ago

    Make it all muddy and say you cleaned it and it had dirt under paint

  • alex andrade
    alex andrade 26 days ago

    Be triggered man!! Get the doctors to save you from them Uv rays!

  • Alexou 2003
    Alexou 2003 26 days ago +1

    I wanna that on my car

  • Trell Cashh
    Trell Cashh 26 days ago

    None of them cars would be a window tint violation because it’s only for front windows

  • OSM
    OSM 26 days ago

    Found your channel and the dogs name is oscar fml😂

  • Spencer. Mottram
    Spencer. Mottram 26 days ago

    You can have rear window tint

  • Diogo Rodrigues
    Diogo Rodrigues 26 days ago

    Whitch Brand of lights are those???

  • ClipzzToDeadly-
    ClipzzToDeadly- 26 days ago

    unsubed :)

  • Team Shmo
    Team Shmo 26 days ago

    Should of flicked the blue and red lights on when you sped off after the ticket lol