iPhone Xs Specs, Geekbench, USB-C Charger & AirPods 2 Leak!

  • Published on Jul 3, 2018
  • HUGE 2018 iPhone Xs Leaks Update! Actual Specs, Geekbench Speed Test, USB-C Fast Charger, Crazy AirPods 2 & More Leaks & Rumors.
    Last iPhone Xs Leaks: ru-clip.net/video/CIuQ2iU_9oA/video.html
    2018 iPad Pro X Leaks: ru-clip.net/video/VOPXgDCwyq8/video.html
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  • Dissquished
    Dissquished Year ago

    WOW that would be cool to bring out a new phonee

  • Roland G
    Roland G Year ago

    here comes the new iPhone thats the same as the old iPhones

  • Riley C
    Riley C Year ago

    This video is like insanely amazing, I cannot wait to see what new stuff Apple implements in the future, especially with the maps and the second generation airpods! Even though I cannot afford the new technologies that Apple comes out with, I love just sitting back and looking at everything un-fold.

  • Hugh Russell
    Hugh Russell Year ago

    Congrats ya up 2 6 mill subs

  • Shane Horne
    Shane Horne Year ago

    Mate the iPhone is the most powerful phone on the market

  • b brady
    b brady Year ago

    not sure why i am excited for this. I have note 9. Maybe it is just cool to see new shit come out who knows.

  • Bataloca Gurung
    Bataloca Gurung Year ago

    i'm using a 7 plus and still think its much worth the price and dont think i need to upgrade it just yet

  • Hassan Asani
    Hassan Asani Year ago

    Imma cop iPhone X+, IPad Pro X, Apple Watch Series 4, and Airpods

  • So So
    So So Year ago

    Apple maps suck ass

  • TIlak Sevak
    TIlak Sevak Year ago

    I think, if they make Airpod case charge you iPhone or vice verse, in that case people will less buy air mat, so they wouldn’t be doing it for sure. Just my thought.

  • Raw2929 Will
    Raw2929 Will Year ago

    I like ur house can u give us a new video tour

  • Raw2929 Will
    Raw2929 Will Year ago

    Fuck that apple should stop used Samsung to make anything

  • Ash T
    Ash T Year ago

    Any better slow motion???

  • Anabelle Perez
    Anabelle Perez Year ago +1

    DAMN! My mom is probably gonna be mind blown about this kind of technology!

  • Nando G
    Nando G Year ago

    I hope they upgrade Siri

  • Daemonia Dee
    Daemonia Dee Year ago

    Nice! 👍😊

  • K C
    K C Year ago

    Could you please give me some AirPods

  • AJ Chism
    AJ Chism Year ago

    Will this make the iPhone X price drop

  • Sebastian Szefer
    Sebastian Szefer Year ago

    Maybye Apple going to charge airpods trough iPhone wireless charging while iPhone connected to standard lightning charger

  • Piper294
    Piper294 Year ago

    This one is for all of you who has been saving up for the new release since last year 👊 I'm personally so excited for the X plus

  • gundamfight1
    gundamfight1 Year ago

    I am waiting for the new phone's. I still have the iPhone 5 so really want to upgrade now.

  • tiny Layug
    tiny Layug Year ago

    I wish they make a 360 camera for iphone

  • Jeff Miracle
    Jeff Miracle Year ago

    Any new update so far!! I love all your video bro

  • Robert Sliwinski
    Robert Sliwinski Year ago

    I wish I could afford :(

  • Kendell Désir
    Kendell Désir Year ago +1

    So what phone you use

  • Skull Nation
    Skull Nation Year ago

    I give 👎for to many ads you get a SHIT LOAD of MONEY ALREADY for doing ABSOLUTELY nothing.

  • MichaelJonahTV
    MichaelJonahTV Year ago

    I really don’t get why people bash on Apple Maps. I’ve NEVER had one issue with navigation in more than 3 years using it

  • Asaad kats
    Asaad kats Year ago

    Am still gonna be using my 6s or maybe upgrade to 6s plus

  • K King
    K King Year ago

    I can’t wait 😊

  • Clorox Bleach
    Clorox Bleach Year ago

    Him:We’ve already started summer
    Me:Wait, isn’t it Winter? oh right all popular you tubers live in the northern hemisphere

  • Graham Jimerson
    Graham Jimerson Year ago

    Give us physical volume up/down on the actual AirPods…or some type of finger sensor to move up or down

  • Шакал Ебаный

    *Если девятка будет стоить 40-50 тыс. рублей, то это будет просто отличнейшая замена SE*

  • Engr Bong
    Engr Bong Year ago

    Great video bro, thanks for daily dose of information! Keep it up!

  • Paul Zedric Drilon

    Thanks for the daily updates. Keep it up!

  • Jefferson Tzun
    Jefferson Tzun Year ago


  • Bert Edmonston
    Bert Edmonston Year ago

    And then we air pods

  • Bert Edmonston
    Bert Edmonston Year ago

    I’m gonna get the x plus cause I like the pluses

  • Aniket Thakur
    Aniket Thakur Year ago


  • Rijakat Mujari
    Rijakat Mujari Year ago

    wow men very expensive😱😱😱😱

  • Raju Gurjar
    Raju Gurjar Year ago


  • Omar Garcia
    Omar Garcia Year ago

    What’s gonna be the price range on them?

  • yeetbrother 44
    yeetbrother 44 Year ago

    why would apple compete w beats if they own beats?

  • Maya Paige
    Maya Paige Year ago

    Do you guys remember that time where the new update fucked up the iPhone eights mine was one of them apple if you fuck up one of your updates again you owe me a new screen because I had to pay it

  • Maya Paige
    Maya Paige Year ago

    In about 12 years we are gonna be talking about how shitty the iPhone 10 or 11 is compared to the one we will have then

  • Rhys Dyson
    Rhys Dyson Year ago

    Wireless charging case would be cool because you can charge AirPods and phone with one charger/fast charger cable

  • Eemil Jarvinen
    Eemil Jarvinen Year ago

    Piano finding widespread possession poll honey blood agency standard still island Roman

  • Bilal Hero 007
    Bilal Hero 007 Year ago

    what realses date of airpods 2

  • 菠萝仔
    菠萝仔 Year ago

    Always talk about leak, stupid

  • Noah Doody
    Noah Doody Year ago

    Ok, so, I really really want to iPhone X, and I’m getting it in a few weeks, but I still have the option to wait till the new iPhone X series. I’m quite an impatient person, and I can’t wait to get the X, but I’m willing to wait if it’s worth the wait till September. Should I wait for the new iPhone X series, or should I just get the iPhone X they have now? Please help.

  • Tanvir Ishraque
    Tanvir Ishraque Year ago

    Does this guy ever rationally think?

  • Hone Whetstone
    Hone Whetstone Year ago

    Historically Apple has not produced any decent audio devices. In fact that’s the only area I feel Apple has very rarely done well in-ever.

  • Donghoon 2
    Donghoon 2 Year ago +1

    My dad's birthday is September 20 and I believe that's the iPhone release date....

  • Deepak Kolli
    Deepak Kolli Year ago

    150 dollars is a lot for a wireless charger. It is not worth it, especially because you have to spend more money for the apple watch and airpods for it to charge 3 devices at once

  • OnyxTech
    OnyxTech Year ago

    I'm starting to see some improvements from apple, gotta be honest, makes me really happy

  • Cynical Texas Dad

    I won’t buy the ear pods until it is a little smaller than shoving a Hindenburg Blimp into your ear.

  • Bradlee Sanders
    Bradlee Sanders Year ago

    Really hope I can get the new iphone

  • Simone Costi l’ installatore audio

    And my iPhone 8 will become prehistoric in 3,2,1...

  • Connor Westbury
    Connor Westbury Year ago

    Have I missed things or am I seeing proper widgets for iOS?

  • Adrian Sandoval
    Adrian Sandoval Year ago

    How about iOS 13 beta 6? It will be crazy

  • Christopher Carter

    ( people reply please)
    I’m trying to decide if i should go ahead and get the iPhone X now or wait until the X plus ?? Which 🤔