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  • Published on Sep 7, 2015
  • Hello everyone!
    Just a little update on my whereabouts in the coming month or so. And why even though I won't be in Finland, there might be some Finnish vlogs being uploaded onto my channel xD
    EDIT: I actually have videos pre-uploaded until November 16th I think it is, so all of my Monday video's from now until then will have all been filmed during the summer here in Finland. Some are more interesting than others but at least there will be something on my channel once a week and there are a couple ones I worked really damn hard on! :D
    But yeah perhaps I'll have time and I'll film something in Scotland, I'd really like to and then that would mean maybe a surprise 2nd upload in a week but I really have to wait and see how it goes once I get there :)

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Comments • 62

  • Tom Lukanen
    Tom Lukanen 3 years ago +1

    I came across your channel on a random Finnish search. Best of luck at University. I too went through the IB program and appreciated your videos on it.

  • thepepper191
    thepepper191 4 years ago +1

    Good luck hope you like it in Scotland!

  • Christian Juntunen
    Christian Juntunen 4 years ago

    What are you going to study in Scotland?

  • Louise Steel Music
    Louise Steel Music 4 years ago

    Good luck! Best wishes for your move to Scotland! Hope you enjoy university! :)

    • KatChats
      KatChats  4 years ago +1

      +Louise Steel Music :) Thank you so much!

  • Sophie BubbleWeekend
    Sophie BubbleWeekend 4 years ago

    Good luck at university! I'm sure you'll have a great time in the UK 😊

  • AustinWinderExtras
    AustinWinderExtras 4 years ago

    VERY best of luck to you!!! You're gonna love it there!!! :D

  • TishTashTash
    TishTashTash 4 years ago

    That's so exciting!! Have an amazing time and we'll be here when you're ready :)

  • Nhan Tran
    Nhan Tran 4 years ago

    Good luck and be back soon, Kat!!!

  • Christian Klöckner
    Christian Klöckner 4 years ago

    Good Luck with everything Katya! :) Hope all works well with your Uni stuff!

  • HyperHoos
    HyperHoos 4 years ago

    Where in Scotland will you be studying? :) I'm going to Finland from Scotland on an exchange program with my course!

  • Piquetures by Nomi
    Piquetures by Nomi 4 years ago

    Good luck with your move and good luck with Uni!! Is this your first year in Uni? And if you don’t mind my asking, what are you studying? N

    • KatChats
      KatChats  4 years ago

      +Piquetures - Melissa 'n Nomi Thank you so much! Yes it's my first year and I'll be doing Psychology :)

  • Madeline Jean
    Madeline Jean 4 years ago

    Exciting stuff Kat! Goodluck! What are you studying again? :) xo

    • Madeline Jean
      Madeline Jean 4 years ago

      Awesome! Yipee! :D

    • KatChats
      KatChats  4 years ago

      +Madeline Jean Thank you! :) I'm doing psychology :D

  • Federico Borluzzi
    Federico Borluzzi 4 years ago

    Thank you for your announcement! What a great news you are telling us: Scotland must ba amazing and studying there will be a great opportunity for you! :) I wish you all the best and I hope to get more updates from you soon!
    See you!

  • Luke Harvey
    Luke Harvey 4 years ago

    Good luck, you'll have a blast in Scotland! :)

  • Dillon Howells
    Dillon Howells 4 years ago

    good luck with Colledge Kat :)

  • Eva Redson
    Eva Redson 4 years ago

    Good luck for your new adventure!
    I wish you all the best and I can't wait to see more videos of you talking about your exciting uni stories ;)
    Eva :*

  • everdarkgreen
    everdarkgreen 4 years ago

    Take your time and have fun getting acquainted with Scotland!

  • 00youknow
    00youknow 4 years ago

    Good luck with uni!!

    • KatChats
      KatChats  4 years ago

      +00youknow Thank you!! :)

  • Jaouad Hajjami
    Jaouad Hajjami 4 years ago

    Good luck :D and take your time to settle down. BUT we'll be waiting for you :p Don't forget to share photos in Instagram at least we can know how everything is going ;)

    • Jaouad Hajjami
      Jaouad Hajjami 4 years ago

      +KatChats Kiitos :D

    • KatChats
      KatChats  4 years ago

      @HAJJAMI JAOUAD Haha really wow! And thank you! :)

    • Jaouad Hajjami
      Jaouad Hajjami 4 years ago

      +KatChats I get a notification that you upload a new video and I usually see it the right a this minute ;) So I can't wait to see the next coming ones ;)
      Wish you all the best in Scotland :D

    • KatChats
      KatChats  4 years ago

      +HAJJAMI JAOUAD Haha yeah, I need to get better at keeping up with my Instagram :P But thank you so much! I've already pre-uploaded until November so no worries there xD

  • Dreamz, inc.
    Dreamz, inc. 4 years ago

    Good luck for ya, Kat! It's probably so exciting to go study to Scotland :3 Sidney is moving with you? And Scotland's scenery must be amazing ★.★

    • Dreamz, inc.
      Dreamz, inc. 4 years ago

      +KatChats Aww :(

    • KatChats
      KatChats  4 years ago +1

      +Dreamz, inc. No Sidney stays with my family :( And thank you, it should be pretty exciting! :)

  • Ellie Newman
    Ellie Newman 4 years ago

    Aw I'm excited for you! :D

    • Christian Klöckner
      Christian Klöckner 4 years ago +1

      +Ellie Newman +KatChats I more and more think the whole language and linguistics "community" on RU-clip is just a big ball! :)
      Cheers, Chris

    • KatChats
      KatChats  4 years ago +1

      +Ellie Newman It certainly will be a new experience! :)

  • Nancy_
    Nancy_ 4 years ago

    Wish you all the best :D.

  • Sara Kristine Sutherland

    How exciting! :)

    • KatChats
      KatChats  4 years ago +1

      +elevenneleven Eeek I know! xD

  • Rick Laxative
    Rick Laxative 4 years ago

    Good luck and have fun in your new adventure :P

    • KatChats
      KatChats  4 years ago +1

      +Mudan Grotto Haha thank you so much! :D

  • FoodishBeauty
    FoodishBeauty 4 years ago

    Wow!! How amazing!! Where about a in Scotland will you be moving to? I've been to Edinburgh, it's beautiful and I know the best sushi place there ;) Take all be time you need to settle in, YT will always be here :) Best of luck Kat!! Hope everything will go smoothly for your move!! 💗💗

    • KatChats
      KatChats  4 years ago

      +FoodishBeauty Actually Edinburgh haha :D Any recommendations will be gladly accepted! :D Ah but thank you so much, I really hope everything goes smoothly as well! :)

  • Scarecrow
    Scarecrow 4 years ago

    Tuo oli huono uutinen! :/ mutta onnea matkaan.
    ja käyppä kahtoo Sami hedberg kokovartalomies 3 suomalainen se pitää niin paikkaansa linkki on alhaalla
    ja vielä kerran onnea muuttoon ;)

    • KatChats
      KatChats  4 years ago

      +ladalada Haha kiitos tost linkistä, oli kyllä hyvä! xD Ja kiitos :)

  • Leon Johnson
    Leon Johnson 4 years ago

    Good luck with your life and studies in Scotland which is an amazing country :)

    • KatChats
      KatChats  4 years ago

      +Leon Johnson Thank you so much! :D

  • Smile with Mel
    Smile with Mel 4 years ago

    Woah that's so exciting :D I just moved to London from Australia and it's been incredible so far - its always exciting to jump out of your comfort zone and live in a different area! I hope you enjoy your first few weeks in uni - don't stress to much about youtube! Enjoy your life out there and set up a great life offline first :D Also you'll be set with 100's of new ideas - UNI tour, Uni parties/awkward moments/making friends, Uni Advice .. etc etc xx

    • KatChats
      KatChats  4 years ago

      +Smile with Mel OH wow now that's a big move! I'm glad everything has gone well for you! And thank you so much! :D

  • soulis1000
    soulis1000 4 years ago

    Good luck and have fun. Dont forget us :)

    • KatChats
      KatChats  4 years ago

      +soulis1000 Of course not!

  • Johno Bourgeais
    Johno Bourgeais 4 years ago

    All the best Kat! :)

    • KatChats
      KatChats  4 years ago +1

      +Neo5tar Aw thank you so much Johno! :D

  • nawras alfashtaki
    nawras alfashtaki 4 years ago +3

    why not study in Finland ? you know it's free, And #1 education in the world is Finland and you are finnish !

    • KatChats
      KatChats  4 years ago

      +MultiJejje Yeah I know, even for me it's super strange :P

    • KatChats
      KatChats  4 years ago

      +nano fashio Haha I get free tuition there as well, I just felt like I needed a change. There's always the possibility to transfer back if I dont like it xD

    • Dreamz, inc.
      Dreamz, inc. 4 years ago +2

      Because this is her first step in taking over the world!

    • MultiJejje
      MultiJejje 4 years ago

      +nano fashio I think she considers herself more like a foreigner. She isn't even talking Finnish here and she has lived like her whole life here. Super strange.

  • DilaraGe
    DilaraGe 4 years ago +1

    Good luck! :)

    • KatChats
      KatChats  4 years ago

      +CHAOTIOUS Aw thank you

  • Student Doctor Sara
    Student Doctor Sara 4 years ago +6

    Good luck with everything! Wish you the very best of university :)

    • KatChats
      KatChats  4 years ago

      +Seyma Sara Aw thank you so much