Cannon Busters - Netflix's trailer (Japanese with english subtitles)


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  • Blinks Jm
    Blinks Jm 18 days ago


  • Project778
    Project778 Month ago +3

    Sub sounds soo much better

  • Pally_den
    Pally_den Month ago +4

    Seems like a cash grab for people craving the next Cowbow Bebop or Trigun.

    • Stardoo Galaxie
      Stardoo Galaxie Month ago +2

      Fun fact! This is a passion project that came from a kickstarter! It just so happened to get picked up by Netflix. I think it's pretty cool seeing the result of humble beginnings. It's also pretty cool to see how japanese anime is synthesized by western creators and how its incorporated into their work. A cash grab would imply laziness from concept to completion but id say otherwise.

    • Raheth
      Raheth Month ago +5

      Seems you don't understand what 'cash grab' is.

  • 1Devthedog1
    1Devthedog1 Month ago +5

    I saw this show posted on Sankaku complex and the article was saying that this is only getting love because it was created by a black person. I really hope this is actually a good anime and not just some cash grab to the minority anime fans.

    • 1Devthedog1
      1Devthedog1 Month ago

      Yea I finished it not to long ago and I liked it. It's not the best I've seen but it's most definitely not the worst lol. I hope the next season blows this one out the water tho 😁

    • Kiley Sharon
      Kiley Sharon Month ago +2

      People are just saying it’s bad because the majority of people in it are black and it was made by Netflix but I think it was good and I really liked it

    • HoboDragon
      HoboDragon Month ago +2

      While the show is not really that great, i suggest you stop getting your news from 3kaku

      CEROSER Month ago +1

      I mean they will try to support it unless its bad so far its not too bad

    • rihardo123
      rihardo123 Month ago +2

      if they gonna change the source material to not offend someone then i would agree with your statement.

  • Rezolutionist
    Rezolutionist 2 months ago +21

    I was able to watch english dub trailer only for like 5 seconds, then looked this up immediately.

    • Default
      Default Month ago +1

      @Izzy Data Its still a dub lmao.

    • WarrFork
      WarrFork  Month ago +1

      I mean it's still mostly Satelight's work, a japanese studio. If you look at the credits, like 90% of the people who worked on it are japanese.

    • Gpunter18
      Gpunter18 2 months ago +1

      Rezolutionist Lesean Thomas, South Bronx native created this and it’s original format is English, just look up the comic book. He just pushed it back to get it dubbed in Japanese

    • crystal butler
      crystal butler 2 months ago +3

      @Rezolutionist it was made by an American... LeSean Thomas... 🤦‍♀️The English version is the original. They just got a Japanese studio to animate it

    • Default
      Default 2 months ago +1

      @Rezolutionist How? LeSean Thomas is the creator of this. English would logically be the primary language. He just had it held back longer to get it redubbed in other languages.

  • Douglas Cartoons AMV 2.0
    Douglas Cartoons AMV 2.0 2 months ago +6

    Music name please

    • WarrFork
      WarrFork  2 months ago +3

      "Showdown" by Bradley Denniston and Kevin Beggs. It's actually the opening for the show.