FIRST TIME IN AMERICAN DOLLAR TREE STORE- Strange Snack Shopping USA - Montreal Vlogger

  • Published on Nov 5, 2016
  • My sister and I are Montrealers, and we went snack hunting in the USA. We haven't been to a Dollar Tree before and we were surprised with the frozen food selection for only one dollar! For us, it was quite strange to have so many options at a dollar store for refrigerated items. Price Chopper is really fun and I go there often just to check out what new snacks are there. The USA has some pretty fun limited edition items for vlogging!
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  • Danielle Hardie
    Danielle Hardie 3 days ago

    I honestly love people's reaction to American stores if they're not from the states. Was there a video of the reactions to tasting the hummus or anything? I've never seen that kind before and I've never seen those flavor of chips, I'm really curious.

  • Rob Odette
    Rob Odette 12 days ago +1

    Nerds rope is mainstream, they are at every gas station, grocery stor, dollar store, your tripping dude

  • Marianna Dawson
    Marianna Dawson 16 days ago

    All of the dollar stores near me are just Dollar Generals. They are small but even they have freezers with milk and random food

  • Game_AnimeLover
    Game_AnimeLover 28 days ago +1

    Me a 13 year old wanting to live in Canada, then Jackie not knowing what MILK DUDS or SUGAR BABBIES are makes me think they don't have those. Now I don't want to live and Canada sorta still want to tho.

  • Keith Meehan
    Keith Meehan 29 days ago

    How does Canada not have the same stuff we do we share a border.


    The Jamaican Patties are amazing

  • DDragons 936
    DDragons 936 Month ago +1

    How have you never hade a nerds rope ??? Also us Americans love are candy I actually have a snickers,a Twix,and a York peppermint patty

  • TintedRhythm
    TintedRhythm Month ago

    This is the Dollar Store, how good can it be?

  • TintedRhythm
    TintedRhythm Month ago

    It's weird that this is recommended to me lmao Sika was in this video before cash or trash!

  • flyback 2me
    flyback 2me Month ago

    Dude, you guys should've got those "Marry Janes" though. Mmmmmm!!!!! 😋. American classic.

  • Abigail Hays
    Abigail Hays Month ago

    Yeah, we're pretty weird, but at least we dont lack for flavors 😂

  • magic_and_ moonbeams

    How have I not seen this one until now? Y'all are so cute. I wonder what foods you have there that I would be doing the same thing over. 🧐 And yes, America is a nation of junk food eaters.

  • Amanda Harker
    Amanda Harker Month ago

    Americans have weird lollies and lolly flavours. I'm Australian and we don't have as many weird combos lol. This is freaky.

  • Bvblover17
    Bvblover17 Month ago +1

    Who here in 2019 🤣

  • Sophia DaLovingLioness
    Sophia DaLovingLioness 2 months ago

    You missed out by not getting the maryjanes, they are quite addictive.

  • Sedi Ledi
    Sedi Ledi 2 months ago +2

    I know this is a few years old but I only recently discovered NerdEcrafter and in turn NerdEjackie so I've been binging vids 😊 I just wanted to say for any other lucky people who've just found her, you've found a gem! She is funny, adorable and so incredibly talented! And her in the dollar tree here for the first time was so great 😄

  • Vangie LaVelle
    Vangie LaVelle 2 months ago


  • ilovedollaramafind Pham2

    Most stuff at Dollar tree in United States in the refrigerator and Frozen I'm not so good for you if lots of chemicals and all this out on where does not need to be in food also please make a American Dollar tree arts and crafts Hall video

  • jerome challoni
    jerome challoni 4 months ago

    wow oO
    French products are realy better ;-S
    Chimichanga steak & cheese LOL

    WHISKEY JACK 5 months ago +1

    Why is she asking her sister what everything is? If your worried about sugar, why are you looking at candy?

  • Just for fun
    Just for fun 5 months ago

    Good video
    I like your videos 😃

  • NotAmused2001
    NotAmused2001 6 months ago

    Chic o sticks are like the inside of a butterfinger candy bars before the changed them in March of this year.

  • Sassy Predator
    Sassy Predator 6 months ago

    Low key heated yall dissing the mary janes ! XD

  • [GG] MarkDoesYoutube
    [GG] MarkDoesYoutube 6 months ago

    How fucking dare you insult my chick a flick

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    fèďàà šý 7 months ago

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  • Michelle Rushford
    Michelle Rushford 7 months ago


  • Jade Genkins
    Jade Genkins 7 months ago +1

    As an American watching this it has me amazed how they didn’t know what some stuff was

  • Tari Moonlight
    Tari Moonlight 8 months ago

    Haha! :D I love this. Pico de Gallo (pronounced like the word guy but with an o at the end) is served as a side/topping to many Mexican food dishes. It's like, a mixture of onions, tomatoes, and peppers.

  • Aria Grace
    Aria Grace 8 months ago

    Dollar Tree is where we go to buy cheap candy so we can sneak it into the movie theater lol

  • shabby crafter
    shabby crafter 8 months ago +1

    I love “Dollar Tree”! Although I think I would stay away from the frozen food section LOL
    Especially one dollar steaks.

  • Kevin CinnamonToast
    Kevin CinnamonToast 8 months ago

    Damned Canadians infiltratin' our $ trees and buying up the Gouda chips. And what did you guys do to the centerline in hockey? You don't want me coming up north on a poutine safari, do ya?

  • Ariel Branum
    Ariel Branum 8 months ago

    Yaaaaaaaaas im ggllaadd toooo be American oooooooooooooooh

  • Dani Theuerkauf
    Dani Theuerkauf 10 months ago

    You two crack me up. It's fun to see someone react to American stuff. :) Looks like you had a lot of fun!

  • The Jabberwocky
    The Jabberwocky 10 months ago +1

    When you go to the dollar store, you gotta check the expiration dates because some of the food might be bad. Heads up to any people planning to go to a dollar tree in America.

  • Christine's Creativity Cabinet

    Next Week, on The American Experience: Canadians buy frozen chimichangas at Dollar Tree! Don’t forget to donate to your local PBS station!

  • Christine's Creativity Cabinet

    I can’t believe you didn’t look at craft supplies at the Dollar Tree! This makes me want to go to Canada and get poutine.

  • Bling Lee Jewelry

    What state are you in and what store are you at?

  • Mitchell Campbell

    You realize there are dollar tree's in Canada right?. since your from here.

  • shyry
    shyry Year ago +1

    I'm American and you sound more American than I DO. XD
    This was so funny to watch! Your reactions are so perfect!!😂

  • Dm Hg
    Dm Hg Year ago

    good video

  • Dm Hg
    Dm Hg Year ago

    nice video

  • Dm Hg
    Dm Hg Year ago


  • Chris S
    Chris S Year ago +2

    I am one of the very few who like the orange wrapped taffy at Halloween! Ok maybe the only one!

  • meestaShin
    meestaShin Year ago

    lol guaranteed FRESH, huh? Once you freeze something, it ain't fresh anymore. Let's all go and sue!

  • Andy Rickfield
    Andy Rickfield Year ago

    jeez theres so little variaty in treats at canadian grocery stores...


    I am Bangladeshi


    Where the shope ? What's the shope name?

  • NotAmused2001
    NotAmused2001 Year ago +1

    Jackie~~sugar babies candy is caramel with no chocolate on them, the inside of milk duds....... chick o sticks are the inside of Butterfinger with no chocolate and a little harder...... And the lays potato chips is their promotion for people to pick and choose new flavors, they have gotten quite popular lately......nerds candies are sugar pieces that look like little Peebles with Kool aid shaked on the outside.

  • FrugalMommaNTheWoods

    nice haul I subscribed, sugar babies are awesome, hope you come check out mine and sub back and have a great week

  • miind love
    miind love Year ago

    all the Milk Duds are gone 😂

  • Lex5576
    Lex5576 Year ago +1

    Some of that candy is actually produced in Canada by Concord Confections for the US market. America's Finest bubblegum has been made in Canada for years. Sixlets and Swedish Fish are also Canadian made. Should've got the Mary Janes and Chic-O-Sticks, they're very good. Most of that stuff is sold for a dollar because DT buys each item in extremely high volumes, hundreds of ship container loads at a time. Also bear in mind the USD has 30% parity advantage over the Loonie right now.

  • Haddie Addie
    Haddie Addie Year ago

    *triggered* not really

  • Skipace86 B
    Skipace86 B Year ago

    Funny Europeans lol..

  • Charles In Tampa
    Charles In Tampa Year ago

    Dollar tree recently bought out my store, now I work for them... I see the items in this video all the time now.

  • Kento Komoto
    Kento Komoto Year ago

    so fun. as an American your banter on the mysterious items remind me of the Martian pair on Sesame street.

  • amy jane
    amy jane Year ago

    I live in America so I know what these taste like tasted all the candies

  • Tarek Alrussy
    Tarek Alrussy Year ago

    So so funny u I am laugh every second in the video

  • R tech
    R tech Year ago

    Pico de gallo means rooster beak lol its salsa😂😂😂 two L's make the Y sound in Spanish

  • M Hu
    M Hu Year ago

    I acted the same way in a Canadian strip bar,,,, wow the options