3 Teens Killed During Ding Dong Ditch Prank

  • The prank ding dong ditch turned tragic for three teens after cops say they were intentionally run off the road by the homeowner. Jacob Ivascu, Drake Ruiz and Daniel Hawkins, all 16, of Riverside County, California, were all killed. Three other teens survived the crash, including the driver, who says they were horrified when Chandra began chasing them in his car. Cops say they believe Chandra intentionally struck the teens’ car.

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    This is a pretty sad story, so if you'd like to watch something more positive, check out our heartwarming stories playlist: ru-clip.net/video/pQu0TQld25Q/video.html

    • Here 2 complain.
      Here 2 complain. Month ago


      OBAMA FUCK TRUMP Month ago

      @Badgalriri shut up

    • TheButter
      TheButter Month ago

      Sam Gee it’s not sad it’s call instant karma

    • ThA MAN C MAcK
      ThA MAN C MAcK Month ago

      Tony SA23 Dude you’re %💯 right.
      Clueless Celebrity Worshipping numskulls that can’t think for themselves.

    • ThA MAN C MAcK
      ThA MAN C MAcK Month ago

      training cwota
      No you’re comments terrible you flake.

  • John C
    John C Day ago

    They look like worthless smart mouth punks who got what was coming to them

  • Ricky Ibarra
    Ricky Ibarra Day ago

    Somebody recalled David Byron Smith? :)

  • Amaiya Singhal
    Amaiya Singhal 5 days ago

    Kids: Ding Dong
    Man: Ditch

  • XXXTENTACION fan I love you

    Dude take a joke. Those poor teens were just trying to have fun 😭😭😭😭😭

  • dstrait22003
    dstrait22003 10 days ago

    usa today had a picture of them at a park on a playset. wouldnt be surprised if they were drawing profane pictures on the city property

  • dstrait22003
    dstrait22003 10 days ago

    he dont do stupid stuff and stupid stuff wont happen

  • We Are Gone
    We Are Gone 10 days ago

    Why is it that this stuff never seems to happen to Chinese kids. Maybe because their parents make them stay home and study or send them to work when they won't study. Never will you hear these parents apologize for their punk privileged kids behavior. Never. I guarantee you, this wasn't the 1st time they did this to this man.

  • 10k Subs with no Videos

    Later In Court..
    Him: “it was just a prank bro!”
    Everyone: “oh okay sorry to bother you”

  • Jessica Beawin
    Jessica Beawin 15 days ago

    This is dumb they where ring bells so there not innocent

  • CaptainChameleon
    CaptainChameleon 16 days ago

    When we’re angry, we tend to say and/or do things we regret later on. What disturbs me is that this guy should’ve had plenty of time to cool down, yet he doesn’t seem sorry that he just killed three teens, as if he believes they deserved to be killed.

  • Michael Dillon
    Michael Dillon 19 days ago

    Back when i was a kid before ring ding dong ditch was fun now it is too risky poor kids 1 like for every year that horrible man should be stuck in jail

  • Cmon Duuude
    Cmon Duuude 20 days ago

    Homeowner? You mean suspect?

  • Jiji Debuyan
    Jiji Debuyan 23 days ago

    I hate their parents cuz they didnt teach them what is good and bad here in philippines we always respect our parents

    Like kong filipino ka

  • GPP Central
    GPP Central 24 days ago

    Life isn’t a game

  • Steady Bettie
    Steady Bettie 24 days ago

    Such an angry person. My son is their age and I wouldn't have hesitated to kill the bastard

  • Kenneth it
    Kenneth it 24 days ago +2

    These dumb kids deserved it. First: you shouldn't disturb someone without reason, and second: you shouldn't mess up with someone you don't know, 'cause it could be anyone, from an good old lady to maniac-killer-rapist-pеdofile, or whoever.
    In this situation homeowner was right, and I'm fully on his side

  • Jay L
    Jay L 25 days ago

    What a hot head loser

  • ernestesp
    ernestesp 25 days ago +1

    They won't be doing that again

  • Kalari
    Kalari 25 days ago

    hope that guy gets beaten up in prison

  • TheLev One
    TheLev One 25 days ago

    I used to this all the time. The guy is insane.

  • Slingzoo
    Slingzoo 25 days ago +2

    Since I have 2 other friends and we aren't a squad without each other and I can't imagine all 3 of us dying together

  • D. A131618
    D. A131618 26 days ago

    I use to do this when I was around 9 10yrs old

  • Paandaas
    Paandaas 26 days ago

    Whoever put in the doorbell sound at the end is sick. You show the pictures of three teens who died doing a stupid but otherwise harmless prank, and then play a "ding dong

  • doobie david
    doobie david 26 days ago +3

    Doubt this was the first time they've done this to him, I have a sneaky suspicion those kids may have harassed him for a while and finally pushed him over the edge

  • Daniel Hernandez
    Daniel Hernandez 26 days ago

    Wow ends with the door bell ring.

  • Daniel Hernandez
    Daniel Hernandez 26 days ago

    Ding dong the kid is dead. Times done change.

  • Spartan Locke
    Spartan Locke 26 days ago

    0:15 I know something would go wrong, try to tell you guys.

  • Little gaming And vlogs

    I’m so sad

  • i_liek tacos
    i_liek tacos 27 days ago

    I understand why this guy would’ve chased them down I would’ve made them stopped and scolded them but ramming then cmon

  • daniel han
    daniel han 28 days ago

    White people

  • ThatMaNgo
    ThatMaNgo 28 days ago

    Think twice bout doing this bro u annoyed him and stupid teens

  • Jae Lee
    Jae Lee 28 days ago

    Finally some justice

  • SammyTwizzlersJr
    SammyTwizzlersJr 28 days ago +3

    “Oh Debra, I’m so sorry about your loss, how did it happen?”
    “He tried to sing don’t ditch a man, and was run over by a car...”

  • Karmelo Inthisith
    Karmelo Inthisith 28 days ago

    That is why we don't do ding dong ditchs

  • A piece of hair
    A piece of hair 29 days ago +4

    1:15 bruh that doorbell sound effect was really unnecessary

  • nani nunu 2
    nani nunu 2 29 days ago

    Ding dong dead

  • I am the Senate
    I am the Senate 29 days ago

    That’s something you have to just let it go

  • LU Donz
    LU Donz 29 days ago

    I hope som1 puts him to sleep..

  • 可愛いMosaic
    可愛いMosaic 29 days ago

    Just why. IT WAS HARMLESS

  • Alex Garcia
    Alex Garcia Month ago

    Was the doorbell ring at the end really necessary😂

  • layla boulos
    layla boulos Month ago

    i didn’t know these people personally but i have close friends that knew them and it makes me sad to see them sad

  • Sweet Chin Music
    Sweet Chin Music Month ago

    Now he can chill in peace. There's no doorbells in prison. Just sirens and the occasional sound of gunshots.

  • Richard Carvalho
    Richard Carvalho Month ago

    hahah ding dongs

  • Zachary Turner
    Zachary Turner Month ago

    Ding, dong, DEATH.

  • Dina Sabatini
    Dina Sabatini Month ago

    Maybe they should’ve taught their kids not to go pranking strangers and maybe, just maybe they would still be here right now.

  • Mia Edwards
    Mia Edwards Month ago

    I wish my cousin did not go i miss you

  • Galaxy Gacha
    Galaxy Gacha Month ago

    Kids please don’t ring the door bell

  • E P
    E P Month ago

    What's he going to do when big bubu comes to ring his Bell in the pen.

  • leighmossien2009
    leighmossien2009 Month ago

    Rumour has it that he has a bell on his cell door!!

  • Free Bobby
    Free Bobby Month ago

    Such a bad ad, I bet Donald Draper would done a better ad then this.

  • Noob Lord2006
    Noob Lord2006 Month ago

    Imagine how mad you have to be to kill 3 teenagers just because they wasted a few seconds of you’re life and a prank
    These people deserve life in prison since he killed 3 teenagers
    A soul for a soul

    • Charles 8777
      Charles 8777 28 days ago

      that man must finally lost his damn mind

  • Federico Patino
    Federico Patino Month ago

    But why?

  • TooBlxshy
    TooBlxshy Month ago

    Our lesson:Never play ding dong ditch ever again...

  • Tony Callme
    Tony Callme Month ago

    A simple joke can kill
    People ended their lives just because of a joke
    People die making a joke
    People life goes upside down after making jokes
    What I'm trying to say is...
    don't look up "good jokes" on google and text ur friend

  • 4TC hard_act2f0llow

    Ding dong literally in a ditch 😂😂😂

  • bleeboo
    bleeboo Month ago

    Ding dong *Splat*

  • Brxken Creashxn
    Brxken Creashxn Month ago

    Meanwhile when I was 12 I used to throw eggs at my neighbors roof-

  • Dustin Wulf
    Dustin Wulf Month ago


  • Its Bru
    Its Bru Month ago

    One time I ding dong ditched my neighbors and he caught me and goes “Hey dude, that wasn’t necessary, but I used to do stuff like that too.” And then he made me shake his hand, that was punishment enough...

  • maɪstroʊ •
    maɪstroʊ • Month ago

    Is it only me or it's the kids fault and I'm not sorry for what happened to them

  • Dragonrewind4152
    Dragonrewind4152 Month ago

    Dong dong ditches...
    Farmer: *grabs shotgun*

  • SaltyShapeerVessel 2.0

    Good... Kill more punks like this

  • dr beast
    dr beast Month ago +7

    Just throw a shoe at them don’t kill them he is a heartless monster

  • M Detlef
    M Detlef Month ago

    Death penalty state.

  • Mr Hayes
    Mr Hayes Month ago +1

    Reminds me of the time this kid slit a kids fingers over a toy car at school...

  • Jimmy Mitchell
    Jimmy Mitchell Month ago

    He's going to get ding dong in prison for the rest of his life 😂

  • Brian Torres
    Brian Torres Month ago

    I almost got ran over running from a house that i ding dong ditched on, i got lucky

  • Unknown
    Unknown Month ago

    Hah America

  • Mr Ahole
    Mr Ahole Month ago

    Play stupid games win stupid prizes.
    And FYI we did this on foot not car glad they got ran off the road. Dumbshit's

  • Maggie Andon
    Maggie Andon Month ago


  • Gunga
    Gunga Month ago +1

    “This is America”

    • weeby weeb
      weeby weeb 26 days ago

      I am from India and I have just one question for Americans who think this is right.. WHY ?!

  • Cool Creeper
    Cool Creeper Month ago

    I wonder how much more some have to see to learn 🤔🤔🤔

    • marshall branin
      marshall branin Month ago

      Cool Creeper anger management? Absolutely. People like that fat incel need to seek mental help.

    LOW-KEY. SEXY Month ago

    That's very rare to see a Indian on the culprit end...

  • Christine Thieman
    Christine Thieman Month ago

    Death penalty !!!

  • Moy Roy
    Moy Roy Month ago +2

    It’s their fault tbh. I get it, its supposed to be a harmless “prank” but you’re messing with other people, expect a reaction from it. He may have went overboard but that wouldn’t have happened if they didn’t ring his bell

  • Dana L
    Dana L Month ago

    It wouldn’t bother me in the slightest if someone came to ring my doorbell I don’t be answering the door anyway

    ViTLE ELiTE Month ago

    Guess you can say they got their bells rung

  • OrionSentry
    OrionSentry Month ago

    Mr. Chandra should get the death penalty.
    & I would gladly flip the switch.

  • Raven
    Raven Month ago

    Imagine killing someone because you had to answer your door to find no one there. Like if your so mad that you had to use energy to open the door why use 30,000 times that amount of energy and kill someone!?