We Tried KYLIE SKIN !!!

  • Published on Jun 4, 2019
  • After seeing all the buzz about Kylie Skin I knew I had to get my hands on it and try it out.
    I know a lot of the reviews aren't totally honest cause many people want to stay on kylie's pr list but we could care less. So here's transparent first impressions and review you guys have been waiting for.
    I get a lot of my skincare knowledge from Michelle so it was only fitting to have her in this video. And if you guys haven't noticed she has the most flawless skin. And basically is foundation free for a few years now which is straight up goals.
    The kits are sold out and I think will be available next week.
    Total cost $125
    Comes with a Foaming Cleanser, Walnut Scrub, Vanilla Toner, Moisturizer, Vitamin C serum, Eye cream
    Thanks for Watching !!!
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  • alyxskyler
    alyxskyler 2 days ago


  • Ana Bell
    Ana Bell 4 days ago

    A breath of fresh air 🖤 I missed you girls..👯‍♀️

  • OrdoSenatoriusCDXX
    OrdoSenatoriusCDXX 10 days ago

    Michelle, please regulate these "beauty gurus" and show how it's done.

  • Kallul gohain
    Kallul gohain 11 days ago

    Actually srub is good for the skin to remove any dead cells.You just have to do it gently and 2-3 times a week

  • j Duran
    j Duran 12 days ago

    Queens 👑👑

  • j Duran
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  • I love Cheese
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  • Maha Chowdhury
    Maha Chowdhury 14 days ago

    What was the last clip about?

  • Pinkis septic Rose
    Pinkis septic Rose 15 days ago

    I didn’t know thAt promise and Michelle were related

  • มะลิ พิมสุดา เสาวณี

    พี่ซาจาง ล้างหน้าจนมีเงา

  • lady like 1978
    lady like 1978 21 day ago

    Love you Michelle Phan from pH. 🇵🇭

  • Gabriela Gallegos
    Gabriela Gallegos 23 days ago

    I think there skin is looking great? Lol I’m confused

  • Shea Crivello
    Shea Crivello 25 days ago

    I’m more interested in the Luna and Artemis ears. Where can I get those???

  • Peach Purple
    Peach Purple 25 days ago

    Sailor moon🌙

  • Komatsu Sakura
    Komatsu Sakura 25 days ago

    how about vit c toner do they need to be in aluminium ?

  • Riza Ebasan
    Riza Ebasan 26 days ago

    I will definitely focus on learning how to put make up. Since i cant afford make up sets. Ill give it a try. Hope i win!! 😍

  • Mikhaila Janni
    Mikhaila Janni 26 days ago

    7:52 the only guru approval we ever will need.

  • Mikhaila Janni
    Mikhaila Janni 26 days ago +1

    At the beggining I srsly thought Michelle was edited in 😭

  • Jordyn Songco
    Jordyn Songco 28 days ago

    Michelle is older by 2 years promise is 30 Michelle is of course 32

  • zzz dong
    zzz dong Month ago

    Mischel ta tapaiko bauju paryo?? Wow!! So happy for u

  • Chelcee Danielle
    Chelcee Danielle Month ago

    I think the one on the right is pretty too.

  • Chelcee Danielle
    Chelcee Danielle Month ago

    I think your prettier without makeup

  • April H
    April H Month ago

    Michelle we need you back!!!

  • Amy Craigslist
    Amy Craigslist Month ago

    I guess they made up.

  • Frances Jeon
    Frances Jeon Month ago

    The way I missed Michelle and the way I want Michelle to silent all the dumb new beauty gurus. Please do.

  • ellyrosaa
    ellyrosaa Month ago

    michelle we missed u so much 😭😭😭

  • Jkai Avila
    Jkai Avila Month ago

    Where have michelle been though?

  • Anisa Gashi
    Anisa Gashi Month ago

    If Michelle is her sister in law does that mean Michelle isn’f with Dom anymore?

    • Anisa Gashi
      Anisa Gashi Month ago

      OH LOL sorry I spent ages trying to work it out and still got it wrong😂

    • Aneliz H.
      Aneliz H. Month ago

      She’s still with Dom, Michelle’s brother is married to Promise

  • aaaaaaaaaaa
    aaaaaaaaaaa Month ago

    where do you guys get your ears...

  • Linda De French Fries

    Yeah Michelle definitely should comes up with skincare products.

  • Fadalerab Rasool
    Fadalerab Rasool Month ago +1

    WTH I just now realize that the lady in black is michelle phan i hardly recognized her

  • pine apple
    pine apple Month ago

    Are they really sisters in law?

  • Nicole Anne Consador

    I have no idea this video/collab exists until it popped out on YT while I was scrolling! Gosh! Micheeellleeee 💗

  • Jr.Jarwin Jimenez
    Jr.Jarwin Jimenez Month ago

    I think every person has different types of skin. So maybe the product kylie skincare is not there type. I like Kylie skincare cause it change me a lot specially my face. Nohate just sayin. Maybe they didn't work for u. But for some it works!

  • Miss Pan
    Miss Pan Month ago

    When Michelle's coming back is more on point than the products being reviewed.. at least according to the comment box..😅😬
    I miss unsponsored reviews! Come back for real, please! I just watched your latest upload when you watched your old videos! That was nostalgic! 😲

  • Musfika Parveen
    Musfika Parveen Month ago

    everybody in the comments be like michelle come back we miss u...but then there is me..who is Michelle..

  • Mariana Orozco
    Mariana Orozco Month ago

    Kylie skin is acually dead skin

  • samantha sng
    samantha sng Month ago +6

    this is the only
    kylie skin review i trust

  • Sara McDowall
    Sara McDowall Month ago

    I think the products would maybe be good for some one whose a teen with simple perfect skin lol

  • Sara McDowall
    Sara McDowall Month ago

    I've been using plain, simple and pure jojoba oil its been amazing and only thing that has worked on my skin. been using it as a moisturizer/primer before makeup. skins smooth looking and glowing😍

  • bhababie Kathy
    bhababie Kathy Month ago +1

    Girl Michelle where you been for all these years 😭🌸 love the video dope but Kylie skin work for me alot so I don't have problem with it or her product

  • Mehak
    Mehak Month ago +2

    If Michelle comes back we will actually get serious, genuine beauty and skincare advice.

  • Smarika Aryal
    Smarika Aryal Month ago

    Love you both so much ❤️

  • Roni Chakma
    Roni Chakma Month ago

    By using 1 day kylie skin you will not get good skin you have use it daily then try to review about kylie skin

  • Roni Chakma
    Roni Chakma Month ago

    Go to hell you can't wash your face and saying bad about kylie skin

  • Joy Yamasaki
    Joy Yamasaki Month ago

    Honestly feel like I learned so much useful info about skincare from these two queens in this 9 min vid! Glad youtube suggested this (even though I have no idea what's going on in the beauty world and had no idea Kylie even had a skincare line)!

  • Cheyenne asia
    Cheyenne asia Month ago

    Honestly y’all don’t have to be rude like really we get it y’all want to be hip and cool y’all so annoying 😪

  • Junnybunny
    Junnybunny Month ago +1

    What the heck does OG even stand for. Sorry I live under a rock

  • mayward lifetime
    mayward lifetime Month ago

    Yes! Give us an Honest review please......

  • materialkid
    materialkid Month ago

    We miss u Michelle!!!! And we love u gurl!

  • Preity Rawat
    Preity Rawat Month ago +1

    Whaattt😱 she is ur sis-in-law... I luv her😍 ur nanad or bhabhi??

  • MA’s Craftytionery

    I’m glad Michelle is here ! We missed u!

  • MsRio93
    MsRio93 Month ago

    The video at 9:15 where is it??

  • Elisha Blott
    Elisha Blott Month ago

    The only product they both seemed to like was the toner and they didn't actually completely say why they liked it. The times michelle didn't say yes or no was so annoying. Also I've never heard of a cleanser that removes 100% of your makeup, especially eye makeup.

  • Jun Vijačkić
    Jun Vijačkić Month ago

    Omg the og guru Michelle!!! Please come back give all these youtubers lessons

  • Dess Bianca
    Dess Bianca Month ago

    Hi Michelle we miss u..Hi too dope I love ur channel and ur skin looks very smooth 😊
    Small time youtuber here 😊

  • Swati Kishore
    Swati Kishore Month ago

    Michelle is her sis in law for real?

  • Bree Cruz
    Bree Cruz 2 months ago

    2 stunning women

  • Amelia Purwandany
    Amelia Purwandany 2 months ago

    Packaging nya lucu

  • Luftmenschkid
    Luftmenschkid 2 months ago

    Please come back michelle i beg u