We Tried KYLIE SKIN !!!

  • Published on Jun 4, 2019
  • After seeing all the buzz about Kylie Skin I knew I had to get my hands on it and try it out.
    I know a lot of the reviews aren't totally honest cause many people want to stay on kylie's pr list but we could care less. So here's transparent first impressions and review you guys have been waiting for.
    I get a lot of my skincare knowledge from Michelle so it was only fitting to have her in this video. And if you guys haven't noticed she has the most flawless skin. And basically is foundation free for a few years now which is straight up goals.
    The kits are sold out and I think will be available next week.
    Total cost $125
    Comes with a Foaming Cleanser, Walnut Scrub, Vanilla Toner, Moisturizer, Vitamin C serum, Eye cream
    Thanks for Watching !!!
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  • 1234 5678
    1234 5678 2 days ago

    michelle u don’t understand how much i miss u omg 🥺😭💘

  • Uzma M
    Uzma M 2 days ago

    Omg I missed hearing Michelle Phan’s voice! She also looks so gorgeous compared to how she used to look. She looks more polished and refined. I need a makeup tutorial of her makeup in this video! And SAILOR MOOOON 🌙 I’m here for it!!!

  • Phonic Awake
    Phonic Awake 2 days ago


  • Wany Zee Rostam
    Wany Zee Rostam 3 days ago

    I miss you michelle😭

  • Mariel -_- Mendoza
    Mariel -_- Mendoza 4 days ago

    I came for the walnut scrub part.

  • Emma
    Emma 4 days ago +2

    love the sailor moon headbands x🌙

  • Tyler L
    Tyler L 4 days ago +3

    Michelle Phan is like the KevJumba of beauty gurus

  • kimkim k3 kim
    kimkim k3 kim 4 days ago +1

    Michelle look like jimin bts

  • Derek Diam
    Derek Diam 4 days ago +1


  • April Joy
    April Joy 4 days ago

    To sum up, how would you rate the product from 1-10, 10 being the highest?TNX

  • Regina Phalenge
    Regina Phalenge 4 days ago

    Arthemis and Luna?

  • Theresa Hoang
    Theresa Hoang 6 days ago


  • Ariel Papay
    Ariel Papay 6 days ago

    I have really sensitive skin . So idk if this is the way to go for me but long as it helps or works for u then get it if it dont work for u then dont get it just depends on ur skin .

  • Oh Curlee
    Oh Curlee 6 days ago

    Omggg im so happy to see Michelle ahhh I've missed you!!

  • Khaleesi Khaleesi
    Khaleesi Khaleesi 6 days ago

    I miss MP. :'( I was a teen when I started watching her on my blackberry phone. Please come back. I miss those artistic things you do, the voice over, your stories. Come back.

  • Delikaadann
    Delikaadann 6 days ago +1

    We miss these types of reviews:
    No dramatic bullshit
    Not shady
    Not rude
    Don’t drag people/ the brand
    Honest but polite
    And they bring these reviews back♥️

  • Airie Cabeza Vlogs
    Airie Cabeza Vlogs 6 days ago

    Oh miss you Michelle

  • bmorebaby76
    bmorebaby76 6 days ago +3

    Anybody remember Michelle dry skin mask with the olive oil honey and sugar ?Loved that mask made your skin so soft

  • Fey Fey
    Fey Fey 8 days ago

    Michelle Phan ❣️

  • Sr
    Sr 8 days ago

    Michelle please please please start a skin care line!!

  • Leanne Melody
    Leanne Melody 8 days ago


  • Pronome Interrogativo

    I miss Michelle's videos sooooo much 😍

  • Name Last Name
    Name Last Name 10 days ago

    I always clean my face first with a Garnier Micellair water or a wipe (sensitive skin) of the brand, Nivea. Dan I use my Olaz brush and some Cerave Foaming gel and/or a light scrubgel from Eucerin for exfoliating the skin. Also I have a light moisturizer from Eucerin that I use afterwards. And sometimes I use my Biafin instead. And for the eyes i use the Ordinary caffeine solution gel and eye cream from Ginzing Origins and during the day I always use sunscreen. Butttt here it comes, I NEVER used a toner in my life. Do I have to use this? Or can i skip this part in my skincare routine? XO

  • laveen nanjappa
    laveen nanjappa 10 days ago +1

    First step: Have good skin...

  • AllYeols Park
    AllYeols Park 10 days ago

    her smile at 9:04 😭😭

  • troye's girl
    troye's girl 10 days ago

    Wash for a minute done.

  • Lola y así
    Lola y así 10 days ago

    I’d love to watch Michelle making an updated skincare routine 😭

  • liebekaese
    liebekaese 11 days ago

    remember when michelle had a skincare line? i bought her 95 dollar cream because she said it helped with her acne 😂 sadly not with mine

  • Jenna
    Jenna 11 days ago

    we need michelle to come back an enlighten us with her skincare

  • Rebbie Espinosa
    Rebbie Espinosa 12 days ago

    Promise and Michelle's skin be so dang flawless as ever!!! 😍😍😍

  • Débora Viana de Alencar

    I freaking miss Michelle, such a real artist! Nowadays we only bump into those all-the-same youtubers who actually look like Kylie Jenner (because they always use the same makeup on their faces) with zero science behind the tutorials. Michelle Phan knows what she talks about since she had studied a lot to talk about skin. Come baaack, Phan!

  • cries
    cries 12 days ago

    Any notice that the walnut scrub made her noise red? 4:08

  • سـارة، العنـزي

    omg is this Michelle!!!!!I just realized how much I miss her):

  • Maddie A101
    Maddie A101 13 days ago


  • sages incantations
    sages incantations 13 days ago +1


  • Hannah Osio
    Hannah Osio 13 days ago

    Queen Michelle! 👑👑👑👑

  • Hatii
    Hatii 14 days ago +1

    I dont think I will ever pay for a skincare/makeup that a celeb has just come out with. If you respect your skin, you will get skincare products with history. Brands that have been here for years. Things like this, its just paying for the name🤷‍♀️

  • Musiqulicious
    Musiqulicious 14 days ago

    MICHELLE COME BACK I MISSED YOU!!! Youre the reason i learned makeup at a young age waaaa 😭😭😭

  • Yasmin Smith
    Yasmin Smith 14 days ago

    You both have the most gorgeous natural skin I’ve ever seen!

  • Afra syed
    Afra syed 14 days ago

    I got the Neogen Vitamin C Powder as a sample with something i orderd and i was like wth is this i don't think its gonna be good so i threw it in the back of my drawer but now imma use it tonight with the Neogen Essence hopefully i see a good difference!

  • El Ami Cas
    El Ami Cas 14 days ago

    Wow wow wow!!!!!!!! 😊

  • Van Pham
    Van Pham 15 days ago

    8:04 YES, MICHELLE! With Charlotte from Soko Glam coming out with her own skincare line/products, you should definitely do the same, too! I think that's def smth right up her alley.

  • Van Pham
    Van Pham 15 days ago +2

    Seeing Michelle and hearing her reaction and comments while trying out this kit makes me wish she'd come back to bless us with her skincare knowledge. For sure I'm already making notes and looking up the products she mentioned here. Been wanting to try and incorporate vitamin c into my skincare routine, so I'm definitely looking into that Neogen Vitamin C!

  • Stephen Lozada
    Stephen Lozada 15 days ago

    omg where did theem eyebrows go!!!

  • Afsanara Bindu
    Afsanara Bindu 15 days ago

    Hello Pratika I am from Bangladesh

  • saj da
    saj da 15 days ago

    you and michelle are queens

  • Lina Cx
    Lina Cx 15 days ago

    Uhh how I have missed Michelle 💗 literally the makeup community went to crap after she left and I keep wonder where she went and if she will ever come back to RU-clip 😭

  • Mia Karlina Mierza
    Mia Karlina Mierza 15 days ago

    Michelle 💛

  • Brittainy Clark
    Brittainy Clark 16 days ago

    But do you all remember the St Ives walnut scrub drama... that was a long-ass time ago haha

  • Cheenee Osera
    Cheenee Osera 16 days ago

    If Michelle Phan had a skincare line, BEST BELIEVE I'D BUY EVERY SINGLE PRODUCT OR IF THERE WAS A BUNDLE ! 😍

  • noe castro
    noe castro 17 days ago

    Someone can help me please telling me which Vit C Michelle mentions. Thanks 😘

  • mikah ong
    mikah ong 17 days ago

    EDIT: ok so if I were to say something abt kylieskin, i knew that the products were gonna be bad. Waste of time and money like a lot of what she and that clan do.

  • Oriana Sewell
    Oriana Sewell 17 days ago

    You two should make a regimen/brand for morning and night. I’m older now mid 30s, and Asian. And really, I really need help. So far every single thing doesn’t work. Maybe just do a vids of your fave products. Both of you together. Because I’m dry, patchy, oily, discolored, oh now (only in the last year) I get dark circles, losing pigment in my eyelashes and eyebrows :( ...you guys are the best. Thank you for asking Michelle to join you. And ty for keeping on.

  • piggie8899
    piggie8899 17 days ago

    Michelle, I miss u. Glad to see u again!

  • Mary Dianne Mendoza
    Mary Dianne Mendoza 17 days ago

    Michelle seemed bored, hmm

  • Jane Flores
    Jane Flores 17 days ago

    I need MORE of these transparent reviews. I hate it when influencers like Kylie remove you from the PR list once you give them criticism or honest feedback.

  • Kelen
    Kelen 18 days ago

    Came for Artemis!

  • Denitsa Draganova
    Denitsa Draganova 18 days ago +1

    Okay I'm actually here for the Artemis mirror... WHERE IS IT FROM?

    • Kelen
      Kelen 18 days ago

      Denitsa Draganova me too!

  • Unicornia 7
    Unicornia 7 18 days ago

    Michelle should make her own brand

    • E
      E 18 days ago

      She already does...

  • Daniela Carrera
    Daniela Carrera 18 days ago +3

    Awwww Michelle’s voice! If she don’t come back in make up she should come back to do asmr videos!

  • Gemini 0386
    Gemini 0386 18 days ago

    OMG Michelle!!! You’re back!!

  • Paula M. Schrebler
    Paula M. Schrebler 19 days ago

    Is it me, or Michelle looks sad? ☹️

  • Lily Ray
    Lily Ray 19 days ago

    Michelle we love and miss you. I could listen to you talk about skin care for hours! ❤️

  • James Morris
    James Morris 19 days ago

    You have probably the greatest videos.

  • Anh
    Anh 19 days ago

    My Vietnamese girl Michelle, everyone are waiting for your comebacck

  • unna joe
    unna joe 20 days ago

    I've been watching her RU-clip videos since I was in kindergarten, and now I will graduate elementary level🤧

  • unna joe
    unna joe 20 days ago

    I've been watching her RU-clip videos since I was in kindergarten, and now I will graduate elementary level🤧

  • Luna Loynaz-Lopez
    Luna Loynaz-Lopez 20 days ago


  • Camilla Nascimento
    Camilla Nascimento 20 days ago +1

    I love you two! Please, Michelle, come back ❤

  • Jane Bennet
    Jane Bennet 21 day ago

    I missed you Michelle

  • Melissa Rivera
    Melissa Rivera 21 day ago

    I miss her so much

  • Yanhira ahumada gonzales

    We miss you michelle

  • luna moonster
    luna moonster 21 day ago

    well for my opinion skin care is a wide topic it’s base on your skin if it’s dry or oily it depend on your skin so.. :3

  • Aria Boucher
    Aria Boucher 22 days ago +1

    So good to see Michelle again, she was the first beauty youtuber I watched ✨🌈💕

  • Reignn Acedera
    Reignn Acedera 22 days ago

    but your face looks lovelier after use

  • Allison Blair
    Allison Blair 22 days ago

    I love the ears head band ..cute AF

  • kyungie baby
    kyungie baby 22 days ago


  • Lucia - Cosmina
    Lucia - Cosmina 22 days ago

    Michelle, please come back on RU-clip.

  • Winona C
    Winona C 22 days ago +5

    I don't care about this video I'm only here CAUSE MICHELLE PHAN IS ON

  • Liz Mendoza
    Liz Mendoza 23 days ago +2

    I got the chills just seeing Michelle Phan in this video!

  • Babii Bossetta
    Babii Bossetta 23 days ago

    Michelle phan come backkk

  • Samy Marie Uoyevoli
    Samy Marie Uoyevoli 23 days ago

    There is alcohol in one of the Moisturizers or serum. I can't remember which one. Star looked it up on the ingredient list

  • XuanHa Nguyen
    XuanHa Nguyen 23 days ago

    Please make a skincare brand Michelle!!!!

  • Shining Zarah
    Shining Zarah 23 days ago

    Michelle 😍😍😍

  • Jerin Sebai Anak Kendawang

    I smell hater here

  • Alicia Porges
    Alicia Porges 24 days ago

    Does anyone know where to get the shirt that Michelle is wearing?

  • Shalini Biswas
    Shalini Biswas 24 days ago +2

    Those Sailor moon headbands are soooo cute. Also love the video. Very informative

  • Tea n Toast Roast Edition Sister James

    Wait she is ur sister In law wait you have a brother ??

  • Marlene Ramirez
    Marlene Ramirez 25 days ago

    I'm so happy Michelle is back but is it just me or she seems off somehow?

  • I’m Not Real :D
    I’m Not Real :D 25 days ago

    I was so confused about all these Michelle comments, then I search her up and I remember,
    She was the one who posted that “Why I Left” video that made me cry!!! :DDDDD

  • Leila Abbas
    Leila Abbas 26 days ago

    Michelle, pls save the beauty community.

  • Setilog Gaming
    Setilog Gaming 26 days ago


  • Ysabel Merritt
    Ysabel Merritt 26 days ago

    I can watch Michelle all day. Miss her on her channel. She started it all.


    😍😍😍 michelle!!!!! Soo good to see her again

  • Laura Croft
    Laura Croft 27 days ago +1


  • Laura Croft
    Laura Croft 27 days ago +1


  • Cherry Mae Soreno
    Cherry Mae Soreno 27 days ago

    Michelle please do videos again :(

  • tsatsral telmentugs
    tsatsral telmentugs 27 days ago

    shoot they have the best skin jealous

  • Jhoanna Bercilla
    Jhoanna Bercilla 27 days ago

    Michelle 🥰🥰🥰 how im missing you in RU-clip world.... thank you Promise... i love you two, from Philippines