4 Levels of Mac and Cheese: Amateur to Food Scientist | Epicurious

  • Опубликовано: 20 фев 2019
  • We challenged chefs of three different levels - an amateur, a home cook and a professional chef - to make their versions of macaroni and cheese. And then we brought in a food scientist to review their work. Which mac & cheese was the best?
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    4 Levels of Mac and Cheese: Amateur to Food Scientist | Epicurious
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  • h
    h 52 минуты назад

    Honestly, In all of these videos with the different level chefs the home cooks (level 2) always looks best

  • Emily Wilburn
    Emily Wilburn Час назад

    Level 2 Anthony looks like Beto O'Rourke on a lil bump of coke

  • neofiredragon92
    neofiredragon92 Час назад

    im really hoping for a 4 lvls of muffins videos

  • Carrick Secorski
    Carrick Secorski 2 часа назад

    I didn't know Ryan Reynold's was such a good TV chef!!

  • halo3odst
    halo3odst 2 часа назад

    Level 4: SOUTHERN

  • C Pretzel
    C Pretzel 3 часа назад


  • C Pretzel
    C Pretzel 3 часа назад

    “And I might as well cover the whole thing in cheese” same sis, same.

  • Flynn 061
    Flynn 061 3 часа назад +1

    That bacon looks like dog treats 😂😂

  • WJ-MTB™
    WJ-MTB™ 3 часа назад

    This doesn't look best healthy.

  • Solea Sunga
    Solea Sunga 4 часа назад

    And I'm just over here with my Kraft dinner 😏

  • mizuzu21
    mizuzu21 5 часов назад

    The guy had me at swiggles

  • micialicia
    micialicia 5 часов назад

    I just want to say that the professional chef in the video used too much salt in the pasta water!!! about 3 spoons could have been enough for that amount of water (also considering that we are using a lot of cheese wich add saltiness to the pasta). Moreover, he says he is using MOZZARELLA cubes? That is NOT mozzarella! I don't know what cheese it was but it was definitely NOT mozzarella cheese. I think this time the level 2 guy knows it better

  • Pretty Roses
    Pretty Roses 5 часов назад

    I’m level 0...cook the pasta, add cheese, add salt, and done!

    XSUBINX 5 часов назад

    Armatures is the best

  • Hannah Wooldridge
    Hannah Wooldridge 5 часов назад +1

    Level 0: box of kraft

  • M Mac
    M Mac 6 часов назад

    first one is bad news

  • Helio Lopes
    Helio Lopes 6 часов назад

    You guys should give Ada new gear, so she can level up !

  • Rickelle Jones
    Rickelle Jones 6 часов назад

    Can I get the recipe for the 3rd Mac and cheese?

  • n graner
    n graner 6 часов назад

    Using bacon is just cheating. Level 3 gets disqalified.

  • Cree McCallum
    Cree McCallum 6 часов назад

    It's macaroni just keep it simple.

  • Teaghan s.
    Teaghan s. 7 часов назад

    It makes me cringe

  • Teaghan s.
    Teaghan s. 7 часов назад

    Stop it.

  • Teaghan s.
    Teaghan s. 7 часов назад

    The sound affects are nasty

  • your uncool niece
    your uncool niece 8 часов назад

    anthony's eyes are just a little too wide...

  • Pink-Knight Gamer
    Pink-Knight Gamer 8 часов назад

    Thomas Jefferson is shook.
    He is spinning around the kitchen in his ghosty swivel chair

  • Aleyshaforever
    Aleyshaforever 8 часов назад

    Level 2 guy had the best one to me

  • Natalia Ray
    Natalia Ray 8 часов назад

    I just go to ralphs and get anies mac and cheese.

  • Alexia BingHeath
    Alexia BingHeath 9 часов назад

    They’re all WRONG! No flour.. but egg def goes into Mac and cheese

  • Robert
    Robert 9 часов назад

    They are seriously making maceroni with
    - 4 cheeses !!
    - Milk
    - Butter
    - Bacon
    - Sugar
    - Egg
    Do you seriously want to give people heart disease

  • John Doe
    John Doe 10 часов назад

    I can guarantee none of these are as good as Kraft Mac n Cheese. Everything else is a soggy overly cooked pile of diarrhea.

  • Gianna Anjanette
    Gianna Anjanette 10 часов назад

    Please do more of these amateur to food scientist. They're so fun to watch

  • TheSteamDiaries
    TheSteamDiaries 11 часов назад

    No one makes a roux? Not even the Professional? Weird

  • Sofe R
    Sofe R 11 часов назад

    I like to proudly say that I am level

    1 😂😂😂😂

  • Sofe R
    Sofe R 11 часов назад

    Why is level 3 sooooo extraaaa? 🤷🏻‍♀️😂

  • Ava Mueller
    Ava Mueller 11 часов назад

    Everyone keeps saying how the level 3 chef's mac and cheese seems disgusting but I kinda wanna try it😂😂 sometimes weird combinations end up tasting good

    SCHEHRAZAD A 11 часов назад

    Anthony’s looks great 👍🏻

  • Conor Rick
    Conor Rick 12 часов назад

    please more videos of this kind

  • xGladiatorRx
    xGladiatorRx 12 часов назад

    My mom has better food

  • MarQ Tho
    MarQ Tho 12 часов назад

    They all look rather disgusting

  • Eyaggelia Xelmi
    Eyaggelia Xelmi 13 часов назад +1


  • MonkeyDLysop
    MonkeyDLysop 14 часов назад +1

    Learned today Mascarpone is a God damn cheese lol. Why you Americans are so strange

  • Nicolas Arango
    Nicolas Arango 14 часов назад

    Lvl 2 guy looks like Jake Peralta

  • Nandeyy
    Nandeyy 14 часов назад

    " a fourth stick of butter " uhh quarter?

  • zoubida82
    zoubida82 15 часов назад

    I would audition for that packet Mac and cheese

  • zoubida82
    zoubida82 15 часов назад

    Level-0 packet cheese

  • Will Jones
    Will Jones 17 часов назад

    Please keep making more of these Epicurious! They're a lot of fun to watch, and educational too.

  • Crazy Zadie
    Crazy Zadie 17 часов назад

    In this series I think they should all try each other’s dish

  • Odjira
    Odjira 18 часов назад

    "level 3 chef" makes a monstrosity born of too much salt and a shitload of unnecessary sugar.

  • Crazy Horsea
    Crazy Horsea 18 часов назад

    The 2nd guy sounds like a showoff

  • Resetted
    Resetted 18 часов назад

    I don't even like mac and cheese lol

  • clauchinaski
    clauchinaski 18 часов назад

    proof that americans cannot cook at all, and tend to tear other lands recipes apart, with cheap cheese and sugar.

  • Melissa and Derek Shrout
    Melissa and Derek Shrout 19 часов назад

    *all the way with the food science like ALL the way man*

  • TechLogicz
    TechLogicz 21 час назад

    The level 3 chef's recipe... is... -interesting- weird.
    Also, what the heck is editor doing with all those sound effects?!

  • Black Bird Noodle
    Black Bird Noodle 21 час назад

    Okay the black guy was definitely high.

  • Lazy Drpeper
    Lazy Drpeper 21 час назад

    I just take kraft Mac n cheese it's the best Mac n cheese👍

  • King Toys - Dino & Cars
    King Toys - Dino & Cars День назад

    Super cute and fun, big like l💚🍬💙👍🍬

  • Jo Mc
    Jo Mc День назад

    Level 3 needs to take a a chill pill. Dude it's mac and cheese... It ain't that serious.

  • T-Bone
    T-Bone День назад

    Where can I get level three recipe?

  • Samantha Cadena
    Samantha Cadena День назад

    How about 4 levels of burgers? 🍔

  • míѕѕ dαrcч
    míѕѕ dαrcч День назад

    Yo, I don't know why but Ada's looks the best to me haha

  • MA Martinez
    MA Martinez День назад

    Do you like how the level 2 acts like the boss when in reality we all know who the real boss is

    Danny devito

  • Kirsten Gayle
    Kirsten Gayle День назад


  • cerftu ki
    cerftu ki День назад

    dang now im hungry

  • I have no life
    I have no life День назад

    I must be a level 0 cause I make it from the box-

  • Berdina Nieto
    Berdina Nieto День назад +13

    Level 1: "Might as well cover the whole thing with cheese."
    She immediately won.

  • C
    C День назад

    I used the level 3 recipe when I was plastering drywall. It's also perfect for when you're building walls.

  • Mark Agustin
    Mark Agustin День назад

    Brrruuuuuuh macaroni and cheese means use macaroni pasta; using another pasta makes it just cheese pasta

  • Ezi0DeF1renze
    Ezi0DeF1renze День назад

    Why do the level two people always talk so damn much

  • Mercedes Taylor
    Mercedes Taylor День назад

    Egg?! Gramcrackers?! OMG what is this

  • Guilherme Martins
    Guilherme Martins День назад

    Máafia boss lvl100 chef😎

  • Solar Knight
    Solar Knight День назад

    The level 3 chef looks like he's so God dam tired, he really needs some rest for his eyes

  • Teddy Dean
    Teddy Dean День назад

    I really love how the level 2 chef always seems like a guy who's on his first date since getting divorced.

  • peronkop
    peronkop День назад

    Thats just macaroni and cheese. Ew.

  • !! Revi09 !!
    !! Revi09 !! День назад

    Someone needs to fire that foley artist... well maybe not fire but at lest talk to him lol. Those sounds.

  • ░▒▓█ TɾҽɳԃBҽαɾ █▓▒░

    The men are always the pro chef on here apparently

  • ya yeet
    ya yeet День назад

    I like how they get *thicker* with each level XD

  • Jake Anderton
    Jake Anderton День назад

    Level one is the best tho

  • Toji 1
    Toji 1 День назад +1

    I would eat level 1

  • AngryBosh
    AngryBosh День назад

    I wish they could taste each others dishes. How redundant to taste your own..

  • Amy King
    Amy King День назад

    Why does level 2 remind me of Ryan Reynolds? Anyone else getting those vibes

  • Emm Lee
    Emm Lee День назад

    That creamy noiiiseee fuuccccc💀💀💀

  • The Janusz
    The Janusz День назад


  • Echo_Ch3ck0
    Echo_Ch3ck0 День назад

    why does micheal look high?

  • Sweet Insanity
    Sweet Insanity День назад +1

    #2 looks the best, omg I wanna taste that so bad... #1 looks good too. Many times less is more...#3 is just too much, I already feel the bloat from that one.

  • Greek geeks
    Greek geeks День назад

    Kraft has left the chat.

  • Daniel Blackwolf
    Daniel Blackwolf День назад

    You can clearly see what an amateur and a chef make... this is the reason why rich people live longer.... less processed food.... they love the same stuff that we do but it just made way better.

  • nmwbYwbd
    nmwbYwbd День назад

    They need a taste tester. What is the point otherwise?

  • Monique Nykia
    Monique Nykia День назад

    Neither of these are correct

  • Itstacky
    Itstacky День назад

    *Level three should be called*
    *Mac & Cheesecake Fr*

  • Monique Nykia
    Monique Nykia День назад

    👀👀👀 Sugar? In Mac & Cheese?

  • Itstacky
    Itstacky День назад +1

    *Editor How many sound effects do you want*
    *epicurious Yes*

  • Chillperson
    Chillperson День назад

    Never liked Mac and cheese and never will

  • taexhyungss
    taexhyungss День назад

    ada is A CUTIE

  • Comedians Sed&ila
    Comedians Sed&ila День назад

    My mouth is watering 😄

  • bormiten
    bormiten День назад

    Level 2 is cute

  • çØrT
    çØrT День назад

    I’m sorry but it’s hard to watch and listen with all those disgusting sound effect 🤮

  • xanadu
    xanadu День назад


  • Redeemed2000
    Redeemed2000 День назад

    This tells me why everyone goes so crazy over my Mac and cheese. Really people? How is ANY of this normal?!

  • AffiqKimiLer
    AffiqKimiLer День назад

    Bruhh change the editor cause they use the wrong sound effects

  • Elisabet Rosado
    Elisabet Rosado День назад +1

    Level 1 everyone
    Level 2 trying too hard
    Level 3 so extra