Prince Harry Arrives In Canada To Rejoin Meghan Markle And Baby Archie | TODAY

  • Overnight Prince Harry touched down in Canada to rejoin Meghan Markle and baby Archie as they start to step back from their royal duties. But there are still many unknowns about the new phase of their lives. NBC’s Kelly Cobiella reports for TODAY from Buckingham Palace.
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    Prince Harry Arrives In Canada To Rejoin Meghan Markle And Baby Archie | TODAY

Comments • 80

  • john johnston
    john johnston 3 days ago

    It's to bad that Meghan has torn Harry away from his family. I knew she wouldn't be able to handle royal life.

  • Erma Lalin
    Erma Lalin 8 days ago

    boo to these two hypocrit, go away and dont come back. and may all the money from taxpayers in the uk choke you

  • Janet Mensah
    Janet Mensah 19 days ago

    Thank God they have been pushed out, so what is next? Let's talk about Andrew Andrews Andrews all the way now😝😝😜😜🤑🤑🤑😛😛😭😭

  • Joelle’s world
    Joelle’s world 21 day ago

    Sometimes we suffer in silence to please. I’m so glad they’re free and are happy.

  • Geoffrey Powell
    Geoffrey Powell 21 day ago

    People struggling to pay the council tax and you see this greedy spoilt cow in the UK bugger off from where you came and don't come back....Mrs Wallace Simpson

  • AJ Louviere
    AJ Louviere 21 day ago

    Sadly most people do not know the truth about remarriage after a divorce.

  • Amir Mardonado
    Amir Mardonado 24 days ago


  • Vee C
    Vee C 29 days ago

    Every family has a stupid one in, and the Royal family has this ginger head. What a looser. You option is be a man and stand up to this trash Meghan. Follow your family and no Obama. Who carry a baby like that?

  • CO VID 19
    CO VID 19 Month ago

    Forget harry. Vote for a new prince: Jude Law

  • Prrrfect Minouchat
    Prrrfect Minouchat Month ago

    Canada does not need any more Satanists which he
    has shown himself to be.You can move anywhere in
    the world.Canada has enough problems with an
    immature,criminally charged Pm,who is a few bricks
    short of a load.Do we really need to add more
    Satanists to the mix.

  • Judith Meyer
    Judith Meyer Month ago


  • vanessa torres
    vanessa torres Month ago

    let meghan pay for their life in Canada because she is the one who wants to be in Canada

  • lmotaku
    lmotaku Month ago

    In before Harry runs for prime minister and reunites Britain and Canada.

  • Sheila Daniels
    Sheila Daniels Month ago +1

    They claim to want to have private lives, but dinner with JLo and hanging with other famous people doesn't seem very private.

  • Lori
    Lori Month ago +1

    How did the media figure out that Meghan was taking a walk in the park? I can guess. And she wants privacy? Harry wants it, but MM? Me thinks not.

  • dbsill cockney
    dbsill cockney Month ago

    Good on Harry! Any man with a back bone and love for his wife would do this! The way the British media have treated Meghan is disgusting! The Royal family should pay for H&M's security!

  • Veronica Logotheti
    Veronica Logotheti Month ago

    Where ever you go i will find you

  • Marion Pauty
    Marion Pauty Month ago +1

    It looks like the baby is going to fall off, how come she can't even carry properly her baby, everywomen do !!!!

  • Louise Miner
    Louise Miner Month ago

    People need to know about N.E.S.A.R.A Law on the table two. @t

  • lizzy way
    lizzy way Month ago

    i remain disgusted by Prince Harry. He turned his back on the UK.

  • Mian Manzoor Saddiqi

    I love you my little Great Prince Archi

  • Andre Newcomb
    Andre Newcomb Month ago

    There's a high rise on that side of Buckingham? Won't need to worry too much about privacy in Vancouver. Rains a lot there. A lot.

    • Andre Newcomb
      Andre Newcomb Month ago

      Might be Meghan who's in trouble. Not much to do when it's raining.

  • lili ks
    lili ks Month ago +2

    the kid was safer in england lol . now he will grow up among hollywood parasites .

    • Noo Noo
      Noo Noo Month ago

      And Canadians will pay theirs security lol

  • SWAN 3
    SWAN 3 Month ago

    Good for them... the sinister firm controls Royals never a good thing. Likely the firm are who killed Princess Diana in reality. The question is will they be safe? He may know something we don’t understand and decided he and his family don’t want to be a part. Leave these people alone. Isn’t the death of his mother enough.

  • Dianne Brown
    Dianne Brown Month ago

    I applauded this young Family for getting away from the "Pretenders".

  • Winita Carrapiett
    Winita Carrapiett Month ago

    Leave them alone

  • Tatyana Melnikoff
    Tatyana Melnikoff Month ago

    so why'd he have a mental breakdown? that's not happiness. that's a tramp playing that fool for a fool.

  • Lily m
    Lily m Month ago

    Leave THEM BE

  • Lily m
    Lily m Month ago

    Canada will love 👍❤️😍

  • Lily m
    Lily m Month ago

    X best of luck to you all x

  • Subaru STi
    Subaru STi 2 months ago

    King Harry is taking over。
    All Canada, surrender ....bow to your new king 👑.

  • Rita Alicquino
    Rita Alicquino 2 months ago

    Karma cones back to meghan bad one.

  • Hello Lisa
    Hello Lisa 2 months ago +1


    CVTMR 2 months ago +1

    Megan never followed dress code anyway. Harry was stumbling through his speech which is unusual I think Megan wrote it?

  • Kerri Grandmaison
    Kerri Grandmaison 2 months ago

    Canada is much more subdued. Canadians give celebrities there space

  • jess Han
    jess Han 2 months ago

    Why is this news? This is nothing but a distraction from the royal family so that we forget about the pedophile prince andrew...

  • Robert Robinson
    Robert Robinson 2 months ago

    Princess Harriet has the big sloppy riding her face. Smells like the shithouse door on a tuna boat.

  • Arsie Espino
    Arsie Espino 2 months ago

    Being a Royal is his Birth Right. Prince Hurry marrie someone control him, That his choice but their is a price. Its a matter of Respect & submit to Authority. Anyone wants his Position to save people & his Country. Whatever happene past is past. You have a responsibility. I pray that Prince Hurry will realize that. Prince William an Kate support each other not only in their Marriage but support their Country.

  • Dennis Hu
    Dennis Hu 2 months ago

    harry u lucky i know u from meghan and i know her from suits

  • Rock the Casbah 21
    Rock the Casbah 21 2 months ago

    Publicity is MM's oxygen. She'll be bored if living 'remotely' and 'privately'. My view is that she thought she would be able to cherry-pick the coverage in Canada (and get paid). He'll be back; Canada can keep her.

  • Lisa Cheung
    Lisa Cheung 2 months ago +1


  • Debbie Cooper
    Debbie Cooper 2 months ago

    Hang him an serpent rider Obama

  • Debbie Cooper
    Debbie Cooper 2 months ago

    Lost Tribes will always hate you all no matter what .murderers an lier Esau wicca royals

  • Debbie Cooper
    Debbie Cooper 2 months ago

    Baby growed like giant .

    NICKI BEST 2 months ago +2


    NICKI BEST 2 months ago +1


  • Sophia W
    Sophia W 2 months ago

    If MM like privacy, why did she choose Hanry to date and marry to?? She should have just choose a regular guy. She made the mistake at the first step as an woman in her late thirties. Why does she care about privacy so much now, instead before she got married? Everything just doesn't make any sense to me.

  • housing services
    housing services 2 months ago

    Real love is loving HRH Harry. Who cares about his royal family and Queen Elizabeth. No words for Meghan deceiving, frauding Queen Elizabeth. By separating after marriage Harry and his son from the Queen. That hurts the Queen beyond anything. The Queen doesnt deserve this severe heartbreaking hurting for years. By goldigging trash as Meghan. Who never would get Harry if he was marginal crap as she wants to be herself. Thats her problem with the media. Everybody knows. That she is so wrong.
    Royal traditions and rules excluding goldiggers, marginal trash remarrying, multiple separated. Protects royals in general for severe heart breaking drama's and destruction.
    Harry should decide and change fast about whats more important to him. Hurting his grandmother and son for the next years beyond anything. Or money. Some people would give everything to talk to beloved family deceased to early.
    Standing up for (family by dna) HRH Queen Elizabeth. By Archduchess Casimir Habsburg. Coming up.

  • Kindah
    Kindah 2 months ago

    Meghan's father was right. He said he knows his daughter and the difference between her real smile and fake smile and can tell she isn't happy. She'd eventually give in.

  • Lucky DeSilva
    Lucky DeSilva 2 months ago

    You guys are Super. Letting go of Titles, material wealth does not bring happiness. You don't need Crazy Security. The Universal will do the Safety. The Universe will keep you guys wrapped up in a gorgeous silky, White saree , which is never and believing yourselves, and Own it my young ones. I love you guys. Beautiful little stars shining in the sky. Your mum is by the side of you always Harry.

  • Rebecca Glidden
    Rebecca Glidden 2 months ago

    meg you ruined him, this is sad voice over work...lmao

  • 8Cloud9
    8Cloud9 2 months ago

    I dont think so, they stick to their decisions you bet! Why return to toxic environment when they could have leverage and more peaceful existence. As a fan my family support them with titles or not, they are good people! We are a big fan!

  • 8Cloud9
    8Cloud9 2 months ago

    Good for them! Leave that toxic environment!

  • james mcbride
    james mcbride 2 months ago

    Nice to see this in news i have been sick of brexit and prince andrews honeytrapped hoing.

  • Beth McHugh
    Beth McHugh 2 months ago

    How will they earn a living????are you serious???? Harry's worth 40 million and Megan is worth 5 million
    Please stop with the fake MSM comments already

  • Drawing Divas
    Drawing Divas 2 months ago +2

    When he wants to disappear for a week to do man stuff...Will she let him if its a free choice idea

  • Dabby Doodle
    Dabby Doodle 2 months ago

    In your photo Harry DID NOT LOOK HAPPY...his LARGE frown was OBVIOUS....

  • Johann Goethe
    Johann Goethe 2 months ago

    I think Harry and Meghan are absolutely right: if the sleazebags of the tabloids refuse to treat the royal couple with respect, Harry and Meghan have the right to go abroad. I think Harry is a very sympathetic young man, who really wants to contribute something to the UK, together with Meghan. Of course...Harry has seen what the paparazzi have done with his mother...I can't blame him for hating the paparazzi...he wants to avoid that the same is going to happen to Meghan and I think his fear is justified! The problem is quite simple: a large part of the British people is buying these tabloids and there are psychopathic sleazebags who make these tabloids..their goal is simple: make as much money as possible. The solution is very simple: stop buying these tabloids..then the psychopaths won't have an income and they will stop making these tabloids..The thing is: how do you mobilize the British people in order to stop buying these tabloids?

  • Holly Couturier
    Holly Couturier 2 months ago

    I support them 🇨🇦. !! Just don’t take our tax dollars for security ! ✌️. That’s all

    BLANCA ESTELLA GARCIA 2 months ago

    Meghan has bad news behind her so black making the royals.How? No one is racist its Meghan not brought up and a generation that feels they are entitled burning people who love her. Guilt trips. Media is doing there job and it sells. Lay low and learn how to conduct oneself. A secret is local news.

  • almaz teklehaimanot
    almaz teklehaimanot 2 months ago

    Mr Harry u r not a prince And miss Megan sorry President Trump will be re-elected 2020 !!!

  • Charan Yadav
    Charan Yadav 2 months ago

    Hi from India WhatsApp

  • notafan not
    notafan not 2 months ago +2

    Stop calling him Prince he is only the worlds biggest fool

  • Liza Bay
    Liza Bay 2 months ago

    weak man with greedy wife! Shame

  • Elmira Dementieva
    Elmira Dementieva 2 months ago +1


  • Lynoue Parangon
    Lynoue Parangon 2 months ago

    can they go back to be working royals

  • sarah prasad
    sarah prasad 2 months ago

    Well he's living in an $18 million dollar mansion. Life seems good for Harry and Meghan. And William and Kate were happy hosting their African economic summit. The Queen was all smiles back at church. I'd say this royal family is doing just fine despite the news media making us believe otherwise. I fell in that trap...but now I feel like all these people deserve some peace.

  • redmichiko
    redmichiko 2 months ago


  • redmichiko
    redmichiko 2 months ago

  • poprox seatone
    poprox seatone 2 months ago +2

    Let them get on with there life but harry must remember where he came from I dont like her and i do think it will all end in tears the one person i feel sorry for is the queen

  • Kevin Johnson
    Kevin Johnson 2 months ago

    It must have been so hard for her to be waited on 24/7 . Living in a palace and spending millions of taxpayers dollars to make it look like her own, right down to a yoga studio. Being fed the food of her fancy . Given a royal title . Being showered with her hearts desire. These were paltry rewards for Meghan's Herculean efforts .... It was a lie that she couldn't take it anymore. Well , sort of..... She wants to be a celebrity. Not tied down with meaningless public service appointments and duties.
    it does seem that behind the scenes the queen , as graceful as can be , and herself someone who drove a truck during ww2, put the smackdown on them. They have to pay back the millions she used to gut the palace , he was stripped of his beloved royal marine title . But all done gracefully . The wide spread chaos and destruction she brought in such a short time is unbelievable. Unless you have heavily studied narcissism.

  • shinksy William
    shinksy William 2 months ago

    I don't know if some people are plain dumb or they are pretending to be you expected Meghan to take a walk with the dogs and her son while frowning haven't u noticed she loves smiling if I were her I see paparazzi I would even laugh because no matter what you do not everyone is going to love you ....I'm glad for the decision they made as long as they are happy

  • Jodie Woodrow
    Jodie Woodrow 2 months ago

    I grew up watching Princess Diana being hounded by paparazzi. The media crucified her and they are now treating Meghan exactly the same way. Given the way Diana died, I don't blame them at all for their decision.

  • R S
    R S 2 months ago

    Freedom to Julian Assange.25 janvier journée de soutien à julian assange devant la prison de bel marsh

  • RNtexgal
    RNtexgal 2 months ago

    Good for them. They're setting a president for lesser royals on being happy and finding their own niche

  • StayAway
    StayAway 2 months ago +3

    When he first got off the plane in Canada, he had a big smile on his face. Hes free. God bless his beautiful, little family.

  • colleen t
    colleen t 2 months ago

    This is a sad day when anyone gives a flying fig what these two people are doing. They are privileged people complaining about their life. Things are tough all over baby

  • Fummy
    Fummy 2 months ago +1

    They have lost their "HRH" since then.

  • Josephine Middleton
    Josephine Middleton 2 months ago

    She got the prince, the wedding, the baby and the title and then decided she wasnt quite up to the job!! Truly, she was old enough to know the score when she was accepted into the Royal family, and could have given it a bit longer.....looks like she couldn't get out quick enough. If they really want normality then they are going about it the wrong way. I think Harry will live to regret letting her have her own way. Shes a celeb.

  • Simone Johnson
    Simone Johnson 2 months ago