What do Daenerys' Undying visions mean?

  • Published on Aug 27, 2016
  • Daenerys has some crazy visions in the House of the Undying. What do they mean for the future and past of Game of Thrones? What are the three fires, mounts and treasons? What was Rhaegar up to with Elia, Aegon and Lyanna?
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    This video contains spoilers for Season 6 of Game of Thrones, and Books 1-5 of ASOIAF.
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  • Resizt
    Resizt 7 hours ago

    17:10 its crazy how we knows what happen and it looks so weird.

  • Yvonne Burns
    Yvonne Burns 7 hours ago

    If there is a consideration of a redo , they can start with Dany still in the house of the undying and everything that happens there her visions just that ambiguous at that and how she shapes all her decisions could be based on that alone, did xxx and result was yyy so won't be doing that

  • tech psyche
    tech psyche 8 hours ago


  • Crispin Cardoz
    Crispin Cardoz 13 hours ago

    The treason for love is exactly what you predicted

  • Robin Schaeffer
    Robin Schaeffer 20 hours ago

    3:54 - 3:58 is giving me scooby doo vibes “and he would have gotten away with it too if it weren’t for those meddling kids / weren’t for that meddling kid”

  • WastedLife
    WastedLife Day ago +3

    I know why you're all here now.

  • Lina Maria Florez Ramirez

    Well, know that it ended, you weren't wrong in most of it... Good job.

  • Ahmed اAlkhawaldeh

    8:40 good prediction

  • Pusy Magnet
    Pusy Magnet Day ago +1

    Who is here after 8x06?

  • rnaddie
    rnaddie Day ago +1

    So perhaps the Azor Ahai wasn’t forgotten after all....it could have been Jon, he did stab Dany to “fight the darkness” and ultimately saved the world from fire and death, even if he didn’t end up ruling it

  • BrandTheGuy
    BrandTheGuy Day ago +1

    Here after the horrendous ending

  • Brock Chanel
    Brock Chanel Day ago

    Im just here after the S8 Finale.

  • Lenin Arul
    Lenin Arul Day ago

    It all makes sense 😮

  • Zhengrong Yu
    Zhengrong Yu Day ago

    The quote "He slew his wife to fight the dark" now has been officially confimed in S8E06. Jon Snow stabbed Dany in the end to end the probable 'dark days' Dany was to bring to Westeros.

  • Rhiannon Hope
    Rhiannon Hope Day ago +2

    "Maybe Jon will have to stab Dany in the heart".... This is all very vague

    Nope that's exactly what happened

  • Kaala Aekanroe
    Kaala Aekanroe Day ago

    Well now we know what they meant.

    • Shannon Thompson
      Shannon Thompson Day ago

      Kaala Aekanroe Do we? Not all until the books, as most were book only. We have no explanation for many things with the show.

  • May W
    May W 2 days ago

    17:09 spot on predictions! Fun to watch these predictions now that the whole series is over.

  • young dagger dick
    young dagger dick 2 days ago +6

    8:40 This man predicted the ending of the show 3 years earlier.

  • Canadian Permit Immigration Ltd.

    Anyone here after S8E8.....?

  • Legends Zman
    Legends Zman 2 days ago

    Three treasons (one for love jon snow)

  • Xhei Xhevairi
    Xhei Xhevairi 2 days ago +1

    17:10 If you know, you know...

  • Abbie Thorpe
    Abbie Thorpe 2 days ago +1

    Watching this after the last episode had me shook

  • roach
    roach 2 days ago

    People are confused after season 8 b/c they are still trying to make sense of the prophesies. They fulfilled the shitty prophesies they had in the show, which were entirely different than in the books. You can't try to make sense of the book's prophesies by way of the show, and if you try, you will be frustrated. Thus say I.

  • pari aflak
    pari aflak 2 days ago +1

    Daenerys never reached the throne in the end !

  • Syd
    Syd 2 days ago +37

    Anyone else watching this after the finale??

  • Luke Horwell
    Luke Horwell 2 days ago

    Who's this Danny dude?

  • Eck22
    Eck22 2 days ago +1

    If all this is true, at least Dany ends up back with Drogo and her human baby (maybe even with the other 2 dragons that died) together in the after life 🤞🏼. Drogo was a waaayyy better match for her than John Snow anyways, Drogo would have followed her to the end of the world.

  • Turbomanni
    Turbomanni 2 days ago +2

    Once for blood.. Tyrion releases Jamie 👀👀😭🙏

  • E-KEL V
    E-KEL V 2 days ago +1

    A treason for love

  • kaylynberryyy
    kaylynberryyy 2 days ago

    Prophecy fulfilled

  • Valery Lytvak
    Valery Lytvak 3 days ago +3

    ok. 12:57 just screams to me about E05xS08

  • pablo fernandez
    pablo fernandez 3 days ago

    Lol you nailed it

  • Danijel Leijnad
    Danijel Leijnad 4 days ago

    correction red door is not bravos its dorn, lemons only grow in dorn :D

  • Mike Minor
    Mike Minor 4 days ago +3

    Watching this now at the end of season 8, some things that we have seen make more sense and others just create more questions. Need a follow up of this...

  • Jayne Rice
    Jayne Rice 4 days ago

    maybe the “false” prophecy’s are actually told to ensure certain character’s drives, are to make it not come true. therefore setting up the path for the end plot.

  • Celis A Cruz Nuñez
    Celis A Cruz Nuñez 5 days ago

    Treassons, one for Blood, Viserys, For Gold Ilirio or Jorah, and for love, Jon

  • Celis A Cruz Nuñez
    Celis A Cruz Nuñez 5 days ago

    the three fires One to Life are the dragons, one to dead Mizri maz duur or the warlock in the house of the undying, , to Love Drogo or Jorah

  • Baby G
    Baby G 5 days ago

    Jon: come on baby light my fire 😘
    Dany: smiles squint eyes 😁

  • Larry Pilgrim
    Larry Pilgrim 5 days ago

    Greyworm kills John, arya kills greyworm, the stone dragon rises and kills drogon and denarias. Tyrion is found guilty of conspiring to kill denarius and bran tells the truth of it that he was trying to gain the throne. A council is formed, no one sits on the throne and kingdoms are left to rule themselves starting the cycle of bondage to freedom and back to bondage. Just a theory.

  • neda moraghebati
    neda moraghebati 6 days ago +2

    Wow!! I mean wow! You were right , in 3 days the last episode of season 8 will air and we have no clue , but everything sounds about right. The red keep has fallen and destroyed and its snowing😍

  • Claire
    Claire 6 days ago +2

    Well.. now we know why the throne room looks like that

  • elevated100
    elevated100 6 days ago +1

    The snow is a symbol for Jon Snow being the rightful king. This has all been set up beautiful yet the writing is dumb. Ok.

    • jean-louis pech
      jean-louis pech 2 days ago

      It is a vision of the future.
      It is ashes of the city.

    • GQ Chris
      GQ Chris 2 days ago +1

      It’s ashes

  • Dandy Schmidt
    Dandy Schmidt 6 days ago +3

    Now we know most of the prophesies meanings! I think, the 3 fires were the dragons (one for love: the dragon she used to save John...)! Great job!

  • Dawn Christensen
    Dawn Christensen 6 days ago +1

    Well done, And Thank you.

  • Natalia Rasquin León

    Love watching this today.

  • Luke Mitchell
    Luke Mitchell 6 days ago

    is it just me who hopes the ending is bronn killing Dany at tyrions request because John can't bring himself to do so

  • Lily flower
    Lily flower 7 days ago +1

    Looks like they chased your prophecies (great analysis & predictions) and then madness ensued (well the Internet definitely has lost it over D&D!)

  • Chrissy O
    Chrissy O 7 days ago

    Wasn’t Aegon the old man that talks to Jon from the Nights Watch? He tells him he is a Targaryen right?

    • Dawn Christensen
      Dawn Christensen 6 days ago

      Dany's Uncle?
      He described to Jon about the children that the mountain killed along with their mom Elia, but he was already old and at the Wall with the Night Watch.?

  • Holy Father
    Holy Father 7 days ago

    HAHAHA poor romantic blue scent in the wall was actually really bad for business eventually

  • Siena Moreno
    Siena Moreno 7 days ago +2

    oh thank god this vision wasnt in the books. Thank god we will not have that bullshit ending

    • Matúš Mahút
      Matúš Mahút 3 days ago

      This is also book ending bro. Only details will be different.

  • Nehan Khan
    Nehan Khan 7 days ago +2

    Man the writers were literally given entire books and they managed to mess up after season 4. I can appreciate their hard work and all but really there was so much more they could've done and included. Having half the seasons based on the books and half on their own work left the show with so many plot holes.

  • murilo ninj
    murilo ninj 7 days ago

    What do they mean. According to Dumb & Dumber: Not a goddamn thing!

  • Patrick Kendall
    Patrick Kendall 7 days ago

    please update this

  • Ikke Kreativ
    Ikke Kreativ 7 days ago +1

    Danys first vision shows that she burned down kings landing. It rained ashes and she didnt touch the throne because she probably will die in the end.

    • Ikke Kreativ
      Ikke Kreativ 2 days ago

      I was right.. but it was so predictable . Lol?

  • Sonya B.
    Sonya B. 7 days ago +5

    you predicted GoT...good job. :(

  • Wat Wat
    Wat Wat 7 days ago

    Danny was betrayed in Qarth, by the girl who taught her how to have proper sex with Drogo. She betrayed Danny for gold, so could be that one.
    She was one of Dannys first and only friends in the beginning.

  • Dr. Tamara Worley
    Dr. Tamara Worley 7 days ago

    Death 2 D&D, may they never distroy another saga of 8 years and cenamatic masterpiece again. They should be put down like a mad dog, for we are not crazy. We know these are NOT OUR CHARACTERS! I WAITED WITH THE FAM FOR 2 YEARS FOR SHIT THAT WAS DISRESPECTFULLY THROWN AT MY FEET! They need to pay with their careers and never BE ALLOWED TO COMMIT THIS HANIS WRITING AGAIN! Dr. Tamara worley

  • Kaylin’sLife
    Kaylin’sLife 7 days ago

    AFTER S8E6:
    Light a fire for life:
    The pire that gives life to her dragons.
    Light a fire for for death:
    The fire she lights on the pire after the battle of winter fell?
    Light a fire for love:
    The fire that burns Kings landing, she does this after losing Jorah and Misandi, and misandi’s last word was “dracarus”.
    Ride a mount to bed:
    I think these are phases of her life, with that being said, I think this one is maybe the horse mentioned, and Khal Drogo.
    Ride a mount to dread:
    Her mounting her dragons, and the destruction that this later causes.
    Ride a mount to love:
    Maybe the trek she takes to Westeros for Jon Snow to fight his war at winter fell.
    A treason for blood:
    I think this may be the witch mentioned, wanting revenge for those killed by the Dothraki.
    A treason for gold:
    Maybe this is when she was almost poisoned by a merchant a while back... I’m assuming Robert Baratheon paid them some Ching. Could be Jorah too, but I don’t know.

    A treason for love
    I think this will be Jon Snow killing her. He still loves her, but what can you do when your girlfriend kills off most of a city??

  • Cristián Paris
    Cristián Paris 7 days ago

    They mean: Fuck D&D

  • HorseGirlb
    HorseGirlb 7 days ago +1

    What about the whore who taught Dany to please Drogo, then became her best friend obsessed with her dragons? She betrayed Dany for gold, got locked in an empty safe for it...

  • Govind Gopikrishnan
    Govind Gopikrishnan 8 days ago

    After s8 ep 4 many ideas did come true

  • Noor Ali Gilani
    Noor Ali Gilani 8 days ago

    Request for redo of this after S8 E5

  • erinc
    erinc 8 days ago +5

    it's only a week left to the final episode and i still can't fully predict what will happen. but you had seen that all coming from 3 years ago. respect.

  • Jessica Kelly
    Jessica Kelly 8 days ago +6

    It’s crazy cause now that it’s on the final season, the prophecies make more sense

  • Celis A Cruz Nuñez
    Celis A Cruz Nuñez 8 days ago +2

    Mount to BED, DRogo, To Dread, Daario, To love Jon

  • Meow Holly Meow
    Meow Holly Meow 8 days ago +4

    Anyone rewatching after S8 E5?

  • Mrs. Theodore Finch
    Mrs. Theodore Finch 8 days ago +10

    Okay after S08E05 this video seems scarily accurate

  • Masa Masa
    Masa Masa 8 days ago +1

    She should have seen this as a warning she was on the path of going mad

  • Ashley A.
    Ashley A. 8 days ago +16

    I feel like this needs an updated version in comparison with what has happened since this was posted lol

    NHMO OYTIS 8 days ago

    Dany is Rhaegar's daughter not Aerys's!

  • owen brown
    owen brown 8 days ago +2

    So the treason where. one for blood: varys with truth of jons blood line. One for Gold: tyrion setting Jamie free to see ceresi. One for love: what Jon will have to do next.

    • Mario D. Zmaj
      Mario D. Zmaj 7 days ago

      tyrion set for life with all that gold he got from jamie!

  • tjhatjha
    tjhatjha 8 days ago +5

    anyone here after S8E05?

  • sunshinethor420
    sunshinethor420 8 days ago +1

    Ring the bells

  • Thomas Millin
    Thomas Millin 8 days ago +2

    it wasn’t snow upon the iron throne
    It was ASH


    • Smiley Face
      Smiley Face 8 days ago

      no it was snow in her dream and it does referr to stark's (snow), one of the stark's is going to rule the 7 kingdoms which could be 100% Bran

  • king kill 33
    king kill 33 8 days ago +1

    well, nothing

  • Maxien Fisher
    Maxien Fisher 8 days ago +1

    This is awesome! A lot of these predictions have come true, even the ones you predicted before the show aired...

  • Elite Scout
    Elite Scout 8 days ago

    give up on this shit!!! it wont happen in the show!!! they just want to move onto star wars

  • Rawan abdulla
    Rawan abdulla 8 days ago +3

    Anyone here after S08E05?

  • Laura Shipley
    Laura Shipley 8 days ago

    The gold treason is the molten gold that was pored over her brother

  • subscribe to pewdiepie
    subscribe to pewdiepie 8 days ago +2

    S8E5? Game Of Thrones is doomed, y'all can stop now lol

  • Check the Circuit
    Check the Circuit 8 days ago

    Well, who’s here after last night’s ride of the mad queen? Goddamn catastrophe.

  • Kate Rehahn
    Kate Rehahn 8 days ago

    Betrayal for love - Varys betrays her for his love of the people
    Betrayal for gold - Tyrion betrays Dany for his Brother/sister. Lannisters gold hair.
    Betrayal for blood. Jon betrays Dany for love of his stark siblings/cousins.

  • Never Know
    Never Know 8 days ago +2

    Please do a update with the knowledge you have now

  • Never Know
    Never Know 8 days ago

    Slayer of Lies .. Varyss last night.....

  • xavi_shadow
    xavi_shadow 9 days ago

    having seen the preview for s8 e6 and e5 itself we know the meaning of the snowy throne now, in e5 kings landing is burned to the ground by dany and drogon and the red keep is severely damaged, in the preview of e6 we see snow on kings landing. the vision itself is a ceilingless throne room full of snow

  • Double V
    Double V 9 days ago +6

    Is anyone here after season 8 ep 5?

  • murigi carolyn
    murigi carolyn 9 days ago

    Hahahah seems every dream was True, here after S08ep5,,

  • pplr1
    pplr1 9 days ago +1

    After looking at what happened with season 8 episode 5 I have to say the one defensible argument I see for what is otherwise bad writing being inflicted on Dany and Kings Landing is that when she sees the throne room it looks like falling snow but is really ash. That said in this storyline a foreshadowing doesn't always work out.
    I'll argue what Dany and Drogon did in Kings Landing was bad writing because it was so out of character for Dany based not just on what she said (saying she will not be her father) but out of step with her actual actions (in case there is someone who says one thing and does another).
    Look to the episode when Dany gets the unsullied. She targets the masters but tells the unsullied to spare people categorized as innocents. Moreover she wastes time she could have spent hunting Cersei to burn innocent city folk that had nothing to do with the murder of her best friend.

    • pplr1
      pplr1 9 days ago

      +Miguel Guerrero
      Doesn't 100% disprove the idea of ashes but thank you for that additional point. Then that really does help remove excuses for a lackluster plot and unreasonable change in story arc.

    • Miguel Guerrero
      Miguel Guerrero 9 days ago +1

      If you look closely there's ice spikes...

  • JoeGr
    JoeGr 9 days ago

    This video makes so much sense now after the new episode

  • Pranjal Kelkar
    Pranjal Kelkar 9 days ago +2

    At this point after watching the video i m pretty sure dannys death awaits her in the hand of John Or arya. 1) The 3 heads of zor ahai might be Jon , Arya and tyrion. 2) John will kill his wife to become the ruler of fire and that will be dannys treason for love ..3) I still dont know what that silver horse n arya riding it meant?

  • Jungle Fire
    Jungle Fire 9 days ago

    its so funny how these videos made sense and now they were destroyed by the worst writing ive seen

  • Fire Truck
    Fire Truck 9 days ago +162

    PLEASE REDO THIS VIDEO NOW THAT WE'VE SEEN S08E05. I've been thinking about this video a lot after what happened...!!

    • Amour
      Amour 7 days ago +3

      he knows about s5 from her vision smart man

  • natebardwell
    natebardwell 9 days ago +11

    You nailed some of these predictions man, well done

  • Oguzhan Kaygisiz
    Oguzhan Kaygisiz 9 days ago

    This means dany is going to die next episode :((((

  • Mazto Guinard
    Mazto Guinard 9 days ago

    looks like it was always ashes instead of snow inside the hall of the iron throne during dany vision lol

  • Рои Ошд
    Рои Ошд 9 days ago +9

    The treason for love is the people of westerns betraying Dany because of love to John Snow.

  • Rumali Rusch
    Rumali Rusch 9 days ago

    A treason for gold is the treason in Quarth when her best friend (the girl) sleeps with that rich guy who wanted to marry Dany. Then she locked them both up in his vault (which ended up not containing the millions he had promised) to die.

  • Uriel Alberto Velez Batista

    Waiting for your 5 chapter analysis! Excellent!

  • Irrukandji
    Irrukandji 9 days ago

    I think she may have lit the fire

  • Tom Lui
    Tom Lui 9 days ago +2

    Light a fire for life: Her Dragons
    Light a fire for death: Her attack on the night king and Viserion becoming a wight
    Light a fire to love: Her love for Missandei and the resentment she had towards the queen forced her to burn them all
    Ride a mount to bed : Dario Naharis
    Ride a mount to dread: Khal Drogo
    Ride a mount to love: Jon Snow
    Treason for blood: Crazy witch lady kills Dany's baby
    Treason for gold: This one is a bit difficult to figure out but I think it's Jamie Lannister (gold being the gold company)
    Treason for love: This could be Jon Snow again but it could also be Varys who betrays Dany because of his love for the realm
    Conclusion, I feel bad for Dany....