Sooubway 4: The Final Sandwich

  • Published on Oct 19, 2019
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    Song used: Eneide - In The Chains Of Sorrow (Epidemic sounds)
  • ComedyComedy

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  • TheOdd1sOut
    TheOdd1sOut  22 hours ago +49628

    Our hearts may be broken, but at least we have something to cover those hearts, a sale on Sooubway merch:

  • soggy oreo
    soggy oreo 6 minutes ago

    James: sooubway
    Captions: su abuela

  • Imagine Peace
    Imagine Peace 6 minutes ago

    did that fucker really just bury a good sandwich?

  • h Martin
    h Martin 6 minutes ago

    So, ARE you a furry?
    I'm not quite sure.

  • Gacha Fire
    Gacha Fire 6 minutes ago

    Всем привет! Как дела!? Пиши в коментах!

  • Mylkshake
    Mylkshake 6 minutes ago

    To the 0.01% of the people who see this...

    You’re worth it. You’re good enough. Don’t let people trick you into thinking otherwise.

    Be yourself. Be you. Don’t feel pressured to act like everyone else so they accept you. If they can’t already accept you for who you really are, then you don’t deserve them as a friend. Remember- your mind is like a ship. No matter how vast the sea is, it can’t bring the ship down until the water gets inside it. Likewise, negativity doesn’t stand a chance against you until you let it get to your heart. Don’t let that happen; no matter how impossible it seems, no matter how hard or tough life is right now, there are people out there who care for you. *I* care for you. There will be times where everything will get better, just like how rainbows appear after storms. I promise you.

    *You* have control over your life, not them. If we were made to be just like everyone else, we would’ve been made that way. But we weren’t. “No one ever made a difference by being like everyone else.” - P.T. Barnum.

    Stay strong, everyone. Have a wonderful day

  • boss ticks
    boss ticks 6 minutes ago

    hi jamess

  • SwordStab_Gamez _
    SwordStab_Gamez _ 7 minutes ago

    NOSTALGIA 2000!

  • Drake Matthews
    Drake Matthews 7 minutes ago

    Oh my God he orders the exact same sandwich as me

  • FUGGle
    FUGGle 7 minutes ago

    Comedian subverts expectations. Such good comedy

  • ṬheỌdd1sỌuṭ Giveaway
    ṬheỌdd1sỌuṭ Giveaway 7 minutes ago +213


  • The Gaming Weeb
    The Gaming Weeb 7 minutes ago

    RIP Sooubway, you will forever hold a place in my heart (Nice video James I love Sooubways they are my favorite fast food) give me a blue hand if you agree.

  • Jeff Rogers12
    Jeff Rogers12 7 minutes ago

    May the ham and American cheese footlong Rest In Peace

  • StarryDig64 yt
    StarryDig64 yt 7 minutes ago

    Comment if you like sooubway

  • F4LLEN Godz2291
    F4LLEN Godz2291 7 minutes ago

    Hey guys im now 100 oh he finally posted

  • Epicninja
    Epicninja 7 minutes ago +1

    Congrats on trending

  • VoidCaster
    VoidCaster 7 minutes ago

    Legend says if you dig up the burial of the sandwich it's gone and sandwiching among us

  • Fallen Angel
    Fallen Angel 7 minutes ago

    Hey guys

  • Linda Kruse
    Linda Kruse 7 minutes ago +1

    Since he forgot this, where your seatbelt

  • Kaylee Dalla Gassa
    Kaylee Dalla Gassa 7 minutes ago

    Ummmm ESA’s aren’t service animals

  • • Casually Sabrina •
    • Casually Sabrina • 7 minutes ago

    *Sooubway Gang*
    *Sooubway Gang*
    *Sooubway Gang*

  • Zachary Plunkett
    Zachary Plunkett 7 minutes ago

    Oh btw James, if anyone asks for proof that floof is a service animal you don't have to show them, even police can't ask, so take floof into that sooubway and get yo self a sandwich

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    ṬheỌdd1sỌuṭ Giveaway 7 minutes ago +197


  • Heart - eyes - Howell uwu

    Imagine walking around and seeing a guy burry his sandwich

  • The Joey and Sal Variety Show

    Your number one on trending

  • Galaxy Animations
    Galaxy Animations 8 minutes ago

    Didn’t you say in another video that there’s already a part 4?

  • CRBN Betrayal
    CRBN Betrayal 8 minutes ago

    Number 1 on trending! 🤯🤯

  • Alysia Horen
    Alysia Horen 8 minutes ago


  • Gael Loria
    Gael Loria 8 minutes ago

    Sooubway 5 oh yea

  • zoe thomas
    zoe thomas 8 minutes ago

    R.I.P soob-soob-soob-soobway that was me when I tried to say it

  • Tygo
    Tygo 8 minutes ago


  • Yannic Miranda
    Yannic Miranda 8 minutes ago

    Did he end up eating the sandwich

  • Martha Conner
    Martha Conner 8 minutes ago

    You made a 4 this needs to be 5

  • Plushie Pro
    Plushie Pro 8 minutes ago


  • Carson Ellinger
    Carson Ellinger 8 minutes ago

    Omg he is already at almost 13 mil I’ve been here since 10,000 subs

  • Adam
    Adam 8 minutes ago

    A sooubway owned by the same person of another sooubway that I worked at closed near me not that long ago 🤔 is that where he worked?

  • Egg with 50.000 Subscribers chalenge

    Everyone: He’s not gonna make a Soooubway part 4, that’s not original
    Boy were they wrong

  • living and hating is the game

    any tips for beginners? im starting at christmas

  • Nater
    Nater 9 minutes ago


  • Samantha Duck
    Samantha Duck 9 minutes ago

    The FInAL SAnDWhitCh oH NOes

  • Gacha Mortal
    Gacha Mortal 9 minutes ago

    This made me remember when I was a kid and me and my friends would make graves for dead worms and stuff in the back yard

  • Aimyet Rockfeller street
    Aimyet Rockfeller street 9 minutes ago

    The sooubway near me is Still open and not even closed

  • Vertoplus GM
    Vertoplus GM 9 minutes ago


  • Firelight320
    Firelight320 9 minutes ago

    James: Let's upload a video on Sooubway.
    *Gets #1 on trending*

  • YunoTheDemon
    YunoTheDemon 9 minutes ago +1

    This was posted on my bday

  • Miranda Roger
    Miranda Roger 9 minutes ago

    Im using my data to watch this shit

  • Brooke Fender
    Brooke Fender 9 minutes ago


  • daydream lab
    daydream lab 9 minutes ago

    WAIT IS THIS REAL?????????? A SOOUBWAY PART 4????????

  • Hayley Grue
    Hayley Grue 9 minutes ago +1

    2:37 XD

  • fernando martinez
    fernando martinez 9 minutes ago

    Ok 4chan time to find a samitch

  • Egg with 50.000 Subscribers chalenge

    Everyone: He’s not gonna make a Soooubway part 4, that’s not original
    Boy were they wrong

  • ABushInDisguise
    ABushInDisguise 10 minutes ago

    "Mother, I would be most grateful if I you would let me consume a pastry with high levels of sugar and simple carbohydrates."

  • Terraria Helper
    Terraria Helper 10 minutes ago


  • CezzySassbutts
    CezzySassbutts 10 minutes ago

    Well, I wasn't told to wear my seatbelt so.. I guess I can forward all of my tickets to you, right?

  • Dilan Lalla
    Dilan Lalla 10 minutes ago

    Lol #1 trending

  • I died On minecraft
    I died On minecraft 10 minutes ago

    Dm me on discord for meme

  • Elite da gamer
    Elite da gamer 10 minutes ago

    r.i.p sooubway

  • Miguel Alberto Gonzalez Rodriguez

    the best animations and the best jokes are from TheOdd1sOut

  • 🧹Katie Plays Roblox💛🖤💛🖤