Film Theory: How Game of Thrones SHOULD End! (Game of Thrones Season 8)

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    There are a LOT of theories out there about how the final season of Game of Thrones is going to end. This is the big moment that we've been building to for years! Everyone wants to be the first to guess the right answer... except me. You see, this is not a theory about how Game of Thrones WILL end. No, after looking through all of the episodes, the foreshadowing, the metaphors, the themes, and EVERYTHING else - this is how the battle for the Iron Throne SHOULD end. Are you ready to know the TRUE answer?
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    Writer: Matthew Patrick
    Editors: BanditRants and Alex "Sedge" Sedgwick
    Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
    Sound Editor: Yosi Berman

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  • Tatik Agila
    Tatik Agila Hour ago

    Would have preferred this ending.

  • paul position
    paul position Hour ago

    the whole beginning is really accurate

  • Simon Zimmerman
    Simon Zimmerman 2 hours ago

    Would of been a better ending :) then whatever the **** that was

  • Nicholas Abrams
    Nicholas Abrams 3 hours ago

    The Ottomans (Ottomen?) Solved succession crisises by killing the "unrightful" heirs...

  • Occams Razor
    Occams Razor 3 hours ago

    0:34 Heh. It's not who anyone would've guessed ;)

  • ashley medows
    ashley medows 4 hours ago

    Matpat: "The best thing to happens is for the night king to reset humanity"

    Arya: Hold my starbuks

  • Deviant Ari 2
    Deviant Ari 2 6 hours ago

    I hope nobody was actually dumb enough to consider any of the houses besides the main three contenders for the throne. There's a reason the intro literally has the Crest of the 4 front runner houses that mean the most to the story next to the name of the show. The barathians aren't contenders at this point, but they were one of the most prominent, and set forth a lot of the events of the show in minor, sometimes major ways, while the other three houses are what the main cast consist of

  • Michael Spano
    Michael Spano 6 hours ago

  • Booty Gawblin
    Booty Gawblin 8 hours ago +1

    ......*STARTS CRYING*

  • Rodrigo Bueno
    Rodrigo Bueno 9 hours ago

    THis theory is really low levle quality for your standards matpat,and i`m not saying just because the show went to a complete another direction,but mainly the sheer amount of erros that a simple google search could corrected,and another ones not so obvious but for the smartest channel in youtoube fail to udnerstand that marriage has nothing to do with love in westeros for example...

  • mastersword2001
    mastersword2001 9 hours ago

    So... Bran... Hmm

  • La Chèvre Autiste
    La Chèvre Autiste 9 hours ago +1

    Matpat: I mean, nobody advocates for democracy in Westeros.
    Samwell Tarly: Am I a joke to you?

  • Monacle Monst3r
    Monacle Monst3r 10 hours ago

    It's a shame this wasn't the ending we got...instead we got 9 years of character development trashed and wrapped up way too quickly.

  • Nexition
    Nexition 11 hours ago


    he got 2/3 at 2:02 lol

  • Krabbypal
    Krabbypal 11 hours ago +1

    The biggest threat : The white walkers, although they were defeated in a night

  • daemanic
    daemanic 11 hours ago +1

    WORST LAST 6 EPISODES EVER Fuck the BS that is the shit ass ending of this BS it was SO DISAPPOINTING that the white walkers were nothing

  • Krabbypal
    Krabbypal 11 hours ago +2

    Samwell Tarly : Democracy ?

  • Liiz Le'Strange
    Liiz Le'Strange 11 hours ago

    Well, he KNEW it wouldn't happen, like he said himself, but surely would be a better ending than what we got

  • Tony S
    Tony S 13 hours ago +1

    What an analysis! After watching this video, I also agree that is how the series should have ended

  • loungeblogger
    loungeblogger 13 hours ago +1

    boy were you wrong 😁

  • Lynxie Doodles
    Lynxie Doodles 13 hours ago +2

    This theory wrote it better lol

  • LiveAction Link
    LiveAction Link 14 hours ago

    Doesn't matter who wins or how it ends because "fans" will ruin its memory by whining about how it didn't fulfill 100% of their greedy desires

  • Veselin Stoqnov
    Veselin Stoqnov 14 hours ago +1

    how i wish it actually ended like this...

  • Luna Scythe
    Luna Scythe 15 hours ago

    So, the main thing we learnt from all of this is, dont look at the bookies odds if you dont want spoilers. >.> They probably managed to get it from a leak, though if you look at all the actors interviews before the finale you could have guessed something was up...

  • Izzy
    Izzy 16 hours ago


  • gary durham
    gary durham 16 hours ago +1

    I'm from the future mat and I just have one thing to say: i wish you were right about this SOOOOOOOO much but unfortunately the "writers" said hold ma beer and ruined everything. In the future we use this video as the actual ending for the show so there can be atleast alittle bit of satisfaction after all the angry mobs calm down from the trash we got.

  • DefenderofHyrule
    DefenderofHyrule 16 hours ago +1

    "A Lannister always pays his debts" is a common saying but isn't the house slogan. It's "hear me roar"

  • cgmaister
    cgmaister 17 hours ago

    This is shock full of inaccuracies. Bran didn't learn about de Origin of the White Walkers until Season 6, not the finale of Season 4. Also the Lannisters didn't poison Jon Arryn, it was Littlefinger and Lysa Arryn, as stated by themselves on Season 4. Mat Pat do your research well. God.

  • Nicke Johansson
    Nicke Johansson 17 hours ago +1

    Sam was advocating for democracy and they all laughed, poor bloke :(

  • Stephen Brletic
    Stephen Brletic 18 hours ago

    i wish this actually happened

  • Aman Raizada
    Aman Raizada 18 hours ago

    You know what, i thought that when everything was okay then drogon will come and burn everyone to death. But the ending just bored us!!!

  • Rose Park
    Rose Park 18 hours ago +2

    Matpat can you explain why GoT was so rushed...

  • Far Away
    Far Away 18 hours ago +1

    bran won.

  • Tyreeses Arm
    Tyreeses Arm 19 hours ago

    ACTUALLY jon arryn was poisoned by lysa arryn who was told to do it by little finger aka petar baelish

  • QCreyton
    QCreyton 19 hours ago

    “TV friendly ending that leaves people wanting more”
    Instead they gave it a horrific last season that left people wanting it to be redone, properly or to just go away and never be seen again 😂

  • Jush Backer
    Jush Backer 20 hours ago +1

    Nah it was wheel chair nigga

  • H1 NT
    H1 NT 20 hours ago

    You need to make a theory about something GoT now

  • Plasmafuchs
    Plasmafuchs 21 hour ago

    You spent more thought about GoT then the writer to season 8.

  • jcyhc6991
    jcyhc6991 21 hour ago

    I think you can write better than D&D for real

  • Joe M.
    Joe M. 23 hours ago

    * Spoilers * Ned Stark wins G.O.T.

  • Chris Jordan
    Chris Jordan 23 hours ago

    The ending should have been :
    >Jon, Daenerys, Cersei and Night King goes to a diner
    >'dont stop believin' in the background
    >Arya was seen going to to the bathroom in a members only jacket.
    >door bells dings and Night King looks up
    > cut to black

  • kos pa
    kos pa 23 hours ago +1

    Not even Matt could guess Bran the broken! 😂😂

  • Bipsty McBipste
    Bipsty McBipste Day ago

    The Lannisters didn't poison Jon Arryn, it was Lysa

  • The Dank One
    The Dank One Day ago

    Two of your game of thrones Theory’s where proven right in the series finally, not this one, the correct theories are, Danny goes crazy and John snow is a Targaryen.

  • Tuter King
    Tuter King Day ago

    From the start I was like, "I like Bran. He's going to be something." You were all blind there was one huge clear sign he was going to rule over the kingdoms! What you ask? We have the same name so obliviously he was the best character, duh.

  • Metrion77
    Metrion77 Day ago

    The one theory nobody could have foreseen: GOT final season universally failed.

  • Ioan Prodan
    Ioan Prodan Day ago

    Oh boy, do I have news for you MatPat :D

  • turtletowers
    turtletowers Day ago

    "Nobody is really advocating for democracy"

  • Harshi Gupta
    Harshi Gupta Day ago

    Spoiler alert, Bran The Broken wins!! 🤯

  • Alex Montagne
    Alex Montagne Day ago

    8:18 oh shit he called it

  • richard gonzales


  • Josh Stone
    Josh Stone Day ago

    Well... That didn't happen.

  • FourthDerivative

    Odds Shark: Bran leading at +220
    Fans after the finale: *Are you a wizard*

  • bot killerz
    bot killerz Day ago


  • xpirate16
    xpirate16 Day ago

    9:39 ...Sam did... and i laughed at him getting laughed at :D

  • Drewsyfer
    Drewsyfer Day ago

    Would have preferred that ending. Where the Army of the Dead gets all the way to Kings Landing before Bran goes back in time and kills him self thus preventing the creation to begin with.

  • Oridan1
    Oridan1 Day ago

    man, If only this had been the case

  • S 00
    S 00 Day ago

    wrong again lol

  • ayman tahlil
    ayman tahlil Day ago

    This ending >>>>> the one we got

  • iivan
    iivan Day ago +2

    i honestly would've preferred this ending over the one we got

  • Uhh Riff
    Uhh Riff Day ago


  • Arica Vang
    Arica Vang Day ago

    Yea, I thought the white walkers were gonna kill everyone off

  • Arica Vang
    Arica Vang Day ago

    I wanted Arya with Gendry so bad 😭

  • Kalyn Jones
    Kalyn Jones Day ago +1

    7:36 film theory predicting the ending of episode 5

  • KingdomKing13
    KingdomKing13 Day ago +1

    Well.... at least you nailed Dany going crazy.

  • Daniel Smith
    Daniel Smith Day ago

    I’m from the future and it’s disappointing

  • VinBoiTV
    VinBoiTV Day ago +1

    All hail the iron wheelchair!

  • Eury Dragon
    Eury Dragon Day ago +2

    Oh boy how wrong you were.

    • Awesome Joe
      Awesome Joe Day ago

      Eury Dragon yeah😂😂😂......

  • Press Start To Play

    Better ending than what actually happened, amirite?

  • Neal Card
    Neal Card Day ago

    I like how you just ignore that Lysa was the one to poison her husband


    Yeah night king...hyped up for years just to die like shit

  • Kaya
    Kaya Day ago

    Fuck the last season this shit is the worst fucking shit ever

  • Dwight K. Schrute
    Dwight K. Schrute Day ago +3

    7:43 foreshadowing...

  • Cybermtl666
    Cybermtl666 Day ago +7

    -"Nobody is really advocating for democracy in westeros"
    Samwell Tarly would like a word with you..

  • Terell Chapman
    Terell Chapman Day ago +1

    8:25 but Joffrey was never a Baratheon...had it worked out how it should of, Ned should of held the throne till Gendry was old enough.

  • Iris
    Iris Day ago

    Here I am... After the last episode

  • Michael Butler
    Michael Butler Day ago

    Who should SIT on the Iron Throne my, my you miss understand the king has no throne.

  • JAG- LOX
    JAG- LOX Day ago

    After watching yesterday's last episode, I wished the Night King would had won.

  • BestroChen
    BestroChen Day ago +1

    This is shockingly accurate.

  • Luke Coyle
    Luke Coyle Day ago

    Still better than the real ending...

  • andrea ramirez
    andrea ramirez Day ago +1

    Did you watch season 7. Olenna killed Joffrey and lysa killed John Arryn

  • Disinformation World

    Two lines on the O in Theory.
    Anyone else remember it that way in the GoT logo?
    I do. Possible Mandela Effect here.
    2:09 here it is with three lines.
    3:23 official logo with three lines in O.

  • Towel done
    Towel done Day ago

    So we hoped for the Zombie apocalypse and they gave us Disney

  • eugiboy1
    eugiboy1 Day ago

    Yeah, this didn't pan out at allllll

  • Bogdan Togoe
    Bogdan Togoe Day ago

    wooof , that was bad ,brand the crippeled

  • Jack Khill
    Jack Khill Day ago +1

    I would have loved this theory over what they actually did

  • valitsaki AVG
    valitsaki AVG Day ago

    This should have been the ending ffs

  • MrBeast6000
    MrBeast6000 Day ago +1


  • Arkajyoti Mukherjee

    Would have loved this ending

  • András Papp
    András Papp Day ago +1

    I mean, you know… Sam supported democracy xD

  • András Papp
    András Papp Day ago

    Hehe, bran with those odds, how cute…
    *a few days later*
    Oh shiiiiiit...

  • Hyljys Kyljys
    Hyljys Kyljys Day ago

    MatPat: Nobody deserves to rule Westeros
    Bran: Are you sure about that?

  • steven berthy
    steven berthy Day ago

    bran knew what will happen, thats why he is so calm in the entire season

  • Aaron Frechen
    Aaron Frechen Day ago +1

    Well... It definitely didn't end that way cuz the white walkers went out in one episode like a bunch of bitches

  • Marstirelt
    Marstirelt Day ago

    Well, you were right about the heritage at least

  • Frosterman1
    Frosterman1 Day ago

    Just watched the finale, I think this is a great idea for the ending, but the way it ended I think was perfect

  • clary
    clary Day ago +1

    here just after the last episode.... maybe they should've put matpad in d&d's place

  • joker world
    joker world Day ago

    Bran won

  • Aakash Goswami
    Aakash Goswami Day ago +1

    Bran The Broken

  • 20GRIZZ20
    20GRIZZ20 Day ago +7

    Every single theory that was ever even mused turned out to be better than the actual ending.