Altered Carbon: Season 2 | Cast Announcement [HD] | Netflix

  • Published on Feb 22, 2019
  • New Stacks. New Sleeves. Familiar Faces. Altered Carbon Season 2 is now in production.
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    Altered Carbon: Season 2 | Cast Announcement [HD] | Netflix
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Comments • 2 423

  • Guildnam Style
    Guildnam Style 2 hours ago

    So glad we get poe back

  • lemon ste
    lemon ste 12 hours ago

    I'm surprised that they cast Anthony Mackie as Kovacs, the runners themselves said that based on the source material Tak will always choose an asian sleeve if he has the option. he has infinite money now so I wonder why. either way I'm sure he'll be great, I've only seen him in black mirror playing a fairly timid character but maybe he can put across the violent stillness well. I'll miss Joel though! maybe he can return as ryker sometime, or would that be too meta

  • Honda Housey
    Honda Housey 2 days ago

    Season 1 started off hot, but ended on a low note IMO - but I'm still eager to see how the show will continue into season 2. I'll try to give an open mind with the casting - you never know, the new actors/actresses may surprise you.

    KIDD CRUSADER 3 days ago

    Can’t wait

  • Ali Ahsan Iqbal
    Ali Ahsan Iqbal 4 days ago +1

    Ughhh Mackie NOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Why you do this Netflix? Why you make me love it then take it away..... Cruel Beast! Petition time everyone!

    • CosmicDreamz
      CosmicDreamz 3 days ago

      Delusional online idiot thinking a petition will change anything while they are in a middle of production.

  • Pranav Prem
    Pranav Prem 4 days ago +1

    I think I like the guy who played the role Kovacs and also each and every cast in season 1,but won't be the same as looking to the cast for S2, please make the same cast for s2

    • Pranav Prem
      Pranav Prem 3 days ago

      @CosmicDreamz I think your sound weird.

    • Pranav Prem
      Pranav Prem 3 days ago

      @CosmicDreamz I accept the fact that he changes his sleeve. But just listen to the comments. Most of the altered carbon fans are disliked about the new cast. Most of them really miss Joel, I think Joel Kinnaman is the real bone in the s1. Then why can't you admit it. Do you know how much a cast creates life and fans to the series.

    • CosmicDreamz
      CosmicDreamz 3 days ago

      The show is based on books, in the book he changes his sleeve. Deal with it or have your enjoyment ruined.

  • Blahhh
    Blahhh 6 days ago +1

    Fr idgaf if they chnage the actor there r many good actors but why tf that stupid falcon guy damn I hate that actor he is idfk I have to see him n it already boreds me. It rlly sucks I like this show n i will watch second season but that Anthony is gonna ruin it for me ....sighs fr smh

  • Garrett Thompson
    Garrett Thompson 7 days ago +1

    Falcon must have quit when he realized a dude with no superpowers doesn't make for a good Captain America

  • Evita Gonzalez
    Evita Gonzalez 7 days ago +1

    The thinly veiled racism in the comments is ASTOUNDING. Kovacs clearly returned the sleeve back to Ryker @ the end of s1 so why the hell would he keep it? Why the hell would Joel stay? It’s still Kovacs y’all are just mad Anthony Mackie a black man is taking the lead. Get over it

  • Christopher Lauren Graham


  • I am the rural juror
    I am the rural juror 8 days ago +1

    A renewal nobody asks for.

  • Jacob Finesse
    Jacob Finesse 9 days ago +1

    I’m sad that Joel Kinnaman is gone but I’m SO hype for Anthony Mackie

  • Moebius Event
    Moebius Event 10 days ago +1

    why no Kinnaman? he too white?

    • CosmicDreamz
      CosmicDreamz 3 days ago

      Somebody doesn't know the show is based on books that came out 15 years ago where the same thing happens.

  • Machiavelli Murdah
    Machiavelli Murdah 10 days ago

    I’m so happy, Altered Carbon is filmed in my city of Surrey so I get to see a lot of the filming and I’m so excited for season 2

  • Kyle Maze
    Kyle Maze 13 days ago +3

    I won’t be watching the show without Joel Kinnaman.

  • Max77
    Max77 15 days ago +1

    This is bullshit netflix, no one likes Anthony Mackie for this role.

  • Abe Buchanan
    Abe Buchanan 16 days ago

    we want joel

    LOVE LIFE MAKEUP ETC 16 days ago

    No Joel kinnanman? Huh... useless season, im not watching then😑

  • Small Moustache Man
    Small Moustache Man 18 days ago +1

    I like Anthony Mackie and he's a decent actor but I don't think he looks scary enough to be Kovacs

  • B3T0
    B3T0 19 days ago


  • Matthew McLaren
    Matthew McLaren 21 day ago

    not sure how it will hold up with a new main guy but im hopeful its as good as season 1

    SHIVA KUMAR 21 day ago

    Poe is back??

  • Naniun.
    Naniun. 23 days ago

    This shit is trying to pull a Doctor Who on us, i dig it.

  • Every all
    Every all 24 days ago

    Joel Kinnaman back plzzz

  • ohcromo
    ohcromo 26 days ago

    wait so what’s gonna happen to Tak’s double sleeve ?

  • Mathieu Latour
    Mathieu Latour 26 days ago

    Fuck off Netfix, there's no way the last episode is as it seem

  • Stephanie Ann
    Stephanie Ann 26 days ago +1

    I knew Joel wasnt returning but Anthony Mackie? UGHHGHHghhhh nooooo.

  • Bethany Foster
    Bethany Foster 29 days ago

    At least Renee is still in. But I'm still sad Joel isn't or even Will.

  • LordBlackWolf The Big Bad Wolf

    Well now i know im not going to watch season 2 . Oh almost forgot Great Job Guys

  • Muhammad Junaid
    Muhammad Junaid 29 days ago

    joel please

  • Muhammad Junaid
    Muhammad Junaid 29 days ago

    joel please

  • Muhammad Junaid
    Muhammad Junaid 29 days ago

    joel please

  • Muhammad Junaid
    Muhammad Junaid 29 days ago

    joel please

  • Muhammad Junaid
    Muhammad Junaid 29 days ago

    joel please

  • Sílvia Santos
    Sílvia Santos 29 days ago

    Ah finalmente. Achei que teria que me contentar somente com a primeira temporada. Mas espero ainda ver o Joel Kinnaman na série.😍

  • Huynh Tri
    Huynh Tri Month ago


  • Malcolm DuBose
    Malcolm DuBose Month ago

    This comment section is a salt-fest.

  • ghoulish one
    ghoulish one Month ago

    My whole body is screaming

  • Jenn. L.
    Jenn. L. Month ago +2

    Netflix you're killing me. I am happy for a renewed season with Poe, but super sad there is no mention of Joel Kinnaman. I get that Kovacs needs a new skin but at least bring Joel back as Ryker or have a spin off show for Ryker. C'mon do it!

  • Dustin
    Dustin Month ago

    I'm so sad that the main guy isnt back... he made the show!!!

  • Jamie McLardy
    Jamie McLardy Month ago


  • Himanshu Verma
    Himanshu Verma Month ago

    Anthony Mackie 😪

  • Faruk Göker
    Faruk Göker Month ago +1

    Sex education season 2 please ?

  • ssi1991
    ssi1991 Month ago

    OMG POE IS ALIVE ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Daniel Small
    Daniel Small Month ago

    I get it, but I just cant without Joel

  • Looots 13
    Looots 13 Month ago +1


  • bodhi sattva
    bodhi sattva Month ago

    i was hyped but new actor imo is miscast and the focus on more gender issues has turned me off so to speak

  • Tom Stein
    Tom Stein Month ago

    I don’t really have a particular opinion on Mackie playing kovasch, I hope that he does his job as an actor and becomes the character effectively, yet from what I’ve seen of him in the past doesn’t exactly support this kind of role. Hopefully by the end Kovasch will have his original skin played by the Korean guy back, he was fantastic in the parts he played.

  • Bilal Masud
    Bilal Masud Month ago +1

    shouldn't have changed Joel kinnaman. He made the Series. Chadwick Aaron Boseman is just SHIT. Bring back JOEL. Definitely this season is going to flop.

  • Ehud Gavron
    Ehud Gavron Month ago

    Yes, it's Altered Altered Carbon. Too bad they had to remove the star of the show. Takeshi Kovacs is Joel Kinnaman. Nothing to see here anymore.

  • walkleber pereira
    walkleber pereira Month ago

    Só falta a data de estreia né

  • Sebastian Orlando Mantilla Solano

    Bueno pero triplehpt y cuando va a salir que llevo esperando ya mucho tiempo, ya me van a salir canas en el tortolo hpt

  • Jacob S.
    Jacob S. Month ago

    Just now in production... cyberpunk 2077 will now be out before this...

  • RAM O
    RAM O Month ago

    This is genius. Instead of paying your main star more money as the show becomes more popular, just replace him with another actor/sleeve lolol

  • Liza Editss
    Liza Editss Month ago

    The fact as viewers we waited for a year for season 2... and find out the main actor isn’t even in it anymore. I’m truely disappointed and feel like I wasted a year waiting

  • Lady Freyja
    Lady Freyja Month ago +1

    I love this genre... But I also loved Joel Kinnaman, he made the series awesome... I'll miss him!!

    • Er C
      Er C Month ago

      So he's not coming back eh? God this sucks. I love the guy. I'll rewatch season 1.

  • Nica-Retailleau Ede

    I need a season 2 !!!

  • Nica-Retailleau Ede

    Omgg yess !!!

  • Перегрин Тук


  • Jinn
    Jinn Month ago

    After seeing him in black mirror I have some hope.

  • Edu Nascimento
    Edu Nascimento Month ago

    Cadê o takeshi?

  • William Daniels
    William Daniels Month ago

    Why an announcement for production? Give us an announcement for release date. Jesus.

    • Er C
      Er C Month ago

      Started in February.

  • Cocotte Forever
    Cocotte Forever Month ago

    y'a plus Joel kinnaman.... ça va pas être pareil :(

  • Cocotte Forever
    Cocotte Forever Month ago

    y'a plus Joel kinnaman.... ça va pas être pareil :(

  • Mythos 67
    Mythos 67 Month ago

    I didn’t watch the show..
    But many people say that Shawn Mendes will be in episode 4 season 2, so does anyone know if it’s true or not? Cause if it is true I need to watch that whole series until then 🤷🏻‍♀️

  • Dj Brosive
    Dj Brosive Month ago

    Anthony Mackie as takeshi what!!!!!!!!

  • Fares Salman
    Fares Salman Month ago

    Without joel really!! Very sad 😔

  • Kameron Owens
    Kameron Owens Month ago

    Altered Carbon and The Haunting of Hill House are the best shows Netflix has ever made. I’m beyond hype 😭

  • sanu
    sanu Month ago

    Cancle this........get some one new for our main man takeshi

  • CamaleãoGameplayRj


    BUM CHILD Month ago +3

    Please bring Joel Kinnaman back, he became the face of Altered Carbon. You guys already changed and messed up the ending to the first session, so you can atlest bring Joel back as Takeshi.

  • Sagittarius476
    Sagittarius476 Month ago +2

    damn! I miss Joel Kinnaman, he did a fantastic job in S1, such a great actor :(

  • Meow Poe
    Meow Poe Month ago

    I see they're probably deviating from the book. Rip this series.

  • Blue Berry
    Blue Berry Month ago

    wheres ortega

  • Ani B
    Ani B Month ago

    Joel Kinnaman and Will Yun will be forever remembered as Takeshi

  • Milo M
    Milo M Month ago +3

    I'm not really looking forward to season 2. Season one was amazing and i like Anthony Mackle but for me Joel Kinnamen was perfect as Kovacs. So sad to see him go 😣😣☹☹

  • Henry Edwards
    Henry Edwards Month ago

    Now that it's confirmed Joel Kinnaman isn't playing Kovacs anymore I'm not as desperate to see a second season. I mean I'll still watch it for sure, but Kinnaman made the show. After that initial season I'd been waiting impatiently for a year straight until I'd finally forgotten about it. Now that I accidentally stumbled upon this teaser and it's been confirmed that Kinnaman is out, I'm not super excited anymore. And besides that, it's been over a year since the first season premiered and production is only starting now? Come on Netflix, most television networks would be half way through the next season by now, not planning on releasing it at the end of the year, nearly 2 years later

  • Matej Mistrík
    Matej Mistrík Month ago

    i hope anthony mackie will be as good, if not, even better than joel kinnaman.

  • derdoc101
    derdoc101 Month ago

    typical netflix to recast with a black guy

  • HyPerSpACE x
    HyPerSpACE x Month ago

    why in the world changing joel kinnaman as kovacs a real assassin of envoy and put clarence

  • matthieu maury
    matthieu maury Month ago

    i'd like the season 1 and i'm waiting for the 2 but when ?

  • Hunter Clark
    Hunter Clark Month ago

    Anthony Mackie was great in Triple 9, a movie which I think is really underrated.

  • Abhinav Verma
    Abhinav Verma Month ago

    We want joel

  • James Carlin
    James Carlin Month ago

    If they don't have any of the original cast I don't give a fuk

  • Idalmi Acosta
    Idalmi Acosta Month ago


  • Slushy Time
    Slushy Time Month ago +1

    I wish they kept with the original characters tho. They were so good

  • Silvya Wambui
    Silvya Wambui Month ago

    When will this come back?Missing me some cyberpunk!!

  • Angel Cordell
    Angel Cordell Month ago


  • Jaycob
    Jaycob Month ago +3

    Joel was great in his role, I just hope that Mackie can bring the same presence.. it's a great show, would hate for it to only have one good season

  • I like to lick socks

    chill people, he might return as Ryker

  • Amino Nguyen
    Amino Nguyen Month ago

    y'all...they said that joel's face had to go back to its original owner. we just didn't know what the new sleeve looked like until now. 🤷🏻‍♀️

  • Ruben Moreno
    Ruben Moreno Month ago


  • Evil PotatoMan
    Evil PotatoMan Month ago +3

    This is the only series where you can change all the main actors and no one will give a shit...
    Why... quz its a part of the lore.

  • Facebook Verification
    Facebook Verification 2 months ago

    netflix for the fucks sake stop hiring blacks to replace the whites

  • EinstienJr
    EinstienJr 2 months ago

    What the hell? How do you follow up after the first season? It was all pretty much done.

  • Marcia L.
    Marcia L. 2 months ago

    Joel Kinnaman not returning? So very very disappointed.

  • w_R Andrs
    w_R Andrs 2 months ago

    At least a clever way to update us about the show's status.

  • Michael Pretko
    Michael Pretko 2 months ago

    Why wouldn't they want to have a more permanent casting of characters in the whole Altered Carbon seasonal thing?
    Like, carrying from one season into the next????

    • Airbender0217
      Airbender0217 2 months ago

      because they're following the books, and the whole point is that bodies don't matter, he just picks whatever is fit for the job, so event his body (actor) wont be here for long.

  • slakr2386
    slakr2386 2 months ago

    All he has to worry is only trying to act like the original owner of the body nothing else at the end of the day it's one persons mind not the backups, simple as that. 👍😎

  • 2214diva
    2214diva 2 months ago

    For people who are complaining about Anthony Mackie playing Takeshi Kovacs
    . Please keep in mind that show's premise involves people being able to insert their mind into different bodies/sleeves. In the books, Takeshi Kovacs
    did go into the body of a black man, therefore this falls in line with the source material. I find it quite ironic, that people complain all the time of Hollywood Studios not sticking to the source material of books and/or comic books when they are brought to the Big Screen or TV. And yet, here is Netflix sticking to the source material of the books written by Richard K. Morgan and people are complaining about Joel Kinnaman being recast.