• Published on Sep 11, 2017
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Comments • 31 171

  • Lyric Montoya
    Lyric Montoya 24 minutes ago

    FUCK disney

  • The crystal life Ace
    The crystal life Ace 40 minutes ago

    Idk how I feel about California anymore lol I want to move there from San Antonio but.....I’m scared lol

  • Eden Contreras
    Eden Contreras Hour ago +1

    The last one. Is no one talking about how in every video she keeps looking to the side?!

  • Psycho Kitty
    Psycho Kitty Hour ago

    Shane: hurricane Harvey was the worst and disastrous hurricane ever
    Me an intellectual who survived hurricane Maria: *laughs in the background knowing I spent almost three months without electricity, five months with no cellphone service, seven months with no water and nine months with no wifi* say what now?

  • Riley Cole
    Riley Cole Hour ago

    This aged unfortunately

  • Jordan Myrick
    Jordan Myrick 2 hours ago

    To make his videos not that scary is to go on 1.5x

  • Yah Lol
    Yah Lol 2 hours ago

    I watched this before watching the news, that Cameron Boyce died, I was so in my feelings

  • Dax Taylor
    Dax Taylor 3 hours ago +1

    no one:
    absolutely no one:
    shane: GUYS
    me with headphones and max volume on :y u bully me

  • Fire Boss
    Fire Boss 3 hours ago

    If u look close she keeps looking to the left side Marne jos

  • Annika M
    Annika M 3 hours ago +1

    anyone else notice how this was published on 9/11.........

    just me? okay.

  • ThatOneLoyalist
    ThatOneLoyalist 3 hours ago

    Anyone else re watching all his videos for his new video tommorrow?

  • ROBIN109
    ROBIN109 4 hours ago

    Wow Disney really loves child moslesters

  • Alpha Gaming
    Alpha Gaming 5 hours ago

    Shane plz do more vids like this

  • Maria
    Maria 6 hours ago

    THIS IS AN OLD VIDEO I KNOW BUT I WOULD JUST LIKE YOU TO NOT WATCH THE MOVIE “ADAM”, ok so I am genuinely worried about what will happen to the LGBTQ+ community if this movie comes out, but I’m in a rush and can’t explain the plot, but it’s messed up so look it up if you want to know why, OK BYEE!

  • miss unknown
    miss unknown 8 hours ago

    i comited suicide the i realized that i have only one life then i stoped but when i get mad or realy sad i comit it again so dont get me mad or sad

  • dan oliver
    dan oliver 10 hours ago

    Disclaimer this is just a theory: Shane is distracting us from the truth

  • JSAirsoft
    JSAirsoft 14 hours ago

    I think the RU-clip lady hired a producer for her channel but didn’t like how they made her film videos because they gave her a script and made her give shout outs and advertising then she fired the producers and got to be herself and make her videos the way she wanted

  • JSAirsoft
    JSAirsoft 14 hours ago

    I think the RU-clip lady hired a producer for her channel but didn’t like how they made her film videos because they gave her a script and made her give shout outs and advertising then she fired the producers and got to be herself and make her videos the way she wanted

  • Fionna Mckay
    Fionna Mckay 16 hours ago

    “As a victim of abuse “ WHAT?? WHO WHAT HERE WTF

  • *Sips Tea*
    *Sips Tea* 19 hours ago +1

    Anyone else watching his old videos cause he hasn’t posted in a while? Cause I am :(

  • el amorim
    el amorim 20 hours ago

    ok so the kid who played bill killed himself at 27 YEARS OLD why isn't anyone else freaking out i'm--

  • *Łøveabłe Æđrį*
    *Łøveabłe Æđrį* 21 hour ago


  • Bryn x x
    Bryn x x 22 hours ago

    I low key want him to do a conspiracy theory on the K-Pop industry- there’s been some sketchy things going on

  • linnette McGinnis
    linnette McGinnis 23 hours ago

    Marina kept looking away from the screen y

  • It’zAspen
    It’zAspen 23 hours ago

    4:26 he's worked and a movie called "Bitch Slap"

  • Frida Aguilera
    Frida Aguilera 23 hours ago

    He should make a conspiracy on xxtentacion

    LAJ FOOTY Day ago

    You make me feel sick

  • brianna athena
    brianna athena Day ago +2

    Who is here after Cameron Boyce died 😭

  • Nel Cel
    Nel Cel Day ago

    15:30 you can’t be that retarded. Most You tubers start off acting like that it’s like a natural thing then they get more professional at it as time goes by and they get more experience

  • Melissa Tucker
    Melissa Tucker Day ago


  • Lips NPudge
    Lips NPudge Day ago

    this is much better than the dlux videos. i truly believe dlux is a deviant himself and thats not too off the wall bc theres been others who pretend to be going after pedos on youtube thats are pedos themselves .

  • PuRe_sNiPeZ
    PuRe_sNiPeZ Day ago

    CNN is fake news so I mean I’m not suprised

  • the cousin squad

    cool scary for me hehe

  • Sophia Hurtado
    Sophia Hurtado Day ago +1

    R.I.P Cameron Boyce

  • Girls Prieto
    Girls Prieto Day ago

    Long live evil is the thing for that.movie so you can't even talk

  • Kelynn Rose
    Kelynn Rose Day ago +2

    RIP Cameron Boyce! 💔❤

  • kpop trash
    kpop trash Day ago

    Y'all did you guys see Dylan Sprouse and cole sprouse

  • ShowTimeTV
    ShowTimeTV Day ago +1

    Honestly, not surprised CNN would stoop that low for ratings. Not surprised any news would stoop that low, this is the kind of corporate "news" that we have nowadays where everything is about ratings and money... smh

  • HMKBC Squad
    HMKBC Squad Day ago +2

    Shane really needs to have his own Netflix show

  • Maria Mookie
    Maria Mookie Day ago +1

    Shane Dawson's lamp look's like DangMattSmith's blanket....Or a confused bee that doesn't know what to do with it's life...
    Shane Dawson in the backgroung:
    *Gasp* Uh, ME!

  • Will0wPlayz
    Will0wPlayz Day ago +1

    It’s 2019. Cameron Boyce is no longer here and it makes me sick to even think about Descendants 3... I’m actually so sadden. We miss you Cameron ❤️

  • Alfredo Gang
    Alfredo Gang Day ago

    Omg scary af

  • Maria Mookie
    Maria Mookie Day ago +1

    "Well, when he was 27 he took his life." Shane Dawson makes a video about famous people dying when 27...

  • Sally Norman
    Sally Norman Day ago +2


    • Sally Norman
      Sally Norman Day ago +1

      If you look up anything about Josh Peck's dad literally nothing comes up. Sounds like josh is hiding something

  • Maria Mookie
    Maria Mookie Day ago +1

    OMG I have the flipper DvD!

  • Chris Marquez
    Chris Marquez Day ago +1

    Ok ok ok is IT ok for kids and kid shows are bad for kids because that makes sense that IT is more kid friendly then some kid shows are not ok for kids

  • Slytherin 04
    Slytherin 04 Day ago +1

    I'm an idiot it's 00: 21 and I'm watching conspiracy theories how tf am I going to sleep.

  • Alexis Garza
    Alexis Garza Day ago +1

    Love your videos

  • Bcrq
    Bcrq Day ago +1

    Just noticed this was posted on 9/11

  • Disney Disney Disney
    Disney Disney Disney 2 days ago +2

    Me after watching a 8 hour loop of cute unicorns

  • Gabby Gail
    Gabby Gail 2 days ago +2

    Drug dealer: gets life in prison
    Child molester: 10 years in person
    True thing said on the newspaper

  • Fangirl99
    Fangirl99 2 days ago +2

    It’s the music that scares me the most!

  • Hailey Ukulele Pennywise

    Who’s watching in 2023
    Is the world ok yet
    Has Shane posted

  • Clorox Bleach
    Clorox Bleach 2 days ago +1

    Shane: All of these conspiracies are just theories, not facts
    Me: *takes them all as facts*

  • Wasserbüffel ?
    Wasserbüffel ? 2 days ago

    Shane did a conspiracy video about famous people dying at the age of 27 and jonathan brandis also died at the age of 27....

  • Ellä Hollis
    Ellä Hollis 2 days ago

    🍎🍊🍐🍏🥣🍆🍇🍠 📕📙📗📘 ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜 🆎🈺🚼🈯️🚾 welcome to the nice parts of the comments, you’re ok here take anything a book some food or a heart if you feel scared :) 💛

  • Johnny’s Adventures

    Shane: warns us
    Me: I am 10 should I leave?
    Me also: NAH

  • Dawn DeMartino
    Dawn DeMartino 2 days ago

    On the movie poster for decendence 2 it said long live evil , evil spelled backwards is live the mane character in the movie decendince [dove]played the part of live and maddy on Disney channel 😳😳😳😳😳😳

  • Paola Rodriguez
    Paola Rodriguez 2 days ago

    all the dislikes are the government

  • Angela Stines
    Angela Stines 2 days ago

    Your hang nail is bugging me😂😂

  • Crazy_Genius 101
    Crazy_Genius 101 2 days ago

    Who's watching this after Cameron Boyce died

  • Karla Ramirez
    Karla Ramirez 2 days ago

    10:02 Long Live Cameron Boyce :( *who here 2019*

  • jaseh onfroy
    jaseh onfroy 2 days ago

    10:02 rip cameron boyce ;-;

  • Annalisa Tracy
    Annalisa Tracy 2 days ago

    16 months for a child molester but if you lick ice cream you could be in jail for 20 years... wtf

  • Lina soriano
    Lina soriano 2 days ago


  • The Doctor
    The Doctor 2 days ago +1

    Shane I've been following your channel since about 2012 from your skits and over all you're my favorite RU-clipr
    Thank You, Liam

  • Peyton Blakely
    Peyton Blakely 2 days ago +1

    Who’s here with me in


  • Yodeling Goat GOATS ARE Life

    I have a theory for Disney giving them these chances what if someone threatened them and knew if they said no their business would end...

  • Hannah Long
    Hannah Long 3 days ago

    :c r.i.p Cameron!! He will always be loved.

  • Ava Holguin
    Ava Holguin 3 days ago

    R.I.P cam Cameron Boyce