Top 10 Worst Sports Video Games of All Time

  • Published on Sep 28, 2019
  • Check out our review of Madden 20 over on MojoPlays:
    Maybe we'll just go outside and play the real thing instead. Welcome to WatchMojo, and today, we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 Worst Sports Games. For this list, we’re taking a look at some of the worst sports games we’ve had the misfortune of playing. Please note that we won’t be considering racing games as those have been placed in a Top 10 of their own. Which of these were your least favorite? Let us know in the comments!
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  •  Month ago +31

    Did you know; we also now cover sports games over on MojoPlays, check out Yan's review of Madden 20 over on MojoPlays:

    • Regular Slick
      Regular Slick Month ago

      Johnny Fountains
      Not true

    • Regular Slick
      Regular Slick Month ago
      Can you do a Top 10 Darkest Sonic the Hedgehog Moments List?

    • Kyero
      Kyero Month ago

      You got Slam City after watching Oneyplays didnt you?

    • YoungCarl King
      YoungCarl King Month ago +1

      Hi, Watch mojo, can you make a review about Fox's Blue Sky Spies in Disguise?😋😋😋

    • Johnny Fountains
      Johnny Fountains Month ago

      watchmojo doesn't like sports in general.

  • Charizard Master7
    Charizard Master7 18 days ago

    I have been rewatching some mario tennis footage of good ones. who would like a best and worst tennis games list?

  • Diaz Kohen
    Diaz Kohen 21 day ago

    Number 10: PES 2014, Number 9: all FIFA

  • dell cruz
    dell cruz Month ago +1

    How isn't any RBI baseball game not on here but yet Mario Tennis 2015 is on this list?,also how tf isn't World Series Baseball '08-'19 (Xbox 360) not on here either?, Jesus Christ do your homework please,I know some of these belong on a worst list but I mean come on, have failed as bad as some of these games on this list 😂🤣

  • Bl4ck Ph03n1x
    Bl4ck Ph03n1x Month ago

    I actually liked BMX XXX lol

  • Timmy Nguyen
    Timmy Nguyen Month ago +1

    2:15 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 can’t believe that Steven Gerrard head butted his former teammate, Raheem Sterling. That’s what he gets for Liverpool for Manchester City.

  • Josh Mau
    Josh Mau Month ago

    This guy sounds like he's doing a bad Oney impersonation

  • Alex .M
    Alex .M Month ago

    Simpsons skateboarding

  • coreyandy5
    coreyandy5 Month ago

    Why isn’t any madden on here?


    I love this narrator 😂😂

  • Oaf
    Oaf Month ago

    No Rap Jam vol 1 for the SNES?

  • Limited Number
    Limited Number Month ago +1

    He sounds like Death The Kid from SoulEater

    • Tony D. Lucario
      Tony D. Lucario Month ago

      Limited Number That because he is. That Todd Haberkorn, the English VA for Kid.

  • Ded Sec Light
    Ded Sec Light Month ago +1

    Was looking forward to this video when I saw it, then I heard this guys voice and immediately muted it.

  • Ken Geerts
    Ken Geerts Month ago

    I dont like this narrator

  • LTJfan 1992
    LTJfan 1992 Month ago +1

    The Simpsons Skateboarding should be on this list

  • Cyber Dalek Industies

    1. Fifa Franchise

  • Daniel Slade
    Daniel Slade Month ago +1

    Todd Haberkorn's voice... That sounds similar to Skipper's from Madagascar, even though he's voiced by Tom McGrath.

  • Grindcore Rager 67
    Grindcore Rager 67 Month ago +1

    You see, I have Rugby World Cup 2015 and I happen to like the game very much. Sweet and simple, just switch the options from lateral to longitudinal camera and you're good to go.

  • LIME_22
    LIME_22 Month ago

    Where is nba 2k19

  • Keeping It Real Awesome

    Bmx xxx on the game cube was amazing now for Xbox an ps2 they weren’t as good

  • Jeremy  R Hansen
    Jeremy R Hansen Month ago


  • 2uitdoesntmatter
    2uitdoesntmatter Month ago

    Catering to the Gen Yers with this bullshit dialogue....

  • Dan Valvo
    Dan Valvo Month ago

    Is this a list from the UK and Europe? I think we need a new list just for North America sports games. At least maybe I can try a Rugby or Cricket game, since the Xbox One is regionally unlocked unlike other consoles.

  • Stephen Chase
    Stephen Chase Month ago +3

    Worst sports game: Simpsons Skateboarding!!

    • Donnie Deniro
      Donnie Deniro Month ago

      Stephen Chase I remember that game back when PS2 was still good to play on 😂😂

  • King Frog
    King Frog Month ago +1

    You sound like the drifter from Destiny.

  • Junior Khomari
    Junior Khomari Month ago +2

    Fifa 19 should be on this list

  • Terry Bogard
    Terry Bogard Month ago

    NBA Elite 11 is the reason i say Fuck You to EA Sports NBA 2K never put out a bad game that is on NBA Elite 11 Level NBA 2K Never got cancelled unlike EA Sports NBA Games so i would not talk trash about NBA 2K when EA Sports put out Dog Shit like NBA Elite 11

  • Joshua Ivery
    Joshua Ivery Month ago

    Simpsons wrestling game I never even heard of that game but I think find it fun to played in my opinion but as long if the control are not terrible even tho is a old video game

  • Kenneth Conklin
    Kenneth Conklin Month ago

    I didnt know WatchMojo got Jon Lovitz to narrate their videos! 🤯

  • Killer5 the leader
    Killer5 the leader Month ago

    Time to tell the nerd

  • Andres Martin
    Andres Martin Month ago

    What about WWF betrayal?? And where is Lee Carvallo putting challenge??

  • Michael Rosenblum
    Michael Rosenblum Month ago

    I’m surprised NBA2k18 isn’t on this list

  • Simarion Shade
    Simarion Shade Month ago

    NFL Football & Magic Johnson's Fast Break on the NES. I don't expect much from NES sports games, but these are examples of bare minimum effort in 8-bit game design.

  • CazzSDMF
    CazzSDMF Month ago

    Since when is wrestling a sport?

  • Andrew Keck
    Andrew Keck Month ago

    I swear all watch jojo game videos shit on loot boxes and microtransactions, I dont like them either but I'm not gonna just discredit all games that have them like they do, just dont pay for the mocr transactions If you dont want them.

  • Joshua Oana
    Joshua Oana Month ago

    Sport games suck, period.

  • Eli Hartsoe
    Eli Hartsoe Month ago


  • Knight of Arkronia
    Knight of Arkronia Month ago +2

    Why isn't Todd Haberkorn credited for this video?

  • John Johndor
    John Johndor Month ago

    who is this dude

  • SOswim1
    SOswim1 Month ago +1

    Considering who the commentator is... you could say these games didn’t bank those motes

  • Gaby Pinz
    Gaby Pinz Month ago +2


  • brodemonz
    brodemonz Month ago

    Pat Riley Basketball for sega.

  • Son Goku
    Son Goku Month ago +24

    Top 10 worst sports games:
    10-1: every madden from the past 10 years.
    Honorable mentions: all the other madden games. Except for 05. That was a good one

  • formalguy01
    formalguy01 Month ago

    Here's the actual top 5:
    1. Madden 20
    2. Madden 20
    3. Madden 20
    4. Madden 20
    5. Madden 19

  • darkjoseph86
    darkjoseph86 Month ago

    Where's bill lambeer combat basketball?

  • Osman Sow
    Osman Sow Month ago +1

    Fifa 15 is one of the best fifa🤨🤨

  • Ryuzakira
    Ryuzakira Month ago

    BMX XXX was fantastic! boooooo

  • Emanuel Kline
    Emanuel Kline Month ago

    Hell Yeah. Todd hit us with another one!

  • Kieran O'Connor
    Kieran O'Connor Month ago

    I’m irish and Gaelic Games was the absolute worst game that I’ve ever played. Such a shame 😂

  • nes_ osterone
    nes_ osterone Month ago

    This list is far from the worst sports games of all time. Maybe “modern” sports games.... also who hired this commentator? Worst ever and super annoying. Please fire him.

  • C Smith
    C Smith Month ago

    I'm dropping a deuce

  • Derrick Haggard
    Derrick Haggard Month ago

    The only sports games from EA and 2K that I'm willing to play is the UFC games and the WWE2K games and that's only because they have decent single-player modes and the micro-transactions aren't as bad aka not forced down my throat like a certain 2 from EA and a certain 1 from 2K.

  • SonicHeroXD
    SonicHeroXD Month ago

    WCW Backstage Assault has to be hands down the WORST wrestling game EVER. I refuse to believe there can be anything worse.
    I genuinely believe it is worse than The Simpsons Wrestling.

  • Gaming Celebrity
    Gaming Celebrity Month ago

    There could never be a bad Madden game. I’m happy none of those are on the list.

  • PChamileon97
    PChamileon97 Month ago +4

    i was afraid Backyard Wrestling was gonna be on the list

  • Fairy Girl
    Fairy Girl Month ago

    What were video game developers thinking with these lol?

  • derek zumba
    derek zumba Month ago +4

    Where’s fifa 19 ? After every fifa release ever it’ll be notorious for being the worst

  • Underivable
    Underivable Month ago +6

    My top 10:
    1. Nba2k18
    2. Nba2k19
    3. Nba2k17
    4. Fifa 15
    5. Fifa 16
    6. Fifa 18
    7. Fifa 17
    8. Madden 18
    9. Madden 17
    10. Madden 19

  • tsstevens
    tsstevens Month ago

    You had multiple games from the same series as well as titles that are not sports so here's a hot take for number one: NBA 2K20.

    Now the 2K games had been great since they first arrived on the Sega Dreamcast. Emphasis on had been. Since 2K17 when they made a habit of killing the servers to force fans into buying the current year's version NBA 2K had grown worse and worse. 2K18 clearly showed no effort was made. 2K19 was gimped by predatory loot boxes and microtransactions making the game virtually unplayable whether or not these were your jam. It was enough to get governments of the EU involved and 2K went all in, attempting to recruit children as their cannon fodder in a bid to force Belgium to bend the knee.

    After that fiasco and the news coming out of seminars on how to get kids addicted to gambling through the use of 2K's business model one would think they would shy away from it. Lol no, waka waka, My Team trailer gloated about the gambling aspects and 2K got utterly rekt for it. The Department of Justice Risk Assessment Team defines it as child exploitation. Even the box art is bad, AD looks like a pedophile on the cover. It got to the point the slot machines that even the paid for and professional shills admitted is gambling were removed in favor of a vault opening mini game. GDoing the math to get to legendary status and the prized card that is only available doing so would take thirty five straight days. That is if you did not eat, sleep, bathe, gave up work and school, every second was devoted to the game.

    Even that might seem reasonable if the game actually gosh darn worked, however it made Fallout 76 look like a polished patched gem Nintendo put out for their star lineup. Could not connect. Play way buggy, glitchy. Store worked fine, funnily enough. Patches over served to ruin the game further and gameplay is one thing you'd want to get right. But no, 2K only care about that sweet sweet microtransaction loot. Who cares if the game works or not? Well gamers care. They care very much. And reviews showing what a mess the game is and calls to fire Ronnie2K show that.

  • Some guy
    Some guy Month ago

    I'm surprised that High Heat Baseball 2003 didn't make this list. The review for that game on Reviews On The Run was hilarious.