Best Waterproof iPhone 6S Cases - Homemade Edition

  • Published on Feb 20, 2016
  • Top 5 Homemade iPhone 6S Waterproof Cases Test. Ziplock, Vacuum Sealed, Latex, Hot Glue & Acrylic. Best Cheap Waterproof 6S Case?
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  • BEARV22 -Brawl Stars
    BEARV22 -Brawl Stars 2 days ago +1

    EveryThingApple: This is Latex Baloons
    Viewers: They are condoms 😂

  • YerrowNation
    YerrowNation 4 days ago

    An Apple A Day Keeps The Doctor Away
    A Samsung S7 Will Put You In The Medical Bay

  • Sarahsarahsarah
    Sarahsarahsarah 5 days ago

    I clicked on this because I have an I phone 6s

  • Mr POTATO!
    Mr POTATO! 7 days ago +2

    65% of comments " i thought the latex balloon is condom "
    25% of comments " why would you put an hot glue gun on iphone?! "
    10% OTHERS

  • Reyeska Naidoo
    Reyeska Naidoo 9 days ago +2

    Funny story before I watched this video I put my iPhone 6 in a ziplock bag and it fell in the pool. Long story short I need a new phone.😭

  • Octo Guy
    Octo Guy 9 days ago


  • ZestyFilm Creations
    ZestyFilm Creations 9 days ago

    I phone 7 boyyyyyyy

  • Kurt McCullough
    Kurt McCullough 12 days ago

    When was the last time the bottom of a ballon was that wide

  • Sup Guys27
    Sup Guys27 13 days ago

    The balloon was not a (you know what) the other tight one was

  • Acro Izzy
    Acro Izzy 16 days ago


    BAADSHAH GAMERS DEN 18 days ago

    What a case you refer to take photos under water

  • Awesome ness
    Awesome ness 19 days ago

    Oh yes a balloon ssssuuuurrrrrreeeeee
    Let the innocent believe that

  • Oren Bernatz
    Oren Bernatz 20 days ago

    Wear in Oregon I live in Portland

  • Lee Smith
    Lee Smith 22 days ago

    That’s no ballon 😏😏😏

  • Nana pearson
    Nana pearson 22 days ago

    Test waterproof pouch

  • Crazy Potato23
    Crazy Potato23 24 days ago

    Sadly the ballon(condom) didn’t work, so we can say it was a broken condom. 😂😭😂

  • Dolcie.25
    Dolcie.25 Month ago

    Yeah I just brought 2 waterproof cases/ pouches and for both of them it was only £6.59, think I’ll stick with them 😂

  • Zero
    Zero Month ago

    EverythingApplePro can i have one of you iphone 6s


    *That’s totally a balloon* 😂😂😂

  • Léa Robitaille
    Léa Robitaille Month ago

    Yeah right, I’m going to put hot glue on my future phone 。🥺

  • Maia Di Costanzo
    Maia Di Costanzo Month ago

    Just chucks the phone in the water

    I don’t even have one 😂

  • NNSRB 78
    NNSRB 78 Month ago

    i will get baloon xD

  • Skyrim Marvel
    Skyrim Marvel Month ago

    Can u give me one iphone please..u guys soo rich

  • Kayla Politakis
    Kayla Politakis Month ago

    i put my phone in 1 ziplock bag every day for a shower and it works, just make sure its sealed ALL THE WAY

  • Jamie Kohlhorst
    Jamie Kohlhorst Month ago

    a condom would work better.. It’s more clear too

  • The American Dodo
    The American Dodo Month ago

    *Cheap & Simple DIY Snorkeling Phone/Electronics-Bag:*
    1.) Take two zip-lock bags and inspect them VERY carefully for holes.
    2.) Take the first and seal the seams with a good water-proof/any fairly decent tape.
    3.) Put the bag with the taped seams inside the other bag (to make the first, taped-bag fit within the second, fold and tape part of the lower-end up or get a slightly bigger bag), zip both.
    4.) Take a bag sealer clip (note that these are not your standard chip-bag clip! These ones are quite versatile and are far better at sealing for water: and use it on the outer bag, just below the zip-locked portion!
    This will most definitely keep the bag from flooding (as my tests have shown) and is essential to the kit (without this stopper, the bags will most likely flood!)
    5.) Test your new, double-redundant safe-bag by dunking it in a bathtub or sink full of water for a good 20 minutes with some toilet paper and with a small, hefty weight (a simple rock should do the trick!) If the paper is completely dry after a good 15-20 minutes and there isn't even a trace of water in the outer bag, you should be safe!
    If the first bag ever fails - say, if you do a lot of snorkeling in a shallow area with tons of coral and the outer-bag is scratched/damaged - the second, inner bag with the doubled-up seems will serve as an emergency water-stopper! You can (and probably should) also take the seams of the other bag. If you only have a non-waterproof duct tape - like myself - this step isn't necessary, however!
    6.) If successful (which mine was the first time when used with the clip added), congrats! You have a DIY-snorkeling bag that allows you to use your phone. Can't take photos for crap (that is, unless you modify the bags with a lens-assortment which would be complex!), but at least you know your phone/electronics are secure when you take them to the beach as they are always with you!
    If ever the first bag fails, the second should be the ultimate "oh shit, thank god I have this redundant safety-feature" that will keep your phone nice and dry! I will use mine to carry extra cam batteries + cards and my phone.

  • Oliver Vesely
    Oliver Vesely Month ago

    "Baloon" + ziploc = best

  • Sassy Vlogs
    Sassy Vlogs Month ago

    I got an under water case it was hard to fidn sense i have an I PHONE xr

  • Camila Cabellofan
    Camila Cabellofan Month ago

    I thought that was a condom-

  • Idk Sorry
    Idk Sorry Month ago

    Just buy a case cos if you dont have a glue gun then u have 2 buy it and the other stuff so..

  • Rainier Juarez Lopez

    near the end of this video you can get his snapchat it shows it on the iphone.

  • Ch Yeeted the train

    0:52 it’s not a ballon it’s condom 🅱️OI

  • Sam the man Subia2
    Sam the man Subia2 Month ago

    Dude the iPhone 6s is waterproof

  • Silence 101
    Silence 101 Month ago

    I mean I would have the phones if no one wants it

    I’m 14 and I need a phone

  • Miriam Clark
    Miriam Clark Month ago +1

    the ballon is the easiet one for me that even works

  • AppleJuicePenguin
    AppleJuicePenguin Month ago

    That ain't no 'latex balloon'!

  • JT Lange
    JT Lange Month ago

    It’s not a condom

  • Ábel
    Ábel Month ago

    You could have given me those phones

  • iiIts Qweenii
    iiIts Qweenii Month ago

    Last time i wanted to record under water with my android but it wasnt water proof so i got a zip blog bag or whatever its called i got 10 zip blog bags and boom my phone stopped working✌the water still got in it r.i.p phone 2018-2018

  • b888
    b888 Month ago

    Elephant condoms lol!

  • Isaacs Random Videos
    Isaacs Random Videos 2 months ago

    Should have recorded it on the iPhones... all of them

  • Wyatt Billie
    Wyatt Billie 2 months ago

    You could use a condom for a balloon....

  • Raphael Roxburgh
    Raphael Roxburgh 2 months ago

    I like corn on the cob

  • GangGang_ Langley
    GangGang_ Langley 2 months ago

    *sees balloon*
    *runs to get condom*
    *parents see*

  • Aayan AliX
    Aayan AliX 2 months ago

    Hey why don’t they make a waterproof setting

  • Knil Axe
    Knil Axe 2 months ago

    video played while sleeping

  • Yt_tms sweat Errr
    Yt_tms sweat Errr 2 months ago +5

    Who’s is watching this in 2019

  • Janna J
    Janna J 2 months ago

    Hahahah yah condom will do perfectly 😎

  • Budyyy
    Budyyy 2 months ago

    3:44 If you are trying to be Aussie you failed it’s not ShRiMpS it prawns u cabbage

  • Maryori Pleitezhernandez

    U could of had gave me one of those

  • Bobby Lobby
    Bobby Lobby 2 months ago +2

    Did he use a condom 😂

  • Memey McMemes
    Memey McMemes 2 months ago

    If youre an "ApplePro" wear some air-pods. IT SMELLS LIKE BROKE IN HERE.

    CUBIX 2 months ago

    a latex balloon or a latex condom lllolol

  • Dom L
    Dom L 2 months ago

    Deffo a balloon

  • Connor Thomas
    Connor Thomas 2 months ago

    That is a condom

  • pinky beauty makeup
    pinky beauty makeup 2 months ago

    This makes me cringe so bad

  • SparksFly
    SparksFly 2 months ago

    Yeah why would you spend $40 on a waterproof case for your phone when you can just put hot glue on it?

  • Emily Bacon
    Emily Bacon 2 months ago

    My mom would bat my ass if I did some shit like that

  • anime fanner
    anime fanner 2 months ago

    Really ballon its a condom 🤣🤣

  • Romekqua Russell
    Romekqua Russell 2 months ago +1

    I cant take any risks my new iphone 6s im getting

  • Marie Danielle Elvert
    Marie Danielle Elvert 2 months ago +1


  • Boss Boy
    Boss Boy 2 months ago

    I put on subtitles and it said everything awful pro

  • Reland Boone
    Reland Boone 2 months ago

    This video came out on my birthday

  • Fluffy Marshmallow
    Fluffy Marshmallow 3 months ago

    “Balloon” 😏😏

  • Anime Dick
    Anime Dick 3 months ago

    Hey I’m getting an iPhone 6 on my 11th birthday comment if you already had one and like if your still phone less

  • Blythe Willow
    Blythe Willow 3 months ago

    The title should be “rich people do when their bored”

  • Aaron Vidler
    Aaron Vidler 3 months ago


  • Çağla Otlu
    Çağla Otlu 3 months ago


  • efr san
    efr san 3 months ago

    You should've done tape as a waterproof homemade case

  • AdAmInVr
    AdAmInVr 3 months ago

    The acrilic case phone said iphone 5

  • Leslie Huff
    Leslie Huff 3 months ago

    Can I please have a iPhone I always wanted one

    PENGIPLAYS 19 3 months ago



  • Eshan Playz
    Eshan Playz 3 months ago

    I have a water proof case and it also past the drop test

  • Dark ShadowCK
    Dark ShadowCK 3 months ago


  • Eshan Playz
    Eshan Playz 3 months ago

    I got an ad for cases.

  • alexis and more
    alexis and more 3 months ago

    Will you ever have a I phone giveaway?I'm asking because you use them in you videos I was wondering

  • Nicole Sicinski
    Nicole Sicinski 3 months ago

    why would you put glue on your phone

  • BtS - aH
    BtS - aH 3 months ago

    I thought the balloon on the thumbnail was a condom 😂😂

  • Lilay Productions
    Lilay Productions 3 months ago

    Bro... i decided to put my iPhone 7 in a ziplock bag thinking it would be ok 👌 I did it a few times :) nothing happend to it until... a few days after my screen was stuffed but now it’s all g bros 😂

  • Zakory Lloyd
    Zakory Lloyd 3 months ago

    Hey so just wondering like are u sponsored by Apple cus you just destroy so many apple phones like it doesn't effect your bank acc 😂 I'm still here on a 5c blue I've had this phone for like 3 years now it's slower than a sluggggggyy

  • YerrowNation
    YerrowNation 3 months ago +9

    Apple phones keep the doctor away
    Android phones get the virus

    • YerrowNation
      YerrowNation 4 days ago


    • Richard Janay
      Richard Janay 2 months ago

      ʏᴇᴛ ᴀᴘᴘʟᴇ ɴᴇᴇᴅs ᴀɴᴅʀᴏɪᴅ ᴘᴀʀᴛs? 🤔

    • Tech News
      Tech News 2 months ago

      Twizted Gamer if you can afford a phone you can afford a doctor dumbass

    • Twizted Gamer
      Twizted Gamer 2 months ago

      +KRUSTY KRABBY i mean its less secure than apple

      KRUSTY KRABBY 2 months ago

      Android phones don't get viruses.

  • Marcoo No
    Marcoo No 3 months ago

    iPhone XR 😎

  • Alvin Lipscomb
    Alvin Lipscomb 3 months ago

    I don't want to sound like an A** Hole but The vacuum sealer in its name tells you that it sucks out the air and it seals to keep out the air. So you should have known that it would keep out the water. I do understand that there is pressure from being underwater but the sealer fuses the plastic together creating a tight bond. Now the ziplock shocked me that it didn't work. I would have tried freezer Ziploc bags.
    Did you know you can use an iron to seal a Ziploc bag, just remove the zipper part of the bag using a piece of paper fold the paper to cover the front and back of the plastic and melt it together would give you a clearer bag that should keep out the water?
    Also, the hot glue wasn't a good idea. If you used 100% silicone caulking with the Acrylic, I think would have worked just don't want the caulking to get all over the edge of the phone or inside just wrap the phone in plastic wrap first... Give it a shot if you want. Still a good video guys.

  • Haily Zuniga
    Haily Zuniga 3 months ago

    Am cringing Awwwwwwwww stop you hot glued on itttttttttttttt

  • Weener Eater
    Weener Eater 3 months ago

    Damn my dad used a condom for this instead of me

  • _Yunopingu
    _Yunopingu 3 months ago

    just get a samsung

  • tøp.daizy .__.
    tøp.daizy .__. 3 months ago

    The ziploc bag I think u didn’t seal it right bc I use ziploc bags for “waterproof cases” and they work fine afterwards and no water gets inside

  • ItzMaii
    ItzMaii 3 months ago


  • Burned Toast
    Burned Toast 3 months ago

    4:33 voice crack

  • Henry3 Watson
    Henry3 Watson 3 months ago

    Orrrr just buy a waterproof case instead of being cheap

  • austin tallent
    austin tallent 3 months ago

    I thot all the phones were iPhone 6 but a 8:01 it was a five

  • Zhamini 101
    Zhamini 101 3 months ago

    Dry the two iPhones out in silica gel beads and see if they still don’t work.

  • Liz Haag
    Liz Haag 3 months ago

    Does he know a case is like 10 dollars

  • Scrambled JUICE
    Scrambled JUICE 3 months ago

    You have some many IPhone can i get one plz

    NANA DOODLEA 3 months ago

    can i have one of those iphones lmaoo

  • Big Tiddy Goth Gf
    Big Tiddy Goth Gf 3 months ago

    _latex balloon_
    *_uh huh_*

  • yusuf metlo
    yusuf metlo 3 months ago

    please can you give me your iphone6

  • Quinn Zachary
    Quinn Zachary 3 months ago

    Anyone else watching this on an iPhone 6s?

  • Quinn Zachary
    Quinn Zachary 3 months ago

    No joke just ruined all those phones

  • Katie Sinclair
    Katie Sinclair 3 months ago

    Do a 7 plus one