The Last Days of the Third Age: Mirkwood - Episode 1

  • Published on Nov 4, 2011
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Comments • 99

  • Termicase G
    Termicase G 3 years ago

    He have lag

  • mangaosuman
    mangaosuman 4 years ago

    I've never heard of this game in my life. Love RTS and RPGS stumbled upon your channel now I'm watching this. youtube your amazing. also I might subscribe. idk yet.

  • Stijn Sleurs
    Stijn Sleurs 4 years ago

    what key do you press to get out of you're tld menu ?

  • The Philosopher
    The Philosopher 5 years ago +1

    Make a video about the Rivindell elves

  • Austin Corbett
    Austin Corbett 5 years ago

    hey you should do so more of these

  • Brian Kieviet
    Brian Kieviet 6 years ago

    can u tell it to me what ive done wrong probably the same..

  • TheEvilAnanas
    TheEvilAnanas 6 years ago

    You just installed it wrong you incompetent, mindless drone! Read the manual before you nag about something you clearly don't understand.

  • TheZerech
    TheZerech 6 years ago

    I "installed" the mod it first didn't appear in launcher so i checked the files and there is nothing arE the creaters of this mod a bunch of lazy assholes or can they justbdo the easy thing and zip the mod those always, always work.

  • Wilfrid Tiedemann
    Wilfrid Tiedemann 6 years ago

    Can you make a new series of this mod?

  • sander zuman
    sander zuman 6 years ago

    plz help i really want to play that mod

  • imsmoove4life
    imsmoove4life 6 years ago

    what do i do its not working and i have steam

  • imsmoove4life
    imsmoove4life 6 years ago

    whats administrator plz help

  • imsmoove4life
    imsmoove4life 6 years ago

    same hear its annoying

  • Chris L
    Chris L 6 years ago

    Whenever I load the game and get to the loafing screen it says windy flora error. I have read the Manuel and have done everything to try and fix it but it still doesn't work. can someone help me?

  • troy watson
    troy watson 6 years ago

    Is this a game by its self?

  • facebeeotch
    facebeeotch 6 years ago

    im sorry, I've lost the accurate forum where it discussed how :((

  • sander zuman
    sander zuman 6 years ago

    i tried to find it but couldnt find it, plz help me

  • Buddy Sanders
    Buddy Sanders 6 years ago

    I'm honestly not the best guy to talk to when it comes to mod crashes, but it's probably just system instability or something techy like that.

  • tsljr
    tsljr 6 years ago

    Ok so now i have got the game running to day 10 and now the game is just randomly crashing

  • tsljr
    tsljr 6 years ago

    When i try and run it from the ironlauncher it shows the little movie then it automatically launches the game itself through steam

  • tsljr
    tsljr 6 years ago

    I go to the folder i copy and pasted the files to and launch it from there. Tried it as administrator and still said the same thing :(

  • Buddy Sanders
    Buddy Sanders 6 years ago

    You can't run it from steam, and try running it as administrator.

  • ALECSF15
    ALECSF15 6 years ago

    me too :/

  • tsljr
    tsljr 6 years ago

    i have the same problem, installed everything as it said and launched it from the folder from the iron loads to 100% then freezes and gives me that error message

  • tsljr
    tsljr 6 years ago

    Installed this exactly as it told me to and when i launch the game from the folder and error comes up..."get_shader failed for:windy_flora" Please help!!

  • facebeeotch
    facebeeotch 6 years ago

    you can play the mod with warband, google how to play mods made for W&B onto Warband

  • Buddy Sanders
    Buddy Sanders 6 years ago

    Look for it in the module folder, which is in your C:Program Files(x86) > Mount and Blade > Modules > TLD 3.1. Rune in as administrator in there.

  • MatmosStudios
    MatmosStudios 6 years ago

    iron launcher?

  • sander zuman
    sander zuman 6 years ago

    why is it not for m&b warband cuz m&b sucks

  • Buddy Sanders
    Buddy Sanders 6 years ago

    You need to run it from the IronLauncher, and if you have it on steam you have to copy the Mount and Blade folder to your documents file because the launcher only works when it isn't on steam. If you need anything else, just reply.

  • Feanor
    Feanor 6 years ago

    L immediatly downloaded this game crack, virusses l dont matter l NEED it!!

  • Martin Camacho
    Martin Camacho 6 years ago

    wtf every time i run TLD it crashes and say missing shader Windy_Flora
    Can anybody help me? Please i really want to play this mod

  • GSoulTaker
    GSoulTaker 6 years ago

    isnt there any mount and blade minas tirith castle or battle??

  • mysteryrecord
    mysteryrecord 6 years ago

    i like your names

  • andrew seaman
    andrew seaman 6 years ago

    go glorifindel!!!!!

  • FlavoryDuck23
    FlavoryDuck23 7 years ago

    Almost 40000 views and so little likes? makes no sence lol

  • Mullac221
    Mullac221 7 years ago

    get the hotfix

  • Δημητρης Χαρισκος

    it cannot play because the files have ploblem

  • Pungmaster Flex
    Pungmaster Flex 7 years ago

    Warband is superior in every way, but the original has a few better mods than Warband. But Warband also has some amazing mods.

  • SaxonKing1225
    SaxonKing1225 7 years ago

    damn surreal you literally have everything on your channel.

  • Smithysmithin
    Smithysmithin 7 years ago

    Ok. I need help. Someone. I downloaded TLD. Followed the manual to set it up. But theres no .exe file.

  • Allen insy
    Allen insy 7 years ago

    i thout orcs were bigger

  • CCG
    CCG 7 years ago

    i have finally found a good campain on this thanks subed

  • Smithysmithin
    Smithysmithin 7 years ago

    Hey Surreal, i cant get this to work. Can you help me? I downloaded it, followed the instruction manual, but wont work..

  • jus1 fro2
    jus1 fro2 7 years ago

    it lags for me 2

  • Blaze
    Blaze 7 years ago

    @Surrealbeliefs Sorry i don't know that thing google ahoys, I just type that i google and nothingis avilable,can you give me the link please ? Sory for disturbing you.

  • TheAperion123
    TheAperion123 7 years ago

    dont worry we will back you up with likes

  • Ousvec
    Ousvec 7 years ago

    The best mod of mount and blade ever! Thanks to authors

  • Starky
    Starky 7 years ago

    The game lags so much, and it gives me errors all the time...
    I installed it correctly, dunno maybe im unlucky =(

  • Ψύχος της Κόλασης

    For what version is this for?

  • The Most Handsome
    The Most Handsome 7 years ago

    Hey Surreal, I've been playing a really good mod called Sword of Damocles, i don't know if you've heard of or play it but if not you should check it out, it's really good

  • Varshava Kadnikov
    Varshava Kadnikov 7 years ago

    Probably my biggest gripe about this mod, is the way the Elves look.

  • Varshava Kadnikov
    Varshava Kadnikov 7 years ago

    Uhh... That's illegal. Despite being annoyed by the lack Warband support, I would like to support the company.
    So I did, and I bought it not too long after seeing this.

  • doritowarrior
    doritowarrior 7 years ago

    Your vids are awesome. If college wasn't such a pain I would've played The Last Days of the Third Age straight away after seeing this :)
    One thing though. Fëanor didn't have a beard, it was Mahtan, his father in law, that grew a beard while being pretty young still. Fëanor never grew old enough to grow an elvenbeard ;)

  • Chris Beck
    Chris Beck 7 years ago

    eh you can download mount and blade from taleworlds to activate it u need a key witch you can find on youtube

  • TheChuchulainn
    TheChuchulainn 7 years ago

    Can I ask what is with all the movie-hate? Yeah, PJ took some liberties with the original material, but by God, they were good films!

  • iiwijs
    iiwijs 7 years ago

    i hope to this version is some kind of a secret chest that is in star wars mode :D

  • GamersDescent
    GamersDescent 7 years ago

    Do they plan on putting custom LOTR music in when visiting big encampments like Lothlorien it would make it a whole lot better.

  • Varshava Kadnikov
    Varshava Kadnikov 7 years ago

    Wow, this is badass. Too bad it's not for Warband...

  • deriickdamagicguy
    deriickdamagicguy 7 years ago

    when i first saw your name ithought it was sonofkootra

  • Cameron Purcell
    Cameron Purcell 7 years ago

    I think its 1.011, maybe less. But I think thats the maximum.

  • Trollington Trollsten
    Trollington Trollsten 7 years ago

    And also Sarumaun

  • don saké
    don saké 7 years ago

    I get a crash "Windy Flora" did you get that?
    And if you did, how'd you fix it?

  • MadRellox
    MadRellox 7 years ago

    Am i wrong or the map is huge? *-*

  • MadRellox
    MadRellox 7 years ago

    God this is fucking awesome!

  • Shetster Drake
    Shetster Drake 7 years ago

    And Saruman apparently.

  • athomicritics
    athomicritics 7 years ago

    how do you get it to work ? i always get the error about windy_flora when i begin that mod

  • hisuphola
    hisuphola 7 years ago

    O and I am not particuallry asking for help or anything, just pointing out it can be a rather pain to get it to work.

  • hisuphola
    hisuphola 7 years ago

    actually played this near the time it first started, but it sucked than and there were plenty better etc... Now that it been made good / more finished tried playing it but it has been pain in the a** ended up manually installing the mod laong with enhanced Mount and Blade, and still no luck can't really ever hit anything custom and soon as 1 does die/get knocked out it crashes.
    The opening trailer wont play either, and yes made sure to put the files in proper area so idk.

  • Danchos
    Danchos 7 years ago

    @HStryker12 I don't know, it's the same problem by me... :/

  • Herpules
    Herpules 7 years ago

    y do i keep getting RGL error?

  • anon4281
    anon4281 7 years ago

    is this mod for warband?

  • Asshat Gamer
    Asshat Gamer 7 years ago

    i installed it and played it (its awesome) but im not sure if i did it right. they'll be talking and when they acknowledge me, itll say greetings then some weird computer command thingy, my rank with the faction then my name. and when i enter and leave an area, it says entering or leaving bsf shortname lothlorien (example name). when i talk to possible followers, they dont say anything, its a command again and the options say backstory response 1 and 2. and when i ask for rumors, a command.

  • Asshat Gamer
    Asshat Gamer 7 years ago

    also, how do you install it? i did everything (ran the .exe, put files in corresponding folders and ran the iron launcher. the game would run, but the letters were weird and i couldnt read it. like, the letters looked like halfway done arabic lol. like half an arabic letter. could this be the fact that i didnt get the enhanced edition? if thats the problem, i thought the manual said it was optional...)

  • Asshat Gamer
    Asshat Gamer 7 years ago

    i think it would be also cool to make a silmarillion mod (though it would literaly take years). i would love to see morgoth (or melkor), the evil that started it all. plus, you would see a young (and not monstrous) sauron. and armies of balrogs. and......DRAGONS! glaurung.