Most humiliating plays of the 2017/2018 NBA Season! (LeBron, Embiid, Harden, ...)

  • Published on Apr 25, 2018
  • The most humiliating NBA plays of 2017/18!
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  • NBA Max
    NBA Max  Year ago +306

    Thanks for watching! :D
    Which one was your favorite?

    • Katoni W.
      Katoni W. 4 days ago

      My fav was the random pacer 3.....oooohhhh that was tough. #sarcasm

    • Katoni W.
      Katoni W. 4 days ago

      Bro....u really added two lame ass 3 pts shots in the mix???? why? Just make a separate edit. Those soft 3s has nothing to do with this. BS!

    • De_matos
      De_matos 14 days ago

      Scary Terry Sending Drew Bledsoe to the moon and then hitting the 3 with 3s in the clock

    • Xd Moldy
      Xd Moldy 20 days ago

      Joel dunk over Russ

  • Emmanuel Nwankwo
    Emmanuel Nwankwo 8 hours ago

    Embid and Westbrook!

  • Chris Foster
    Chris Foster 9 hours ago

    1:13 Post Malone???

  • Wolverine38
    Wolverine38 9 hours ago

    Why is it that every video I watch like this has no highlights of Westbrook or any of the Thunder players. Why is everyone hating on OKC

  • Garrett Morris
    Garrett Morris Day ago

    laughed my ass off when mitchell threw embiid to the ground. embiid only picks on small players

  • Acidic Alpaca
    Acidic Alpaca 2 days ago +5

    Joel Embiid Just Told Donovan Mitchell To Sit Down

  • Shroud
    Shroud 2 days ago +1

    dunks out of failed charging foul attempts shouldn't be considered as a "poster"

  • Can I get 1000 subs without a video?

    Legend says Tim Hardaway Jr. still has giannis’ feces on his head

  • Katoni W.
    Katoni W. 4 days ago

    We were having a good time until u showed and 3pt and 1 by a pacer? Reeeaaaallllyyyyy? That's humiliating??? U just had to ruin it.#lowbar u can tell who edited this.

  • Fate_Wolf
    Fate_Wolf 4 days ago


  • Enzo Richard
    Enzo Richard 5 days ago

    nning shot u can see his tongue is blue Lnning shot u can see his tongue is blue L

  • Sanjin Dragoljic
    Sanjin Dragoljic 5 days ago

    a 7 footer like joel embiid has the need to stare down a five foot sth donovan mitchell after a block??? why i ask.. he should be able to block him every time he goes to the basket..

  • sebbegod
    sebbegod 6 days ago +6

    3:36 whats going on there? why so mad?

    • sebbegod
      sebbegod 3 days ago +1

      @Dominic Kisenga élève thanks for the answer :)

    • Dominic Kisenga élève
      Dominic Kisenga élève 3 days ago +2

      because it was the last possession and to be respectful and show good sportsmanship, players tend to just dribble the ball because it’s the last play(unless they have a chance to win). but in this case philly was already up by 8 points and it was the last possession so when he went and scored it was just a dick move and it’s like an unwritten rule you just don’t score on the last possession if the game is already over

  • Yung Majin no Kami
    Yung Majin no Kami 8 days ago +1

    Joel the ultimate 🤡 but that's why I love him and relate to him most 😂

  • clodhopper24
    clodhopper24 9 days ago

    When rozier has more clips than kyrie... Later bitch

  • JT
    JT 10 days ago +3

    am I the only one who saw post malone and mark cuban sitting at 1:15 ?

  • Pikaluckgod34 Garcia
    Pikaluckgod34 Garcia 10 days ago

    My favorite is 3:20

  • Pikaluckgod34 Garcia
    Pikaluckgod34 Garcia 10 days ago

    3:53 Pay back

  • Aidan Entertainment
    Aidan Entertainment 10 days ago +18

    No one:
    Literally no one:

    Commentator: CLEAN UP ON AISLE 3!!!!!! CLEAN UP ON AISLE 3!!!!!!!

  • Anab Abdullahi
    Anab Abdullahi 10 days ago +1

    Where is curry 😏

  • Fuad Mohamed
    Fuad Mohamed 11 days ago

    Does Giannis look like NLE Choppa or am I trippin

  • bilaal Ahmed
    bilaal Ahmed 12 days ago +1

    2:07 Guy get his ankle broken

  • washburn11000
    washburn11000 13 days ago

    Bro all LeBron did was that's it

  • NVH iOS
    NVH iOS 14 days ago +1

    Not a basketball player. Why is dunking so disrespectful?

    • Elliot Hatton
      Elliot Hatton 11 days ago

      NVH iOS its not disrespectful per say but getting dunked on is humiliating

  • Trend Video
    Trend Video 14 days ago

    Hey hello, are you wondering which is the best basketball players in the world?

  • Breezo LOE4L
    Breezo LOE4L 14 days ago

    All these plays 🔥😂💯

  • LetsGoToMarsMan
    LetsGoToMarsMan 15 days ago

    1:21 coach was chewin him out for that 😂

  • leelelle 28
    leelelle 28 15 days ago

    Wish the cp3 was in form at all times

  • Jeremy S
    Jeremy S 15 days ago

    Can some one explain to me what happened at 3:38

  • Mushroomstamp
    Mushroomstamp 16 days ago

    That unicorn thooooo

  • Kaleb Abenet
    Kaleb Abenet 16 days ago

    I’m so confused why did Jordan Clarkson get mad at 3:35

    • Shmebulock the gnome
      Shmebulock the gnome 16 days ago

      Well when a team leads by a lot of point in the finals seconds of a game they should let the clock run

  • Rashan Sankofa
    Rashan Sankofa 16 days ago

    Max you're gonna get sued

  • Its Lzzi
    Its Lzzi 16 days ago

    I feel bad for the people who got there ankles broke or dunked on tbh

  • Marco Antonio Arcadia
    Marco Antonio Arcadia 17 days ago +2

    What was wrong with jordan bells dunk

  • Playboii Jerry
    Playboii Jerry 18 days ago

    Joel Embiid is just a bully 😂

  • thekububeach
    thekububeach 18 days ago

    In 90s these players would be smacked by the other team for showing off.

  • i Manqo
    i Manqo 19 days ago

    2:50 push offfffff

    DR PEPPER 21 day ago

    I didn't understand the first of cavs vs sixers

  • Qwertz ChanneL
    Qwertz ChanneL 21 day ago

  • Kane Cullen
    Kane Cullen 22 days ago

    I only came for Joel Embiid

  • PrimoRep Dick
    PrimoRep Dick 22 days ago

    did anybody else see Post Malone at 1:13?

  • YS Nogobela
    YS Nogobela 23 days ago

    Who misses the nba season

  • mjskillz23
    mjskillz23 24 days ago +93

    Lol. Harden is so sick. He can moon walk back and not travel! Amazing.

    • Pen Wednesday
      Pen Wednesday 5 days ago

      Dumbass “nba fan”

    • Brennen Dow
      Brennen Dow 14 days ago

      need to get some high school refs in there

    • MCham08
      MCham08 15 days ago

      Didnt actually "break his ankles" he pushed him off

    • Take Heat
      Take Heat 22 days ago


  • Brandon Mattingly
    Brandon Mattingly 24 days ago

    I am fat

  • Chris Breezy
    Chris Breezy 24 days ago +29

    I am no Harden fan but yeesh that shit was cold. Snapped this dude ankles then just stands there for 3 seconds waiting for him to get up and then splash 😂

    • MCham08
      MCham08 15 days ago +2

      Breaking ankles is with no contact to the defense. Was a good offensive play. But pushing a man with your arm isnt breaking ankles

  • big chungus 23
    big chungus 23 25 days ago

    1:15 there post molone

  • Jamell Holmes
    Jamell Holmes 25 days ago

    5:23 That fake ass fall, he didn't even push you that hard.😆😆

  • itsJay C
    itsJay C 25 days ago

    Even the ref had his mouth open for lebron

  • Yoshiki G
    Yoshiki G 25 days ago +8

    And the Oscar award goes to........

    *Joel Embiid*

  • Guy Namely
    Guy Namely 25 days ago

    Post Malone in the audience 1:13

  • Reina Arana
    Reina Arana 26 days ago


  • Pripchlion
    Pripchlion 26 days ago

    My Eyes😵

  • Casey Hargrove
    Casey Hargrove 26 days ago

    lol why nba players get so mad at buckets when they are losing and the clock is ticking down? .. but even Embiid and Redick made a look before Clarkson beamed him like did what the heck? .. but now that i look at it again why did TJ McConnell lead the pass toward the basket? lol im weak 3:36

  • Casey Hargrove
    Casey Hargrove 26 days ago

    2:45 .. nah son James Harden pushed out and made that man Wesley look bad .. and ya'll haters try to say the Great MJ pushed off on Byron Russ . .this was blatant

  • Casey Hargrove
    Casey Hargrove 26 days ago

    lol ... so Josh Jackson took a bad shot and got it blocked by Porzingis .. then Porzingis hustles back down the court to get an and1 ... oh that foul was on Josh Jackson too? .. bad sequence that sums up his nba career 2:26

  • EthanGamerYT
    EthanGamerYT 28 days ago

    Jordan bell sence and joel embiid

  • aazz0099503
    aazz0099503 28 days ago +1

    Embid dunking on a dude whose like 2 feet shorter soooo fucking cool

  • Jackson - Brawlstars
    Jackson - Brawlstars 29 days ago

    1:36 that face tho😂

  • Golden Agumagu
    Golden Agumagu 29 days ago

    did someone order a stretcher

  • Jessa jane Alejandro
    Jessa jane Alejandro 29 days ago

    funny me

  • is everybody in *
    is everybody in * Month ago

    noticing that 65% of these clips are black players emberassing white players. relish it because white dudes are taking over the league next year and everyone knows it.

  • Meme fighter 6000
    Meme fighter 6000 Month ago

    It’s always centers getting bullied

  • _MazeRunner1624 _
    _MazeRunner1624 _ Month ago

    These seem like highlights not humiliating plays


    Amazing play absolutely shootout me idol

  • erwin gopo
    erwin gopo Month ago

    galing ni irving

  • erwin gopo
    erwin gopo Month ago


  • Little Whore Records

    That Harding one is the best.

  • Amer M
    Amer M Month ago +2

    2:16 NINJAAAA

  • Slim Cheffrey
    Slim Cheffrey Month ago

    Bogdanovic hitting 3's is humiliating?

    G9-STUDIO Month ago


  • Jacob Idy
    Jacob Idy Month ago +1

    Some of them were not humiliating

  • Lan Majcen
    Lan Majcen Month ago +26

    1:13 Post Malone sittign next to Mark Cuban. xd

  • Umut Aydemir
    Umut Aydemir Month ago

    1:13 post malone left bottom corner

  • Geovanny De los santos

    watch many videos about Michael or Curry enter in this link.

  • MoneyManAnto
    MoneyManAnto Month ago

    I love embid personality lmao he a asshole

  • Daniel Brittos
    Daniel Brittos Month ago

    What say kerr 1:20

  • Amzo Tall
    Amzo Tall Month ago

    Embiid the troll king himself!

  • john smith
    john smith Month ago

    lmao that flop

  • logan mcallister
    logan mcallister Month ago

    The Bog 3s??? How is that humiliating? LMAO. Horrible selection. I wanna see people getting STUFFED!

  • Rude Won
    Rude Won Month ago

    embid a bully 😭

  • Bo
    Bo Month ago

    2:53 someone call someone

  • Kevin Murphy
    Kevin Murphy Month ago

    2:31 we just gonna ignore that no-look pass?

  • CGR
    CGR Month ago

    The only person Embiid is embarrassing is himself!

  • Sammie Aldana
    Sammie Aldana Month ago

    This is what America is Loving....But 🇨🇳 is on the move...

  • beri2k6
    beri2k6 Month ago

    3:36 i don t get it.why was clarkson mad?

    • beri2k6
      beri2k6 Month ago

      @TheOfficialJingo oh now i get it, i didn t look at the clock

    • TheOfficialJingo
      TheOfficialJingo Month ago

      He was mad because they were losing and the "polite" thing to do in that situation is to dribble out the clock, not jam it.

  • ImSupreme- -
    ImSupreme- - Month ago +1

    Can someone explain why that dude got mad at 3:39

    • David Waldron
      David Waldron 29 days ago

      One of the unwritten rules of basketball. They're up 8 with 12 seconds left...mans was supposed to run out the clock.

  • Tyler Day
    Tyler Day Month ago

    Post Malone in the crowd at @2:15

  • Jason W
    Jason W Month ago

    That harden stare down then making the 3, that's #1 from me

  • Jay Coney
    Jay Coney Month ago

    James Harden traveled at 3:03

  • SubIfULikeChickenNugget

    Cp3 is crazy

  • djnosleeves85
    djnosleeves85 Month ago

    1:34 When look at your bank account and its barley any money left after paying bills.

  • Ill Crimson Ill
    Ill Crimson Ill Month ago +5

    Post Malone and mark cuban bottom left at 1:15 :D

  • Harvey Schwartz
    Harvey Schwartz Month ago

    Embiid doesn't seem to know the meaning of sportsmanship

  • Mark Pringle
    Mark Pringle Month ago


  • Ron Edward
    Ron Edward Month ago +5

    That flop at the end was the icing on the cake. 😂

  • Boii
    Boii Month ago

    Can we get some Jazz moments and not Jazz Humiliations? Lol

  • Rianne
    Rianne Month ago

    post malone at 1:14 lmaoooooo

  • Kuro White
    Kuro White Month ago

    I didn't understand why he's angry at 3:50. Can someone explain please ?

  • Tim Whitten
    Tim Whitten Month ago +2

    Lebrons dunk was very nasty and imo a top 5 poster of all time!!