iPhone XS Max vs Galaxy S10 Plus - Which Should You Choose?

  • Published on Mar 24, 2019
  • iPhone XS Max and Galaxy S10 Plus are the best new phones that Apple and Samsung have to offer. I compare them thoroughly to help you decide if you want to buy the iPhone XS Max or the Galaxy S10+. #iphoneXSmax #s10plus #Apple #Samsung
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    ***Time Codes***
    00:00 - Start
    00:21 - Price
    00:55 - Design
    01:42 - Advertisement
    02:16 - Face ID vs Fingerprint
    03:31 - Privacy
    05:09 - Displays
    07:09 - Hardware overview
    08:19 - Battery
    09:41 - Geekbench comparison
    10:57 - Speed comparison
    12:41 - IP rating
    13:12 - Cameras
    16:27 - Phone Reception
    17:15 - Speakers
    18:14 - Additional features
    19:53 - Ecosystem
    21:00 - Slow down over time
    21:37 - Conclusion
    22:15 - Outro
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Comments • 1 798

  • Ahmed usama
    Ahmed usama 2 days ago

    My love s10 plus, all rounder 😍

  • everslim smith
    everslim smith 3 days ago

    Watching on my iphone 6S+ 3500mah battery. I can only afford to upgrade battery not a new phone. Im poor

  • Judithe Geffrard
    Judithe Geffrard 16 days ago

    It's all about having a phone u can say: hello,how u doing,and good bye! Lol😂😂 just get what u satisfy with.

  • John Reese
    John Reese Month ago

    Great review. S10+ here and don't regret it. Wife has a xR and loves it.

  • Hector Jaquez
    Hector Jaquez Month ago

    Im very dissapointed about how the fingersprint inside the screen on s10 ! Its very slow and laggy on s9 plus is way better

  • Gene Yumang
    Gene Yumang Month ago

    Hands down samsung will always take the best photo quality... samsung did it first when it comes to 4k and wide lens compared to iphone and wireless charging

  • Tech Mate
    Tech Mate Month ago +1

    I’ve owned the s10 plus and tried out the note 10 plus and regular note 10 both for 1 week. And I’ve had the s9 plus before and the note 8 and right now. I’m rocking the iPhone XS Max and couldn’t be happier. I had the chance of getting the iPhone 11 pro max also since that is released now but I went with the iPhone XS Max because it was 100 bucks cheaper and I don’t like the camera look on the back of the new iPhone 11 pro max it’s just ugly in my opinion and the difference between the two really isn’t much. Plus I like the apple ecosystem and how everything integrates toghether. I will not be switching back to android anytime soon. Plus I prefer apple CarPlay in my 2019 Chevy Malibu. It honestly is better in my opinion then android auto.

  • ajay kumar
    ajay kumar 2 months ago

    i am happy with my s10 + and it is best

  • Thomas Mesenbrink
    Thomas Mesenbrink 2 months ago +2

    Great review, going side by side with specs is much appreciated. I have the S10+ and the XS MAX. To say which one I enjoy better is a tough one. I enjoy the iMessage and the ecosystem apple has built, and for Samsung I enjoy the feature packed experience they give you to really make the phone Yours. One thing I would say though that I end up using the S10+ more because in low signal areas the iPhone struggles to load web pages and send messages whereas the Samsung does wonders in low signal instances and I get to use default apps of my choice. Aside from that both phones are great, just for work around many areas the Samsung makes life easier.

  • Idell Msp
    Idell Msp 2 months ago +2

    Tbh- all these comments about “buy whatever makes you happy” is just straight up annoying.
    I love seeing people’s opinions, it’s entertaining- not peacemakers 🤦🏽‍♀️ no offense, but take the offense.
    Apple vs Samsung fans? Hell yeah

  • 6lowlife
    6lowlife 2 months ago

    Had android for years after leaving the 6plus and just switched last year from the 9+ to the xs max and I have to say my biggest thing is my iphones screen looks larger by a somewhat decent amount due to the Samsung’s having a curved screen although it isn’t smaller that’s a big factor. As for brightness when my phones in direct sunlight I have zero problem seeing it so that doesn’t matter to me but battery wise Samsung takes the cake in every aspect speed charging and length witch is a big thing.. but the iphones camera smokes androids so with that said there is just OS left and there’s just to much customization on the Samsung’s I don’t care to deal with I mean I almost never messed with customizing the home screen and stuff. They’re both great company’s I don’t play that fanboy shtuff

  • MrJobofo
    MrJobofo 2 months ago

    First world problem! There are people deciding whether to eat mud or die of hunger while we decide which smart phone to spend hundreds on 😕

  • Martin Grant
    Martin Grant 2 months ago

    Being an iphone user since it began I never thought I'd take an interest in samsung but the s10 plus changed everything in my eyes , so I switched and now I'll never look back .

  • Jim Maffler
    Jim Maffler 2 months ago

    Very nice woods!

  • Officerpapi
    Officerpapi 2 months ago

    Simple answer buy whatever the hell you want. It’s not wrong to like android and it’s not wrong to like apple. Grow up.

  • ItsCasper
    ItsCasper 2 months ago

    I've had my note 9 for a year now and I cant wait to switch back to apple. I'm not saying that Samsung is bad its just not for me.

  • Zay Lopez
    Zay Lopez 2 months ago

    I actually have had both well still do I’d say I prefer the iPhone galaxys are nice have way more features I love the in screen finger print and face scanner and the front camera but I love to use a phone for what phones are meant for now a days social media and iPhones work just fine for that and seem to flow with the apps better more features better specs better selfie camera galaxy s10 plus had the pearl color one but want a phone that is better with gaming and social media get the xs max I just wish the iPhone still had finger print scanners

  • Antonio Toni
    Antonio Toni 2 months ago

    iPhone 📱 all day🍏🍏😊

  • Stephen Powdexter
    Stephen Powdexter 2 months ago

    I am not a phone expert but I am not happy with my S10. The sales clerk just tells me they all have problems but I can't help but wonder if the iPhone wouldn't be better. All my friends swear by iPhone but I went against my better judgement. The Samsung just gives me a lot of issues.

  • kissatkoiria
    kissatkoiria 2 months ago +4

    Went from xs max to s10+ about few weeks ago. Absolutely love this phone

    • Amy Smith
      Amy Smith 14 days ago

      This is the same situation I'm in.. I have an XS Max and am definitely on the fence. The Ceramic White s10+ looks lovely.

    • Zay Lopez
      Zay Lopez 2 months ago

      kissatkoiria hmm u must use a lot of those features or something I found more to be gimmicky in my expiernce never used the charge other phones feature but twice I did enjoy having a finer print scanner again and long battery life and facial recognition and the openness of android but idk I feel more secure with iPhones less hiccups I will say galaxys have great multitasking features I loved watching Netflix and playing games at the same time

  • Antigua Paradise Island

    If you put the S10 plus at its highest resolution, the phone batter wouldn’t last as long, and it would trip up sometimes I know I have both the iPhone XS Max is at its best right out the box

  • John Cena
    John Cena 2 months ago

    i just dont know what to choose both phones are just good but what shall i pick

  • M.D Gaming
    M.D Gaming 2 months ago

    Obviously s10 plus....

  • Mikey Batts
    Mikey Batts 2 months ago

    What wallpaper is that?

    • kissatkoiria
      kissatkoiria 2 months ago

      There is a link in the description

  • Casey Roberts
    Casey Roberts 3 months ago +1

    Right, S10+ won’t slow down...after one week. Give it about 3 months, then it begins to degrade.

  • David Key
    David Key 3 months ago

    You have a great channel. Always good information.

  • Michal Olender
    Michal Olender 3 months ago +1

    I'm a Samsung person, but considering iPhone, the world is going to an end.

  • Godswarrior 4ever
    Godswarrior 4ever 3 months ago +5

    On the galaxy S10 plus you can open youtube or netflix be watching a video or movie and minimize the video still watch it while doing other things on your phone or web !!

    • Godswarrior 4ever
      Godswarrior 4ever 12 days ago

      @Leo_Vendetta_Don lol thank you for educating em on what i meant by that comment :) very true

    • Leo_Vendetta_Don
      Leo_Vendetta_Don 12 days ago +1

      @desert eagle thats what he trying to say iPhone you can't do that shit u can't multiple task

    • Desert Eagle
      Desert Eagle 2 months ago +1

      Um you can do that on the s7 too. That's a old feature

  • Jagger
    Jagger 3 months ago

    Wich should I took ? HELP #ASAP

  • Zahid Hussain
    Zahid Hussain 3 months ago +1

    I've being using android whole my life and for 4 years straight I've been using Samsung
    I have Samsung s10 but I cant seem to really enjoy it idk why
    I want something different just bored with android I guess
    Thinking to switch to iphone xs or max
    Is it worth or wait let me know

  • david ludwig
    david ludwig 3 months ago

    Fuck your fucking ads. I have to skip over them. So I end up skipping some content. Fuck you. I'm not watching your fucking ads.

  • SweetDreams
    SweetDreams 3 months ago

    Should i sell my xs max and buy s10 plus or note 10 plus?

    • Jack Hansen
      Jack Hansen 3 months ago +1

      I currently have the XS Max and S10+, using the S10+ as my daily. I'd say the differences are minimal - I lean towards the S10+ for the headphone jack (I have a pair of sennheiser wired headphones I prefer to use without adapters), camera image quality might be a tiny bit better on the iPhone, but only by a hair's breadth, plus the added wide angle lens on the S10 kind of swings it in the S10s favour for me. Speed is pretty much a non-issue with both, with battery life maybe being a tad better on the iPhone in most cases.
      Overall I'd probably not advise selling the XS Max for the S10+, unless you want the headphone jack, a slightly more versatile camera and a tiny bit better screen.
      As for the Note 10+, I haven't played with it but I would guess it's a largely similar phone (no 3.5 jack), except from the thinner bezels obviously. Might be worth a shot but again unless you're not liking the iPhone I'd probably say it's not hugely worth it

  • A Alsubaie
    A Alsubaie 3 months ago

    The only reason I upgraded to XS is the operating system. Android is really not that good compared to IOS.

  • Loso Banks
    Loso Banks 3 months ago +1


  • Bartolix 21
    Bartolix 21 3 months ago

    I have Samsung Galaxy S7 3 years now and it's awsome.. i could use it for at least 1 more year... i've had iPhone before and i like iOS and Android (both have pros and cons) ... iPhone XS Max looks very good but what kills it for me is no micro sd option and no headphone jack

  • Mali
    Mali 3 months ago

    But the face id is also great on the s10+

    • kissatkoiria
      kissatkoiria 3 months ago

      its good but not as safe as face id

  • Nasko Dimitrov
    Nasko Dimitrov 3 months ago +1

    Can you please give me downloald link for the s10+'s wallpaper

  • ThomasTune82
    ThomasTune82 3 months ago

    zollo you forgot the long term OS support.. that is the point where all android devices SUCK! 2 major updates (not the pixels) and thats it. compared to iOS where the 5s has iOS 12.x and this phone is almost 6 years old, it is very sad and embarrasing, that so called flagship non-pixel android devices are getting max 1 or 2 major updates.

  • Mansoor Crash
    Mansoor Crash 3 months ago +1

    S10 plus because i already got it 😁

  • Dané Hulings
    Dané Hulings 3 months ago

    No way does my max battery last as long as my s10+. On my max I was charging by noon after taking it off charge at 6. I only have to charge every other day for my s10+.

  • ak pathan vlogs
    ak pathan vlogs 3 months ago

    Sumsung is the best but iphone build quality is best only build quality not the color quality

  • JR
    JR 3 months ago

    Which one has better durability?

  • ahmed wonderland
    ahmed wonderland 3 months ago

    galaxy s10+ is better

  • Rohaan rafi
    Rohaan rafi 3 months ago

    Eeeeeh look at that top notch on iphone SAMSUNG IS THE BEST

  • Luke Dalanhese
    Luke Dalanhese 3 months ago

    How does this man have more subs than views

  • Manuel Rendon
    Manuel Rendon 3 months ago

    Cant believe iPhone still beats Samsung in benchmarks.

  • Lazar Udiyar
    Lazar Udiyar 3 months ago

    I am watching video in my x s max

  • Tommy Williams
    Tommy Williams 3 months ago

    Aaron which os do you use?

    • zollotech
      zollotech  3 months ago

      I carry both, but I prefer iOS mostly due to iMessage. I only know 2 people who use android.

  • Marko Veljanovski
    Marko Veljanovski 3 months ago +1

    5:59 Was that lag or is that how the animation is supposed to look like??

  • Moulipriyo Saha
    Moulipriyo Saha 3 months ago +1

    Hands down the photos on the S10+ look better.

  • Makating Explorer
    Makating Explorer 3 months ago

    I surprised my girlfriend with s10+ as gift on our 4th anniversary.

    • L E
      L E 3 months ago +2

      Hopefully she likes it, its an amazing device.

  • Shoto todorki fan 13
    Shoto todorki fan 13 3 months ago

    I am a samsung fan but im not been mean to apple it's just my opinion

  • paul Helwig
    paul Helwig 3 months ago

    Just got my son the S10+, could have got the second one cheap. I stuck with my iPhone 6S. He's loving it...texting, snapping, tweeting, looking at Facebook, and RU-clip videos!!! WhooHoo!! Same things he did yesterday. Minus the $1000.00

  • jairo ramos
    jairo ramos 3 months ago +2

    Apple be like hey samsung can you make me a nice screen 😂😂😂🖕

  • Jasdeep Dhillon
    Jasdeep Dhillon 4 months ago

    Finally i sold my s10 plus with a big loss and got xs max

    • chigga25
      chigga25 4 months ago

      @Jasdeep Dhillon miss anything from the Android side?

    • Jasdeep Dhillon
      Jasdeep Dhillon 4 months ago


    • chigga25
      chigga25 4 months ago

      @Jasdeep Dhillon u should be on some Apple commercials with that response lol

    • Jasdeep Dhillon
      Jasdeep Dhillon 4 months ago

      It saved my life

    • chigga25
      chigga25 4 months ago

      How's the switch been for u?

  • Nima Arezoomandi
    Nima Arezoomandi 4 months ago

    Battery life on S10+
    It depends on the chipset
    Exynos uses more

  • Chaz McCormack
    Chaz McCormack 4 months ago +1

    As a Android user from long ago..I just got a 1T iPad pro 11 and I love this thing! If apple can make the next iPhone that works like that..I will Trade up today!! Can't believe I'm typing this lol. Hey!! When they compete..we win!!
    Thank you for your video!

  • Denise Victorino
    Denise Victorino 4 months ago +2

    S10plus looks so aesthetic

    • Peter Dang
      Peter Dang 3 months ago

      Denise Victorino ur that chin looks hella aesthetic

  • shortcuts573
    shortcuts573 4 months ago

    i bet all the people saying choose what makes you happy are iphone users lol. It's not that I disagree, it's just a way of masking the denial of being able to get a better device for less money. The software and people saying it's an "OS" preference are also full of shit. Can you tell me the differences and what about the OS? I'd love to know. Because I use both, and the iphone consistently performs worse or has issues or takes longer to complete the same task as the Samsung. Not due to speed of the phones, due to Apple's OS simply not being as reliable or restricting you from being able to do very simple things to "benefit you." Just like it "benefits you" to get a new laptop instead of get yours fixed for free by then fixing the display cable (for those of you who don't know this was a massive issue with the macbook). SURE a new laptop would definitely be better, but what if you just don't need it and you laptop is only a year or two old ? Na a new one would be so much better BUY IT AND GIVE US YOUR MONEY.

  • samer singh
    samer singh 4 months ago +5

    s10+ is better than iphone xs max