Carol Kay - Most Beautiful Thing (Original Song)

  • Published on Apr 6, 2018
  • Join me as I perform an acoustic version of my original song, "Most Beautiful Thing" right here in my studio!
    Most Beautiful Thing is a song about that feeling you get when you've just met somebody you couldn't imagine be more perfect. Awww! hahah Cheesy, but I don't care. Hope you guys enjoy it, I wrote this song a few years ago and am so happy to share it again with you all.
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    You and those eyelashes that
    Fall down
    On your cheek,
    I picked one up to
    Make a wish
    But everything I've ever wanted
    Is right here
    At my fingertips so I'll blow it away
    Cause you are
    Oh you are
    You are the most beautiful thing
    I've ever seen
    You and those pillows you call lips
    Under covers in a dance that was made
    Only for lovers
    Oh you are
    oh you are
    You are
    the most beautiful
    thing I've ever seen
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Comments • 42

  • Carol Kay
    Carol Kay  Year ago +1

    What's one thing you'd like to learn from me? Looking for tutorial ideas!

    • Carol Kay
      Carol Kay  Year ago

      Yes! I will. Thank you!

    • ic music
      ic music Year ago

      Can you do a tutorial on vocal and instrument recording and recommended plugins to enhance our recordings? Thank you and good job.

    • Jirka
      Jirka Year ago

      Carol works great. 🙌💖 Best singer.😊

    • guidiche Jousset
      guidiche Jousset Year ago

      Carol Kay thank you 😊 and sorry again. That’s I wanted to know thank you Carol !

    • Carol Kay
      Carol Kay  Year ago

      Not 100% sure what you mean but I mainly work for myself

  • Beirapha Beiho
    Beirapha Beiho Month ago

    Oh no u are married😢😢😢😢.

  • Ravi Patadiya
    Ravi Patadiya 10 months ago

    I'm in love with your voice , Music & you ....

  • Craig Monteforte
    Craig Monteforte 10 months ago

    Bravo ! One of the prettiest originals ive ever heard

  • Jenna Anderle
    Jenna Anderle Year ago

    Absolutely beautiful song Carol. You're so talented. You have a beautiful voice and you're so kind. Keep it up. I love your music!

  • faracha
    faracha Year ago


  • Moany Mike
    Moany Mike Year ago

    I could have sung this song to my wife daily for the last 20 years and the next x number of decades that I'm lucky to have with her, thanks for sharing Carol :)

  • Axel Rønne Music 4 You

    great song . Voice and Guitar sounds good . 3

  • Adovin X
    Adovin X Year ago +1


  • Stephen Gowers
    Stephen Gowers Year ago +1

    Awesome song, you could feel the love all while you sang that! Thanks for another great video.

    • Carol Kay
      Carol Kay  Year ago

      Thanks Stephen!! appreciate it :)

  • Leo Faulhaber
    Leo Faulhaber Year ago +1

    Sounds better than so many commercial productions.

  • Hijack SONAR
    Hijack SONAR Year ago +1

    Wow...! Cool..! Sounds soothing to ears. Takes into meditative state. Keep up.!
    Wait a sec,,,, you married!😢😢😢 💔💔💔

    • Hijack SONAR
      Hijack SONAR Year ago

      Carol Kay Will you be interested in singing into trance song? I produce EDM and I would like you to be in it.!

    • Carol Kay
      Carol Kay  Year ago +1

      I am happily married :-)

  • Peter Jacobson
    Peter Jacobson Year ago +3

    Not cheesy at all!! Lovely story about falling in love with your husband. I came up with a song about my wife as well, but haven't been able to put it down yet. As always, great to hear the story behind the music, and another enjoyable song! As for a tutorial, how about a lesson on how to break down a song to do a cover the way you do? Thanks again Carol!!!

    • Carol Kay
      Carol Kay  Year ago

      I would love to!! Thanks Peter!! :D Id love to hear your song too!

  • Jeet Harne
    Jeet Harne Year ago +2

    Beautiful ma'am

  • Jirka
    Jirka Year ago

    💖👍🙌💖👍🙌💖👍🙌Very BEAUTIFUL song.I love the melody.Your voice is very enjoyable to my ears.👂🎵❤🎶❤🎵❤Everything from this video sounds simply sublime.LOVE it!❤🙋🙌🙋You truly are a phenomenal musician.🌷🌷🌷I just going to carry on watching all your videos.:)Jirka🙌💖

  • Mr Green eyes
    Mr Green eyes Year ago +1

    I like this song heard it before thought it was about me then I just found out it was for the first man in ya life dooooh I'll just have to settle for second best or 3rd best any ways fantastic song. if I was your hubby and you sang that to me it would be an early night for you t night lol lol have a great Friday cazzzzzzzzzzz Phil

  • guidiche Jousset
    guidiche Jousset Year ago +1

    I love it Carol !!! Nice love song...
    I’ll follow you always !

    • Carol Kay
      Carol Kay  Year ago

      I appreciate your support!! Means a lot to me, thank you!

  • Daksh Soni
    Daksh Soni Year ago +1

    2 comment loved the video❤❤❤
    Great work never stop giving out music it really gives out happiness!!

  • MySamaa
    MySamaa Year ago +2

    The most beautiful thing in this world is to see your followers smiling and knowing that you are the reason behind that smile... I'm :).. thank you!!