The Mercedes-AMG GT 4-Door Is a $175,000 Super Sedan

  • Published on Mar 21, 2019
    The 2019 Mercedes-AMG GT 4-door is a super sedan -- and a very impressive one. Today I'm reviewing the new AMG GT63S 4-door to show you everything you need to know about the Mercedes-AMG GT 4-door, and I'm driving the AMG GT 4-door as well.
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Comments • 5 936

  • Hamza N
    Hamza N 15 hours ago


  • codenameGARRY
    codenameGARRY 17 hours ago

    In the last part (test drive) it would be much better to see the road instead of the face of the reviewer.
    Doug doesn't understand it?

  • Ramadhan Gerry Akbar

    Doug the type of guy who buys hundred grand car merely just for workout

  • Grape Eggplant
    Grape Eggplant 2 days ago

    German muscle car

  • Dana Fokin White
    Dana Fokin White 2 days ago

    175000, it’s 700k in my country :,)

  • Hansen Peter
    Hansen Peter 3 days ago

    Sport exhaust must be the summit of German over-engineering!

  • Raj Bhalerao
    Raj Bhalerao 3 days ago

    Ofcourse this car is beautiful, but Audi RS 7 Performance over this anytime anyday

  • Logical Man
    Logical Man 4 days ago

    AMG GT 4 Door Coupe!!!
    Cool so it’s an AMG GT coupe with four doors!
    No... it’s on a whole other platform.
    Has same engine and driving dynamic if the GT but seats four people???!
    No... has same engine but produces more HP and it’s AWD.
    So why is this a GT?

  • Lenci Prenga
    Lenci Prenga 4 days ago +3

    Doug the type of guy that thinks if he grows a beard his voice might get thicker

  • Ramon Johnson
    Ramon Johnson 4 days ago

    Looks like an Audi s7

  • 已卄尺已几川丹几几

    It needs a V12

  • Jaion Cebollero
    Jaion Cebollero 6 days ago

    It looks like an entirely different model from the gt

  • Ijonkilledyou
    Ijonkilledyou 8 days ago

    Doug is the type of guy who buys gas station sushi.

  • Matthieu Abbas
    Matthieu Abbas 8 days ago

    What about poor v12 w124 ???

  • A
    A 9 days ago

    Are spoiler removable? I wouldn't want to look like an 18 year old uneducated idiot.

  • Dusty Dude
    Dusty Dude 9 days ago +10

    Me: What is a Coupe?
    Any normal car Brand: Its a Sedan with two doors.
    Mercedes: IT IS EVERYTHING.

  • DJ DePaula
    DJ DePaula 9 days ago

    600 hp $175,000 grocery getter smh

  • Mike Fragomeni
    Mike Fragomeni 10 days ago

    Hey Doug if you come to Texas can I do a ride along 469.645.8002

  • Darphens Rene
    Darphens Rene 10 days ago

    “Thissssssssss...” always gets me😂😂😂

  • Erick Onassis
    Erick Onassis 11 days ago

    Doug is the type of guy that dispute credit card charges that he charged..

  • Gorrdd
    Gorrdd 11 days ago

    I think upgrading all your Doug scores would be advisable. Your scores leave out too much empty room at the top end.
    In other words, you leave all this high end room for unrealistic expectations that are not real world. It's like a highschool english teacher that never gives anyone an A because no one is good enough to receive an A.
    Now that might actually be true in terms of the average student in a dumb down society. But these cars have never ever been this good.
    So instead of high numbers in the low 70's I would reset them up twenty points into the low nineties. Just my opinion. Your handling seems so oppressive which is not your demeanor. G.

  • sanya jayant
    sanya jayant 12 days ago

    13:00 Ready for Bluetooth Telephony

  • Benjamin Sila M.
    Benjamin Sila M. 12 days ago +2

    Reviewed this GT 63 AMG and oh man, it’s incredible! 600+ HP, impressive startup sound, and immaculate interior! I’m sold! 🔥

  • Ben Blaney
    Ben Blaney 12 days ago

    Mercedes-AMG GT63S Edition 1 4 door
    Lol jeeze what a name

  • Bardan Alin
    Bardan Alin 12 days ago

    no next track hm hei mercedes play last track problem solved :-))

  • J H
    J H 14 days ago

    Should test drive the CLK GTR

  • Mr Twister
    Mr Twister 15 days ago

    GT63 6/10
    2014 RS7 8/10
    - Bullshit

  • Chris Matthews
    Chris Matthews 15 days ago


  • Cynthia Ingram
    Cynthia Ingram 16 days ago

    Beast of ALL beasts!.

  • timoAC
    timoAC 17 days ago

    "This thing feels really really tight, quite impressive considering its size."
    Doug, talking about a 4-Door Coupe
    Doug, talking about his girlfriend

  • Bomfort
    Bomfort 18 days ago

    Even my 2004 clk has a next track button

  • thetransporter8585
    thetransporter8585 18 days ago

    It’s hideous.

  • Lanift
    Lanift 21 day ago

    Touch screen suck! Really think about it with knobs they are positioned conveniently for your use, but touch screen take a lot of attention while driving and you have to constantly stretch your are out to use it

  • Lanift
    Lanift 21 day ago

    Trust me, touch screen is over rated

  • DrHouse2004
    DrHouse2004 22 days ago

    I cant buy this kind of car! The only reason its because this car hasnt not an ass!!

  • DrHouse2004
    DrHouse2004 22 days ago

    Yellow belt??? Why not orange

  • Tom S
    Tom S 23 days ago

    Doug lets not kid anyone you know you can afford to buy one...2.9m subs

  • TurboAalgaEntertainment

    Now I hate my buttons..

  • alhumaidy alenzi
    alhumaidy alenzi 23 days ago

    The problem with these cars very hard to fix when something stop working

  • An McCLO
    An McCLO 24 days ago

    color is
    poor its,
    half black
    with lighter
    tags opening
    the door

  • Matthew Morrissey
    Matthew Morrissey 25 days ago

    Attributes! Characteristics! Traits! Anything but quirks! Stop saying quirks i fn despise it!!! #antiquirk

  • Coley Sheats
    Coley Sheats 25 days ago +2

    I can not imagine what it's going to cost to fix those cool LED buttons 15 years from now when teenagers are buying them for $15,000

  • Marius Stratulat
    Marius Stratulat 25 days ago

    How long is warrantied the panoramic sunroof till will rain inside?Because Mercedes cars has a tradition with water inside the car

  • del antwine
    del antwine 26 days ago


  • wheelsofdreams
    wheelsofdreams 26 days ago

    Doug in 2022:I just bought a AMG GTs 4door with 50k$

  • YukiBecker
    YukiBecker 26 days ago

    Beautiful interior, very weird to look from outside.

  • Lorenzo S Official
    Lorenzo S Official 26 days ago

    yea ima go head n get this, the 2020 BMW M760Li xDrive, and the Audi Q7

  • Adelson'IMG
    Adelson'IMG 27 days ago

    traction control, off or off

  • B Sam
    B Sam 28 days ago +3

    Doug is the type of dude to watch his videos an give him self a like

  • tominator3
    tominator3 28 days ago +3

    Love: Performance, Tech & Interior. Hate: Exterior looks

  • Seth Samuel
    Seth Samuel Month ago

    Beautiful car at last from Mercedes

  • Dan Davidson
    Dan Davidson Month ago

    That next track thing is really stupid. I can sit in my $25,000 Mazda CX-5 and go forward and back tracks with one button. Come one Mercedes

  • M
    M Month ago

    I watch this video every month

  • Roy Hsieh
    Roy Hsieh Month ago

    all blank buttons are there to hopefully featured in bond movies

  • Nate Staub
    Nate Staub Month ago +1


  • Aris Miguel
    Aris Miguel Month ago

    So if i was a blind person you telling me i can get in the car and be like i can smell i am inside an AMG 👃

  • Ghost
    Ghost Month ago

    The question is can you daily drive it ? Is it reliable? I am looking for a top sedan or suv to daily drive. Thanks for your help

    MrHARDtaHANDLE1 Month ago

    this is the SUX 9000 that Clarence bodecker deserves

  • Michael Garcia
    Michael Garcia Month ago

    And the back looks like a Panamera

  • ChePennyDK
    ChePennyDK Month ago

    When the fuck do all electronics manufactures get that, blue wavelength light, is the one that annoys the human eye the most! You think the military uses red lights for fun?
    Maybe cars need the fucking RGB craze the PC market has seen...

  • Dawa Penjor
    Dawa Penjor Month ago

    Doug the type of guy that likes to push your 'BUTTONS'

  • aftli
    aftli Month ago +1

    Doug! I thought I'd let you know about a quirk of Mercedes cars you might not know about - I've watched just about all of your videos, and I've never seen you mention it. I just bought a 2017 C300. Digging around in the infotainment system, as we do, I found that the car will tell me where Mecca is. I've never seen that in any other car. It's on the screen that shows just the compass in the navigation system.

  • Mad Ras Team wii don't play

    Me: can it fly
    Answer: no
    Me: I am still back to stuck in traffic. Let me know when they get wings. Back to my Honda Clarity. Nice looking car tho

  • v1nc-alpha
    v1nc-alpha Month ago

    These buttons are bettet than your buttons

    *Owns a Rolls Royce with golden buttons*
    _am i a joke to you_

  • pleappleappleap
    pleappleappleap Month ago

    I think it looks like a scaled-up Chrysler Crossfire. As in, it looks like a dog taking a shit.

  • Maksim Domanskiy
    Maksim Domanskiy Month ago

    Last month watching your videos and like them a lot! I `m a big fan of Top Gear and Grand Tour shows, so your format with microscopical atteition to details and kind a english humor is perfect for me. More this, i tryin better my english, and your speach is incredible clear and understandable. Thank you for your job! But i have one wish. Many cars have some hi-end SuperMegaLuxuary sound equipment. It will be nice touch, if you give us your personal opinion about how it sound. I know you not an maniac audiofile, but you have a big experience of car sound and can tell us "yep, it`s really Bang&Olufsen sound". Thanks a lot for you doing, again:)

  • Harvey Jennings
    Harvey Jennings Month ago're all welcome

  • Benjamin Froussos
    Benjamin Froussos Month ago +1

    Crazy how small the rims look. Even 21s.

  • 谢昊天
    谢昊天 Month ago

    Glad to see doug liked this car so much and gave it a really good Doug score. Just got the car last week, and beside the confusing af display icons on the buttons, I’m loving it.

  • Jay Rajesh Arya JRA Music Maniac

    whatever you speak looks like you making fun of this incredible beauty

  • J-Lee Official
    J-Lee Official Month ago +1

    Could you make a video comparing this car with the Panamera please.

    • Timothy Marland
      Timothy Marland Month ago

      J-Lee Official bro wtf is the video on your channel

  • Yashvin Tackoory
    Yashvin Tackoory Month ago +1

    Wow speaking of exercising, i am looking forward to looking like scott steinerafter buyinh this car.

  • koy pond
    koy pond Month ago

    The market for this $175,000 car can't be here in the USA. I consider myself upper middle class and sadly, I'm officially out of the means to afford luxury car. My last luxury car was a 2001 BMW X5 which I paid cash for. 19 years later, I'm officially no longer a statistic for buyers of luxury cars. Bye BMW, AUDI, MB. Hello, TOYOTA and HONDA.

  • KH4444444444N
    KH4444444444N Month ago +3

    Come to Montreal and drive/review my 1986 560SEC Mercedes. @dougdemuro

  • jamel Williams
    jamel Williams Month ago

    It’s so annoying to see the “Doug is the type of guy” comments.... every fucking video.