The Mercedes-AMG GT 4-Door Is a $175,000 Super Sedan

  • Published on Mar 21, 2019
    The 2019 Mercedes-AMG GT 4-door is a super sedan -- and a very impressive one. Today I'm reviewing the new AMG GT63S 4-door to show you everything you need to know about the Mercedes-AMG GT 4-door, and I'm driving the AMG GT 4-door as well.
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  • Luxembourg Leonard
    Luxembourg Leonard 5 hours ago

    My car has slip resistant cup holders

  • Joost de Bruin
    Joost de Bruin 9 hours ago

    It looks so weird

  • Anubis Anubis
    Anubis Anubis 10 hours ago

    200k car....and u cant forward next song...or reversed?!?!

  • WildWill4
    WildWill4 3 days ago

    I guarantee if Doug reviewed the s63 Coupé it would’ve gotten the highest dougscore

  • Nerius Mehta
    Nerius Mehta 4 days ago

    there is a next track button it's the black thumb pad above the volume control on the wheel swipe down for next swipe up for previous.

  • Picax8398
    Picax8398 5 days ago

    God this is just so overdone for a car that will never see the track. Air freshener? Really mercedes?

  • KingDgrant
    KingDgrant 6 days ago

    I’m buying mine this year

  • SlighceTUNES
    SlighceTUNES 6 days ago

    I think they over did it with the center buttons. It could've been something else since its already on the stiring wheel

  • wagagagaggag
    wagagagaggag 7 days ago

    This car is just perfect...

  • Abdulrahman Saadi
    Abdulrahman Saadi 7 days ago

    You just convinced me to buy it.
    In Forza Horizon

  • Alpha KING2REAL
    Alpha KING2REAL 10 days ago +1

    I'm honestly starting to think that Mercedes are made by aliens I hate that they make this damn car so damn great. .

  • Vid Jančar
    Vid Jančar 10 days ago

    Doug the type of guy to match his shirt to the car he's driving

  • Vid Jančar
    Vid Jančar 10 days ago

    If you like this comment...

    ... I will get a notification

  • likemikeleezy
    likemikeleezy 11 days ago

    am I lost? this car does not look good to me. the rear inspired by an a7 and the silhouette of a ford fusion... where is mercedes design language going? lol lacks the power and distinction... this car to me is like when they copied X6 w/ the GLE63. Ugh.

  • madscientist 666
    madscientist 666 12 days ago

    Its ok car. But not so special

  • GOD
    GOD 12 days ago

    Highly doubt it laps faster than the Panamera

  • rezo94
    rezo94 12 days ago

    Cool factor: 6???? are you fcking kidding me? this car is a fcking minimalistic masterpiece, no dumb overkilled "cool" exterior bodywork.... this car is 8+

  • Bluecavemen
    Bluecavemen 13 days ago

    kind has that face you just want to punch for some reason

  • mgm
    mgm 13 days ago

    In 2 years the car will lost more than 50 % cost, from its initial price.

  • Roddy v
    Roddy v 14 days ago

    they fooled you doug :( those aren't actually centre lock wheels, they are a five lug wheel with a screw on centre cap that covers them...

  • Christian Jittan
    Christian Jittan 14 days ago

    For Mercedes and the price of this vehicle they can do better with the infotainment system come on Mercedes the last thing someone wants is to be cruising down the road and fighting to find song they want to listen to

  • Cam Coder
    Cam Coder 14 days ago

    Wonder full next track button lol but can it play dvds

  • Albert Boomer Natty Vegan Einstein

    Doug the type of guy to wear 2 pajamas

  • TinFlyer Meyer
    TinFlyer Meyer 15 days ago +1

    Doug the type of guy to piss himself during acceleration.

  • unReal_wResTLer
    unReal_wResTLer 15 days ago +1

    Well, the fake exhaust disease hit the 4 door coupe too

  • unReal_wResTLer
    unReal_wResTLer 15 days ago +1

    Doug giving sl65 8/10 but to this one 7/10
    Interior + exterior minimum 9/10

  • Arabiantxn
    Arabiantxn 15 days ago +1

    That's like me when I sleep I ask Alexa to play rain and Thunderstorms sounds and turn fan on
    Or if it's cold I ask alexa to play blizzard sounds and turn fan on

  • sean c
    sean c 16 days ago +1

    I only have 159.000 to burn. Oh well.. I guess I'll have to catch the bus.

  • Jaa Bre!
    Jaa Bre! 16 days ago +1

    Just for ppl who are wondering, I went to one of the California's Benz dealers, and asked them how much would be to lease this exact gt63s, they want 10k down and $3000/month for 4 years Lease. If You consider yourself as potential buyer of this ultimate car, be very careful, because dealerships will try make a lot of profit selling/leasing you this vehicle. Don't be stupid!

  • Ethan Robertson
    Ethan Robertson 17 days ago

    Doug I love you

  • Kifter
    Kifter 18 days ago +1

    Doug the type of nigga to wear a carbon fibre condom to save weight

  • Blakslee Woody
    Blakslee Woody 19 days ago +2

    Who is here after the Doug Awards?

  • willie_ beemin
    willie_ beemin 21 day ago +1

    Rather have the M8 Gran Coupe Competition!

  • V12S65AMG
    V12S65AMG 21 day ago

    Doug, the type of guy that gives 6 in coolness when the car oozes coolness all over! Wanker!

  • Jan Alexandro
    Jan Alexandro 21 day ago

    those are not centerlock wheels

  • Daniel Lee
    Daniel Lee 22 days ago +3

    Dear Doug, whenever I'm interested in a car there's nothing more satisfying than finding a review you've done on it. Absolute quality content, love your work.

  • The Dream Car Insider
    The Dream Car Insider 22 days ago

    Are they centrelock wheels? I thought that was a hubcap like on the S63?

  • Maria Tejero
    Maria Tejero 22 days ago

    Look at that Chiron rear bumper.

    PLAY_HRD 24 days ago +3

    "A pig with lipstick" was my thoughts on the AMG GT 53/63, until I drove one, it's a REALLY GOOD sports sedan... I mean coupe... whatever it is it is GOOD!

    JAY LEWIS 24 days ago

    It will depreciate like the S65 amg coupe did I’ll wait until then 😈

  • random stuff
    random stuff 25 days ago

    doug the type of guy to review cars for a living

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  • C Jenkins
    C Jenkins 26 days ago

    You pick the hellcat charger or this one

  • Denis Sulovic
    Denis Sulovic 27 days ago

    220 hingest ??

  • Shawn Tyree
    Shawn Tyree 27 days ago

    7:15 made ya look!

  • alex cepile
    alex cepile 28 days ago

    so this guy says he can't afford it but has a ford gt that is double the price

  • Theone gamer93
    Theone gamer93 29 days ago

    bull...we all know u can afford that car...your being money stingy yourself a favor...get something you like and dont let the wife tell you what to do 😊

  • Saske Vkonoxy
    Saske Vkonoxy 29 days ago

    Translate Russia please

  • Pedro Domingues
    Pedro Domingues 29 days ago

    Doug saying he would buy one is the more significant than any other score, great car

  • Shane House
    Shane House Month ago

    This is my all time favorite Mercedes Benz ever! But the Mercededes gts63 amg v8biturbo 4matic version

  • Mr S
    Mr S Month ago

    Doug is the type of dude that sprays the amg car fregrance when he's on a date , and still doesn't get laid 🤣

  • Mr S
    Mr S Month ago +2

    Doug is the type of dude that spits when he talks and then apologizes and pulls out a hanky 💦

  • Mr S
    Mr S Month ago

    Doug quit kissing up you know for a fact the s coupe previous model had better interior with button controls not Impressed besides the screen

  • jack siscavage
    jack siscavage Month ago

    Why does the average person even watch this guy? Most can not even come close to buying the cars he reviews. Then he gets in a car we can afford, used only, like an Infiniti and cuts it to shreds. Shameful.

  • Gregg Walmsley
    Gregg Walmsley Month ago

    Center lock wheels? 🤔 doubt it.
    “I wish I could afford to buy one?” Makes about $10,000 a day from videos, but can’t afford one. 🥴

    • Gregg Walmsley
      Gregg Walmsley Month ago

      dylan technoGeek we all know what RU-clip pays a million views.

    • Mr S
      Mr S Month ago

      You assume with no facts

  • Narednik Harada
    Narednik Harada Month ago


  • Andrew Persaud
    Andrew Persaud Month ago

    i dunno man, the more i looked at it from the side, the uglier it became

  • SCaR FaCE
    SCaR FaCE Month ago

    I don't like tha fast back style trunk I like a bigger trunk that's normal style

  • Richard L
    Richard L Month ago

    10 years later this car only worth like 27k lol

  • Rack Stackin
    Rack Stackin Month ago

    Damn I cant pile the hoes up inna back of the car they gone have to sit on each other lap🤦‍♂️