$4 Burrito Vs. $32 Burrito

  • “The weight is similar to a large snake!”
    For those of you wondering where to find @lowkey_burritos from our first episode, follow him here to find out where he'll be: bit.ly/2K30vqh
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    Edwin Espinoza
    Matt Stevanus
    Teo Rodriguez-Diaz

Comments • 80

  • respect everbody no hate

    Who else is like that my home town Fresno

  • Elegant hash videos

    It shows that Adam never eat this before so in hurry Adam

  • Zack 2.O
    Zack 2.O Day ago

    I love burritos

  • Nate W
    Nate W Day ago

    Y’all should do chicken wings

  • Supreme Sour Cream

    32$ for a burrito the big isn’t that bad

  • Zrinka Kovacevic

    You should go to Ukraine next and rate the best borsch!

  • Sotero Roman
    Sotero Roman Day ago

    The guy lied, sinaloa has those Chiles too

  • Caguama Time
    Caguama Time Day ago

    Hell yeah! Saludos from Somerton, Az! San luis is only 20 minutes away

  • Cristian Dina
    Cristian Dina 2 days ago

    Is Steven ok? He is really off his game, seems like he might be depressed...

  • matthew moore
    matthew moore 2 days ago

    Andrew turned into a simp 1:05

  • Maliha Vosoghi
    Maliha Vosoghi 2 days ago

    Steven representing KUALA LUMPUR 😍

  • D& A12
    D& A12 2 days ago

    $32 two and a half foot burrito that looks god like when in Australia you can get a tiny ass burrito for $10

  • Allen Fung
    Allen Fung 3 days ago

    Need to update the playlist. Missing Salad and in wrong orders. They know this series is the best thing BuzzFeed got RN. We live to eat (and watch others living to eat)

  • Juan Camacho
    Juan Camacho 3 days ago

    6:50 nah man thats my long lost dad and his friends after work

  • Nova
    Nova 3 days ago

    I’m so hungry I shouldn’t be watching it

  • Ziggy Arteaga
    Ziggy Arteaga 3 days ago +1


  • Kronus Playz
    Kronus Playz 3 days ago

    why doesn't Andrew and steven like everything … looks like they get paid from the restuarant

  • Nallely Gutierrez
    Nallely Gutierrez 4 days ago

    i live in fresno

  • osman cusmaan
    osman cusmaan 4 days ago +3

    6:57 "there is something about this cheese that smells like cheese"

  • tris 04
    tris 04 5 days ago

    That was awesome 👏💯

  • Graham Glasoe
    Graham Glasoe 5 days ago

    Finally something without gold flakes

  • DragonFireHype 1
    DragonFireHype 1 5 days ago

    The first one should have been a asada burrito

  • Nacho Chip
    Nacho Chip 6 days ago

    I live in fresno

  • King Dylan250
    King Dylan250 6 days ago +1


  • Daniel Starr
    Daniel Starr 6 days ago

    The fact that NASA is based in Houston has nothing to do with it I’m sure lol

  • Francisco Trevino
    Francisco Trevino 7 days ago

    Chimichanga is a deep fried burrito it has nothing to do with the meat

  • Rociostrider
    Rociostrider 7 days ago

    I am here stuck in Japan and I would kill for a burrito

  • Apple Juice
    Apple Juice 7 days ago

    ugh, burrito is not burrito anymore

  • MrMiniBeast
    MrMiniBeast 7 days ago +1

    I’m sitting on my bed with an empty fridge and I’m chewing on my empty plastic water bottle imagining myself eating the burritos.

  • jack lin
    jack lin 7 days ago

    we all know who obviously Adam won XD

  • basha G
    basha G 7 days ago

    How do they not have heart disease?

  • Cuty Destroyer
    Cuty Destroyer 8 days ago +2

    OMG the release date of this is my birthday

  • Ly xn
    Ly xn 8 days ago

    Annie is kinda cute not gonna lie

  • one of the many
    one of the many 8 days ago

    i must have a burrito!!

  • Martin Zavala
    Martin Zavala 9 days ago

    favorite episode, all the owners were such great humble people. especially the guy from the anaconda burrito, such a well spoken humble guy

  • QuiXten
    QuiXten 9 days ago

    0:23 i though he was gonna say : MY DICK

  • Rubina Heng
    Rubina Heng 10 days ago

    If the $32 burrito is equivalent to 8 burritos, then it would be 8 $4 burritos

  • Noah Jenkins
    Noah Jenkins 10 days ago


  • awimawe69 YT
    awimawe69 YT 10 days ago

    Dude 32 bucks for a burrito that big? lol

  • Josiah Gamez
    Josiah Gamez 12 days ago

    I love bean and cheese burritos. So yummy. I don't eat meat so I love bean and cheese burritos

  • Master Yoda
    Master Yoda 12 days ago

    I think is was worth it instead of paying 500 dollars for a mini taco with caviar

  • zane aoki
    zane aoki 12 days ago

    Yawww. Nice KL shirt

  • Jaden’s Shoes
    Jaden’s Shoes 13 days ago +2

    Adam is probably the best person on buzzfeed and tasty

  • Gold Signs
    Gold Signs 14 days ago

    They Came To Fresno Wtf I Live Here 😂😂😂

    • Gold Signs
      Gold Signs 14 days ago


  • Buffalo 86
    Buffalo 86 14 days ago +2

    Steven " I'm not saving any for Adam " Adam " am i a joke to you ? takes rest of 🌯

  • Forget About it
    Forget About it 17 days ago

    How kidnapping works: 3:37

  • Kevin
    Kevin 18 days ago

    Why is there a homeless man eating the leftover?

  • Jaryn And Trinity
    Jaryn And Trinity 18 days ago

    That girl is not Jennifer that’s Jose

  • soul
    soul 18 days ago


  • TheFlyingMango 12
    TheFlyingMango 12 19 days ago

    This episode made me happy

  • Flash
    Flash 19 days ago

    Well be honest noone watches buzzfeed except worth it vedios

  • Larry Goldman
    Larry Goldman 21 day ago +1

    when price goes from 100's to 10's.. you know your content ain't paying the bills anymore

  • Chris Violaris
    Chris Violaris 21 day ago

    When you've been binge watching worth it so much that you know that Andrew wore that orange shirt when they tried eggs in Japan ...

  • Jonathan Vasquez
    Jonathan Vasquez 22 days ago

    How they say pan pan dulce😂

  • a b
    a b 22 days ago +1

    Don't really know if you can call $4 and $32 drastically different, but this series is good, so I'll watch.

  • mark trash
    mark trash 23 days ago

    just waiting you guys come to Brazil

  • Not Your Mother
    Not Your Mother 24 days ago

    Mexican Grandmas burrito has its own level.

  • Akira Cossings
    Akira Cossings 24 days ago +18

    The creator of the anaconda burrito seems like a truly sweet guy, I’m not even a burrito fan but I’d buy one just to meet him!

  • Sunaina Bose
    Sunaina Bose 25 days ago

    Throwback to Andrew's first episode where cheers-ing food made me awkward and icky. They've come so far :")

  • Punky MK7
    Punky MK7 25 days ago +1

    hmmmm $11 breakfast burrito is pretty steep

  • Meme M
    Meme M 25 days ago

    Every time I watch a worth it video I just want fooooddddd

  • Yume Hysteria
    Yume Hysteria 25 days ago

    Im confused on how to feel when that piece of bread just popped apart at 4:21

  • Ariel Villarias
    Ariel Villarias 26 days ago

    It's blurred, i guess it's japanese.

  • Julian Reyes
    Julian Reyes 27 days ago

    Today’s video is burritos. *stars with chimichangas* YOU HAD ONE JOB

  • Mad Max
    Mad Max 27 days ago

    They're all Mexican, they all automatically win

  • Rachelle Jitariu
    Rachelle Jitariu 27 days ago

    ok so i was

  • moo moo
    moo moo 28 days ago +2

    edwin just giving them a crazy watermelon is the cutest thing i’ve seen

  • Nathan Perez
    Nathan Perez 29 days ago

    If you ever go to tracy in summer it’ll be like 110 degrees F

  • Ali Nader S Abdulla S Shbar Al Mousawi

    2:42 Adam is the tortilla

    So he holds you two together so you dont fall apart?

  • Ed Eduard
    Ed Eduard Month ago

    come on guys bring something new.....love ur show

  • Rocco Cioffi
    Rocco Cioffi Month ago +1

    How to get your fussy-ass child to go to sleep
    Steven: *You go to sleep*

  • Mael Archangel
    Mael Archangel Month ago

    The secret ingredient to the first one is

    Mexican mom

  • Wolfshade77
    Wolfshade77 Month ago +22

    2:45 Steve: I'm not saving for Adam
    Adam: *proceeds to grab the burrito and fit the whole thing in his mouth*

  • i Don't know
    i Don't know Month ago

    2:55 chimichanga
    Deadpool lol

  • Deadly88
    Deadly88 Month ago

    When they said “pandulce” I don’t even know what to say 😐

    • Isaac Diaz
      Isaac Diaz 19 days ago +1

      Deadly88 well they can’t speak Spanish soooo

  • James Andrew Baltazar

    spongebob refrece wombo

  • Harpal Banwait
    Harpal Banwait Month ago

    I live Yuba City, California and haven’t heard about Anaconda burrito until now

  • God
    God Month ago


    • God
      God Month ago


    • God
      God Month ago

      Zico is cool

  • Henry Everill
    Henry Everill Month ago

    Chimmi chuck it in the bin 😂😂😂

  • Miguel Ayala
    Miguel Ayala Month ago +3

    It was the most wholesome thing when he said “i brought u a crazy watermelon”