The Galaxy-Wide Premiere of Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order Live Panel at SWCC 2019

  • Published on Apr 14, 2019
  • Join the head of Respawn Entertainment, Vince Zampella, and Game Director, Stig Asmussen, along with many special guests, to be the first to learn about this holiday’s highly anticipated action adventure game, Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order. Hear how Respawn and Lucasfilm collaborated on this original Star Wars story, following a young Padawan’s journey in the Dark Times following Order 66. And of course, we’ll have a few surprises in store.
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  • Talon Diwisch
    Talon Diwisch 4 days ago

    Best thing to come out of Celebration in my opinion.

  • Kyle Randle
    Kyle Randle 14 days ago

    Mark Hamill is the Joker and Jedi. Cameron Monaghan is the Joker and Jedi.

  • Tousif Zamal
    Tousif Zamal 21 day ago

    why am i getting ratchet & clank flashbacks here.

  • Uzzab
    Uzzab 22 days ago

    Cameron Monaghan a young Clint Eastwood? Psshhh puh-lease

  • thebill300
    thebill300 25 days ago

    The plural of Jedi is Jedi why do people keep saying Jedi’s?

  • blackburn1489
    blackburn1489 26 days ago

    trust Respawn, dont trust EA

  • True Leggott
    True Leggott 27 days ago

    Well, looks like i have to preorder another $100 game

  • Cadis Etrama di Razanil

    I'm glad I can play a white male jedi who has real struggles and not OP...yet

  • Its Ur Boi
    Its Ur Boi 28 days ago +1

    An odd choice of thumbnail.

  • Nictunes
    Nictunes 28 days ago

    40:40 it takes a villain (EA) to rise a Jedi (Respawn)

  • Cjay 666
    Cjay 666 Month ago

    Starkiller vs cal would be sick

  • TRENT Solo
    TRENT Solo Month ago

    EA Con artistry

  • BiggySn1p3r
    BiggySn1p3r Month ago

    T.J. Storm

    SLIM SHADY FAN Month ago

    needs a longer and better story than Spiderman ps4, it would be better if it was open world and let you explore some of the planets anytime. I'd also like to see starkiller in the story too even if it's an easter egg or reference to the character... but I 98.99% doubt that any of these things'll happen!

  • Aiden Ashworth
    Aiden Ashworth Month ago +1

    A shame the game was mediocre garbage.....

  • Eric Piche
    Eric Piche Month ago

    I’m picturing uncharted meets Star Wars. I’m sold.

  • crimson autumn
    crimson autumn Month ago

    Great charactor

  • Dolirn
    Dolirn Month ago

    I'd love to see the Let's Play panel!

  • Geej1138
    Geej1138 Month ago +2

    Hmn. I flipped from zero interest to high anticipation after seeing that trailer.

  • Tec
    Tec Month ago +2

    I just noticed that his lightsaber is a broken in half Jedi Temple guard lightsaber staff!

  • Caty Galgano
    Caty Galgano Month ago

    This video has 66,000 views.

  • Bublito HeizCrew
    Bublito HeizCrew Month ago

    You guys realize all they're going to do is take Battlefront 2 jedi mechanics and make a game out of it? Right? You're getting over hyped over a 29.99$ game that's going to be sold 79.99$

    • Bublito HeizCrew
      Bublito HeizCrew 27 days ago

      +Gravity Because EA forces all its companies to use their garbage Frostbite engine no matter what. Most of the Star Wars assets are already made in Frostbite for Battlefront, do you really think, EA will allow them to make new assets for a new game?
      No, not a chance in hell.
      The devs will be working with a much smaller budget than they'd actually need, meaning the best they can do is transfer assets from Battlefront to this game.

    • Gravity
      Gravity 27 days ago

      This wasn’t even developed by the same people. This has been in the works since before EA acquired respawn why would they use the same mechanics?

  • SlowPonk
    SlowPonk Month ago

    Massive faith in Respawn because of Titanfall. I just hope that EA lets Respawn do their own thing. I have heard the "no microtransactions" thing before only for it to be shoehorned in at the last minute and even worse, pre-order rewards like maybe getting a sabre skin (obi wan or anakin's hilt for example) that nobody else can get and let's not forget EA's horrible pricing for season passes. We still have 7 months to go and the whole grand promises could be just a fascade.

    One good thing to note is that they are not using the Frostbite engine, it looks like UE4 perhaps so yay. I don't know why EA was so obsessed with Frostbite maybe that was just DICE being the spoiled kids they are. Respawn has a good reputation but EA is the dark cloud over them, hidering their vision slightly. That's the problem building your success on the back of Evil A**holes (EA) much like how the Jedi built their temple on old Sith ruins its like poetry...

  • Adorath 100
    Adorath 100 Month ago +1

    lololol The crowd isn't even that excited. 'Cause it has EA on it.

  • Karina
    Karina Month ago +1

    but I want to become a... Sith Lord

  • Bill Louis
    Bill Louis Month ago +1

    No offense to those out there but I would love to see a game in which the lead Jedi is not always a white male.

    • Talon Diwisch
      Talon Diwisch 4 days ago

      Are you kidding me right now?! Rogue One, The Force Awakens, The Last Jedi, Battlefront II, tons of the books and comics all have female leads! It’s actually refreshing to see a white male lead again. Not to mention, there’s tons of female characters in Rebels and Resistance.

    • Bill Louis
      Bill Louis 29 days ago

      Kraze Reverb Sounds awesome to me.

    • Kraze
      Kraze 29 days ago +1

      how about a japanese jedi, a samurai weilding a katana lightsaber or weebsaber? pretty cool right.

    • Bill Louis
      Bill Louis Month ago +1

      In particular I would like to see an African American female who is not an alien.

    • Joe Sidious
      Joe Sidious Month ago +1

      Who would u like to c....Any one or alien in mind ? .......

  • Bill Louis
    Bill Louis Month ago +2

    I’m very happy to see a single play story game without having to play online.

  • nick r
    nick r Month ago

    Why no gameplay?

  • SolidSnake1284
    SolidSnake1284 Month ago

    Skip....skip.....GAMEPLAAAAAAAAY!! T.T

  • Katelyn Rose
    Katelyn Rose Month ago

    They had Purge Troopers in the mobile game Star Wars: Uprising. Anybody remember that game?

  • The Mystic Mungis
    The Mystic Mungis Month ago +1

    yeah, look. the behind the scenes stuff and concept art is cool and all that, but can we have some gameplay please?

  • frdrck moyz
    frdrck moyz Month ago +2

    I hope this turns out like how Sekiro did (Activision = Bad, FromSoftware =Good) = Amazing game.

  • Luke Play
    Luke Play Month ago +2

    I trust Stig Asmussen.. he is director God of War 3

  • Bobby 1987
    Bobby 1987 Month ago

    The sound is very low at times

    • Niclas Lööf
      Niclas Lööf Month ago

      The "less important" panels usually have very poor audio capture. That's also why the audience seems so quiet.

  • Rob Nickerson
    Rob Nickerson Month ago

    Trailer looked rushed. Obviously trying to ship it along with the movie release. We'll see young padawans

    • Talon Diwisch
      Talon Diwisch 4 days ago

      They’ve been working on this for a long time and it has no relation to Episode 9 as far as we know.

    • Niclas Lööf
      Niclas Lööf Month ago

      It's just a reveal trailer dude, chill

  • Alex Gray
    Alex Gray Month ago +1

    I hope we have two endings and dark side force powers

  • Hayden BATE
    Hayden BATE Month ago

    Audience sounds so excited

  • Detective X.
    Detective X. Month ago

    I sense a star wars rebels connection

  • Match143
    Match143 Month ago +1

    Am I the only one that thinks Kasumi is a total babe?

  • andyenid2
    andyenid2 Month ago

    I’m ready for micro transactions

    KGORE Month ago

    I trust stig

  • Tyson J
    Tyson J Month ago +20

    Trying to psychup the croud initially by asking if they're ready... barely a voice is heard.
    When they announce it's a story game with no microtransactions, the whole place cheers.

  • Muffin Master
    Muffin Master Month ago


  • PaidoGato
    PaidoGato Month ago +1

    46 minutes of No gameplay videos.

  • Marc Daoust
    Marc Daoust Month ago

    It would be cool that in 5 years Jedi Fallen Order 2 cone out and that you can created your character(I know I see way too far in the futur)

  • b-rabbit
    b-rabbit Month ago +1


  • Charles Redhead
    Charles Redhead Month ago

    Hopefully you can go dark side

  • ThaLiveKing
    ThaLiveKing Month ago +2

    Respawn is gonna take us back to the glory days of gaming!!!

  • Tiaan Oosthuizen
    Tiaan Oosthuizen Month ago +1

    Ginger Ninja from Shameless pops up everywhere now. The new Nicholas Cage except he can act.

  • Kerim Gürsu
    Kerim Gürsu Month ago +4

    We need this melee troopers in Star Wars Battlefront 2!😎🤙🏿💥

  • Damien Eisenhower
    Damien Eisenhower Month ago +1

    I have faith in this guy because he seems like a passionate fan and it's not a publisher title in my eyes. Apex proved what can happen if the publisher steps back and let's the teams work on their game

  • Krakken7Down
    Krakken7Down Month ago

    I love the idea of this. BUT I DON'T TRUST EA!!!! I wish Disney would get rid of the exclusive deal... But i am willing to give this game a chance, AFTER the reviews and i find out if they are being honest about no Mivrotransactions, or Multiplayer... I will never preorder another game again.

  • TrevorBOB
    TrevorBOB Month ago +1

    Good ol Vince

  • Dominic Mckeown
    Dominic Mckeown Month ago

    Worried that the game with be quite linear with no open experiences. I think to make it immersive we should be able to have an extent of our own options. At least colour of the Saber blades even if it’s restricted to Jedi colours I don’t even care. Just give me some customization, some elements that give me a personal depth to the character.
    They’ve been making this game for 3-4 years and if the scale is that of an Uncharted game I’ll be disappointed

    • lazzaro andrea
      lazzaro andrea Month ago

      +Josh Trinidad it's a metroid style game, with different planets you can return whenever you want.

    • Dominic Mckeown
      Dominic Mckeown Month ago

      Josh Trinidad which wouldn’t be horrible.

    • Josh Trinidad
      Josh Trinidad Month ago

      Dominic Mckeown im guessing the scale will be that of God of War ps4 maybe

  • quatz1981
    quatz1981 Month ago +1

    No multiplayer and no microtransactions, im sold

  • Palawan Gamer
    Palawan Gamer Month ago

    EA Don't screw this up please

  • Bricks to Life Animation

    finally we are getting new starwars content with a male lead role!

  • Vojta Valerian
    Vojta Valerian Month ago +2

    Camren are you a hidden child of Mark Hamill because you are jedi and joker just like he is

  • super jedi player
    super jedi player Month ago

    CT when?

  • MyBean
    MyBean Month ago

    Thank you EA, -hopefully this is- very cool!

  • LeanerPython45
    LeanerPython45 Month ago

    the lightsaber looks like satele shan's from swtor
    from the trailer where malgus cuts it in half

  • JL B
    JL B Month ago

    wonder why they failed to admit or mention that Purge Troopers are Clone Troopers.

  • Angel Pinilla Lafuente

    😂When joker is a jedi😂

  • Jay's Brick Co.
    Jay's Brick Co. Month ago


  • Hunter Espinel
    Hunter Espinel Month ago +1

    This game comes out on my birthday

  • Loli Police
    Loli Police Month ago

    No... Just no

  • Cthulhu
    Cthulhu Month ago

    Don't pre order

  • KRAKEN gaming
    KRAKEN gaming Month ago +1


  • Scuriosity Plays
    Scuriosity Plays Month ago +12

    The Second Sister is Barriss Offee, I'll bet.

  • KC Voorhees
    KC Voorhees Month ago +1

    Jerome valeska!😎😎😎😎

  • ARES SpartanX
    ARES SpartanX Month ago +1

    Is it a game seperated from battlefront 2 or is it like a type of story mode

    • Omar Guerra
      Omar Guerra Month ago

      212th SpartanX it’s total different game thought
      Yo now that i think about it would of been sick if it was a dlc huge update to battlefront 2 but yea it’s a different game

    RGE-CTFS Month ago

    Great panel!!

  • mecharobots
    mecharobots Month ago

    Mr negative in the game 👍😋

  • Hiro Aneirin
    Hiro Aneirin Month ago +14

    This game has so much potential. Can't wait to see Cal's story!

  • MuscleSheriff
    MuscleSheriff Month ago +2

    I might get a ps4 or xbox just for this game...

  • MuscleSheriff
    MuscleSheriff Month ago

    35:22 swt influences...

  • MuscleSheriff
    MuscleSheriff Month ago

    32:35 purge troopers

  • MuscleSheriff
    MuscleSheriff Month ago

    11:03... Game looks lit

  • William_BroBrine
    William_BroBrine Month ago +10

    Respawn is a good studio and story teller I have faith in there work I as story trailer I love it

  • Phantom Lancers
    Phantom Lancers Month ago +1

    so jedi and joker is the same?

  • Spike View3
    Spike View3 Month ago +1


  • Spike View3
    Spike View3 Month ago +1

    This game is a labor of love

  • dm7111722
    dm7111722 Month ago +2

    2:56 Mozambique over here!

  • Guardian
    Guardian Month ago +2

    Do I want this to be good? Yes, will it be good with EAs track record? Absolutely not. Watch the story online when it comes out and save yourself money.

  • Joel Fridolfsson
    Joel Fridolfsson Month ago +2

    If you’re gonna give the joker a light saber DONT MAKE INTE BLUE! He’s the joker! He needs a green or purple light saber as an easter egg!

  • hector.3710
    hector.3710 Month ago +4

    Bruh nothing gonna beat the force unleashed games

  • ItsTheWeekend
    ItsTheWeekend Month ago +1

    Star wars celebration how u DOING!?
    “Uh huh, yeah. Micro transactions.”

  • The Juicy Jedi jester

    This sounds like boring, generic star wars content a 10 year old would think of in 10 mins.

  • Robby Hempel
    Robby Hempel Month ago

    That purge trooper costume looked really bad

    HAN STARKILLER Month ago +2

    The Fallen Order
    Clone Wars S7
    Episode X
    It may not be much for non fans but for us it enough to be excited for

  • Nathan Manns
    Nathan Manns Month ago +3

    I’ll give you one more try EA

  • Justin Time
    Justin Time Month ago +3

    The guy has such a generic face I never would have realized there was an actual actor involved.

  • Memberobject
    Memberobject Month ago +3

    lmaoo he is getting fired 24:03

  • Noah Bingham
    Noah Bingham Month ago +15

    It would be cool to see the new hero in BF2
    Since both games are made by EA

  • Hugh TBR
    Hugh TBR Month ago +1


    • lazzaro andrea
      lazzaro andrea Month ago

      It's a metroid style game, with different planets you can return whenever you want.

    • MyBean
      MyBean Month ago

      EA would never be so kind to us, them making it open world would be out of character

    • Yayo' Ariowibowo
      Yayo' Ariowibowo Month ago

      Probably not open world per se but more likely linear story progression with open levels in every chapter

  • Pocket Heart
    Pocket Heart Month ago

    White male protagonist. Yawn.

  • Dis Kid
    Dis Kid Month ago +43

    Trailer looks good but I NEED gameplay please!

  • Flavio GO
    Flavio GO Month ago +5

    5:06 God of War 3 PS3 Exclusive 2010
    Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order PS4, XBOX ONE And PC 2019

  • Endor Express
    Endor Express Month ago +1

    This looks like it’s going to Rock👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽😎

  • ThyBountyHunter
    ThyBountyHunter Month ago +2

    Give it a bit, MP will be added later, and then Micro-transactions then or soon after. I have zero trust with EA.

    • ThyBountyHunter
      ThyBountyHunter Month ago

      +Niclas Lööf There is always a first, but greed will always lead decisions....EA has shown they are about Greed. Mark my words...considering what they said about single player games...

    • Niclas Lööf
      Niclas Lööf Month ago

      No. That's paranoid. And unrealistic. EA wouldn't let a dev announce this to be a singleplayer only game with no microtransactions if they didn't plan om keeping such a promise. EA is shady as hell but they dont have a habit of outright lying due to their poor reputation.

    • Lucas B.
      Lucas B. Month ago

      I really, reeeeeaaaaalllllllyyyyyy hope you are wrong