Jason Momoa Always Visits Emilia Clarke Whenever He's In London | The Graham Norton Show

  • Published on Oct 28, 2019
  • Jason Momoa makes an amazing entrance, reuniting with Emilia Clarke, Regina King, and meets Ross Noble. His 'stunt double'.
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  • Gabriel
    Gabriel 20 hours ago

    He is literally a combination of a caveman and viking.

  • siddhesh gode
    siddhesh gode Day ago +1

    Nobody in the world can hate him such a funny human being❤️❤️

  • derkaiser420
    derkaiser420 2 days ago

    I could not stop laughing. Jason and Emilia you can tell are good friends and he looks like a tough guy but is actually just a really nice guy.

  • BeOne views
    BeOne views 2 days ago

    he visited her a lot in the show😁

  • Horizon Foz
    Horizon Foz 3 days ago

    Dam Jason and Emilia friendship is so adorable.

  • Adam Dow
    Adam Dow 5 days ago

    Ross dawns the coat better.

  • RG
    RG 5 days ago +2

    "You are Aquaman, you don't care about the damp." Graham Norton is a genius.

  • Sandra Regina
    Sandra Regina 8 days ago +1

    Homem lindo

  • Hanna L
    Hanna L 10 days ago


  • maxpaine 0827
    maxpaine 0827 16 days ago

    Hes lowkey smashing emily

  • Battle Cat
    Battle Cat 16 days ago +2

    He looks like a Hawaiian Hagrid or something :P

  • đæhıs krôtøs
    đæhıs krôtøs 16 days ago

    666 - 999

  • Jane VanSkike
    Jane VanSkike 17 days ago +1

    So cute.

  • carlos nunez
    carlos nunez 18 days ago

    Beautifil emilia

  • daddistalin
    daddistalin 18 days ago


  • Rachel RaeRae
    Rachel RaeRae 19 days ago +3

    It's so nice of him to protect her when she wasn't as famous as she is now.

  • Nykola Dudeck
    Nykola Dudeck 19 days ago

    Brotherhood of the Travelling Jacket

  • Adam Dow
    Adam Dow 19 days ago

    He looks like Kraven the Hunter.

  • India La loca
    India La loca 19 days ago +1

    He is so DAMN SEXY 😜😘💪🔥

  • OG Maniax
    OG Maniax 20 days ago +1

    Imma tell my kids that this was jesus

  • Diana Réis
    Diana Réis 20 days ago


  • Isabel Weiss
    Isabel Weiss 20 days ago +303

    Jason literally went straight to emilia, hugged her and said “Hi baby”
    I CAN’T 😩😍😍

  • Novel Dixon
    Novel Dixon 20 days ago

    Love love love jason
    Lisa Bonet very lucky blessed woman 🔥🔥

  • Diego Cortez
    Diego Cortez 20 days ago

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  • Diego Cortez
    Diego Cortez 20 days ago

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  • Эмиль Золя
    Эмиль Золя 20 days ago

    American Jigurda😂

  • M.K Ultra
    M.K Ultra 21 day ago

    That nonsense was funny as hell!

  • Anticsofasocial nobody
    Anticsofasocial nobody 21 day ago +3

    I mean if you're bffs with Emilia Clarke I would visit her too. Shes fantastic! Jason is awesome too!

  • Eelke Westra
    Eelke Westra 21 day ago +2

    Damn, dude is like the sexiest man alive

  • Jane E
    Jane E 21 day ago

    How much does Emilia Clarke want to get inside that coat?

  • KillerGrooves
    KillerGrooves 21 day ago +1

    I really want to see a buddy cop movie with Jason and Chris Hemsworth. Maybe add The Rock, too.

  • Yuv.S Estd.98
    Yuv.S Estd.98 21 day ago

    DC and GOT all part of WB👏

  • Sérgio Carlos Rapozo

    very good kkkk

  • Thorsten Groß
    Thorsten Groß 22 days ago +1

    Jason bangs Emilia everytime he is in London. I swear...i would 😝😝😝

  • kimma508
    kimma508 22 days ago

    Is there anything that Jason Momoa doesn’t look delicious in? No!!

  • camzwalz
    camzwalz 22 days ago

    omg my parents

  • Heather Lee
    Heather Lee 23 days ago

    I love Jason. He seems so sweet and kind. :)

  • Сергей Крокута

    возвращение Будулая показывали?

  • Tenzin Yougyal
    Tenzin Yougyal 24 days ago

    I got love for Regina Hall beautiful woman and a beautiful queen but I got to love for Jason Momoa love all his movie

  • Zero Subs
    Zero Subs 24 days ago +1

    First few seconds i thot they brought a tiger to the show

  • Alexei M S Cruz
    Alexei M S Cruz 24 days ago

    Ross Noble just became a slimmer version of the Penguin after the jacket swap with Mamoa 🤣😂🤣😂🤣

  • Alex Lis
    Alex Lis 24 days ago

    Оппа джигурда

    BEGETTAREX7770MG 24 days ago +1

    Emilia clarke lost her virginity with aquaman???

  • Charon
    Charon 24 days ago +1

    But how he visit her ? 👉👌

  • Helena Helen
    Helena Helen 24 days ago

    Он сразу подошёл к Эмилии это так мило,видно их тёплые чувства😍😗

  • GiOrgi Gorgadze
    GiOrgi Gorgadze 24 days ago +3

    Emilia clarke alwais laugthing I love that woman❤

  • helsinki
    helsinki 25 days ago

    Jason Momoa's clothing style is pretty much anything. Dude could wear a tutu and probably still make it work.

  • Umid Mamirov
    Umid Mamirov 25 days ago

    Pornhub is desperately needed

  • Peter Hansen
    Peter Hansen 26 days ago

    1:56 he has the double size of her head

  • Miskatonic Alumni
    Miskatonic Alumni 26 days ago

    Can we all appreciate how sweet Jason Momoa is?

  • Sathrak Thiyaharasa
    Sathrak Thiyaharasa 26 days ago

    Such a cool guy

  • Joel Atienza
    Joel Atienza 26 days ago

    It’s so sweet to see them together 😊

  • Supriya Gummalam
    Supriya Gummalam 27 days ago

    Oh my, Jason looks so hot in the black coat 🤩

  • Butter Fly
    Butter Fly 27 days ago


  • Senorita Aurora
    Senorita Aurora 28 days ago

    If only more men looked like him

  • Medina
    Medina 28 days ago

    Good lord he’s tall, and absolutely good looking 😍🤤

  • Cali Braxus
    Cali Braxus 29 days ago +7

    Ross Noble looks more like Danny DeVito's Penguin in that coat.

  • Nathan Drake
    Nathan Drake 29 days ago

    I think we have found our penguin

  • Handsome Jack
    Handsome Jack 29 days ago +1

    The amount of pure chaotic good energy that Jason gives off here is *powerful.* A big beautiful long-haired huggable Spartan wearing a leopard print jacket like a pro. Simply incredible.

  • NismoFury
    NismoFury 29 days ago

    Awkward and they just played it all off.