What a Liver Shot Really Feels Like | Joe Rogan

  • Published on Aug 20, 2019
  • Taken from JRE #1336 w/Legion of Skanks: ru-clip.net/video/7q44OJasErI/video.html

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  • Mario Varona
    Mario Varona Day ago

    Punch yourself softly on the liver or on the mouth of the stomach to have a small taste of what it feels like

  • Ian Evors
    Ian Evors 8 days ago

    Bas Rutten’s fight against Jason Delucia is a great showing of how devastating a liver shot can be. ru-clip.net/video/OXPF2oShAME/video.html from 8:45 on.

  • the chungus
    the chungus 9 days ago


  • lv xMr_Sebax vl
    lv xMr_Sebax vl 11 days ago

    Joe " 2:03 " Rogan

  • Joopa Joo
    Joopa Joo 13 days ago

    Liver Shot. Is that some alcohol drink?

  • Zorn tier
    Zorn tier 13 days ago

    Liver shot is one of the human off buttons that and the jaw line and the kidney shot
    Personal story the first time I caught a punch on the jaw and I was there and I knew what was going on but my legs just disappeared they were no longer there all I knew is I was standing planing my next line up of shots and then I was on the ground I did black out I was there but I was standing and then I wasn't freaky stuff

  • meaty cabbage
    meaty cabbage 13 days ago

    "Your body feels like EEEEE"
    Can testify to that. Never got deep into fighting, but my dad was beating my ass once and he stomped me in the liver like 9 times and when I tried to speak after, "EEEEE" was literally all that came out.

  • superoriginalname
    superoriginalname 13 days ago

    golovkin has better liver shots

  • hafsies am i
    hafsies am i 14 days ago

    Can you show us the clips they watch? Literally the only thing you can do to improve the show.

  • Rodrigo Martinez
    Rodrigo Martinez 15 days ago


  • Brodie401yt
    Brodie401yt 16 days ago

    I was sparing back in the day i was like 12, i got hit right on my liver, i fell, got up and fell again all in like 5 seconds

  • fireandcopper
    fireandcopper 17 days ago

    It's a "dirty" visceral pain. Exactly what a hit to the chesticles should feel like

  • mcdan paul
    mcdan paul 17 days ago

    I do kickboxing and the amount of hits i got into the liver is real ugly, the feeling is basically what Joe says, you lose your breath and your body shuts down for a second or two.

  • Crack
    Crack 17 days ago

    Actualy pretty accurate describtion

  • The Infinitey
    The Infinitey 17 days ago +1

    Show the video

  • Diogo Teixeira
    Diogo Teixeira 18 days ago

    I took one from a girl (i think she had a crush on me) i almost dropped to the floor and she started laughing, lucky me she was ugly.

  • Marc Adrian Dominguez
    Marc Adrian Dominguez 18 days ago +2

    That shot that made Thurman squirm when Pac hits him with that.

  • Feb
    Feb 18 days ago +1

    I got liver punched one time. I hit the ground and started screaming about how i tasted blood in my eyes

  • Rick Butler
    Rick Butler 18 days ago

    The best way to compare a liver shot feeling is this
    You know when your leg falls asleep and you try to move it and it hurts like crazy and you seize up.......that’s your whole body now

    • sacr3
      sacr3 16 days ago

      Another example of someone attempting to describe a pain without knowing what it genuinely feels like.

      Not even close to describing how the pain is felt, when I was 23 I got into it with a couple of Russians and some German fella, I don't remember much because I was being held as I held another and we were virtually tossing eachother around but I remember turning around and just as I did one of them leaning against the wall kicked my gut in an upwards motion and tore my liver.

      The Pain is hard to describe since its so damn unique but it feels like an intense burning mixed with a sharp SHARP stabbing pain, its shock that you have no control over it stuns your body and temporarily your muscles become virtually useless, I dropped like a sack of potatoes. I couldn't breathe, I was winded badly, I made a grunt noise and I don't remember too much around me but I remember the pain.

      You go from 100 to 0 in an instant and you can't think of anything else other than this pain, it starts to radiate outwards and make you feel sick and slowly as you come out of that shocked state you can start moving again, but you go so carefully hoping the pain doesn't sting back so damn hard like it was.

      I ended up in the hospital for a couple days as they made sure the tear wasn't too bad, it healed on its own.

      Doctor told me that if I ever wasted someones time this much with a fake story pretending to know what a Liver shot feels like, i'd be in trouble.

      Guess i'm in trouble, cause this is another example of someone attempting to describe a pain without knowing what it genuinely feels like


  • Armando Marcial Alonzo

    J.C Chávez has said a million times: It feels like you are going to shit yourself

  • Bob Marley
    Bob Marley 18 days ago

    Liver shots literally make it feel like your insides are shriveling up. Just completely debilitating.

  • guysmalley
    guysmalley 18 days ago

    I would rather be KO than a liver shot, I don’t care how tuff you are, a liver shot will shut you down as a taser will . No fun

  • Jake Brinker
    Jake Brinker 18 days ago

    When Joe said, “you don’t want it”, I wanted it.

  • TrapSkateLive
    TrapSkateLive 18 days ago +1

    You just fold over like WTH just happened 💯

  • Shannon Boucher
    Shannon Boucher 18 days ago

    Bas Rutten

  • Jared Zetterlund
    Jared Zetterlund 19 days ago

    I think this was the most animated I've ever seen Rogan talk.

  • Thor K
    Thor K 19 days ago

    I thought kidney shots were like this? I got a knee to the kidney once during a soccer match, and immediately lost all my breath, and got cramps from the stomach down

  • Rage Rythm
    Rage Rythm 19 days ago

    A liver shot feels like a dick shot

  • Rana Ali Akhtar Alam Khan

    I have given it to people.. Its beautiful. They just go down, trying to catch breath.

  • Kill Me
    Kill Me 19 days ago +1

    Like a big long thin nail about a foot long into your body.

  • Mr Beast
    Mr Beast 19 days ago

    Lol stipe is the most successful heavyweight in the sport! Why is it so difficult to say he is the greatest heavyweight of all time in the sport currently. Joe Rogan is so biased

  • The Nomadic Spittin' Sax
    The Nomadic Spittin' Sax 19 days ago +1

    I just hit my liver and threw up on my keyboard.

    • Crispo Uk
      Crispo Uk 19 days ago

      The Nomadic Spittin' Sax lmao

  • KingJay
    KingJay 20 days ago +1

    Who else thought the alcohol was talking about title

  • Ginger
    Ginger 20 days ago +14

    I gave one of my friends a liver shot once, my
    Gun took forever to cool down !

  • WMFG Ne Oublie
    WMFG Ne Oublie 20 days ago

    It makes you wish that you got punched in your face instead

  • DaLeadBull
    DaLeadBull 20 days ago

    I'm sorry but I just couldn't get over how small that hat is on Joe's head. lol

  • Pedro Delgado
    Pedro Delgado 20 days ago

    The way I'd describe it is that the liver has no delay when it comes to pain it's instant unlike taking head hits where you often don't feel it till the next day but your liver is instant and you just wanna fold and hit the deck

  • Kurt Graham
    Kurt Graham 20 days ago

    The picture is anatomically incorrect

  • Dank- Hill
    Dank- Hill 20 days ago +1

    “Hit me Dave,
    Hit me”

  • Cameron Armstrong
    Cameron Armstrong 20 days ago +12

    ok so i’ve never got into a fight but now ik to hit the liver 👍

    • sacr3
      sacr3 16 days ago

      Good Luck, Remember that as you're trying to aim, your opponent is moving and swinging at you. Fighting is easy when you imagine what moves you'll make in your head because its slow, paced, predictable.

      In reality its fast, you don't see half of them, you may just swing in hopes of landing something, you may get floored without even seeing the fist.. You will most likely end up throwing a few fists around like an idiot and either falling and grappling, or you'd both step away and trade insults and eventually walk away.

      Even those trained in Martial Arts look less than graceful in a street fight.

  • Swøsels
    Swøsels 21 day ago

    R.I.P Joe Rogan never forgetthi

  • John Devlin
    John Devlin 21 day ago

    I hate joe rogans voice

  • Havenbrooker
    Havenbrooker 21 day ago

    Bas rutten

  • Luka Mumladze
    Luka Mumladze 21 day ago

    i dropped a guy 3 times in a row with a liver shot lol it just like takes all the air out of u

    • solo dolo
      solo dolo 20 days ago

      Why u always lying... Stop fkn lying, Ohh maahh good why you always lying

  • Destrate
    Destrate 21 day ago +1

    Glad DC got his guts knocked out. He got that belt from Stipe with eye gouging. Be honest Joe, you fucking know it. Then DC didn't give Stipe an immediate rematch but Stipe will give DC one. Why are you guys blind to DCs dirtiness? So dirty. Dirty. Just so dirty.

  • ERRC
    ERRC 21 day ago +7

    Love the h3h3 impression joe does at 1:53

  • Jack Piggott
    Jack Piggott 22 days ago +12

    I took one bad liver punch a few months ago, you don’t feel anything once you get punched but ur legs buckle and next thing you know you feel like you’ve just been stabbed

  • Kyle Carpenter
    Kyle Carpenter 22 days ago

    The biggest pro and con of being southpaw, left goes straight for the liver but your liver is leading, liver shots suck ass

  • Henry
    Henry 22 days ago

    I remember I got hit one by bigger guy. It felt like I was about to die. Terrible feeling.

  • Taber  Skiba
    Taber Skiba 22 days ago +1

    Joe "when you love a guy" Rogan

  • Mark Gonzalez
    Mark Gonzalez 22 days ago

    My pops hit me with a liver shot once. I’ve never hit the ground faster.

  • antony bell
    antony bell 22 days ago +1

    i once got into a fight that i really didnt want to be in but this guy was gunning for me and when he swung for me i got in close grabed his upper arms and kneed him in the side at the time i had no idea i had got him in the liver as im not used to fighting but this dude just fucking droped and cried on the floor i have never felt so bad for hitting someone before

  • just a UFC fan
    just a UFC fan 24 days ago +1

    2:16 Joe "quweerrrr" rogan

  • Rafael Zamot
    Rafael Zamot 26 days ago

    Is that the same feeling when you fall flat on your back? Where youre just stunned and you almost cant event breathe?

  • ThejayL0456
    ThejayL0456 26 days ago

    why are bros eyebrows on fleek

  • Silly Goose
    Silly Goose 27 days ago +5

    Just watch Jose Aldo vs Jeremy Stephens it’s crazy how his body shut down after one of those

  • Matias Gutierrez
    Matias Gutierrez 28 days ago

    Nobody else hits that liver like julio cesar chavez sr. he constantly hit that liver

  • hail berseker
    hail berseker 28 days ago

    never happen to me but i often see how much it hurt cause i have a good left hook to the body, people go down with just the pain without being ko

  • Adam Nixdorf
    Adam Nixdorf 28 days ago +2

    80% of comments about seeing the video.
    20% of the comments about experiencing a liver shot.
    0 comments about Harambe. We all swore we'd never forget our prince, yet you forgot....

  • Hanzy Krupps
    Hanzy Krupps 28 days ago

    This was gay. Couldn't finish it.