• Published on Feb 5, 2019
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    Here's another video that we rescued from the old DEFY vault. Unfortunately DEFY always put these big dumb watermarks on videos before release. So yeah, don't pay any attention to that. Enjoy!
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Comments • 2 869

  • Hami
    Hami 20 hours ago

    the more videos i watch the less i like Keith

  • rahul das
    rahul das Day ago

    Courtney ❤

  • Elsa Bergkvist
    Elsa Bergkvist 2 days ago

    Hah lol! I literally just saw that They were using WaShAbLe MaRkErS. ⛹🙋😅And i oof-

  • Rayne Watson
    Rayne Watson 6 days ago +1

    Why is Keith bullying Noah and Olivia 😪😭😢

  • Sturbaum Family
    Sturbaum Family 6 days ago

    Courtney is a really good artist.

  • Alli Cornelius
    Alli Cornelius 7 days ago

    Venom is a evil spider man

  • AlexyFer AG
    AlexyFer AG 7 days ago

    You guys need to do animals 🦁🐯🦍🐶🐺🦊🐱🐮🐏🦄🐑🐷🐴🦌

  • Darrell Curry
    Darrell Curry 8 days ago

    I want Courtney's Groot and Rocket to frame on my wall

  • Alex Diaz
    Alex Diaz 9 days ago

    Their called symbiotes.

  • Tyler White
    Tyler White 11 days ago

    Venom and carnage are known as symbiotes from another planet that crash landed and they need specific hosts to become what they are known as

  • JoeRay Animations
    JoeRay Animations 12 days ago

    If iron man was plugged in the whole time there were fighting Ultron

    Iron man: you will never win ultron give it up

    Ultron: I will never stop until all of man kind is gone from the earth mwahhahahaha
    Shoots iron man “BURRRUM”
    Iron man gets unplugged
    Iron man: “guys wait I need to plug myself back in”

    Ultron kills iron man with a laser blast “burrrrrrzzzzzzum”

  • Hyper Cat
    Hyper Cat 12 days ago +1

    *Nobody could draw as good as Robert did😂*
    (Only some people will get this)

  • Emigdio Yanez
    Emigdio Yanez 15 days ago

    Olivia's venom looks like bane from batman

    AIRI BROOMELL 15 days ago

    Keith’s Iron Man looks like Vision

  • Jeremiah goff
    Jeremiah goff 16 days ago


  • Maldini Elias
    Maldini Elias 16 days ago

    Courtney is griot is fake

  • Christina Mc Crady Hernandez

    12:18 its vision!

  • Brian Boyd
    Brian Boyd 18 days ago +1

    Courtneys ironman is literally the armored titan

  • Leilagh Keane
    Leilagh Keane 18 days ago

    Wait ..... Courtney’s left handed

  • Adrian Cruz
    Adrian Cruz 19 days ago

    Shayne: Venom doesn't need a motorcycle
    Olivia: Shook

  • GuavaPooP ØWØ
    GuavaPooP ØWØ 19 days ago


  • Hennassey goble
    Hennassey goble 20 days ago

    My cousin wanted to know if you said Deku????

  • Eggward Delacruz
    Eggward Delacruz 22 days ago

    Keath’s Iron man looks like flash

  • Harry potter fan
    Harry potter fan 23 days ago

    12:05 it looks like vision

  • Nerf Bro
    Nerf Bro 23 days ago

    You should do villains from memory

  • Ursulina Rosales
    Ursulina Rosales 24 days ago

    I would say Ilove all of it

  • Samantha Ingebrigtsen
    Samantha Ingebrigtsen 24 days ago

    Shayne my nerd brother... We need to hang out and binge-watch Marvel

  • Rebecca Singer
    Rebecca Singer 24 days ago +1

    When I herd Shane say marvel...

    Me: COUNT ME IN!!!

  • CarlosGamingPS4
    CarlosGamingPS4 24 days ago

    If you saw Noah paper he wasn’t even close to draw that

  • Nicholas Gross
    Nicholas Gross 24 days ago

    The game he’s talking about near the end is Marvel vs capcom

  • khlostifer
    khlostifer 24 days ago

    Keith reminds me of that Falcon guy with those glasses on

  • alan johnson
    alan johnson 24 days ago

    Olivia is cheating

  • Israr Hussain
    Israr Hussain 25 days ago +1

    Shayne calls himself a marvel nerd
    Me:Ha,looks like you haven't met me.

  • the greatest gamer
    the greatest gamer 26 days ago

    Its close to vision

  • the greatest gamer
    the greatest gamer 26 days ago

    Shes favorite because of starlord

  • mohammad ainavipour
    mohammad ainavipour 26 days ago

    Noah changes his hair IOO,OOO times in real life

  • Adam The llama
    Adam The llama 26 days ago

    Venom, Carnage, and Riot

  • Shadowy Retard
    Shadowy Retard 27 days ago

    Venom is a symbiote and there’s way too many for me to count

  • LilaJane Shaw
    LilaJane Shaw 27 days ago

    i do not like marvel

  • Random Art
    Random Art 27 days ago

    They should do this video with anime characters and put damien in the video lol

  • Marissa Diaz
    Marissa Diaz 28 days ago +1

    Ironman in infinity war
    Thanos taking power out iron man nooooooo

  • craxy collecter
    craxy collecter 28 days ago

    there was more than three venoms. there is venom carnage toxin anti-venom scream mania hybrid riot phage lasher and krobaa

  • mogilney77
    mogilney77 28 days ago

    You guys do realize that Olivia’s Iron Man the plug was plugged into the iron that she was ironing clothes with

  • Hayley Pham
    Hayley Pham 29 days ago

    Who else finds the scream scary?

  • Litten Rod
    Litten Rod Month ago

    Keith’s iron man looks like Vision

  • I’m not funny Really

    11:12 that is the comic version

  • Brox Gunter
    Brox Gunter Month ago

    I’m a superhero nerd

  • S00PER C00L
    S00PER C00L Month ago +1

    How does Courtney draw so 'friggin good!

    Oh wait, that's not Courtney's. XD

  • Joven Mikoy
    Joven Mikoy Month ago

    Love Olivia drawing

  • James Giouba
    James Giouba Month ago

    If you guys know who man-spider is,you have a good child hood

  • Joseph Agan
    Joseph Agan Month ago

    Everyone's here bashing Noah's drawing skills, but my man puts SOUL in his art. No one else sitting there puts that much heart into it, I'm with you Noah!

  • x Daisy x
    x Daisy x Month ago

    Rfudkndrkghtdlguitrx: *who here likes superheroes?*


    No one:

    Me: *AvEnGeRs AsSeMbLe!11!1!*

  • BakaReviews
    BakaReviews Month ago

    Funny thing is that if u look up old iron Man comics he actually had to plug to suit into the wall outlet to charge it

  • Joaquin Rodriguez
    Joaquin Rodriguez Month ago

    Who still misses anthony

  • WWR Wrestling
    WWR Wrestling Month ago

    Keith's iron Man is like vision

  • Mi-kael Santana
    Mi-kael Santana Month ago

    Lol fetis groot

  • Mrjimmyc6
    Mrjimmyc6 Month ago


  • Mrjimmyc6
    Mrjimmyc6 Month ago

    Keath’s look like caption marble as a man-Ironman

  • David Martinez
    David Martinez Month ago

    Technically there symbiote and there a lot more

  • Rietganz
    Rietganz Month ago

    Venom absolutely does have a motorcycle. At least eddie brock does