James' Mancave Tour // Intro #001

  • Published on Jan 3, 2017
  • Hi welcome to my first attempt at a youtube video, in this video i gave you a brief look around my garage which I spend a lot of my time in fixing and repairing motorcycles, doing woodworking and general playing about with stuff to see what I make. There may b things that interest you there might not be, but either way, thanks for looking

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  • Jetsetscotty
    Jetsetscotty 6 months ago

    Nice to see someone else's workshop. I like the railway lamps! I may do a tour of mine at some date.

    • James' Man Cave
      James' Man Cave  6 months ago +1

      Yes, I enjoy having a nose around workshops to. Let me know if you do 👍

  • ksp1278
    ksp1278 9 months ago +1

    What size is your mancave?

    • ksp1278
      ksp1278 9 months ago +1

      @James' Man Cave I have made a simple mitre station and am currently considering what size workbench / tablesaw bench I can fit in.

    • James' Man Cave
      James' Man Cave  9 months ago

      If i didn't have my motorbikes, then I would have a mitre saw station, and an assembly table which would also be next to the table saw to assist with cutting wood.

    • ksp1278
      ksp1278 9 months ago +1

      @James' Man Cave Ah. Ok. Thanks. Slightly bigger than mine, which is 19ft X 9ft. But I don't have any bikes in mine! I am currently considering how to convert it to a woodshop.

    • James' Man Cave
      James' Man Cave  9 months ago +1

      Hi, sorry for the delay in replying, had to measure it up! It's a standard UK single car garage. It 21ft x 11ft. But my bikes take up half of that, so I have about 10 x 11 to work in

  • phillace
    phillace Year ago

    Nice video James, nice to see someone else who has limited space .

  • mike nicholas
    mike nicholas 2 years ago +1

    good vid nice to know your interests

  • Stephen's 8x6 Workshop

    looking forward to your projects and how your 'cave' develops over time. ☺