Tricks & Tips: Ni No Kuni - Grinding

  • Published on Mar 7, 2013
  • This video shows how you can level up fast in Ni no Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch.
    If you would like to see any other Tricks/Tips on Ni No Kuni let us know.
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Comments • 111

  • Veno
    Veno Month ago

    so why are some of ur familliars stuck on level 28 and 60?

    • OddNez
      OddNez  Month ago

      Veno I purposely used Un-levelled up familiars to show the process of this trick if you look towards the end of the video you will clearly see they all get levelled up.

    EKR CARVALHO 3 months ago +1

    2019 playing this game
    Thx Bro!

  • Gambol TV
    Gambol TV 6 months ago +1

    Love ni no kuni

  • Chicken McNuggetsmlg420

    lol his familiars are called pussy and boner

  • Blitzs
    Blitzs Year ago

    I found a lot of toko's

  • Avenger IQ
    Avenger IQ Year ago

    The game took 4 days to complete for me

  • defunct32
    defunct32 2 years ago

    Nice vid... but pussy and boner? 😂👌

  • Ms McGinley
    Ms McGinley 2 years ago +4

    I didnt know Marciccus was playable :'(

  • Über Alles
    Über Alles 2 years ago

    This guy will never come back sadly I used to watch his content

  • Aquwert
    Aquwert 2 years ago

    Is grinding necessary to progress in the game though?

    • Kami Lucky
      Kami Lucky Year ago

      well if you want to face the white witch and win by luck...sure

    • Twinrehz
      Twinrehz 2 years ago +3

      Mostly no, but some of the bossbattles past the half-way point can get really brutal, if you're not prepared or don't have a strong lineup.

  • Zavere Edwards
    Zavere Edwards 2 years ago

    dam scrolls of death 😫

  • BishouNoTeresa
    BishouNoTeresa 2 years ago +9

    i love how you pronounce tokotoko :D

  • thereelweeb
    thereelweeb 2 years ago +13

    pussy and boner..

  • popplio Gamer
    popplio Gamer 3 years ago

    what about the dark toko I don't know where it is

  • John Gilbert
    John Gilbert 3 years ago

    I'm only level 15 and starting out. Like Xenoblade Chronicles in a way, I feel like I don't know if I fighting or utilizing my characters properly or if I'm doing par for the course and should be patient and see it strategies begin to become apparent. Argh. I love JRPGs, but have SERIOUS ADHD when it comes to staying with them - ugh!!! Double UGH! However, I simply ADORE Studio Ghibli and that novelty is what is making me determined to stay the course. The last JRPGs I finished were Suikoden 1&2...because I was bed ridden - LOL. I loved those to death! I own literally dozens and dozens and dozens of JRPGs - most from my PS1, but also SNES, Dreamcast and Vita.
    Anyway, you should consider a series of videos solely as an introduction to each JRPG. For instance, Xenoblade Chronicles and Xenoblade Chronicles X are a bit overwhelming at first because you, or at least myself...and I'm betting others from what I've read...can find the battle system a bit cryptic or obtuse.

    • John Gilbert
      John Gilbert 3 years ago

      +John Gilbert oh yeah, 100 hours huh? Lol, only about 90 to go - LOL!!

    • John Gilbert
      John Gilbert 3 years ago

      +John Gilbert also when to forgo familiars and when to use main character. Again this is part of the point to the game, but that's why I mention with disclaimers. Explain that this is supposed to be a facet of the very game learning your personnel through trial and error, but sometimes we want specific - hence the disclaimer. BUT general explanation to their purpose and structure can't hurt since it is still up to the player to implement things at the right time. Also so many games like this that have 'defend' it rarely seems useful in general battle. Sometime for bosses when there is a big build up its obvious, but aside from that I rarely implement 'defend' in any meaningful manner - ugh! Anyway, that's for this. I know enough to know this info on grinding at your point in the game looked HUMONGOUSLY helpful!! Thanks a million!

    • John Gilbert
      John Gilbert 3 years ago

      Perhaps - with a disclaimer - create introduction videos simply introducing each special attack, what it does and pointers of when to deploy it. Simply offering guidelines. Plus the attacks that you do in tandem on XCX.
      The same here with Ni No Kuni. Perhaps an intro video explaining strengths to familiars, their attacks, guidelines when to use them versus other familiars etc. That would be too cool!!

  • Samus Aran
    Samus Aran 3 years ago

    Thank you! I was wondering if there was a way to level them up faster LOL Also, I just happen to come across this video.

  • Jameson Joseph
    Jameson Joseph 3 years ago +2

    hahaha i like the name you give your familiar funny tho great tips btw

    KWKBOX 3 years ago

    Great tips on grinding!

    • Nil
      Nil 2 years ago

      Grinding is not grinding without a Boner :)

  • ONCEbittenTWICEshyshyshy
    ONCEbittenTWICEshyshyshy 3 years ago +2

    also once you cast veil, turn down the music so you can clearly hear the familiars, the toko have a very distinct movement noise that sounds like a tap dripping, i find it means i can hoof it all the way through billy doats bluff several times before veil runs out, and i never worry about having missed a toko in the trees because i didnt hear the "drip drip" sound they make

  • Jack & Cola
    Jack & Cola 3 years ago +6

    This game is so awsome i love it

  • chaosdream1
    chaosdream1 4 years ago

    I dun need to tipzz

  • Udayan Nayyar
    Udayan Nayyar 4 years ago +12


  • Zelda Player99
    Zelda Player99 4 years ago


  • Stank
    Stank 4 years ago +1

    I actually named my Bonehead "Boner hehe". The hehe is, because it's such a bad joke.

  • Ilias Papadopoulos
    Ilias Papadopoulos 4 years ago +2

    how did you catch the gold toko?

  • TreeFolkDruid
    TreeFolkDruid 5 years ago +1

    dont have everstar yet, but i use catastrofus (or whats his name) and do war cry and then earsplitter

    • Pedro Ruivo
      Pedro Ruivo 3 years ago +1

      +TreeFolkDruid Catastroceros.

  • Hey Its Zay
    Hey Its Zay 5 years ago


  • Salvador Sarmiento
    Salvador Sarmiento 5 years ago

    Thanks :D

  • Sephiroth21682
    Sephiroth21682 5 years ago +13

    Nice names ... >.>

  • Davin Ammar
    Davin Ammar 5 years ago

    This is my LEVEL UP
    And I always Defeated TokoTocold

  • Davin Ammar
    Davin Ammar 5 years ago

    You're so Awsome!!!

  • caseyV3
    caseyV3 5 years ago

    Thanks for the tips

  • Garrett Jutte
    Garrett Jutte 5 years ago +1

    I fought these guys and got less than a thousand exp, no idea why.

    • Garrett Jutte
      Garrett Jutte 5 years ago

      Tried it again and realized he must've escaped because now I'm getting crazy exp.

    • bazokarpg1999
      bazokarpg1999 5 years ago +1

      It is because you have put it easy mode

  • Frosty General Mike
    Frosty General Mike 5 years ago +6

    Esther told me after tha fight battle that I had a nice butt, I told her yeah I know. :)

  • Kakashi - Leonhart
    Kakashi - Leonhart 5 years ago

    is it true once you beat the game you can find horace again ?

  • Kakashi - Leonhart
    Kakashi - Leonhart 5 years ago

    fuck i missed the ghost wizard and i didn't get the items from that tree after beating every boss i am at perdida ow does this mean i am fucked and cant complete all side quests/errands ?

  • Vamp6776
    Vamp6776 5 years ago +1

    More Ni No Kuni videos?

    • Mighty Mitey
      Mighty Mitey 5 years ago

      i differently agree would love to see more

  • crayz1978
    crayz1978 5 years ago +2

    You got any tips for beginner's this game may look cute but is brutal as hell had to out the difficulty down lol

  • Roy
    Roy 5 years ago

    Guys, I'm level 87 in ni no kuni how? Play in normal mode and you get MORE chance to get tokotoko/coldtoko/goldentoko!! !

  • Roy
    Roy 5 years ago +1

    Guys, I'm level 87 in ni no kuni how? Play in normal mode and you get MORE chance to get tokotoko/coldtoko/goldentoko!! !

  • disguiise
    disguiise 5 years ago

    I picked up a cop. :D

  • stripeytofu
    stripeytofu 5 years ago

    Charizard lol

  • phoenixmaster88
    phoenixmaster88 5 years ago

    I found 1 and got 246 xp

  • FarewellFix
    FarewellFix 5 years ago

    I've got a question, I just got my dragon and am going around and getting my spells from the ghost wizard, I've hit up Castaway Cove and then Fairyland, so now I'm in Hamlin (sp) looking for him and he's not where he's suppose to be. Did I screw up when I did the missions and used that time warp? Thanks..

  • jokers Casillas
    jokers Casillas 5 years ago

    I would love if you guys could cover some more tips and tricks for this awesome JRPG that become my favorite upon playing it.

  • bahaanaldo
    bahaanaldo 5 years ago

    I ran into one of those and it ran away. I had no idea it gave so much experience! And I thought Ulks were good for grinding. I guess they're a bit easier since they don't flee but they only give you about 1,000 experience I think.

  • Reece Hart
    Reece Hart 5 years ago

    Not sure if you all know it either but if you save your game and go back to the main menu, then reload the area's spawns reset with a bunch of new familiars. So if you save in a Toko area you can just keep reloading until one spawns

  • jonathan Albuquerque
    jonathan Albuquerque 5 years ago

    Oops I said it twice XD

  • jonathan Albuquerque
    jonathan Albuquerque 5 years ago

    I was asleep one night. The next day my dad said he grinded some tokotokos he had chance to get two but his cat actadentaly used twinkle twinkle but he got one.about a month later he was a level 8 Tokotocold

  • jonathan Albuquerque
    jonathan Albuquerque 5 years ago

    I was asleep one night when I woke up he said he captured a tokotoko but he killed one loving tokotoko by mistake. about one month later that tokotoko was a maxed out Tokotocold

  • alfasilverblade
    alfasilverblade 5 years ago

    Its the audino of ninokuni.

  • Suliman Fouad
    Suliman Fouad 6 years ago

    More tricks please

  • 611maxi
    611maxi 6 years ago

    I am up to getting the three stones

  • Kizaru
    Kizaru 6 years ago

    how did you get the gold Toko?

  • fredguy2
    fredguy2 6 years ago

    personally I enjoyed the battle system of ff12 and subsequently xenoblade chronicles battle system which is very similar. Ni no kuni's is good but I love the gambit system and setting up activation conditions for heals,buffs etc. If ffv13 does that all is good.

  • karolina beczka
    karolina beczka 6 years ago

    I enjoy grinding in JRPGs

  • MrLemonns
    MrLemonns 6 years ago

    I love that this game is doing well publicly here. We have been asking for something this great for so long that noob FPS ignorant gamers are taking notice now that a real game has arrived. So glad but still sad. Studio Ghibli doesn't make sequels that I know of. Do they? If so I would pre order now and I just got my Sea Cow in game ship. Congratulations though to Level 5 for showing everyone how it's done.

  • Conrad Peleti
    Conrad Peleti 6 years ago

    its like Dragon Quest metal slims :p awesome.

  • karina Inogo
    karina Inogo 6 years ago

    You should definately get it. I've not enjoyed a JRPG this much since Skies of Arcadia came out on DC and that's been a while. Don't get me wrong there are other great JRPG's out there, but i'm in love with this game.

  • Nickster
    Nickster 6 years ago

    Neato Mr. Drippy

  • Birmut Borak
    Birmut Borak 6 years ago

    I add you to PSN maybe we can play online sometime

  • XxJaCkEdUpxX13
    XxJaCkEdUpxX13 6 years ago

    do a video for the Solosseum Series i'm stuck on Rank S, its soooo hard like almost impossible

  • Taylor Cash
    Taylor Cash 6 years ago

    i have no idea how to play the card game in the casino LOL

  • EasyFreeStuff101
    EasyFreeStuff101 6 years ago

    the Mad Scientist trophy is so hard to get

  • jerryhotwheels
    jerryhotwheels 6 years ago

    do they spawn sometime to.

  • Kathrine Gulberg
    Kathrine Gulberg 6 years ago

    for people who say this is a little kids game its not its for everyone, call of duty is a little kids game thats where all the kids are at

  • Rohanne Yu
    Rohanne Yu 6 years ago

    wow you got the platinum trophy for this game thats insane the time that it take to get it

  • Dan Lopez
    Dan Lopez 6 years ago +1

    just started playing this game and i love it

  • MiscDzN
    MiscDzN 6 years ago +1

    show us how to catch a dinoceros

  • Zeus Narayan
    Zeus Narayan 6 years ago

    this really helped thanks

  • Toots Juhan
    Toots Juhan 6 years ago

    u r a life saver!

  • randy mike
    randy mike 6 years ago

    nice tutorial.

  • Luthor Volkov
    Luthor Volkov 6 years ago

    nice tut

  • NearReality BugAbuse
    NearReality BugAbuse 6 years ago

    ohh thanks man lol

  • андрей вано
    андрей вано 6 years ago

    great job this really helped

  • ThatMomentWhen
    ThatMomentWhen 6 years ago

    finally someone posts a tut on this, thanks

  • Bambi Christ
    Bambi Christ 6 years ago

    hmm im still a little confused

  • Katherine Prempke
    Katherine Prempke 6 years ago

    u dont know how much u helped me!!!!!

  • mordorski anglish
    mordorski anglish 6 years ago

    this really helped thanks!!!!!!

  • Weldon Stalvey
    Weldon Stalvey 6 years ago

    Nice Tutorial that really helped

  • micheal john
    micheal john 6 years ago

    thanks ;)

  • Mighty Mitey
    Mighty Mitey 6 years ago

    OMG and all this time i thought it was a glitch i never payed attention to who i was fighting but i did notice getting a large amount of EXP while battling in perdida well good to know now thanks a bunch YO!,
    and by way did you get the wizards edition i noticed you have flutterby looks like you pre-orded this game.

  • Abigail Darrel
    Abigail Darrel 6 years ago


  • nicky Rojers
    nicky Rojers 6 years ago

    great thank you

  • Shan Dolian
    Shan Dolian 6 years ago

    this reminds me of pokemon

  • er trfedtf
    er trfedtf 6 years ago

    you named one of your familiars ρussy lol

  • spoon fork
    spoon fork 6 years ago

    can you make a video showing how to get the familiarologist trophy

  • Lisa Blair
    Lisa Blair 6 years ago

    pauly shoгe likes grinding LOL

  • Steve Smith
    Steve Smith 6 years ago

    3:14 LMAO 'Boneг reached level 39!

  • thomas fleming
    thomas fleming 6 years ago

    best vid evarrrr!

  • valityy
    valityy 6 years ago

    loved it!!!!!