2018 Subaru BRZ tS - POV Test Drive (Binaural Audio)

  • Published on Nov 2, 2018
  • MSRP: From $33,495
    Horsepower: 205 hp
    Wheel size: 18″ diameter, 7.5″ width
    Engine: 2.0 L 4-cylinder
    Curb weight: 2,798 lbs
    MPG: 21 city / 29 highway
    Torque: 156 lb-ft
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Comments • 473

  • theo3300
    theo3300 Day ago

    Cant see any test drive here.....

  • Zealin Barden
    Zealin Barden 5 days ago

    Is that the new supra!!!!

  • محمد عماد
    محمد عماد 6 days ago +1

    like a Toyota

  • Mohamed Taher
    Mohamed Taher 11 days ago

    I think the Suspension system it's very hard and sporty

  • WolfovOdin
    WolfovOdin 13 days ago

    Is it just me or does this car just seem slow? All that roar and it’s not really
    Going anywhere

  • 강예길
    강예길 18 days ago

    이제 4기통 엔진음은 지겨워서리...

  • Reezy
    Reezy 18 days ago +5

    0:06 Foods ready

  • She really wants And I cannot

    Subaru brz

  • Touchdowns Only
    Touchdowns Only 21 day ago

    Reminds me of a porche

  • Pedro Soares
    Pedro Soares 21 day ago

    toyota brz
    subaru gt86

  • Aaliyan Baloch
    Aaliyan Baloch 26 days ago +1

    And this car is slower than a Toyota Camry

  • Matt Terlouw
    Matt Terlouw 27 days ago


  • Jay
    Jay 28 days ago

    Damn.. make me miss my BRZ =(

  • Pending Poltergeist
    Pending Poltergeist 28 days ago

    TC is faster

  • everythingapple pro
    everythingapple pro 29 days ago


    KING_DECEPTIONS 29 days ago

    That wing is disgusting

  • Sumtingyea Sumtingyea

    Goddamn that thing is slow

  • Matthew Standish
    Matthew Standish Month ago

    that thing is so fast!

  • musarts83
    musarts83 Month ago

    Very nice! Send me one please, with toyota badge in red please. Thank you!

  • airwook
    airwook Month ago


  • Donovan!
    Donovan! Month ago +1

    I've seen one these autocross here in Lexington. Holy shit they can handle.

  • Jordan Lindsey
    Jordan Lindsey Month ago


  • Nate Reyes
    Nate Reyes Month ago +8

    i watch these videos as if i don’t own this car already 😂 watching other people drive it is interesting tho

  • terminater 301
    terminater 301 2 months ago +1

    I just put uel header, Catless front pipe, and muffler delete. It's so damn loud I love it

  • ErNero Ao
    ErNero Ao 2 months ago

    Ma non è la subaru sv?

  • J C A
    J C A 2 months ago +2

    Everyone complaining the stock is slow.. of course it is, this is a car you tune to make it faster lol

  • Kory En
    Kory En 2 months ago

    He went over a curb lmao

  • シャアアズナブル


  • BanyMany
    BanyMany 2 months ago +1

    That spoiler...........

  • Abinash Pattanaik
    Abinash Pattanaik 2 months ago

    This is a drifter's wet dream machine!!

  • Fabio Olimpo
    Fabio Olimpo 2 months ago

    Rear view camera is from stock or aftermarket?

  • Simon George
    Simon George 2 months ago +9

    People who say this car is not quick enough are really missing the point. I believe this car is a very good long distance cruiser as well.

  • GF Gustavo
    GF Gustavo 2 months ago


  • Rendy Aprin Nugraha
    Rendy Aprin Nugraha 2 months ago

    Stock Exhaust?

  • Gpicman
    Gpicman 2 months ago

    Third gear pulls are the best pulls

  • ShotsFired andMissed
    ShotsFired andMissed 2 months ago +49

    1:15, STOP STOP STOP!

  • R C
    R C 2 months ago +1

    2:15 looks like it tried to buckle you off the saddle

  • land451
    land451 2 months ago

    Explorer girl driving...

  • AT - 08TL - Great Lakes PS (1476)

    2:16 the car kinda drifted

  • Dehzo
    Dehzo 4 months ago +1

    best color combo for the brz. white with blacked out rims looks dirty

  • Daniel Masterson
    Daniel Masterson 4 months ago

    no fog light no buy! haha for reals though I love the look of fog lights and really wish they would have kept it for the tS which is why I went for the limited trim instead.

  • Brett McMillen
    Brett McMillen 5 months ago +3

    That was just exciting watching, I can only imagine how fun it must have been to drive.

  • Stephanie Favela
    Stephanie Favela 5 months ago +7

    it’s not supposed to be a fast car. It’s a driver’s car. The handling, the loud engine, and the response time. If you want a fast car go for the wrx.

    PR1NCETD0T 6 months ago +1

    Bruh, there aren't many corners on the road that you can take at a good speed.. unless you live in the desert, canyons, rural areas, or if you track regularly, you aren't going to be cornering sht, and even then there are other cars with more power that can keep up with it in the corners as well. Name a few; 350z, 370z, Civic Type R, GTI, Golf R, Focus RS, Focus ST, Mazdaspeed 3, s2000 etc.. all these cars can easily keep up with the 86 in corners, maybe not take it as well, but they can keep up and they have more power.

  • croaton07
    croaton07 6 months ago

    Really nice looking car. Just doesn't have the power I was looking for. I can respect someone that has one though, they are nice cars.

  • Thomas Baratheon
    Thomas Baratheon 6 months ago


  • SpikenMike
    SpikenMike 7 months ago

    I went and test drove a 2019 brz ts last friday the 19th and i'm so disappointing. I daily a 2006 wrx with full bolt on. A CAI with all cats removed with a spt exhaust and just an AP tune on 93 with some strut bars front and back. It wouldn't out perform it at all on a track. don't get me wrong The car is fuckin' sexy. But for the price i would rather go get a mustang gt or a 370z. Shit even another 05-06 sti. Shits nice. For a daily driver. Imagine getting walked by a toyota corolla lmao. nty

  • Ben Hayat
    Ben Hayat 7 months ago

    Which is a better buy, the BRZ or GT86? Similar price.
    Is this getting a more powerful engine with next gen for 2021?

    • Scotty Lozano
      Scotty Lozano 7 months ago

      Depending on where you live, if you live in us we don't get the 86, but the BRZ and FRS, if you want a car that has comfy suspension and a nice interior the BRZ is the way to go. But if you want a funner car to drive its the FRS, i think the 86 is the same as FRS

  • Cruse Alexander
    Cruse Alexander 7 months ago

    2:05 😂😂😂

  • PnTNecrosis
    PnTNecrosis 7 months ago

    Saturn Sky wannabe. Slow, can't corner due to having Prius tires. I guess it's fun to drift, that's about it.

    • ybaha199
      ybaha199 4 months ago +1

      @PnTNecrosis Likewise. I respect your opinion of the Saturn fully. I just spent Saturday at Sebring so I guess I'm still a little excited :)

    • PnTNecrosis
      PnTNecrosis 4 months ago

      @ybaha199 In that case, you enjoy too. Can't hate on someone who actually drives. Only the (supposed) wannabes. Drive what makes you happy. I'll never think the BRZ has anything on the sky, but that's my opinion and limited experience with one driver. Cheers.

    • ybaha199
      ybaha199 4 months ago +1

      @PnTNecrosis My current track car is a '17 BRZ. Not actually a great drift car. Does corner extremely well on stock tires and is downright impressive on track tires. Plus it has a back seat (tools and helmets). And a roof. And actually looks good. Maybe the wannabe comment got my attention a little, but I am pretty sure no one thought about Saturn during the design or execution of the 86 twins. Enjoy your car.

    • PnTNecrosis
      PnTNecrosis 4 months ago

      @ybaha199 I have had an '08 Redline for ten years now and very frequently run mountain roads with a group of gearhead friends. One of which has your beloved BRZ. They look nice and sound nice with a catback exhaust, but still can't compare to the sky in looks, sound or most importantly, performance. I'm assuming you're the one who wants one but can't afford it so you think it's superior.

    • ybaha199
      ybaha199 4 months ago

      @PnTNecrosis ​ PnTNecrosis you really want me to go into how little sense the old Saturn comparison makes and what the actual driving dynamics of the BRZ are with the "Prius tires"? LOL Suggestive comments can carry as much meaning as if I wrote it all out for you word for word, if you are able to comprehend them. And you still have not disputed my guess that you have never driven one of these cars, and certainly not at speed. If you have, then I accept you are entitled to your opinion. If you have not, you are talking out of your posterior.

  • Bryce Trombley
    Bryce Trombley 7 months ago +2

    I watch these videos to watch how this man rev matches and shifts. He makes it look like butter.

  • HaKeng
    HaKeng 7 months ago

    this car is so good for the price, 2nd hand you can get it for £12,000 and buy a supercharger and get 300+ horsepower

  • LuminousAnimation
    LuminousAnimation 7 months ago +3

    Does any one know the part number for that head unit??? The one in my 2019 model sucks....

  • lul k
    lul k 7 months ago

    beautiful car, but slow as shit

  • Mr. NPC
    Mr. NPC 7 months ago

    I have a 2019 86 as my first manual. Is it a good idea to rev all the way up to 7,000rpm? I usually stay around 3,000 - 4,000rpm cuz
    I don't wanna hurt my engine. What should I be aware of beforehand? Should I use a thicker oil or something?

    • ybaha199
      ybaha199 4 months ago

      Redline is 7,400. Shifting at 7k is safe for the motor (synchros don’t like it much though)

    • 匿名ユーザー
      匿名ユーザー 7 months ago

      Just make sure your temperature gauge is in the middle, and don't hold it at redline for a long time (like leaving it bouncing off the rev limiter for ages). Don't drive it hard when it's cold and you'll be fine.

  • TheChosenOne
    TheChosenOne 8 months ago +2

    nice bro, im gonna buy this soon

  • Diego Cash
    Diego Cash 8 months ago

    That price is way too high. Would rather buy an evo or 370z with 33k. If these engine at least were strong enough to hold big boost kits id be happy. But the price is wrong for our cars

  • WexHex
    WexHex 8 months ago

    Such a beautiful car. This video is therapeutic for me.

  • Racing&Cars-MIKE
    Racing&Cars-MIKE 8 months ago

    Where did u mount the gopro?

  • Nick Wyllie
    Nick Wyllie 9 months ago

    People who have a BRZ talk about not being able to use power due to speed limits... then go on to say this car is good for drifting and cornering hard at high RPM, hypocrites. And how many of you ACTUALLY take your car to a track? I am going to guess not many. And if you use your BRZ as just a track car, then you clearly have enough money to buy something better than a BRZ