What are Gaming PCs?

  • Published on Oct 17, 2019
  • The term "gaming computer" is used an awful lot in 2019... but is it really the appropriate term these days?
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Comments • 2 663

  • Maelstrum yes
    Maelstrum yes 53 minutes ago

    What makes a skilled gamer?
    Over fancy chair and tools : nope
    A decade old mouse and key and 1 missing leg plastic chair : yes

  • a10miletooth
    a10miletooth Hour ago

    I just want to know how much this man was paid for his likeness to be used in KSP.

  • AB shalom
    AB shalom 3 hours ago

    I don't get this, because basically what u just said is that high end gpu can compensate for a very weak cpu(u said 2 thread, i suppose two cores and two threads, each), i taught that gaming aspiration is to achieve gpu bottleneck or at least achieve the balance between the two. Can somebody explain to me in what way and how for example rtx 2080ti can compensate for dunno i5 2400? I wanna see somebody trying to play Outerworlds with a weak cpu and high end gpu, lol?!

  • Andreas Andreou
    Andreas Andreou 5 hours ago

    No that is not true. Yes the line that separates these different classes off computers are a little blurry in nowadays but not every comuter can play Call of Duty: Modern Warfare or Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order in a way that is fun and satisfying (above 35fps for the experienced). So yes there is a category of computers that is called gaming computers. Gaming computers should respond to certain criteria for example a nice led fullHD monitor at least 22 inches and even more important a keyboard with programmable keys and anti ghosting capabilities are very helpful when you are playing video games. Nothing of them is nessessary just elevates the experience. Its the same whith the discussion about supercars and hypercars because in nowadays supers have become very fast and powerfull and as result they all meet the older criteria to be classified as hypercars. So they were forced to change the criteria but even now the line is also very blurry. These videos are supposed to educate those that have limited knowledge to the field but what you said in this video is wrong. And yes every pc you buy can virtually play video games but when it sais it is a Gaming PC then you know that the pc will play the latest titles on medium to high settings on a logical resolution which I think we all agree we live in the era of full HD 1080p nowadays. It is a large topic. I could write pages about it but the fact remains what is said in this video is incorrect.

  • Failbait
    Failbait Day ago

    i dislike that publicly almost every pc build has word "gaming" on it

  • Edward Z Norton
    Edward Z Norton Day ago

    I agree with the intel APU's are garbage because of the Intel graphics, intel HD 520 is the worst, you cant play Farm sim 15 at the lowest graphics settings and hit 25FPS! Also my pc is an all arounder, gaming, working, browsing, it does it all! Just Cause 3 at max graphics and runs between 40-60fps with minimal stutter at 2440x1980 or whatever the res is, it handles blender just fine but does have slow down on large files. as for the all computers are gaming computers thing, yeah nah. my dads computer runs 99% cpu util at idle, even lags playing solitaire or mahjong! now my sister is getting into pc's, so ive built mine and it looks like soon i'll be building two more!

  • Skup Media Group
    Skup Media Group 2 days ago

    gaming PC - PC with GPU.

  • gartekk1987
    gartekk1987 3 days ago

    We definitely are not in a good spot right now. Graphics in gaming see almost absolutely no major improvements for years now yet the performance is continuously dropping with each new title, and all the hardware that is going to allow you to play these with reasonable settings and in reasonable amount of FPS have astronomical prices compared to few years back. (For example top line GPUs have more than doubled in price through last few years)

  • How to Guides and Reviews

    A little bit of knowledge is more dangerous than no knowledge, this guy is so wrong on most things about cpus and gpus

    • Edward Z Norton
      Edward Z Norton Day ago

      well your free to start your own channel and "educate" us on the right way, but instead your channel is nothing but useless guff, clickbait and kiddie videos, that's why he has 200x the subs you do

  • jose carlos
    jose carlos 3 days ago

    C'mon, nowadays a low end computer with a decent video card will do just fine.

  • Scott Farkus
    Scott Farkus 3 days ago

    A gaming computer has an Oculus Rift, flight pedals, a joy stick and/or a racing wheel hooked up to it.

  • Hugo Kruger
    Hugo Kruger 4 days ago

    I have one question how is the i9 9900k only 3.6ghz base clock when my 7 or 9 year old i7 3770 has 3.4ghz base clock?

  • Exige722
    Exige722 4 days ago

    My pc is fully custom water cooled with a 2950x and twin 1080ti's with 64gb of ram... and i built it for fun but its completely overkill in every way. i only play pubg and forza but i wanted to test my building skills.

  • Drake Indoryl
    Drake Indoryl 4 days ago

    My step-father once said that it doesn't matter how pretty the paint job is, that what matters is what's under the hood. He also used to point out that cars increased in value whenever they were given a great paint job. In my experience, "a great paint job" is exactly what a "gaming PC" is. It might be high performance or just average, but the fact remains that most of the money you put into a "gaming PC" these days is going towards the fancy outward appearance of the computer and not the inner workings that will make or break your experience.

  • Anthony Altomare
    Anthony Altomare 4 days ago

    A gaming computer has RGB everyone knows that

  • Zebra
    Zebra 5 days ago

    I mean, I am rocking an old i7 2600 and am still happy with it, even considering pairing it with a used 1060 6gb

  • David Currin
    David Currin 5 days ago

    my buddy started playing world of warcraft on a emachines pc lol

  • J RA
    J RA 5 days ago

    RGB. RGB and Cable Mods makes a computer a gaming computer.

  • Daniel Nunya Bidnezz

    That tower is freaking HUUUUGE!!!

  • Daniel Nunya Bidnezz
    Daniel Nunya Bidnezz 6 days ago +1

    One exception... mac is still crap. :-)

  • Gg George
    Gg George 6 days ago

    I got an Asus laptop Pentium 2020 2 cores 2.4Ghz stoc Intel graphic 6gb ram and i play Overwatch, Diablo 3, PubG and more :)) i dont have a problem

  • Riley
    Riley 6 days ago

    You briefly mentioned it, but it's important to remember that some graphics cards and other hardware is better for gaming and others are better for rendering and other tasks.

  • McYeetson
    McYeetson 6 days ago

    I think the phasing out range is around 60fps.. That Radeon is far from phasing out

  • The Wise Wolf
    The Wise Wolf 7 days ago +1

    RGB make a cumputer to be a gaming computer

  • Daniel Zegonz
    Daniel Zegonz 7 days ago

    Gaming computers = unlocked downloadable RAM, clock speed and RGBs.

  • TheConpressor
    TheConpressor 7 days ago

    So regarding that bottlenecking, if i'm running an 9700k with a evga 1070 SC (boosting up to 2ghz gpu clock) is that stupid? and how high could i go for my 9700k? (i do know about how you should allocate your money into a gaming computer, but i feelt that the 1070sc would get the job done and only bought an 9700k in order to allow me to switch up my graphics card a few times before i switch my cpu again)

  • dodgestang
    dodgestang 8 days ago

    RGB Fans and Memory = Gaming PC in 2019 ;)

  • Robert Sharp
    Robert Sharp 9 days ago

    I Think there's a difference between computers you can game on, and a gaming computer.

  • Ex-Casual
    Ex-Casual 9 days ago

    I have an Intel i7 7700 cpu without a graphics card and it's pretty decent. I can run many modern games at least at 24 fps with low to mid settings.
    Granted I'm looking to buy a gtx 1070 right now but the internal graphics chip has served me well.

  • GrimDMasterMind
    GrimDMasterMind 10 days ago

    I love this

  • BlameTheFlame
    BlameTheFlame 10 days ago

    I think when people think of gaming PCs they think of everything, not just the desktop. Like, getting a mechanical keyboard, a game pad, a mouse with 10+ buttons, premium mouse pads, headsets, monitors, and so on.

  • zack anderson
    zack anderson 12 days ago

    ive spent 10 years buying low budget laptops from wallmart i have noticed im slowly catching up to buying a low budget up to par performance with the big dogs. Hes telling the truth

  • Roland Kontson
    Roland Kontson 12 days ago

    Now software is * - Arma 3.
    Annoying amount of use of frameworks and universal solutions for simple tasks.

  • AmethystExpert
    AmethystExpert 12 days ago

    Been a console gamer since early 2000's when Halo CE came out. I never really thought PC gaming could be that much better or that it simply wasn't affordable. Recently built a super cheap ryzen 2200g PC and now I use my Xbox to put plates/drinks on whenever I'm gaming on my PC. Even with a low end build the quality of games and gameplay is vastly superior, also, I get access to steam sales, free multiplayer, humblebundle and GOG deals. I only wish that I had switched to PC earlier.

  • ibdagimp16
    ibdagimp16 12 days ago

    Reeeee, must have RGBeeeeeeeee for me gaming PCeeeeeee

  • Noah TheGamer2700
    Noah TheGamer2700 12 days ago

    my 2080 is under powered in some cases i play 4k 60 fps

  • Tactical Pineapple
    Tactical Pineapple 13 days ago

    I heard the only way to get free stuff is to ask for it, so please build me a pc, haha

  • Joeven Bartolome
    Joeven Bartolome 13 days ago

    R5 3400G best gpu for it? Anyone?

  • ces alternative
    ces alternative 13 days ago

    You ever use a surface pro with max spec. for gaming on the go? I been thinking about getting one

  • MobiletitanS Mobile legends

    Please listen to this link: ru-clip.net/video/33rtr3fZvi0/video.html
    It's a Quran recitation and it would mean a lot to à lot of Muslims, btw loved the vid

  • DoctorX17
    DoctorX17 14 days ago

    I generally agree. I do, however, say there are still non-gaming computers, mostly the ones with Intel integrated graphics and _just_ enough processor power to run Windows and check your email. But yeah, the line between workstation and gaming machine is pretty blurred -- only really, really heavy workstation use might really warrant going into the Extreme series or Threadripper. On the other hand as well, while workstations used to suck for gaming, now the Extreme and Threadripper chips are incredible for workstation, but competent for gaming. It's all what you're looking to do, and how well you want to do it.
    Dual streaming system... I mean, I'd call it optimal, but yeah, not _necessary_.

  • Not so ninja Channel
    Not so ninja Channel 14 days ago

    So is a Ryzen 7 3700x 3.6 ghz, a msi mpg x570 motherboard, Gskill Ripjaws v serious 32 gb (2x16) memory, a 1 TB m.2 nvmb stick, 1 TB 2.5 ssd and a msi geforce rtx 2060 video card overkill for a gaming pc/ streaming pc/ home entertainment? First build just was wondering

  • ryan ooi
    ryan ooi 14 days ago

    today, 80% watching RU-clip, 10% made video for the 80% watching video. And the final 10% playing games for 6 hours and the rest 18 hours watching RU-clipr too. What is the point of this video?

  • PkGam
    PkGam 15 days ago

    7:18 I love how it also says "never obsolete", lol!

  • Mitchievous13
    Mitchievous13 16 days ago

    That’s a beautiful 2080 ti @JayzTwoCents ...open to donations :)

  • Nate The Great
    Nate The Great 16 days ago

    What makes a gaming PC? Lots of RGB lights!

  • BoomerKing 11
    BoomerKing 11 16 days ago

    Hi I'm building my 1st computer and have a Ryzen 3400g, corsair vengeance 2666 8gb ram and a tuf motherboard. What would be a good graphics card to add?????????

  • Dam Mad
    Dam Mad 16 days ago

    This is how i know i am a geek...when your gaming computer came into shot i started dribbling (like dogs do) and could not stop looking at it...i even paused and zoomed. What you were saying was no longer relevant to my life...man, that thing is a work of art...i would even consider trading my wife for it (don't tell her i said that) ....Peace to you brother.

  • Ryan Romero Sr
    Ryan Romero Sr 16 days ago

    A thought Jay and editors. A build, Built part by part. say over a year as the funds came available say on payday! But start with order of data, like you stated on the SSD video which is 1st in creating speed etc.

  • voteDC
    voteDC 16 days ago

    Jay is absolutely spot on that gaming computer is the one you game on. I have two PCs, one for gaming and one for media consumption. Neither is high end. My gaming system has a i5-4690k, GTX 970, and 16GB of RAM. My media system is a i5-4460, GTX 780Ti, and 8GB of RAM.
    That doesn't mean that my media PC isn't capable of gaming, it'd actually do a pretty damn good job as a gaming PC, but it isn't what I want to do on it.

  • Toasty Roach
    Toasty Roach 17 days ago

    A computer with a dedicated video card is a gaming computer anything without is not.

  • Ryan R
    Ryan R 17 days ago +1

    Computer Upgrading Question
    Hey guys, been thinking of upgrading my pc but not completely sure which needs upgrading, as I’m fairly new to pc gaming. My pc specs are:
    -Ryzen 5 2600
    -rx580 8gb
    -asus b450 m-a/csm
    -16 gb ram
    -256 ssd
    -1tb hdd
    -1080p monitor with 144 refresh rate
    I’ve been able to run recent games on 1080p with medium/high settings with 50-100 FPS depending on the game but I would want to make the most of my 144hz monitor or even try higher resolution (buying new monitor if there is a substantial difference). Should I just wait for another year or so and build a new rig? Not sure how dated my pc is but how much more time can I expect till I’d have to build a new pc altogether.
    Thank you in advance,

  • BrainOfficial
    BrainOfficial 17 days ago

    6:35 I said pinnacle right before he did and I got really excited😂

  • agauerm
    agauerm 18 days ago

    I have a "gaming PC" but is a workstation, not for games.

  • SoCalSlaughter
    SoCalSlaughter 18 days ago

    I upgraded from a AMD FX-9370, 16GB 1866 ram and a 1070 to a AMD 1800x, 32GB of 3200 ram and a 2070. And from SSD to NVME Samsung 970 Pro.

  • Gromtar
    Gromtar 19 days ago

    Dual pc setup is still create if the games you're going to stream are early access games and have the potential to lock up your pc. With a second pc you can at least still pause the stream or talk to the stream. And running games in windowed mode sucks :D

  • NewBgeminem
    NewBgeminem 19 days ago

    In a perfect world, a lot more industry professionals in the Game Development world would use Blender..

  • Spyro, the legendary purple dragon

    I recently bought a kickass gaming computer for a relatively cheap price, but while i was building it online i struggled with one question:

    How much hard drive space does one really need on their gaming PC? i was torn between the 2 TB and 3 TB hard drives, and ended up getting the 2 TB because 3 TB was insane in my eyes, but i found myself still longing for more hard drive space.

  • Joshua Salazar
    Joshua Salazar 19 days ago

    I'm planning on buying the Ryzen 7 3700X (researched that the 3800X isn't worth the extra cost) and one of the 5700 XT during Black Friday. My current mobo is the ASUS ROG STRIX B350-F GAMING AM4. Should I also plan to upgrade my mobo?

  • Daniel Cook
    Daniel Cook 20 days ago

    my only question is, whats a computer?