Talking Tech & Saving the World with Bill Gates!

  • Published on Feb 12, 2019
  • Chatting with Bill Gates about electric cars, AI, philanthropy and saving the world.
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  • Endgame Avengers
    Endgame Avengers 3 hours ago

    It's really hard to talk Infront of gates about technology

  • iRakibu
    iRakibu 15 hours ago

    Which African countries does Billgates come to

  • Robert Deloyd
    Robert Deloyd 22 hours ago

    Wow! You got to meet with Bill Gates!!! Double Wow!!!!

  • Lucio Rodriguez
    Lucio Rodriguez 2 days ago

    Maybe Bills sweater costs 3 times more than MBs watch

  • Jason Pason
    Jason Pason 3 days ago

    This why he got the subs

  • Sabany Boy
    Sabany Boy 4 days ago

    I think I'm going to follow Bill Gates by leaving behind all my wealth when i die.

  • iqminiclip
    iqminiclip 5 days ago

    Bill could probably be the president of the United States anytime he wants to

  • Paul Thierry
    Paul Thierry 5 days ago

    if Steve Jobs was alive...

  • Echo
    Echo 5 days ago

    oh gob,Bill Gates !!!

    MJ EVERSTAR Manoj 7 days ago +1

    He helps so much thats why god made him richest person

  • Aaron Vannistelrooy
    Aaron Vannistelrooy 9 days ago

    Do you drive an electric car, well tesla is an amazing product, so on so fourth. Same old rich guy with PR speech.....

  • Joshua Oluwaseyi
    Joshua Oluwaseyi 12 days ago

    All I wanna do now is binge watch all MKBHD's interviews and talks for the next week

  • Rayray
    Rayray 13 days ago

    First word Bill Gates says:

  • Giuseppe Binetti
    Giuseppe Binetti 14 days ago

    to evade taxes all of us love world!

  • Cano Tricks
    Cano Tricks 17 days ago

    Every second bill gates earns $114.16. There were 627 seconds in this video so bill gates made about $71,578.32 just in this videos time😂

  • Mike Cutno
    Mike Cutno 18 days ago

    I haven’t purchased a Microsoft product in 20 years. Haven’t used a PC in ten. Haven’t used Office in ten years. I’m much happier now 😊

  • avery baxter
    avery baxter 18 days ago

    Bill gates basically earned a quarter of a million dollars during this video. $234672 USD

  • V Techster
    V Techster 18 days ago +1

    Bill gates is a very simple man. He has simple clothes and like a normal man and not too proud of his money.

  • Joe Owen
    Joe Owen 18 days ago

    I wish he was my dad


    Bro u have no idea how much im proud of u right now ❤️

  • SuperHoldenC
    SuperHoldenC 19 days ago

    Much respect for Bill 👏👍

  • TheOne24115
    TheOne24115 19 days ago

    that guy is so smart so he had already solved all his own problems for decades ago, so he decided to solve the hole worlds problem. He is an amazing guy

  • Your Own
    Your Own 19 days ago

    Gates for the next american president

  • Sinan Tech Tips
    Sinan Tech Tips 19 days ago

    My role model

  • Gabriel E.
    Gabriel E. 20 days ago

    You need to interview PUTIN. He is big on robotics and nuclear technology.

  • Pythonist Pro
    Pythonist Pro 20 days ago

    I wish I were you MBKHD I’m a big fan of bill gates

  • Ian Zainea
    Ian Zainea 20 days ago

    Regarding the electric cars, specifically the production of electricity in getting to 0 emissions. I feel it's often also missed that there are emissions is drilling, pumping, refining, and transporting gasoline to be used in vehicles. So the emissions from electricity production and the emissions from gasoline production, let's pretend they are equal for argument's sake, you're still at lower emissions because you're no longer burning that gasoline.

    Electricity prodcution emissions = 10
    electric car emissions = 0
    Gasoline production emissions = 10
    Gasoline car emissions =10

    Total electric car emission: 10
    Total gas car emission : 20

    It's still better to drive electric.

    Obviously these are fake numbers, but the factual numbers will bear out the same conclusion

    VPS JCZINN 21 day ago

    Essa xicara pura dele ai kkkkk

  • Manya Tiwari
    Manya Tiwari 21 day ago

    Agh it would be such a great opportunity if Bill Gates could donate to team trees

  • Abed Nujedat
    Abed Nujedat 21 day ago +2

    I cant understand why this man dose not run for president, his way of thinking and explaining is really warms my heart

    • M Bnvnd
      M Bnvnd 19 days ago

      Abed Nujedat politics is toxic it would take a big toll on him

  • pugazhenthi a
    pugazhenthi a 22 days ago

    Nice 🇮🇳

  • Iqbal Adi
    Iqbal Adi 23 days ago

    When i doing some talk with other people, i can't stop to take a drink every time like bill do. He is nervous. 😆

  • Teste
    Teste 23 days ago

    This comment section is just gold.

  • George Luker
    George Luker 23 days ago

    Marques brownlee:interviews bill gates
    God:I got black I got white what you want

  • Charles Oh
    Charles Oh 23 days ago +1

    I don’t think Bill Gates would care at all that he’s wearing an Apple Watch

  • Anuraj Kesavan Nair K P

    whatta man😘😘😘❤️❤️❤️

  • Kibria Asif
    Kibria Asif 24 days ago

    110.7 billionUSD seriously!!!

  • Josh
    Josh 24 days ago

    I started to watch the video but RU-clip forced me to watch two commercials That I couldn’t skip. I’m Not on RU-clip to watch five minutes of commercials before 10 minute video. Goodbye & unsubscribe

  • damn gurl
    damn gurl 24 days ago

    Man. How lucky is that guy? Hes meeting Markass Brownie!!

    SOUTH REACTIONS 24 days ago +1

    Mac at windows home ⌚⌚

  • Branimir Lukač
    Branimir Lukač 24 days ago

    Saving the world from Bill Gates.

  • WemSum
    WemSum 25 days ago +1

    Why doesn’t he just give each person in the world a million dollars

    • Lucien
      Lucien 21 day ago +1

      Why the hell should he? That is like asking why doesn't the government just print money and give it to everyone in the country, it is just not feasible and even if it is there is no point to it.

    • MLAC Lareb Gaming
      MLAC Lareb Gaming 22 days ago

      That would be nice!

    • Aditya Nath
      Aditya Nath 23 days ago +4

      That would make people lazy, create imbalance, people would take it for granted and most people won't be working hard after that.

  • shixiong feng
    shixiong feng 26 days ago

    don't get fooled, the charity is his own charity, so he can avoid taxation.

    • segads
      segads 23 days ago +1

      99.6 percent of all his wealth will go to his foundation

  • Nasser Simon Kazeminy
    Nasser Simon Kazeminy 27 days ago

    I hate the assumption I'm reading in the comments regrading brand loyalty. Brand loyalty is for suckers. Apple's watch is the best smartwatch at a very reasonable price, so why shouldn't Marques wear one? And why would any of you presume that Bill Gates would care which wearable he chooses? Microsoft doesn't even have a watch on the market, do they? Neither does Google. Devices are mainly for use, not to be used as some sort of smug status symbol. Y'all need to grow up.

  • Forest River
    Forest River 29 days ago

    He should've asked if he could still code.

  • PUBG Play of the Game
    PUBG Play of the Game 29 days ago

    What watch does Bill Gates wear?

  • Diego
    Diego Month ago

    Your interview skills are over 9000!

  • Gagandeep Singh
    Gagandeep Singh Month ago

    And then there is dan bilzerian...

  • Aj
    Aj Month ago

    Next jeff bezos

  • Sites4sight Multimedia

    He paid someone in college like $1000 for windows (beta)................didnt love this guy

  • GypsyAdventures
    GypsyAdventures Month ago

    What happens to the batteries form ev? I’m a mobile worker. I must be able to pull my mobile 5th whl home away from home. We have come to a time that companies do not value keeping a employees so we have become a mobile work w/o insurance, no retirement, health insurance or paying as much into Ss because we can’t afford the new way. I won’t be able to retire. I will die at my desk. What do you think of the generation behind me?

  • HaChi Studio
    HaChi Studio Month ago

    tony hawk with glasses

  • Gausser theNickelsmith

    "Hey! Crisco the Gamer! I'll throw in some corn and bacon; a new horse and some gunpowder!"

  • Jeremy Cornwell
    Jeremy Cornwell Month ago

    Get the sh it eating dog out of my home, Designer dog - designer diseased

  • Melodies back to back

    Bill gates is an thief who stole the ideas of the legend .steve jobs

    • God Isgod
      God Isgod Month ago +1

      Melodies back to back hmmm his company a thief

    HER MONEY GUIDE Month ago

    He is trying to do population control via vaccines.

    • Lucien
      Lucien 21 day ago

      No, he is not. You are just trying to spread bullshit via social media.

  • Biswajit Manna
    Biswajit Manna Month ago

    Do an interview with Sundar Pichai.

  • Akeem R
    Akeem R Month ago

    Excellent Job Marques, really delighted by your progress in recent years - you're doing a great work, keep enjoying it!

  • emerson, emerson
    emerson, emerson Month ago

    Let this not distract from the fact that Bill Gates was aboard Jeffrey Epstein's plane dubbed the Lolita Express, a plane that trafficked a vast network of under-age girls to sexually exploit.

    • Papaluego
      Papaluego 27 days ago +1

      @Sherry Flavour True, but this video is about Bill Gates.

    • emerson, emerson
      emerson, emerson Month ago

      @Sherry Flavour Yeah that too.

    • Sherry Flavour
      Sherry Flavour Month ago +2

      Also don't forget that both Trump and Clinton were best friends with Epstein.

  • Leylord 121
    Leylord 121 Month ago

    1:34 bill looks at the apple watch lol