Former FBI Agent Explains How to Read Body Language | Tradecraft | WIRED

  • Published on May 21, 2019
  • Former FBI agent and body language expert Joe Navarro breaks down the various ways we communicate non-verbally. What does it mean when we fold our arms? Why do we interlace our fingers? Can a poker player actually hide their body language?

    Check out Joe's book "The Dictionary of Body Language"
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    Former FBI Agent Explains How to Read Body Language | Tradecraft | WIRED
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  • Darina Sa
    Darina Sa Hour ago

    they say "it's the flowers" but they don't ask "why the flowers?"

  • Gunnar Moeller
    Gunnar Moeller 2 hours ago

    was the video any good at the end...i just fell asleep, too boring

  • sexobscura
    sexobscura 2 hours ago

    *The Pinocchio Effect:*
    *When a puppet turns into a real person (aka: The Chucky Effect)*

  • Akío Aslan
    Akío Aslan 2 hours ago +1

    lol all the jokes, i bet the FBI agents looking at this comments are having a fun time.

  • Val
    Val 3 hours ago

    are you sure this "former FBI Agent" is named Joe Navarro?

  • Marianne Lutz
    Marianne Lutz 3 hours ago

    Me: extremely depressed.
    Reacts to nothing
    FBI: .....

  • Red Panda
    Red Panda 3 hours ago

    I touch my face and stuff when I'm just pure nervous. Doesn't gotta be lien.

  • Sarah Poiesz
    Sarah Poiesz 4 hours ago

    This is so fascinating

  • Terrance Coard
    Terrance Coard 4 hours ago

    I live in the country now and wear nothing but overalls but that was not always the case. This guy is sharing a lot of valuable information that should be studied and taken seriously. That said...I grew up in NYC and cannot get past the fact that this guy is wearing a well tailored suit...Seems pretty bespoked! It fits don't get that at the malls. And those beautiful shoes...DA DAmmm!! Cole Haan shoes was my favorite. When it comes to get what you paid for.

  • Watcherwoman
    Watcherwoman 4 hours ago

    Actually we aren't lousy at detecting deception. We just don't listen to our bodies or our intuition when it happens. Women in particular know immediately when a man is predatory, you feel really uncomfortable around them. Its men who aren't as good at this.

  • cobainzlady
    cobainzlady 5 hours ago

    There's good reason why a man is not EVER supposed to stick thier hand out to a woman, for a handshake. The Book of Etiquette is right, when it says, NEVER approach a woman to shake her hand. NEVER offer your hand to a female for a handshake. Just shake her hand IF SHE OFFERS IT TO YOU.

  • Melinda Morris
    Melinda Morris 5 hours ago

    Gregory Adams

  • C Swank
    C Swank 5 hours ago +1

    I really enjoyed watching this video. He offers a ton of information, and it makes sense. I guess some people are very observant. I have always had my own beliefs (similar to his I learned) and especially about eye movement. I've come to depend on my eye observations as they've been very useful in helping me communicate further with people. Now... Off topic BUT the most irritating habit of Judge Judy's is when she asks a question but demands the person answering, stare strictly forward and into her eyes. This expectation is both absurd and uncomfortable, and in no way determines a liar. If anything, she's not allowing the person to process the question and she's denying them their receptive style (which they probably aren't even aware of). I do understand that fidgeting and darting eyes equal deception but give them a chance to answer in their way, first.

  • Gung Fu Guru
    Gung Fu Guru 5 hours ago

    lol this is common knowledge to me. and its not definitive. there are to many factors.

  • JefferyStarsBrokenWalletClub

    This can be applied to all the Crisis Acting interviews: SandyH0AX, BostonMarathon, OrlandoPulse, Parkland, just to name a few.

  • Babygirl Perez
    Babygirl Perez 5 hours ago

    By the way he talks i strongly believed it had lots of dam patient interrogating spies 🙉

  • mercster
    mercster 5 hours ago

    I don't believe anything this guy is saying. He's using reverse psychology to make you less aware of the 'tells' you're giving. Would an FBI man do anything less? ;-)

  • phiovorix
    phiovorix 5 hours ago

    Any one else here so they can get better at lying?
    Just me?

  • James Ryan
    James Ryan 6 hours ago

    It is not difficult to spot a person with motives.

    SYRSA 6 hours ago

    *FBI Agent meets up with a person with Aspergers*
    *3 hours later*
    [FBI Agent]: "I give up..."

  • nickacelvn
    nickacelvn 6 hours ago

    lol utter piffle

  • Christia Hall
    Christia Hall 6 hours ago

    I would have wanted a bit more specific information about what different gestures and ticks might mean, not just that they happen. I know it's very individual, but for myself, I am trying to eliminate body language that might give people the wrong impression about what I'm communicating or to have a better understanding of the intentions of others. Over all, I enjoyed the video and will look for the book.

  • Sonia G
    Sonia G 7 hours ago

    He is right on about folding arms and moving eyeballs I do both not to block, disrespect nor avoid anything/anyone. My arms are long and clumsy and I think a lot.

  • Koanta Mukua
    Koanta Mukua 7 hours ago

    Since The Recruit, I have been curious why the FBI would become so open about their trade-craft techniques. In the behind the scenes for that movie, a former FBI agent does the same as this one, where he goes into techniques used by the FBI. I imagine it might be that they might have become obsolete techniques, they may have changed them. But then they give too much foundation in of themselves. I did feel there is a "recruiting" element to it. Because generally, regardless of whether they are former agents, it still would be treason to reveal FBI techniques that were not meant to be shared with the public. I do see operatives of military branches revealing techniques, even psyops techniques used on other countries. But people don't seem to make any correlations with that.

  • Brander Raven McDonald

    completely ethnocentric view of body language ;(

  • Jordan Duet
    Jordan Duet 7 hours ago

    Did anybody notice the chick at the poker table sat down in a gray shirt then suddenly its black but everyone else is in the same clothes

  • Fromthepast
    Fromthepast 7 hours ago

    Eastern European guy buys flowers, gets arrested:
    FBI: we know you're Eastern European because you carry flowers upside down.
    the guy: I confess. I am Eastern European.

  • sksk sksk
    sksk sksk 8 hours ago

    They should’ve played BS with him

  • survivor030406
    survivor030406 8 hours ago

    @6:09 Cuffy - Say it again!

  • Ray McLain
    Ray McLain 8 hours ago

    This guy knows a lot about flowers

  • Mark Gable
    Mark Gable 8 hours ago

    The police can tell when a suspect is lying, simply because they've been through the same scenarios many times before. It's their job.

    TOBIAS VERVAX 8 hours ago

    3:20 that's just the way we carry flowers in Europe not just Eastern-Europe

  • Jen Sopsic
    Jen Sopsic 9 hours ago

    @PaulSopsic since you want me to have a job I can physically handle ask the #federalgovernment to put me on the payroll for all of the #free #spoton #psychic #crime solving I’m doing on #Google. At least I’d have #benefits and could get a new #ID without being tracked in #Westlaw. I got nothing......

  • d e p r e s i o n
    d e p r e s i o n 9 hours ago

    i heard him say glabella and immediately thought of dan and phil. loving dnp for 4 years has definitely made a difference in my life

    KAY CEE 9 hours ago +1

    ME : walking with my phone
    FBI : his a Nigeria

  • ali alnashed
    ali alnashed 9 hours ago

    Not sure if I believe anything he said.
    Did anyone see his hands when he spoke, there all over the place 😂

  • NonYourBuz
    NonYourBuz 9 hours ago

    ..hands 6:00...all Cops stand like this....

  • king kong
    king kong 9 hours ago

    Interesting, but his voice or sound quality of the video is loud & jarring..

  • #HashTagDimension
    #HashTagDimension 9 hours ago

    #PokerBody #PokerFace

  • neilboxer00
    neilboxer00 10 hours ago

    Fair kop, you rumbled me and I will spill my guts by the way I hold a bunch of flowers. Lmfao.

  • Nico Barrack
    Nico Barrack 10 hours ago

    Being autistic, a lot of my "body language" is actually just stimming, so I try to learn what other people might be reading the stims as.

  • akash joshi
    akash joshi 10 hours ago

    What a load of bull

  • Mehrshad Chakameh
    Mehrshad Chakameh 10 hours ago

  • Jeremy Ericson
    Jeremy Ericson 11 hours ago +1

    "Most of us select our mates based on nonverbals."

  • 2deep5u
    2deep5u 11 hours ago

    3:16-3:30 We do? I didn't know we were supposed to hold flowers like that...

  • Paloma San Basilio
    Paloma San Basilio 11 hours ago

    @6:24 I put my hands like that when I’ve washing a lot of dishes & my back hurts. 🤣

  • Emilio Roman
    Emilio Roman 11 hours ago

    I bought that book so fast lol

  • kit cat
    kit cat 11 hours ago

    Me: You want to play a board game?
    FBI: We already know it was the butler, in the library, with the candle stick.
    Me: How did you know it was...
    FBI: You blinked 9 times, that indicated a CLUE!

  • Eva Gabor
    Eva Gabor 12 hours ago

    How many people he tortured, to get confession. How do you detect area between eyes, when people use Bottox? Its frozen, no movement.

  • Julie
    Julie 12 hours ago

    People must think I’m lying all the time when I itch my nose. There is a fuzz on it somewhere. I’m trying to find it. Leave me alone

  • SAinTIdiVAca
    SAinTIdiVAca 13 hours ago


  • Eschatonx
    Eschatonx 13 hours ago

    These "body language experts" are the dumbest things. Everyone is different.

  • william punte
    william punte 13 hours ago

    Pure disinformation .

  • Jaime Villarreal
    Jaime Villarreal 13 hours ago

    You're guilty!

  • Awkward Munchkin
    Awkward Munchkin 13 hours ago

    When he talked about blink rate, I started blinking manually.

  • Punctual Bunny
    Punctual Bunny 13 hours ago

    comment section is on fire

  • Fyrah
    Fyrah 14 hours ago

    *I Hate Ads*

  • Skip Johnson
    Skip Johnson 14 hours ago

    FBI huh? Are we supposed believe that this book isn't an attempt at a disinformation campaign? or is it legit?

  • Jack O'Jack
    Jack O'Jack 15 hours ago

    He's right about the flowers, we do old them backwards.

  • Standing Man
    Standing Man 15 hours ago

    I bet Joe never caught a Democrat spy.

  • Sophia Redwood
    Sophia Redwood 15 hours ago

    What his father probably taught: “Don’t judge people by appearance. Listen to the what they say. Then you can learn who they really are.”
    Him: “I’m about to end this man’s whole career-“

  • im Savage
    im Savage 15 hours ago


  • Nevena N
    Nevena N 15 hours ago

    Hahaha NO ONE in Eastern Europe carries flowers like that!! This is ridiculous..

  • candysnakes
    candysnakes 15 hours ago

    He really surprises the two women with his hip slap. What an odd movement.

  • Lolbwah dab
    Lolbwah dab 15 hours ago

    I mean I cover my mouth all the time, even when I was just watching this video. I wasn’t talking to anyone, it’s just something I do, so I don’t think these apply for anyone.

  • adam smith
    adam smith 16 hours ago

    Ummmm I hold flowers down.... This guys an idiot I'm American fully and yet if I hold my flowers downwards an idiot thinks somethings off lol

  • Zeena Abdura
    Zeena Abdura 16 hours ago

    You don't wear brown shoes with a blue suit. What does that say about you.

  • PinkOtterz _
    PinkOtterz _ 16 hours ago

    thanks :)

  • adam smith
    adam smith 16 hours ago

    Love how idiots think everyone is the same

  • Greg Mihran
    Greg Mihran 16 hours ago

    OK ... so now all the spies know how to/not to act so they don't get spotted by the FBI.

  • The Gamer
    The Gamer 16 hours ago +1

    *Me:- watches this*
    *Also me:- starts looking at everyone weirdly*

  • Ramm Katze
    Ramm Katze 16 hours ago

    Some people have massive tells when they're lying, though. I know the tells of 3 of my colleagues. One of them drags his voice. Another one will look at you with his hand raised when explaining you something and punctuating with the hand and a thrust of the chin/head, but when he's lying, he inadvertently quickly closes his eyes and opens them again while thrusting head/chin; another one is incredibly transparent - his lower lip completely freezes while he's talking. They have no idea that I know this :p Of course there are instances when they can lie without using these tells, there's always several. But these are the big ones. :p

  • Alyssa Jones
    Alyssa Jones 17 hours ago

    These comments are hilarious omg 😂

  • leon corbin
    leon corbin 17 hours ago

  • Iselin
    Iselin 18 hours ago

    Someone with sosial anxiety will scream that they're being deceptive and show all of these things mentioned whilst they haven't done anything wrong at all. I wonder if they can tell the difference between guilty and severe social anxiety/phobia.

  • PetitePhillyLife
    PetitePhillyLife 19 hours ago

    What if you shuffle your feet because your feet hurt... Or touch your nose because you got a nose itch

  • snap out
    snap out 19 hours ago

    Can we have this guy talking all the time, with more lessons

  • Venus de Milo
    Venus de Milo 19 hours ago

    on poker things - that was a bunch of bb bats vanilla taffy suckers

  • Dan Wis
    Dan Wis 19 hours ago

    Me: rollerblading with a stiff upper lipp.
    The Female Bodie Inspectors: He's interesting and still not in the NHL

  • Krista Owen
    Krista Owen 20 hours ago

    Super funny, I had my hands with thumbs forward while watching this video...

  • shalise Alphonse
    shalise Alphonse 20 hours ago

    Channels name
    Me: subscribe

  • suicidal.banana
    suicidal.banana 21 hour ago

    "Thats how they carry flowers in eastern Europe"
    Some people know that cut flowers are still living things, so they carry them upside down when they are not in water, that way no fluids will leak out of the stem and the flower has longer to live. Not sure how knowing this makes you a communist..
    Honestly both this guy and the CIA lady seem pretty fake, like they're purposely holding back details or twisting information, but adamant about us having to believe that nonsense. Like in this case he starts by 'debunking' a few of the common misconceptions, and then continues to repeat 15 more common misconceptions. If he actually knew his craft its about spotting patterns and mixed signals

    EJ REYY 22 hours ago

    I'm glad I'm not his child if I am im *DEAD*

  • jaenay1712
    jaenay1712 22 hours ago

    I’m listening 👀📝

  • Saskia de Moor
    Saskia de Moor Day ago

    Ha ha " that's how they carry flowers in Eastern Europe" !! In Amsterdam too mister master spy catcher

  • CantoloupeBC Ok
    CantoloupeBC Ok Day ago

    Bravo 6, going dark

  • Elizabeth Phantom Wagner

    I want that book

  • Relaxing Nature Squad

    This is about as reliable as "drug-sniffing" dogs and spoon-bending

  • V T
    V T Day ago

    Another lying FBI agent.

  • Igor
    Igor Day ago

    I liked his analysis on the poker part, is there any book in this subject specifically applied to poker?

  • Jacq G
    Jacq G Day ago

    *crosses legs*
    Him : Are you feeling territorial?
    Me : Nah, mate. I just really gotta pee

  • J K
    J K Day ago

    Just be the gray man. Give away nothing. Neutral and muted with everything.

  • Maura Mill
    Maura Mill Day ago


  • Spiltpoison
    Spiltpoison Day ago

    Did nobody else notice that the girl playing poker had a whitish shirt on at first then like it's randomly changed to her having a black long sleeve shirt? No? Just me? Ok.

  • Adrienne M
    Adrienne M Day ago

    moral of the story. if you have and anxiety disorder, your screwed lol. i do everything he mentioned in social situation lol

  • chefboiolive
    chefboiolive Day ago

    wait why is this making me so nervous lol

  • monivideosable
    monivideosable Day ago

    So it is true, in movies when they get caught the other part starts to explain how they find out this or that, why...whyyyyy...

  • coco maree
    coco maree Day ago

    i touch my nose as an anxious habit... sir i can assure you IM NOT LYING

  • Bruhaha9
    Bruhaha9 Day ago

    We don't judge, we assess... :)
    We look at xyz (but we don't get to hear what it means)

  • Marc Bell
    Marc Bell Day ago

    Oh man, this is where my tax dollars go, really?