AC/DC - Highway to Hell (from Countdown, 1979)

  • Published on Jul 17, 2019
  • "Highway to Hell" by AC/DC, Live from Countdown, 1979
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    Hey momma, look at me
    I'm on my way to the promised land
    I'm on the highway to hell
    (Don't stop me)
    And I'm going down, all the way down
    I'm on the highway to hell
    #ACDC #HighwayToHell #Countdown

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  • Nur Hermawan Sati
    Nur Hermawan Sati 3 hours ago

    School of Rock

  • Estiven20042
    Estiven20042 8 hours ago

    0% Autoune
    Esto es música de verdad, no la basura de los días de hoy :3

  • Ildikó László
    Ildikó László 8 hours ago

    MIss you Bon

  • César Vergara
    César Vergara 17 hours ago

    Querido Bon Scott al menos te tenemos en video eso no te olvides

  • César Vergara
    César Vergara 17 hours ago

    Me quedo mudo

  • Sebastian Araya
    Sebastian Araya Day ago

    The guy on the microphone Is like Lester of GTA V

  • Eltonj2006 13
    Eltonj2006 13 2 days ago

    All my peoples got a love Bon Scott but I was not born traction table for one of my favorite band part of a band that would change the universe forever I still Miss Bawna ❤️ to this day if so do you leave for DC but I still love you guys

  • Pete Rollins
    Pete Rollins 2 days ago +2

    WE STILL MISS YOU BON!!!!!! 🤘🤘🤘🇸🇪🇸🇪🇸🇪

  • Leo Silva
    Leo Silva 2 days ago

    The best band!!!!

  • Respect/Walk
    Respect/Walk 3 days ago +1

    ......and straight down he went

  • guitar devil
    guitar devil 3 days ago

    Wait the countdown was in the Netherlands???

  • Thor Hamm
    Thor Hamm 5 days ago +4

    I was a teenager back then and in boarding school and I would just listen to the live version on cassette tapes. I always wondered how they were live. Now I see. Thank you. I'm Native American and man, what an introduction to AC/DC.

  • Vladimir UA
    Vladimir UA 5 days ago

    зачем он разделся

  • D DA
    D DA 6 days ago +4

    Most of their best songs were signed from Bon... Who knows what would be ACDC today if he would be still with them 🤷‍♂️😢

  • omaha joel
    omaha joel 7 days ago +1

    AC/DC is generational. Eternal. In 100 years this song and many of their others will still be recognized and loved. You cannot say that about many musical acts, but you can about AC/DC.

    • Aqeel Asif
      Aqeel Asif 4 days ago

      3 bands that will be forever remembered

  • Luigi Vampa
    Luigi Vampa 8 days ago +1


  • Sweetassugar 72
    Sweetassugar 72 9 days ago +1

    God I love acdc!

  • GEO
    GEO 9 days ago +1

    bon scott legend and scottish outstanding

  • Paul Galan
    Paul Galan 10 days ago

    Check out Hellfire Mafia videos UNA VIDA < UNCLEAN AND SOBER > JUDAS BULLET now on RU-clip !!!

  • bby
    bby 10 days ago

    Jak puszczali na dyskotece to dziewczyny uciekali a chłopaki szaleli.😊

  • Tony Decker
    Tony Decker 11 days ago +2

    Awesome video this is the best band AC DC Highway the hell

  • Skoric Darko
    Skoric Darko 11 days ago

    Wath for sexy trousers have the speaker to begin

  • kaz rebecca
    kaz rebecca 13 days ago +1

    Thank u AC/DC for your music! Kept us strong at war and at and miss ya!

  • L.jelani Jelani
    L.jelani Jelani 14 days ago

    Saya suka musik AC/DC karena bisa membuat saya terhibur dikala fikiran lagi galau

  • Luis Montes Grupo 2H
    Luis Montes Grupo 2H 15 days ago

    Bryan Jhonson rules

  • Den Sch
    Den Sch 15 days ago +12

    You can see how easy he sing the songs. No adjustment, no artificial press out, no imitation ...... just his voice. The true voice of ACDC.

    • ClickClan100
      ClickClan100 14 days ago +1

      Great comment, so natural unlike the other singer that I dont even want to mention his name

  • Rickson Carrara
    Rickson Carrara 15 days ago +3

    Bon Scott like
    Brian Johnson coment

  • Саша Юзвак
    Саша Юзвак 16 days ago +1

    Бон Скотт живой,прикольный парень 1979 концерт лучший у него был,а 1980 у банды.

  • Anton Antochi
    Anton Antochi 17 days ago

    Fake sounds better

  • Mr sweed
    Mr sweed 17 days ago

    Rip bon scott 😪

  • Kaio Braga
    Kaio Braga 18 days ago

    Onde foi esse show?

  • Sean Gunnery
    Sean Gunnery 19 days ago

    It's a good thing Brian Johnson didn't fart....his shoes would've blown off!

    • joshua hymer
      joshua hymer 17 days ago +1

      Sean Gunnery that’s Bon Scott you jackass

  • Perpetual Bystander
    Perpetual Bystander 20 days ago

    Too bad the sound is so crappy. :O(

    • JAX
      JAX 18 days ago

      Video 1979

  • Dwayne ChonChon
    Dwayne ChonChon 21 day ago

    dislikes are from beliebers

  • yuri tarded
    yuri tarded 21 day ago

    I hope the 532 people that disliked die a slow painfull death

  • Walter Mameli
    Walter Mameli 21 day ago +4

    Rock n Rolls main anthem courtesy of Rock n Rolls main Band.....AC/DC Live from Holland.....

  • bbocjcp
    bbocjcp 22 days ago +5

    40 years on, and it's still the greatest

  • Jover Souza
    Jover Souza 22 days ago


  • Sepp Müller
    Sepp Müller 22 days ago +1

    Bon Scott and Angus Young is ACDC

  • jon cito
    jon cito 23 days ago +2

    Lo que daria por estar ahi disfrutando buena musica , saludos desde argentina ! 🤘🇦🇷

  • persona ferita
    persona ferita 23 days ago

    Andrei ad un loro concerto esclusivamente × la 🥔 che c'è...

  • david tunnicliff
    david tunnicliff 25 days ago

    they should teach this in schools.

  • Linda Sherman
    Linda Sherman 26 days ago

    Love them and brings you back to care free best music ever. I definitely had no clue I actually was on path to highway to Hell 😂Loved every minute 🎸

  • josé marcelo caceres nuñez

    AC⚡DC puro Rock N Roll en sus mejores tiempos!!!!🤘🎸.

  • kinkymat1971
    kinkymat1971 26 days ago

    Damn how fucking good was that!!

  • Paulo CM
    Paulo CM 27 days ago

    PQP! AC/DC é foda.

  • Derro Farm
    Derro Farm 27 days ago

    Cant stand racists...And the Dutch!!

  • KenDroid66
    KenDroid66 28 days ago +1

    The quality... wow!

  • virus killerism
    virus killerism 28 days ago +1

    That was so amazing, very similar to the studio version - R. I. P Bon scott

  • dada fosh
    dada fosh 28 days ago +4

    Если бы я увидел это в 1979 было б круто шок!

  • Dean Robert
    Dean Robert 29 days ago +1

    For the people who don't know Angus, in his school bag he had 1 hand line a tobacco tin off hooks and sinkers, 1 pencil case full of bait.
    Just incase he felt like fishing.
    Bloody legends mate

    • Aqeel Asif
      Aqeel Asif 10 days ago

      Fukin yes your right hahaha

  • The Borden Asylum
    The Borden Asylum 29 days ago +10

    Bon sounded hammered most likely as usual but his voice was amazing

  • Vanderwalle Denis
    Vanderwalle Denis Month ago +1


  • theedrstrangelove
    theedrstrangelove Month ago

    An entire audience of mostly pimply faced 15 year old boys.

  • Andy Thompson
    Andy Thompson Month ago

    Best song Eva!!!!!!!

  • mark marcelis
    mark marcelis Month ago +1

    498 pure fuckin jerk offs

  • Tossapon Saeoon
    Tossapon Saeoon Month ago

    I 💖 AC⚡DC

  • Harry Rugg
    Harry Rugg Month ago

    Bon Scott and Angus young are rock and roll

  • roby scudnet
    roby scudnet Month ago

    Bon Scott is the real AC/DC voice