10 ways Windows is just BETTER

  • Published on Sep 19, 2019
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    Windows is the most popular desktop platform in the world, beating out Mac and Linux.
    We reached out to our community to find out what they liked most about Windows and why its just better then what Apple or Linux bring to the table.
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Comments • 8 358

  • colin3ds
    colin3ds 8 hours ago

    From the comments
    In conclusion
    Windows: Good for gaming and what most are comfortable with
    It is also easy to start and use
    Linux: more lightweight and can handle a lot but some programs just arent available in a good state
    And some stuff is more complicated but you get a ton of performance and customization at the cost of some windows programs while there are work arounds they arent reliable

    And MacOS: it's kind of just there
    The hardware is a huge limiting factor
    You cant play games well
    It's good for video and photo editing software but they are extremely limited
    Everything about Mac is limitation which is kind of sad because Apple used to mean freedom

  • Divvy
    Divvy 18 hours ago

    One of my favorite channels, but Linus really shows his ignorance with Linux when he literally claims "customization" is better on Windows.

  • Eddie O'Connor
    Eddie O'Connor 20 hours ago

    Gaming aside?

    Windows sucks.


  • Mian Hashim
    Mian Hashim 22 hours ago

    Always keep your hardware updated. Make a little more effort to be computer savvy, ensure internet security and hard drive failure precautions. Perform cloud backup of your important documents. Never get any software that is pirated, Chances are you wont run into issues.

  • Get To The Point Already

    Why Windows is best: Gaming.
    End video right there. I need no other reason.

  • IRON V8
    IRON V8 Day ago

    More programs are designed to run on windows than any other operating system.

    DJ XCDR Day ago

    5:27 denny is *HUNG*

  • Josh Goument
    Josh Goument 2 days ago

    thank you linus for getting me to sleep every night

  • ibrahim cowke
    ibrahim cowke 2 days ago

    I don't hate all windows but hate that bottle water cost

  • Dimetri Drossos
    Dimetri Drossos 2 days ago

    9:20 i use a 10 year old macbook with a core 2 duo (i do have 8gb of ram and an ssd but just forget about that) that isn't even supported to run windows, and because it isn't supported, the volume key doesn't work, the keyboard back light doesn't work, and the right click or tap to click on this fantastic track pad doesn't work >:(. but i cant remember a time when this computer has crashed with me doing something reasonable (or ever even). while my brothers 2018 hp something 2 in 1 or whatever with an 7th i5 (i i think) and same amount of ram chugs to close or open tf2 and crashes every time he uses it.

    am i the only one thinking this is the opposite of what should be happening?

  • Kellyy
    Kellyy 2 days ago


  • Рауль Каримов

    how can somebody named LINUS be a Windows guy? I don't get it

  • joveaaron
    joveaaron 3 days ago

    your living room wifi has the password as "homewifi" haha now i can HAK U LINUS

  • max enzo
    max enzo 3 days ago

    for me the reason i use windows may be shocking to you but its... gaming.

  • Blue
    Blue 3 days ago

    I switched to Linux for a few months and got caught in the loop of "I'm cool cuz my os is unique!" and end up spending most of my time using it doing google and figuring out how to do the most basic things. After a while of learning the basic things, I realized how pointless this was. I could do basically everything I do on windows, and much more efficiently at that. Programs that are supposed to be alternatives to windows are just plain worse. Because 99% of people use windows and it's programs, compatibility becomes a huge problem. I couldn't work with microsoft office documents with "Libre-office", only on the web based office. And some programs just doesn't exist all together. After a ton of that "It's fine I can live with this..." I finally switched back to windows, and found out "everything just works" like before. I guess Linux was okay, but it shouldn't rely on the "if you learn its much better than windows" bull crap that is just plain wrong. Unless the community or userbase gets larger so developers actually care to port their programs to the platform and make it an on par experience like on windows, unless that happens I'll stick with windows thank you.

  • Edo Brca
    Edo Brca 3 days ago

    Windows 10 is shit😝

  • Julio Mateos Langerak

    A video about how windows got better over time by copying other OS features...

  • MardinGaming124
    MardinGaming124 3 days ago

    Windows 8.1: Why y'all hate me?
    Me: I don't hate you I love you you're my favorite.
    Windows 8.1: Good if you would have hated me something would have happened.....
    (Btw I love Windows 8.1 its the best windows my opinion)

  • ArchUser
    ArchUser 4 days ago

    Thanks for giving me a good laugh

  • booga booga
    booga booga 4 days ago

    I'm so used to Windows Os that I try to click the taskbar when I'm using a mac

  • Lyrical Languages
    Lyrical Languages 5 days ago

    MacOS ist immer noch VIEL besser. Es ist stabiler und synchronisiert sich mit Ihrem iPhone. Plus es ist nur bequemer. Ich habe tatsächlich von Windows gewechselt und bin soooooo froh, dass ich das getan habe!

  • Knno 1
    Knno 1 5 days ago

    Microsoft office is pure cancer.

  • Yeoj Henrie Sayadi
    Yeoj Henrie Sayadi 5 days ago

    Who got pulseway?

  • MrPorkncheese
    MrPorkncheese 6 days ago

    I was skeptical of win10 but i can't complain at all. Its very good

  • Rocket Moose
    Rocket Moose 6 days ago

    I hit a baseball through my neighbor’s windows...

  • Fredd Colour Green
    Fredd Colour Green 6 days ago

    Left: Linux
    Middle: Linus
    Get it?

  • AsumiLuna
    AsumiLuna 6 days ago

    I have some things to sum up about mac os and linux

    terrible app support, nobody wants to make apps for them

  • Brad Kuhn
    Brad Kuhn 7 days ago

    Built-in HiDPI support. Is it perfect? No. Does macOS do it better? Arguably. But when it comes to comparing it to Linux it wins hands over fist. I install Windows, my display looks great. My 2nd monitor looks great as well. When I install Linux (numerous DEs on different Distros) everything is out of scale. Some distros give me the options of way too small or way too big with nothing in between. Others offer something in between but it's incredibly inconsistently applied. Some require you to have a degree in computer science to write commands, edit system files, etc. just to get the OS to show up properly on your monitor. Even if I do somehow get all that work done and finally get it to display correctly, all those settings apply equally to my 2nd monitor making everything gigantic. HiDPI scaling support on Linux is straight up atrocious.

  • Cardtastic
    Cardtastic 7 days ago

    Wanna tell me Windows is customizable compared to Linux? OK...

  • Ryan Kane
    Ryan Kane 7 days ago +2

    0:04 - i always thinking about mac os in that way...

  • SuchtyTV Niclas
    SuchtyTV Niclas 7 days ago

    it isnt

  • Laverna Pearl
    Laverna Pearl 7 days ago +2

    Windows runs fast and it's versatile.. . for nice Windows customization, I use Folderchanger, google it.

    • Thomas B
      Thomas B 7 days ago

      By the time Windows finishes booting up and is useable, I've already had 3 birthdays.

    • Shauna Ymos
      Shauna Ymos 7 days ago


  • Windows Alternative
    Windows Alternative 7 days ago

    Copy past last comment from the previous video "Just gonna say this, a person should not use Google or Windows for everyday surfing! Both these companies are spying on consumers and then selling that information for profit! Use Firefox incognito mode on Linux with a decent VPN or you're basically broadcasting to Microsoft and Google and letting your A$$ hang out in the wind! If you have mics or cams with mics disable them in Windows 10! It is not a coincidence that you talk about buying something and then open a browser and it's being advertised!! Be smart stop using Windows, it's like a bad drug!! LOL

  • Damien Green
    Damien Green 7 days ago

    I bet all you Linux/unix/Ubuntu/Gentoo/RedHat/CentOS/Fedora/openSUSE/Mandrake/Asianux/ClearOS/Fermi/Miracle/Oracle/RedFlag/RocksCluster/SME/Aurora/Berry/BLAG/EnGarde/Fuduntu/Hanthana/Korora/Linpus/MeeGo/K12LTSP/ users are reaaaaaaal fun at parties lmao.

  • CenseMusic
    CenseMusic 7 days ago

    I love how my windows allows me to exit a crashing function to prevent a full laptop crash.

  • Kodiak and Grizzly Bears

    Windows 10 is crap!

  • InternetConnoisseur
    InternetConnoisseur 8 days ago

    what game is it at 10:31?

  • cloudyyfries
    cloudyyfries 8 days ago +1

    well now that linus likes windows we moving to mac

  • EricTheDesigner
    EricTheDesigner 9 days ago

    For me windows is better because I run flat bed and roll to roll cnc machines. To my knowledge you can't run any serious equipment on a mac. The last mac I ran I needed to run a virtual machine running windows just to use a plotter... really

  • ᜋᜒᜊᜁᜈ᜔ ᜊᜁᜈ᜔ᜉᜓ

    cuz linux mint give me a headache to do a fucking codings. so i back to windows 10 modded like make it lite Shoutout to Ghost Spectre Windows 10 mod. removes useless things. you can search here in youtube. Ghost surpass Bill Gates in terms of making good os. lol

  • gwaai edenshaw
    gwaai edenshaw 10 days ago

    I’ve been trying to figure out why I bought a windows computer.
    I still don’t know.

  • Puro
    Puro 10 days ago

    Watching the preview window animate up and down when he hovers over the taskbar at 8:48 makes me want to punch my monitor.
    Turn that shit off.:P
    PS: Not the preview window but the animation, it's just slower than if you turn animations off.
    I haven't thought about it but I haven't had a crash on my PC for.. I don't even know how long.. I almost want it to crash so I can do some error checking and fixing.:

  • Valentino Uzunov
    Valentino Uzunov 10 days ago

    Windows has simplicity
    Linux has bomb defusal
    *both are for installing something like winrar*

  • chnnn
    chnnn 11 days ago

    the ad is so seamless I die. :)))))

  • FloatingOnAZephyr
    FloatingOnAZephyr 11 days ago

    2 mins 52secs on Gaming. A quarter of the video. Seems fitting!

  • Left4Cake
    Left4Cake 12 days ago

    For people arguing over the "it just works" It's not a 100% truth but I never had to manually tell Windows by CD-Rom was actually a DvD-Rom, granted this is from my limited personal experiences so... if I am wrong let me now.

  • Pari S
    Pari S 12 days ago

    It is a fact that Linux is the most customizable OS. It's nothing like windows and mac.. You can literally make linux look like windows or mac if u want, or for even better we can customize it making it appear like an OS from the future..

  • Digitally
    Digitally 12 days ago

    so how do I make my windows look like mac OS

  • Bo Yang
    Bo Yang 12 days ago +5

    "Much better than it used to be" lol. Anyone old enough to remember trying to hunt down drivers on windows computer? Lol. Those were the days lol.

    • Thomas B
      Thomas B 6 days ago

      @Prashant Chaudhary your obviously trying to get a rise out of me by trolling.

    • Prashant Chaudhary
      Prashant Chaudhary 7 days ago

      @Thomas B i get it linux phanboy 😂, hex2hcd converter

    • Thomas B
      Thomas B 7 days ago

      I had to do that fairly recently for some industrial printers after installing Windows 10. Anyone who has to install Windows regularly most likely will have to do this as well.

  • Un utente linux
    Un utente linux 13 days ago


  • mikey van mourik
    mikey van mourik 13 days ago +1

    im installing windows 10 on mac lol

  • Matthias Meister
    Matthias Meister 13 days ago

    well, i have say - using MacOS for the last 13 years - Windows is really kinda neat. I've recently put together an AMD build for rendering, video and gaming, and boy is Win 10 customizable. I don't really miss MacOS yet. I really like Windows. Good job Microsoft

  • The Best
    The Best 13 days ago

    What about Linux

  • Flame of the Blackdragon

    I used Macos Catalina for Months now and it wasn‘t that bad at all ...than i use a laptop with Windows on it and OMG!!! I love it so i get back to Windows ...Apple your devices are looking good but Macos is slow and u can‘t do almost nothing eccept a great Picture editing and Video but on Windows u can do anything!! There is no limit!! And dammmmmmm to play Games on it is a Paradise the best way for every Gamer!!! Playing Games on mac??? HELLLLL NOT!!!!

    • Flame of the Blackdragon
      Flame of the Blackdragon 12 days ago

      @WTF, DUDE?! yeah that´s true ..i like to edit videos and stuff like that but not as much as to play a brand new game in 4k lol ...i love to play games and there is no better playce than Windows 10!! just watch this consoles they are so far behind ...if they start to play games on pc ..believe me they woud never go back to the crap like ps4 or xbox ...i was too a ps4 gamer but now i woud never go back to that shit!! pc is the best!!! and always be

    • WTF, DUDE?!
      WTF, DUDE?! 12 days ago

      Yeah, Mac OS is really focussed on such things like video editing and stuff, that 98% of their customers won't ever use.

  • Duncan Donuts
    Duncan Donuts 14 days ago +13

    I tried a Mac after growing up on Windows. It was possibly the most restrictive device I had ever used.

    • 𝙩𝙚𝙣𝙟𝙞𝙗𝙤
      𝙩𝙚𝙣𝙟𝙞𝙗𝙤 Day ago

      Self Aware
      It’s not that hard, you literally just add a shortcut in the Finder.
      And to do that all you have to do is go to your Preferences for Finder. Huh, just kinda like Windows.
      *Edit* I know Windows already has the HDD shortcut in Files by default but it’s the same thing as if you wanted to add any other shortcut.

    • Self Aware
      Self Aware 4 days ago

      it was fun not having a middle mouse and having to dive through what felt like loop holes in order to access the HDD directly.

  • OpenGamerTips
    OpenGamerTips 15 days ago

    You are able to customize a LOT more on windows.
    What about Linux? You can literally change the window manager.

  • kecilce
    kecilce 15 days ago

    Except for games, the rest just does not really matter.

  • Aaron
    Aaron 15 days ago

    Honestly I have never not used Windows and I think it's shit

  • Game and Code
    Game and Code 15 days ago

    I'm getting these pulseway ads with Linus in it before *EVERY* video lol

  • Michael Ruhaak
    Michael Ruhaak 16 days ago

    Military/defense is another good reason. Show me one military that uses Mac mini's in it's arsenal.... It's almost ALL Windows. In 2006 I worked in the U.S Navy on the ABSOLUTE most sophisticated communications interception/jamming technology ever made. It was flying in our jets in a specialized console running?..... Windows 95. 😄 Loved it!!!
    It just worked.
    Though I would have killed for better USB drivers lol