10 ways Windows is just BETTER

  • Published on Sep 19, 2019
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    Windows is the most popular desktop platform in the world, beating out Mac and Linux.
    We reached out to our community to find out what they liked most about Windows and why its just better then what Apple or Linux bring to the table.
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Comments • 7 945

  • Zsurvivalist
    Zsurvivalist 6 hours ago

    I want to try Linux but I want to play my games

  • Pat Hurney
    Pat Hurney Day ago

    1602 AD works straight away, but Fallout NV craps itself at the mere sight of W10 :(

  • mo_ Mgr
    mo_ Mgr 3 days ago

    Windows sucks balls and its coming from a software engineer who spent almost 10 years working and developing for Windows. Windows xp super, windows 7 awesome, windows 8 hot garbage, windows 10 advertisement platform. If you are a pro user you either have to use a variation of linux( i use MX) or mac. Let windows rot in hell.

  • BroVoice
    BroVoice 3 days ago

    Yes Windows 10 was the best thing I ever did in my life. It made me change to Linux and no regrets.
    I use Arch btw...

  • Mauro Murgia
    Mauro Murgia 4 days ago

    Being a user of both Linux and Windows, also having worked with software development environments on them, I daresay each OS has its own perks.
    Windows is, and always has been a ready-to-use OS. For an end user is pretty good not only beacuse of its higher accessibility, also for the quantity and variety of software being easily developed for windows.
    Linux is for those users who love to split open an operating system and suit it to their own needs. It's harder to configure in several cases, and not for end users, but more for those who are into customizing many low level aspects of their environment without having none to answer to ( also, the license is generally free, though GPL in most cases )

  • Wiguna Gd
    Wiguna Gd 4 days ago

    Apple HQ have windows on their building 🏢🏢🏢

  • Evil Dave of Canada
    Evil Dave of Canada 4 days ago

    I prefer FreeBSD myself. I my UNIX training was at Bell Labs.

  • Buried Alive
    Buried Alive 5 days ago +2

    My game disk said to "Install Windows NT or better.", so I installed Linux.

  • Kerbonautics
    Kerbonautics 5 days ago

    Linux next please

  • Emmanuel Goldstein
    Emmanuel Goldstein 5 days ago +1

    Microsoft is better at corporate level productivity. Apple is better at individual level productivity.

  • Tero Ojala
    Tero Ojala 6 days ago

    For me when working the window management is just far superiour than macs. Previews on alt+tab and ability switch between chrome windows (or other app that has multible windows) is just a musthave.

  • Gabriel Giron
    Gabriel Giron 6 days ago


  • Tom Prouton
    Tom Prouton 6 days ago +1

    Im a PC Gamer...... (have an XB1 too) if it wasn't for games, i would be using Linux

  • Jeff Joshua Rollin
    Jeff Joshua Rollin 7 days ago +1

    Every day at work, where I'm forced to use Windows, I'm reminded why I only use that sonovagun when I'm forced to.

    • James Lusher
      James Lusher 2 days ago +1

      Jeff Joshua Rollin I feel this. The whole time I’m using a windows computer at work I’m looking forward to going home so I can use my Mac

  • Leo V.
    Leo V. 7 days ago

    Reasons why Windows is better:
    1. It runs all the .exe programs that you need
    Yea, that’s about it

  • Pepperoni Jam
    Pepperoni Jam 7 days ago

    Linux Gang

  • ForeverMasterless
    ForeverMasterless 7 days ago

    Everyone I've ever known that uses a mac is either tech incompetent or was given a macbook for work and required to use it. It's basically the same difference between ios and android. Are you a complete dumbass that doesn't know how technology works, wants a locked down ecosystem that can't do nearly as much but does the couple of basic things you care about (browsing, video editing, word processor) really well with a low liklihood of crashes or issues? Go apple. Want to do lots of crazy power user stuff, play lots of games, do intense customization, niche use cases and specialized software with widespread compatibility? Go windows.
    In all likelihood, though, you didn't REALLY make a choice. You grew up with one of them and that's just what you're used to now. As much as I hate apple, I've definitely met some people who would benefit from switching from windows, but they won't, because it's what they're used to, even though they're not smart enough to fix basic problems that crop up. And yes, windows does still have problems. Obscure, weird, random, difficult to solve problems. It's better than it was, but it's always going to be part of the windows experience. With more options and customization come more points of failure. It's an inevitable trade-off, not a black mark on microsoft. Nobody expects a massive open-world RPG to have as few bugs as a linear, two-hour long, narrative-focused walking simulator. Same concept.
    To paraphrase good old ben franklin. "Those who trade freedom for safety deserve neither."
    Mac users are cowards =P

  • Lars Wadefalk
    Lars Wadefalk 8 days ago

    Let's not forget that the core architecture of that operating system carries security and privacy flaws. Windows is a security hazard, boot it just to play games, keep it separate from the rest of your network while doing that.

  • 0821686331ebc2dd5a98db41f82620b3d91ee9da

    to me the bash syntax is clunky and unintuitive compared to powershell

  • mikmanb
    mikmanb 8 days ago

    11. Touchscreen
    12. Windows Ink

  • jose andrade
    jose andrade 8 days ago

    Logmein killed my last computer when I tried to uninstall it RIP

  • danmar007
    danmar007 8 days ago

    Still waiting for the "100 ways Windows is just worse" video. :-0

  • Hugo Lara
    Hugo Lara 9 days ago

    I use Ubuntu, W10 and macos catalina
    Ubuntu for downloading torrents (Music,movies)
    Windows for gaming
    Mac for work and important stuff.

  • Tigerclaw989
    Tigerclaw989 10 days ago +2

    me hears linus say customization is one the the things that make windows "better"
    arch am i joke to you?

    • mambo
      mambo 7 days ago

      Pepperoni Jam i already spent like 4 hours trying to install GRUB and just gave up and used linux mint

    • Pepperoni Jam
      Pepperoni Jam 7 days ago

      @mambo bruh just use an online tutorial for the time being, and learn how it works later

    • mambo
      mambo 8 days ago

      Tigerclaw989 arch is harder to install than the wraith prism cooler

  • broccolidood
    broccolidood 10 days ago +21

    "Windows 10 is better because you can customize everything"
    Very funny, Linus

    • Gateway
      Gateway Day ago

      @Sandy Martin I have used Linux. I'm not trying to say Windows beats in customization, far from it. Linux is very very customizable, but so is Windows. Put in enough time and effort like with Linux, you can get Windows 10 to look any way you want. Like I built a sleeper PC running, new components in a old case, and made Windows 10 look exactly like Windows 98 just for the hell of it. Yes, the operating system core itself is not very customizable like Linux, but with the tools and options Windows gives you like regedit and and power toys, you can make Windows 10 looks and act anyway you want. Just because Linux itself is more customizable than both Windows and Mac doesn't make the features Windows has any less relevant to the conversation. Windows is very, very customizable.

    • Richard Miskolczi
      Richard Miskolczi Day ago

      @mo_ Mgr the one who should improve their english is you and you only sir for you have failed to recognize sarcasm. Shame on you

    • mo_ Mgr
      mo_ Mgr Day ago

      @Richard Miskolczi that was the joke genius. Improve your English and learn sarcasm.

    • Richard Miskolczi
      Richard Miskolczi Day ago

      @mo_ Mgr the "little" os on which the whole internet runs pretty much

    • Richard Miskolczi
      Richard Miskolczi Day ago

      *laughs in linux*

  • Døğģý Lover channel

    I don't care what you think. Windows is awsome not just for desktops or laptops, but for Servers too. All my devices except my phone run it, half being servers updated from Linux. Just saying for random fun. Although Mac, Basics, Linux, Android and all other OS based systems are also good for there purpose too. Just saying again for random fun.

  • Get LIT
    Get LIT 10 days ago

    Top 10 reasons windows is better
    No. 1 - Gaming
    No. 2 - Gaming
    No. 3 - Gaming
    No. 10 - Gaming.

  • Sean Con
    Sean Con 10 days ago +2

    please, linux exposes the entire code to the user.
    customization: have you ever looked at KDE?
    and you can change the entire OS kernel in RAM while it is running.

  • Tomtanium
    Tomtanium 11 days ago +3

    If you're gonna make Linux wear a hat, make sure it's a red hat.

  • Francesco Bacchini
    Francesco Bacchini 11 days ago

    Well, apparantely not a single feature user oriented...

  • Joseph Wk
    Joseph Wk 11 days ago

    Windows 10 sucks, I am an unhappy customer!

  • Alpha DeWolf
    Alpha DeWolf 11 days ago

    Linus. Windows doesn't always work like it should. It is the reason why I left

  • z1mt0n1x
    z1mt0n1x 12 days ago

    Crashes of daily bluescreens are not long gone, my gf's pc sometimes gets more than 3 per day, sometimes non... I'm lucky I never made the switch.

    • Hanz Fox
      Hanz Fox 8 days ago +1

      Leaving a computer to a woman and not expecting blue screen.

  • BRS Tarn
    BRS Tarn 12 days ago

    Tips fedora

  • Norman Donnelly
    Norman Donnelly 13 days ago

    Try playing Mystery Case Files Dire Grove on Windows 10!!!

  • Johan L
    Johan L 13 days ago

    I wanna see a Chrome OS video

  • david paulos
    david paulos 13 days ago

    mate gaming is a chicken and egg problem and second that is not a problem of linux that is the problem of the games if a game is on the epic games store you dont blame the store you blame the game developers( ok epic games store is a bad example cause they buy off people but still) although yes it is a shame that most games are not on linux but thanks to proton on steam many more games are working on linux out of the box
    windows works as intended sure...XD
    customising in windows is subpar at best
    again you can configure thing way better in linux not an advantage for windows and you can automate things easily with crontab
    78% in which a huge amount of people who don't know shit so kind irrelevant
    the software issue are the same as the gaming one and btw linux as a lot of alternatives
    productivity ??? make your own workflow in linux
    hundreds of distros it is called user choice
    Ubuntu is cool for newbies but pop_os! is better and linux mint two manjaro is king all rounder and void is best to go lean

    omg you can run old windows programs easier in wine than in linux
    old computers work best in linux especially in void
    do not speak unless you are really in the know or you are just spreading misinformation but hey codos for trying to be impartial i guess
    thanks for whoever the fuck actually read all of this i wrote this as i saw the video

  • Elliot Law
    Elliot Law 14 days ago

    also Hyper-V on windows 10, simple and easy to use, used a Hyper-V virtual PC to set up my own ARK server for cross compatible play on xbox, then used the same PC to connect to that server.

  • Phanthomas8910
    Phanthomas8910 14 days ago +42

    " Windows - it just works"
    I don't have a large enough X to press to doubt this statement enough

    • ike
      ike 3 days ago

      @Martín Rodríguez Im comparing his experiences with linux & windows.
      I tried to put windows10 on my moms computer (she is an average user) and couldnt because there were no drivers for windows10. Windows just dosnt work.

      I was able to give her a USB stick and she had linux running on her own. I didnt have to go over there.

      The whole reason I had to give her linux was because a loggin program from work wouldnt work in windows. Things just dont work in windows.
      My uncle had to switch to linux because the midi software for his piano he plays only connects to a game port but there are no drivers for windows7 or 10, because stuff on windows just dosnt work.
      My friend kept turning off autoupdates in win10 because he would get notifications while trying to game, but it would turn back on, so I put debian+steam on his computer & he hasnt gotten kicked out of a game since.
      None of them have had a bsod on linux, they all have on windows.

    • Infinite Buffer
      Infinite Buffer 9 days ago

      @Martín Rodríguez Isn't that true. I just installed fresh windows 10 on my now PC. The process went as follows: plug USB in > click next 4 times and wait 3 minutes > computer restarts ~15 seconds > answer a few questions > done.
      Wait, you need to install drivers and ... (well actually, windows installed them for me), the only thing I had to install manually was steam and the games I wanted.
      I bought a new Logitech wheel so I can finally play racing games, plugged it in and ... it just worked. Plug > Run game > Play (it just worked).
      Problems starts when you start doing things that windows was not designed for: download pirated games with viruses, install weird registry keys, overclock your GPU 'cause you can't afford better.
      Mac users don't get these problems because they can't even do most of these things. But even then, even on Mac if you start doing weird things (homebrew I am talking about) Mac WILL go crazy.

    • Martín Rodríguez
      Martín Rodríguez 10 days ago

      @ike are you seriously comparing a non common user like linus who is always trying to connect a toast to a computer to a normal user that most likely will not do that kind of things? The only time a blue screen appeared in my PC was because I was trying to overclock my CPU, see the relation here?

    • ike
      ike 11 days ago

      I know, I have watched so many of his videos where he has such a hard time getting windows to work with something, and then make a video saying it just works? hahaha does he lack long term memory? hahahaha

    • ndvorsky
      ndvorsky 13 days ago +1

      "It has its problems" so what you're telling me is it DOESN'T just work? You could do better Linus!

  • It'sR4yd
    It'sR4yd 15 days ago +1

    Linux is still superior

  • Nic Wanavit
    Nic Wanavit 15 days ago

    none of these are positive compared to osx and linux maybe except games

  • Ardissa Puji Susanto
    Ardissa Puji Susanto 15 days ago

    Dual booting.. But mostly still use windows, linux need more hardware support, yes there is many already but not enough yet (Macro keyboard, Corel, Photoshop), the free alternative not powerful enough yet as far as I tried to switch to linux lately.. So, for now Windows 10 for works and gaming, linux to do some fun and experiment with system (Manjaro)..

  • Creeping Jane
    Creeping Jane 16 days ago

    sorry fella, but in the scientific world, there are lots of programs that just do not not work on anything other than XP. Also, most of the specialist stuff is Linux based. By and large, under "the hood", most Linux distros are the same, just look at the file structure and the way they boot, where the binaries and libraries are placed. Where they vary will be in ways of downloading and updating packages and presentation.

  • El Albatross
    El Albatross 16 days ago +9

    Irony: calling ‘Registry editor’ a reason Windows is better, when the existence of a ‘Registry’ is the very reason Windows is bad in the first place. I personally prefer operating systems that don’t slow down due to age when the hardware can keep up.

    • Mauricio Leyzaola
      Mauricio Leyzaola 8 days ago

      @Infinite Buffer Windows Registry is a bloody nightmare. Unix based systems have ALL in files, no need to look for weirdness lol

    • Infinite Buffer
      Infinite Buffer 9 days ago

      The idea is great! Mac's got something similar to registry too, Linux is in a process of implementing. It all comes down to how well it's implemented.

  • Tijhe vella-verney
    Tijhe vella-verney 16 days ago +1

    What my Mac runs chess.com just fine 😂

  • TripperHole
    TripperHole 17 days ago

    9 million retarded shitheads are subscribed to this bullshit.

  • Ali Ayman :\
    Ali Ayman :\ 18 days ago

    Can we just say, Mac is for productivity, but Windows is for gaming and things like those.

    • baumer
      baumer 18 days ago

      "Can we just say, Mac is for productivity"
      And what about AutoCAD, SolidWorks, software for CNC machines control and programming, ...
      Or servers, scientific applications... Why they don't run MacOS instead of Windows Server or RHEL/CentOS/Debian?

      Can we just say, MacOS is operating system only for Apples hardware. And Apples hardware is piece of shit. It isn't for real work.

  • KWCH
    KWCH 19 days ago

    "10 ways Mac OS is just better"

  • GilDev2
    GilDev2 19 days ago

    Having most of best softwares isn't really an advantage *of the OS*. It's like that because Windows is used by everyone because it's preinstalled on almost every computer, and we're left with bad things Microsoft did in the past, for example in the web industry and font management, or C# and .NET…

  • Thijs van Waaij
    Thijs van Waaij 19 days ago

    The customization on Windows are all 3rd party programs, on linux it is all available from settings(not all Desktop environments support this but a lot do)

    • Cyanwasserstoff
      Cyanwasserstoff 19 days ago

      Especially KDE Plasma is absolute freedom in terms of customization. You can use the global option that will change the style of all applications and the desktop management, where each part of the desktop is it's own element that can be removed, and changed in form, height and color.

      Installing 3rd party programs, especially as exe file brings also a high risk that something is included that you do not want to be executed.


    Anything after Windows 7 is a joke. Who the hell deletes their backup registry to save storage? Microsoft did! Here's what makes Microsoft look stupid! They claim they're trying to save storage by deleting very important registry files yet interestingly enough they seem to have enough storage to clutter Windows 10 users down with 2 gigs worth of bloatware 😐. How much is Microsoft paying you Linus to advertise their Malware OS? You already sold yourself out too Communist China. You people subbing to Linux's RU-clip channel should do some research and thinking about who you follow. Honestly I don't care if this hurts your feelings Linus because I'd rather hurt your feelings than listen to you trying to sellout people.

  • Grym Reiper
    Grym Reiper 20 days ago +2

    Linux fanboys just don't understand even when told by the Linux big cheese:
    *Linus Torvalds: "Fragmentation is Why Desktop Linux Failed"*

    • baumer
      baumer 18 days ago

      Not only desktop. It's the main reason why there isn't much professional software written for Linux and if is, the vendor supports only RHEL or Debian.

  • IzHunter
    IzHunter 20 days ago

    I just cant wait for gog Galaxy 2 to finally release

  • One Punch Man
    One Punch Man 21 day ago

    A portion sponsored 🤔

  • Vytas Rauckis
    Vytas Rauckis 22 days ago

    With windows, I get to run Malwarebytes and Anti-rootkit programs trying to figure out how my email address was spoofed to send thousands of email spam all over the world with boner med ads in them.

  • Andre Racicot
    Andre Racicot 22 days ago +1

    i have win / 10 french pro the last update has gerit several problem like the bart of search acoter of the logo of windows
    and right or there is time with windows 10 pro everything is simpler a shot we understood the rules and the approach is going like butter I would say a microsoft bravo for the evoulution
    it's very good thanks to you ..

  • 4DZX K
    4DZX K 23 days ago

    *Just Get Sh*t Done!*

  • Lib. rea
    Lib. rea 23 days ago

    Are my only buying a laptop for games.

  • PaladinSalt
    PaladinSalt 23 days ago

    I am using sync toy now to auto backup folders to my nas, windows power toys are great.

  • Deez Nutz
    Deez Nutz 24 days ago

    On my gaming PC I run Windows because even though Linux has come a long way for games it is still a long way behind Windows.

    All my other PC's run Linux. :^)

    • Cyanwasserstoff
      Cyanwasserstoff 19 days ago

      Already more then 6000 games on steam are working on Linux, but of course the amount of games that run on Windows 10 is even higher.