Hunting Wild Hogs in Texas with Dogs | WARNING GRAPHIC

  • Published on Apr 5, 2019
  • This video isn't for the faint of heart, this video shows everything that goes into hunting pigs down here in Texas with Hog Dogs. We were hunting with @Centex_hunting and guiding @BuckObsessionTv for their TV show on the pursuit channel so be sure to tune in.

    Hooky with Sloane by Bird Creek
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Comments • 852

  • Leconte
    Leconte Day ago

    The least you can do is get your dogs some protection. You guys are sad.

  • WadeAlma
    WadeAlma 2 days ago

    I hope you got something to protect your pups. I like your hunt but it's just irresponsible not to protect them. Just hoping for future videos.

    • Chris French
      Chris French  22 hours ago

      If you read comments you’ve read where I’ve already said they have protection and everything needed to fix holes. These guys have been running hogs here for over 100 years they know what they are doing.

    • WadeAlma
      WadeAlma Day ago

      @Chris French I read you say they do have protection what protection? Like vests but you just didn't think they needed them this time?
      I understand if you didn't think they'd get hurt from small time boars, and the two big ones were unexpected. But that was a nasty cut.
      Not trying to rag on you of course. Accidents happen and hindsight is 20/20.

    • Chris French
      Chris French  Day ago

      no irresponsibility here just stupidity in comments

  • jimmy buffet
    jimmy buffet 3 days ago

    Dumbass kids

  • Avijeet Jha
    Avijeet Jha 4 days ago

    Are they specific breeds to hunt or any big breed would do the work?

  • Chill Beats And Vibez

    12:35 top 10 saddest anime deaths

  • v Jay
    v Jay 4 days ago

    I have read some of the comments. I gotta say I have never seen a RU-clipr as rude (to people watching the video) as this guy.
    The concerns about dog protection are valid, I don’t understand why you have to be so defensive about it. There is a better way to handle criticism especially if you want your channel to grow.

    • Chris French
      Chris French  4 days ago

      v Jay it’s not criticism it’s stupidity. I don’t let stupid shit slide. And if someone’s dumb enough to comment, they are dumb enough to answer back, driving engagement and ranking my video better, making me more money. It was worth it.

  • SpaceKind d[-_-]b
    SpaceKind d[-_-]b 5 days ago

    Dogs look malnourished and weak. Please treat them better.

  • Tim Tim
    Tim Tim 5 days ago

    It's a shame daddy's money couldn't buy you boys any common sense

    • Chris French
      Chris French  5 days ago

      Tim Tim lmfao you BIG stoopid, kids can’t make money, damn you’re a fucking idiot

  • Jorge Arvelo
    Jorge Arvelo 5 days ago

    Such.good dogs.give.them.body.siuts.4 protecting there chest.necks..!

    iDSMITHTv 5 days ago

    Damn gotta do this a different way lol stabbing it in the heart Jesus

  • Slide RG
    Slide RG 6 days ago

    The dogs have no protection getting there throats slit and shit 👎

  • Jacob Duarte
    Jacob Duarte 7 days ago

    Hunt like little girls come Hawai’i we show u how and we actually take care of our dogs u dummy’s

    • Jacob Duarte
      Jacob Duarte 3 days ago

      Chris French 😂😂says the one that hunts dogs with just regular collars DUMMEH

    • Chris French
      Chris French  4 days ago

      Lmfao you big stooooopid

    • Jacob Duarte
      Jacob Duarte 5 days ago

      And you killed one innocent dog rich ass haole instead of buying shit for you buy stuff for your dogs they the one doing all the work for you DUMMEH

    • Chris French
      Chris French  6 days ago

      Jacob Duarte shut up

  • Dustin Vaughan
    Dustin Vaughan 7 days ago

    Been hunting hogs for 20 years. Using bay dogs entire time. Cut collors help but not every time. Plus even bay dogs sometimes catch hogs and is super unfortunate. We always kept a staple kit and have had to patch dogs and put them in the box or take them to the vet. Keep it up bud.

  • Keenan Drummond
    Keenan Drummond 7 days ago

    Take your AR out there and start blasting, don't endanger your dog's you, assholes

  • ShepAussie
    ShepAussie 9 days ago

    What was done with the pigs that were killed?

    • Chris French
      Chris French  9 days ago

      we typically just leave them to rot. but these clients wanted to keep the back straps so they left with about 80 pounds of meat

  • Chris Cloud
    Chris Cloud 10 days ago

    A cut vest and collar is an easy spend compared to losing a good dog due to irresponsibility and ignorance. Time to play adult and take care of your tools.

  • Victor Matias
    Victor Matias 10 days ago +1

    Save some of that money you kids are spending on those fancy trucks..and buy your dogs some protective vests. Heck they're doing 90% of the work anyways.

  • malik mamsk
    malik mamsk 10 days ago

    Yall got the wrong type of dogs

  • John ramon Daniel
    John ramon Daniel 10 days ago

    No respect for the animals I understand it's a problem just kill always in the most important way just shoot em in head no fucking stabin the poor animals fuck face needs a good shanking!!

  • John ramon Daniel
    John ramon Daniel 10 days ago

    And no protection for your dogs wow !

    • Chris French
      Chris French  10 days ago

      John ramon Daniel you own dogs? Longer then them? Run them longer? Have killed more pigs? Hahaha id bet you haven’t

  • Joaquin Barraza
    Joaquin Barraza 10 days ago

    Chris I don't live in texas but after that whole lady getting killed by hogs an Idea is that u could tell or email the state to have a few healthy dogs from pounds get nutured and spayed so they don't overpopulate and release them to hunt down hogs????

    • Chris French
      Chris French  10 days ago

      Joaquin Barraza then we’d have feral dogs running around, whether they could breed or not could ultimately cause more problems. The best solution is hunters who don’t give a shit about humane kills or being ethical and they go and decimate the population. Can’t be a titty baby and hunt these things, they’ll eat you if they get the chance and don’t care, it’s crazy to see people defend the pigs.

  • Stamp Stepper
    Stamp Stepper 10 days ago +1

    Watched this while drinking red Powerade good video but yeah look into a cheap vest for em or something them hogs are beasts

  • clayton weeks Lonestar show

    I know they're horrible in north Texas

  • warfan1994
    warfan1994 11 days ago +1

    Great video don’t listen to everyone else who have never ran dogs before. Y’all did good and losing a dog just happens it’s part of it.

  • Angelee Lugo
    Angelee Lugo 11 days ago


  • Nolan Douglas
    Nolan Douglas 11 days ago

    You are letting them feel the pain 👎🏿👎🏿

  • One blood Rukoro
    One blood Rukoro 11 days ago +1

    Protection please please

  • Darren Murray
    Darren Murray 12 days ago


  • ranted 1
    ranted 1 12 days ago +1

    Lion King gon wrong

  • Sebastian Michaelis
    Sebastian Michaelis 13 days ago

    Y’all are fucked up. Better protect your dogs or I’m reporting your asses

  • Wraith Ethan
    Wraith Ethan 13 days ago

    Y get the dogs hurt just shoot the animal

  • echt deutsch
    echt deutsch 13 days ago

    What is wrong with you ?
    You don't give a shit about your dogs do you?
    I am not a peta crybaby but you are fucked in the head.

    • echt deutsch
      echt deutsch 12 days ago

      @Chris French
      You think you are tough but you behave like you were bullied by your dad.

    • Chris French
      Chris French  13 days ago

      Yeah you’re a cry baby

  • ABC123yoitsme
    ABC123yoitsme 14 days ago

    This in humane

  • Jose Carmona
    Jose Carmona 14 days ago

    Get some Dogo Argentinos

  • ronda lee
    ronda lee 14 days ago

    You suck man, you really suck. Go eat your donuts and leave the hunting to men.

    • Chris French
      Chris French  14 days ago

      I’m 100x the man you’ll ever be 😂😂😂 RONDA

  • ronda lee
    ronda lee 14 days ago

    Dog wouldn't have died with precaution....dumb asses.

  • Colton Finnigan
    Colton Finnigan 17 days ago

    we're Yal go? would love to join Yal sometime I got my own dogs

  • ホフマン日向
    ホフマン日向 18 days ago

    Wouldn't kill you to buy some boar jackets and collars for your dog's, my grandpa learned the hard way. He lost a Rhodesian Ridgeback and a pit bull to boars.

  • Mizz Bella Kitty
    Mizz Bella Kitty 18 days ago

    Geez, you didn't even put the first hog down before you started cutting into it? I mean, at least it looks that way.

    • Chris French
      Chris French  18 days ago

      Mizz Bella Kitty you don’t think it died lol?

  • Dirk Diggler
    Dirk Diggler 18 days ago

    Come on now yall!!! Who in the hell taught you how hunt!!

  • Bob Jinkle
    Bob Jinkle 19 days ago

    dang thought i found a new channel then only had to read through the comments for two minutes and changed my mind

    • Chris French
      Chris French  19 days ago

      Bob Jinkle sucks you’re as dumb as them then 🤷🏼‍♂️

  • Maya Nobles
    Maya Nobles 20 days ago +1

    i support hunting and all but honestly, ripping a living thing to life? kinda fucked. could’ve at-least shot him to put him out of his misery.

    • Chris French
      Chris French  18 days ago

      you dont think we shoot pigs all the time lol

  • Javier Garcia
    Javier Garcia 20 days ago

    Fucking faggets kill a wild hog in the worst way possible and on top of that treat your dogs like shit. How can y’all not afford to buy vests for your dog? Are you still paying off those trucks?😂😂 oh lord if you want to be a hunter then be like one and don’t be on yt trying to act like one. Come into my land in Texas and I’ll show how to kill animals with respect even if they are plague to our crops. Worst fucking hog hunting channel ever. Trust me I seen worst but in no way I’ll ever make an animal suffer In pain. looks like y’all got a lot to learn, A LOT. Those dogs need a new owner ASAP 😂🤦🏻‍♂️

    • Javier Garcia
      Javier Garcia 18 days ago

      Chris French you haven’t pointed out about getting your dogs some damn vests😀

    • Chris French
      Chris French  18 days ago

      I feel bad for you respecting and caring for the pigs LOL

  • Bill Watson
    Bill Watson 21 day ago

    Fucking twat he basically killed a dog coz he had no protection on them smh

  • Cody Lackey
    Cody Lackey 25 days ago

    Man i would love to hunt with yall i have a catch dog of my own i am starting

  • Curtis Taylor
    Curtis Taylor 25 days ago

    Damn I wanna get into hog hunting. But I'd take loosing a dog pretty hard. How long can they run in a vest before over heating. And realistically how often does a injury that's that bad happen in your experience?

    • Curtis Taylor
      Curtis Taylor 8 days ago

      @Chris French Well it's hard to loose a dog but its gotta be nice to provide them with a life full of doing what they love. What type of dogs do you use? Do you use any jagdterriers?

    • Chris French
      Chris French  8 days ago +2

      dogs dont die often, but dogs still die with protection, our biggest concern where we hunt is all the water, we run these dogs for miles, with gear if they jump into the Brazos river they'd have a higher chance of drowning with the cut gear on than from a pig.

  • Kevin Pena
    Kevin Pena 27 days ago

    Learn how to be real men. Y’all some Pussys trynna be real cool with all your gear lol exactly what a hillbilly would do if they won the lottery. Y’all gonna go back to being broke really soon.

  • Sidney Jenkins
    Sidney Jenkins 28 days ago +1

    Battle scars bitches!

  • Sidney Jenkins
    Sidney Jenkins 28 days ago +1

    Pretty sure it’s too hot for cut gear in tx lol i don’t run cut gear seems cruel

    • Chris French
      Chris French  26 days ago +1

      very much so, I cant believe someone in this comment section has common sense LOL

  • Bryse Bullard
    Bryse Bullard 28 days ago

    That bmc with the green collar is one hell of a bay dog

    • Chris French
      Chris French  26 days ago

      they all are that 100 years of blood line

  • Daphne Buratti
    Daphne Buratti 29 days ago +1

    Ughhh nothing more attractive than a country man.... Kinda pissed im stuck with what im stuck with

  • Karl Joseph
    Karl Joseph Month ago


  • Karl Joseph
    Karl Joseph Month ago


  • Spider Man
    Spider Man Month ago +1

    How can you be this much cruel😡😠

  • Poppie Graham
    Poppie Graham Month ago

    Bitch fuck you

  • john redman
    john redman Month ago

    wake up and get your dogs some cover

    • Tyler Kirby
      Tyler Kirby 16 days ago

      @Chris French Wow this video was bad, you don't know a fucking thing you dense fucking moron. Your dogs need vests you delusional fucking moron.

    • Chris French
      Chris French  Month ago +1

      poor baby

  • wyatt jones
    wyatt jones Month ago

    I'm all for hunting but I dont like this. I think that if you are going to use dogs at least shoot the pig when you get close for a humane kill.

    • Chris French
      Chris French  Month ago +1

      who cares about humane kills lol its a pig

  • Balling Yoel
    Balling Yoel Month ago

    couldn't make it humane snd just shoot the animal in the head?🤔

  • shelby gratton
    shelby gratton Month ago

    So glad I'm not the only one upset about the dogs situation. Have so freakin brains and respect for the ones doing actual work

  • יואב בן שלוש

    Just shoot it point blank why the knife cruelty?!