Liverpool got help from the wind vs. Watford - Jurgen Klopp | Premier League

  • Published on Dec 14, 2019
  • Jurgen Klopp hails Liverpool’s resilience despite an underwhelming performance in a 2-0 win vs. Watford, which extends the Reds’ Premier League lead to 10 points over Leicester City. Klopp also raises concerns about Liverpool’s upcoming trip to the FIFA Club World Cup and dismisses the idea of adding more games in the UEFA Champions League. (2:33) Watford manager Nigel Pearson discusses his first week as the Hornets’ manager and breaks down what he and his staff need to do to get the best out of the players as they fight to avoid relegation.
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Comments • 94

  • Deepak Hemnani
    Deepak Hemnani Month ago +1

    I agree with Klopp. The “wind” helped us. Aka. The whopping air kicks by Watford helped keep Alison cool.

  • DuderinoDeux
    DuderinoDeux Month ago

    Plenty of wind from himself!

  • Dexter Morgan
    Dexter Morgan Month ago

    No Injuries please Liverpool!

  • big reds
    big reds Month ago

    mo salahh

  • Jay Waters
    Jay Waters Month ago

    Make the league cup for championship teams and below. Bug teams don't care about it anyway.... to many games for the best players

  • Lau K H
    Lau K H Month ago

    Why EPL Not helping English club?

  • Jack Collier
    Jack Collier Month ago

    Just proves last season he was never making excuses about the wind. Just telling the truth.

  • David Winter
    David Winter Month ago +3

    Merry Christmas all you beautiful Liverpool fans

  • Aaron T
    Aaron T Month ago +2

    LFC are being punished for being successful

  • Parviz Dzhalolov
    Parviz Dzhalolov Month ago +4

    Even natural love Liverpool ♥️YNWA 🔴

  • yahya Abdellah
    yahya Abdellah Month ago +11

    Jurgen klopp's English is as top as his team

    • Lockjaw
      Lockjaw Month ago

      Germany is the smartest country in Europe.

  • Thales87 G
    Thales87 G Month ago +5

    Jurgen, go buy ziyech!! Right now!

    • kaiserHD Booi
      kaiserHD Booi Month ago

      @Avikar Sewpersad In a normal football world we don't, but have you seen how stacked Man City are ?

    • Avikar Sewpersad
      Avikar Sewpersad Month ago +1

      He's buying Minamino. No need for Ziyech

    • keyareuh
      keyareuh Month ago

      Thales87 G imagine wanting to buy a player that would sit on the bench 😳

  • John Lyons
    John Lyons Month ago +9


  • Gordon Desmond
    Gordon Desmond Month ago

    Half way there boys

  • c32amgftw
    c32amgftw Month ago +3

    Watford coach is lost in his words. Things he says are just demotivating along with his tone.

  • Mohammed Sayhan
    Mohammed Sayhan Month ago +33

    Haters will say liverpool will drop points but won't say that everyone else has to be perfect to catch liverpool

    • Bones The Sith
      Bones The Sith Month ago

      yes that's obvious duh, the point is its up to you scousers to lose it like you did in 2014. remember? haha

    • Rohit Chetri
      Rohit Chetri Month ago

      @Keyuante Johnson it took Chelsea 50 years to win the league title 😂😂

    • Rohit Chetri
      Rohit Chetri Month ago

      @Keyuante Johnson Chelsea fans are racist, they racially abused Sterling and their own player Abraham. Shame

    • Rohit Chetri
      Rohit Chetri Month ago

      @Keyuante Johnson Chelsea and Oilchester city both bought from their sugar daddy oil money 😂😂

    • Rohit Chetri
      Rohit Chetri Month ago

      @Keyuante Johnson let's talk about chelsea 0-1 Bournemouth 😂 😂

  • Serena Poketeen
    Serena Poketeen Month ago +2

    Meanwhile derby fraud gonna lose top four xd.

    • Rohit Chetri
      Rohit Chetri Month ago

      @Keyuante Johnson Chelsea 0-1 Bournemouth 😂 😂

    • Avikar Sewpersad
      Avikar Sewpersad Month ago +1

      @Keyuante Johnson How does it feel to lose to Bournemouth😂😂

    • Advenco
      Advenco Month ago +3

      Keyuante Johnson fair enough. Go on.

    • William Jamhour
      William Jamhour Month ago +2

      @Advenco he is a clown

    • Keyuante Johnson
      Keyuante Johnson Month ago +2

      @Advenco i never had nothing against liverpool fans or players i just gotta up my troll game a bit

  • Liverpool FC the greatest club in the world.

    🤣🤣🤣 klopp just trolled you idiots.

  • I Am Always Happy
    I Am Always Happy Month ago +10

    As an Arsenal fan I'm worried they might go invincible
    3 games I think Liverpool can lose:
    Leicester(A) Liverpool will be tired and Leicester are good at home and the 2nd best team
    Man City(A) Simply one of the best in England and will have key players ready
    Arsenal (A) One of the last games and if Liverpool won or drew the two I stated Arsenal will turn up severely to keep their record intact

    • Sudipta Talukdar
      Sudipta Talukdar Month ago

      @Keyuante Johnson We will end your CL qualifications hope at Anfield, Cesar and Pulisic will slip

    • Rohit Chetri
      Rohit Chetri Month ago

      @Keyuante Johnson Chelsea can beat Bournmouth and they gonna end our title hope 😂😂

    • Avikar Sewpersad
      Avikar Sewpersad Month ago

      @Keyuante Johnson You can't even beat Bournemouth 🤣🤣

    • odaily
      odaily Month ago

      As a Liverpool fan, Should Arsenal be worried about playing Man City tomorrow

    • adhwa hazran
      adhwa hazran Month ago

      I dont think they will lose againt leicester and arsenal who doesnt have a defender in form and at city to avoid lose is go for a draw play boring game like pep do at anfield last season that it!

  • I Am Always Happy
    I Am Always Happy Month ago +19

    It'll be interesting to see if Liverpool can maintain their form through December

    • Mr Robot
      Mr Robot Month ago +5

      We are already in mid decembar ffs! What are you on? lol

    • Bri10
      Bri10 Month ago +2

      Liverpool have played 4 games so far in December, winning 5-2, 3-0, 2-0, and 2-0. So far the forms picked up, no more conceding sloppy goals.

    • Martin Dixon
      Martin Dixon Month ago +1

      @TopMmaWear TMW no. They will take the club world cup seriously because they literally play only two games, semis and final/3rd place

    • Fallen Colossi
      Fallen Colossi Month ago +1

      because you are a hater?

    • TopMmaWear TMW
      TopMmaWear TMW Month ago +8

      Through December? Their next league game is in two weeks time....I don't think they will take carabao or the opening matches of the club world cup serious. It's like they are on winter break and should come back refreshed....

  • Edgar el takuache
    Edgar el takuache Month ago

    wait, what?

  • Shroom Shroom
    Shroom Shroom Month ago