Battlefield 4: Conquest Gameplay (No Commentary)

  • Published on Nov 16, 2019
  • Battlefield 4 Conquest Multiplayer Gameplay No Commentary.
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    SARKON ZAKON 8 days ago

    Kill russian player!

  • Европазло. net

    ZLO EMU ?

  • A //
    A // 9 days ago +1

    This guy is a pretty good player not gonna lie

  • Alisson lima
    Alisson lima 9 days ago

    tem muita vantagem ter a versao premium, quais sao, faz mesmo diferenca?

    • Alisson lima
      Alisson lima 4 days ago

      @igor comprei a standard pois os mapas mais jogados sao os da standad comprei na black por 17 reias

    • igor
      igor 5 days ago +1

      Versao premium tem todas as dlcs

  • Juan Partida
    Juan Partida 17 days ago +1

    How active is the PS4 community on this game?

  • Adi Loasby
    Adi Loasby 18 days ago

    I think this could be my server it is called the best bf4 server I recognized some of the gametags nice upload.bf4 still great game I have just over 7000 hours.

  • DRO Wavez
    DRO Wavez 18 days ago

    It’s 10 dollars on Xbox rn

  • Dennis M
    Dennis M 19 days ago

    This game could have been a masterpiece but all those silly vehicle camos and My Little Pony emblems everywhere ruined it for me.

  • Jaime Guillen
    Jaime Guillen 19 days ago +1

    I play battlefield 4 almost every night. Best fps to this day.

  • Dávid Horovský
    Dávid Horovský 19 days ago

    ok im going to download it.

    • Ultra instinct
      Ultra instinct 13 days ago

      I dont even have money to buy the game im broke

  • bon2yan88
    bon2yan88 20 days ago

    i miss Battlefield 4

  • BikeLife POV
    BikeLife POV 20 days ago +2

    Plays better looks better sounds better and feels better than modern warfare 2019

  • Apricot nuts
    Apricot nuts 21 day ago +1

    Lol how realistic 6:58

  • Dylan :
    Dylan : 21 day ago

    Didn’t know people still play this I think I’ll buy it

  • the bettel8 hjko
    the bettel8 hjko 21 day ago +1

    I hate people who just play with aircrafts and nobody shot them

  • RubherDuck
    RubherDuck 22 days ago +1

    Killcams are so much better than bfv hand raising up.

  • D.L .G
    D.L .G 23 days ago

    You mean COD Modern Warfare gameplay? 😴😴

  • Alexander Vinogradov
    Alexander Vinogradov 23 days ago

    Bf2 and bf4 the best in the series

  • bąlåpërdįdå
    bąlåpërdįdå 23 days ago +2


  • Sagan
    Sagan 23 days ago

    Wich console ?

  • Khalil Ibrahim
    Khalil Ibrahim 23 days ago

    Bf4 ❤️

  • SugarW1thC0ffee
    SugarW1thC0ffee 23 days ago +8

    6:57 was pretty epic!

  • luckyman64
    luckyman64 23 days ago

    Thank you. I needed some BF4 vids today

  • Adrian Torres Moore
    Adrian Torres Moore 23 days ago +1

    Battlefield hardline plis.

  • Romario Oliveira
    Romario Oliveira 23 days ago +4

    2019 and keep playing the best BF ever! Brazil.

    • Lycan Boss
      Lycan Boss 21 day ago

      I'm from Brazil and I don't know why they do it, I don't do it

    • Romario Oliveira
      Romario Oliveira 22 days ago

      @antimatter79 Sincerely? I have no idea. Kkkk

    • antimatter79
      antimatter79 22 days ago

      Why you people put your country name in your comments???

  • Fatas Vola
    Fatas Vola 23 days ago

    server name please

    CYBBEAR CYBBEAR 24 days ago

    Moscow Phoenix

  • Fuki Matsu
    Fuki Matsu 24 days ago +2

    upload more video of battlefield 4, it's the best game

    SOY_ SERGIO 24 days ago


  • David Villarreal
    David Villarreal 24 days ago +14

    They need to make another bf game just like this one

      SOY_ SERGIO 23 days ago +1

      @Nick Chase THANK YOU ✌

    • Nick Chase
      Nick Chase 23 days ago +3

      @SOY_ SERGIO There is still servers running. According to battlefield tracker, on PC there is 8000 players on average in last 30 days. On PS4 6100, on Xbox one 3300, on Xbox 360 389, on PS3 3000. Hope this gives you the answer.

      SOY_ SERGIO 24 days ago +2

      How many people are playing bf4 now?

  • Jonhgameplay
    Jonhgameplay 24 days ago

    Where do u play?

  • Przemek Pigla
    Przemek Pigla 24 days ago +2


  • unAiMed
    unAiMed 24 days ago +10

    6:56 LOL

  • Богдан Дидык
    Богдан Дидык 24 days ago +2

    Hi I’m from Ukraine, let’s talk

  • Богдан Дидык
    Богдан Дидык 24 days ago +62

    Who Is playing battlefield 4 in 2019 years

    • Alabama Crappie Adventures
      Alabama Crappie Adventures 17 hours ago

      Yep! We have a server right now running a mix of CQS and CQL.

    • dario avila
      dario avila 15 days ago

      solo juego bf4

    • P R O S C O P E - Gaming
      P R O S C O P E - Gaming 16 days ago +1

      @Cássio Renan Yea battlefield games are underrated honestly they look so good and play so good too. Call of duty only has 1 great playing game which is the new modern warfare (maybe ww2 too)

    • Cássio Renan
      Cássio Renan 16 days ago

      @P R O S C O P E - Gaming just go for it man, I also still play everyday not only that but bf1 and bf5 also they're timeless!

    • P R O S C O P E - Gaming
      P R O S C O P E - Gaming 17 days ago +1

      @Carson Wingo Ah that's fine cause tdm is bae. I'm gonna get in the game soon

  • Drunk Not I Am
    Drunk Not I Am 24 days ago +1

    6:57 lmao

  • thats mydawg
    thats mydawg 24 days ago

    Some hardline

  • John Price 627
    John Price 627 24 days ago +13

    6:57 OMEGALUL

  • Ibuprofeno
    Ibuprofeno 24 days ago


  • What Up Gangstaaa
    What Up Gangstaaa 24 days ago

    Dang, people still play this game

  • o_n_e gamer
    o_n_e gamer 24 days ago

    Can we Play together

  • Leonardo Moreno
    Leonardo Moreno 24 days ago

    Yes battlefield 4 ❤️

  • Nicolas Lopez
    Nicolas Lopez 24 days ago

    Xbox one(? Pc(?

  • Javier Rosado
    Javier Rosado 24 days ago +2

    They need to exhance this on the x

  • GAZoWany_Majonez 34
    GAZoWany_Majonez 34 24 days ago +2

    Im from poland and I play this game everyday!

    • md Reyad
      md Reyad 19 days ago +1

      is it worth buying in 2019?

  • Gonzalo Peluzo
    Gonzalo Peluzo 24 days ago +2

    Hello from Argentina 😘😘

  • Randy Bell
    Randy Bell 24 days ago

    Another thing in bf3 when you descended learning forward if you shot down to steep to fast you couldn't pull up and would crash this isn't good if you happen to be at high altitude and have multiple heatseekers coming in so how to descend faster with out crashing easy tilt your helli to the right at a forward angle basically you want to do a spiral you gain tremendous speed at the same time you are now harder to hit and you can descend at that speed till you get to ground level as soon as you reach ground lvl cut straight stop turning right you should be able to just level out and accelerate without having to slow down.

  • Randy Bell
    Randy Bell 24 days ago

    I used to fly the attack helicopters in bf3 I would fly them 5 ft off the ground under the street lights down the roads I'd even go under the bridges one bridge you would have to level out so your back rotor didn't hit the bridge meaning you wqeren't accelerating you were coasting off momentum to get through so you needed speed one time I had the other attack helli on my ass when I went under and I knew that when I came out the other side i would have to turn around and that would expose my side which is not good so all of a sudden I had a pilot epiphany (I was flying the us helli which is smaller than the Russians in bf3 and more maneuverable) I needed to come out the other side facing him, simple so while my helli is level coasting under this bridge I have a thought and flick my back rotor to turn the helli around it starts to spin now I'm coasting backwards can't see where I'm going but have flown route enough to know my clearing behind me as soon as I come oh it the other side i immediately hit the accelerator and pull back while trying to be careful not to let my back rotor touch the ground and to the surprise of a very confused pilot who i caught off guard and caused to hesitate just long enough for me to put 2 hellfires into his cockpit all in about 5-10sec. Ace story's of bf3 pilots we broke ground in that game

  • Racker TV
    Racker TV 24 days ago +1

    Battlefield 3!!!

  • incediery
    incediery 24 days ago

    COD MW new ground war looks nice but at this time can't match the vast maps of battlefield...BF4 five years later still looks awesome

  • عبد الكريم
    عبد الكريم 24 days ago +18

    Bf3 (2010) better than cod mw(2019)

    • ThatSlowZ
      ThatSlowZ 20 days ago +1

      @Carson Wingo so play ground war lol

    • Carson Wingo
      Carson Wingo 20 days ago +1

      In my opinion, cod will never add up to battlefield, I just liked the larger scaled battles

    • ThatSlowZ
      ThatSlowZ 22 days ago


    • Fakhir YT
      Fakhir YT 24 days ago

      what the daily player base in bf3/4 on pc?

  • Hussain iq
    Hussain iq 24 days ago +1

    More BF4 sniper

  • алекс казанцев

    4 nice

  • platinium 329
    platinium 329 24 days ago +4


  • ジパング
    ジパング 24 days ago +2

    CoD mw

  • Капитан Gamer
    Капитан Gamer 24 days ago +1


  • Enes Taha AYDOĞAN
    Enes Taha AYDOĞAN 24 days ago

    more batlefield4

  • Michaelgamer 09
    Michaelgamer 09 24 days ago +3

    Yes Apollo,yes BF4 l want more.
    Play with Aug a3

  • Rყиαk
    Rყиαk 24 days ago +33

    22:00 Hahahahahaha

  • Jonny Novichok
    Jonny Novichok 24 days ago +1

    Hello from Russia