Vergil vs GMD Dante :: I NEED MORE POWER!! Edition

  • Published on Aug 4, 2015
  • Epic because their voices are awesome! I intend to do this again.
    Shame we can't mute
    EDIT: OMG. My first video ever to breakthrough 100.000 views. Thank you so much. Its amazing. :O
    I now have a twitter! @IIKevinX ( With one 'i' was already taken)
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  • Encode Decode
    Encode Decode 2 months ago

    Vergil and Dante forgot to say sorry to each other

  • Bladewolf Darknight
    Bladewolf Darknight 6 months ago +1

    And I just realized that Urizen's line when you defeat him in the prologue is directly taken from Vergil's death line in DMC4SE.
    Should've seen it coming.

  • Zakkir Zack
    Zakkir Zack 6 months ago

    so fcking epic!

  • uszerntlm
    uszerntlm 7 months ago

    vergil need to find and get more abilities from bosses and treasures to surpass Dante if i we're vergil!

  • ImSaviUR
    ImSaviUR 7 months ago

    Boy was getting boofed at the start

  • PotatoDude97
    PotatoDude97 7 months ago

    The power of bandicap has compelled you

  • Moonlight blade
    Moonlight blade 7 months ago

    what's GMD short for?

  • Король Мэд
    Король Мэд 7 months ago +1

    on 37-th try

  • EndLessDream
    EndLessDream 8 months ago

    that helm breaker dodge with trick though wow

  • смауг ужасный


  • Madeline
    Madeline 11 months ago

    This reminds me of Dante vs Vergil in DMC3... but flashier. And by the fact that Dante's so scary to fight against in GMD... he can combo you until you die.

  • Ariel López
    Ariel López 11 months ago


  • The Dark Knight
    The Dark Knight Year ago +3

    This is Dante after DMC 3, capable of making Vergil cry, even the developers said that.

  • 25shadow11
    25shadow11 Year ago +1

    Would you fight The vergil of this game as a GMD boss if you could :3?

  • Knightess
    Knightess Year ago

    In terms of DMC canon this makes zero sense, but this is too cool for me to care.

  • PancheX con X
    PancheX con X Year ago

    3 years since I saw this video and I can't still defeat Dante with this kind of style :V
    Really like their voices

  • Lucas Vinícius
    Lucas Vinícius Year ago

    I love DMC

  • Bergonath
    Bergonath Year ago

    Now this is the kind of rematch I want to see in DMC5.

  • khaled al harbi
    khaled al harbi Year ago +1

    There is no point to show us the small clips for u got beaten by dante if u wont come with perfect comeback in my opinion l mean if he fucked u up at ur best then the results is the same

  • ayan mvr
    ayan mvr Year ago

    Love the music from dmc 3

  • Total Failure
    Total Failure Year ago

    Top 10 epic anime battles

  • random mane
    random mane Year ago

    This is what people with annoying brothers do

  • Space Jams
    Space Jams Year ago

    What is the name of this soundtrack? it sound so cool

  • Ashuraopan
    Ashuraopan Year ago

    I feel like an idiot but what is GMD and how do i get it ?

  • עידו וידל

    How do you get godmode in the se? (Gmd dante)?

  • MONO4608
    MONO4608 Year ago +1

    So gameplay wise, who’s more OP? Dante or Vergil?

    • 孤魂
      孤魂 Year ago

      I'd say Vergil has the most gameplay OP potential. His ability to teleport anywhere on screen to enemy along with ease of cancelling any attack with trickster creates the most potential.

    • 孤魂
      孤魂 Year ago

      They're both a bit tougher to start out compared to other characters like Lady (stupid) and Nero, but way more OP if you know how to use them. Vergil has a bit more spam moves compared to Dante.

  • tail bite
    tail bite Year ago +1

    Dramatic fight > Massacre

  • Frantzell
    Frantzell Year ago

    still you're lucky tho when i play vergil i use judgement cut end and dante just block it

    QYUTO Year ago +1

    Don't challenge Vergil again.

  • Mash DP to safety

    Am i the only one that wonders when tf did vergil get a bit active with a female. Like a FEmale not a male

    • TJ Frye
      TJ Frye Year ago +1

      Some woman got him motivated... So he showed her the power of sparda

  • Groisu
    Groisu Year ago

    How long will it be b4 Capcom realizes how amazing a dmc fighting game would be

  • yordy garcia
    yordy garcia 2 years ago +4

    Battle vs Vergil 2 ,dmc 3 OST ... I love that song

  • AOTA
    AOTA 2 years ago

    this is a real battle, nice video like ♥

  • Edan the BloodAccelerator

    0:34 Epic Vergil xD

  • Taïga Aīsaka
    Taïga Aīsaka 2 years ago +1

    1:31 fuck that royal release in dreadnought

    • Datamaru TM
      Datamaru TM Year ago

      xycozium pendilum he took heavy damage yea haha

    MOHAMED WALEED 2 years ago

    woooow 😍😂

  • Dimitar Nikolov
    Dimitar Nikolov 2 years ago

    What is GMD?

    • IKevinX
      IKevinX  2 years ago

      Gods Must Die. A Fan Made difficulty two difficulties harder than Dante Must Die.

  • jeffthekiller628
    jeffthekiller628 2 years ago

    What is gmd?

  • Kazahasi Zefiras
    Kazahasi Zefiras 2 years ago

    I dont know why they made gmd is the hardest difficuty like dante killed god , like litterally
    I suggest that DMD is the hardest not GMD

    • Bj Hunnicutt
      Bj Hunnicutt 2 years ago

      Pretty sure GMD refers to those who are basically gods at DMC. Like even THEY must die.

  • Rodkiler18
    Rodkiler18 2 years ago

    your going down

  • Marijuana Guy
    Marijuana Guy 2 years ago

    They should've made a special cutscene for at least one of the boss battles with Dante.

  • shiroineko13
    shiroineko13 2 years ago

    Man so fucking satisfying playing or see others play as Vergil vs Dante, or hell even Vergil vs Vergil.

  • nochtczar
    nochtczar 2 years ago

    Nice job editing in the DMC3 clips

  • Satoshi AE
    Satoshi AE 2 years ago

    Vergil is the Op character and respectively hard to manage because of his Focus Bar

  • Taïga Aīsaka
    Taïga Aīsaka 2 years ago

    how to unlock GMD?

    • IKevinX
      IKevinX  2 years ago

      You need a trainer. Look up CrazyMelodyK

  • Sam Geuvenen
    Sam Geuvenen 2 years ago +63

    Didn't even use his most iconic line: "YOU ARE NOT WORTHY AS MY OPPONENT"

    • Rafael
      Rafael 10 months ago +2

      I guess GMD is worthy

    • Sooo Good
      Sooo Good Year ago

      Dante uses royal release

  • ۵ χ ۵
    ۵ χ ۵ 2 years ago +1

    The Soundtrack 😎

  • hunter_ official
    hunter_ official 2 years ago

    dante is stronger dan vergil if dmc 4 se have virgil gmd dante will win

  • Silent Child
    Silent Child 2 years ago

    dude if u pause at exactly 1:30 dreadnought got your ass dead but that green orb came to save your life holy shit

  • Marvin Taina
    Marvin Taina 2 years ago +1

    This is the power of sparda

  • 25shadow11
    25shadow11 2 years ago +63

    2:32 you realize that JC saved you right? It put you JUST out of his reach

    • Joseph Bell
      Joseph Bell Year ago +5

      yeah but that was a cool dodge lmfao

  • Arindam Remo
    Arindam Remo 3 years ago +15

    too bad no new moves for dante in SE even in GMD mode..need some new combat features for Dante too Virgil overpowered Dante in SE...

    • Dildo Ballins
      Dildo Ballins 2 years ago +6

      Nope Dante is still better since he has more variety, Vergil's only defensive moves include dodging and teleporting

  • El Wolffy
    El Wolffy 3 years ago


  • Dante's Inferno
    Dante's Inferno 3 years ago +25

    Lol reminds me of the "Power... Give me more power" moment. Funny how Nero turned out to be Vergil's son. XD

    • LaTory50
      LaTory50 7 months ago +2

      @Weed Striker in the bloody palace ending, Nero: "I'm the one with... POWER!!!!"

    • Weed Striker
      Weed Striker Year ago +3

      And now Nero is like "I have all the power I need" ... xD

  • Lenic Beduya
    Lenic Beduya 3 years ago

    Heaven and Hell? too hurt

  • MilitantUndead
    MilitantUndead 3 years ago

    "This is the power of Sparda"

  • Ascend LSAB
    Ascend LSAB 3 years ago

    What song is this? I can not find it...

    • Ascend LSAB
      Ascend LSAB 3 years ago

      Oh, no way, how could i forget it...
      Thanks man.

    • IKevinX
      IKevinX  3 years ago +3

      That's Vergil's 2nd battle theme. '-'

  • 25shadow11
    25shadow11 3 years ago

    also pause at 3:06 that could have gone ANY way. one f@ck up, game over man!

    • IKevinX
      IKevinX  3 years ago

      I also went like that during 2:38. I was like, F*-** it, it's all or nothing.

  • 25shadow11
    25shadow11 3 years ago +1

    also makes me happy to know I'm not the only one who doesn't use items and just eats it instead of using a v star lol

  • Javi Juárez
    Javi Juárez 3 years ago

    Dante must die uh?

    • IKevinX
      IKevinX  3 years ago

      Nope. God Must Die. GMD