Assange Arrested and Charged with Conspiracy | The Daily Show

  • Published on Apr 12, 2019
  • WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange is arrested on conspiracy charges, ending the nearly seven-year standoff between him and the U.S. Justice Department and raising questions about journalistic freedom.
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Comments • 7 142

  • Puma Babushka
    Puma Babushka 19 hours ago

    It is sad that people keep referring to Trevor as a journalist and this as journalism. Sad because the state of the media is such that people turn to comedians to tell truth to power. People, it is not their job.

  • Olga Tosto
    Olga Tosto 2 days ago

    I didn’t like this episode and how you treated Jullian Assange! Get better informed. Shame on you!

  • Marie Godfrey
    Marie Godfrey 4 days ago

    You sir are an idiot reporting lies and joking about pure shit
    You are a fool
    He didn’t assault or rape anyone either.
    You are part of our problem.

  • your majesty
    your majesty 5 days ago

    god you stupid bitch its gross watching you suck war criminal dick and youre so stupid tou dont even know it stupid war criminal dick sucker

  • your majesty
    your majesty 5 days ago

    he didnt hack he is a publisher you ridiculous moron. the government is lying you brainless moron because he exposed their mass murder you fking dingbat

  • your majesty
    your majesty 5 days ago

    lets see what youd look like if tou were a genius tetibg to make the world a bwtter place anx war criminals in power decided to victimize you you brainless ridiculous moron

  • your majesty
    your majesty 5 days ago

    you fking moron its not 'embarrassing' that international law was violated by criminals to arrest assange you moron.its not embarrassing that he was extraordinarily renditioned, silenced, tortured you fking imbecile

  • your majesty
    your majesty 5 days ago

    that funny you moron . you left out the part about wikileaks exposing war crimes and crimes against humanity on our dime, exposed the collateral murder video watching our money pay for american agressors murxering innocent civilians and maiming and orphaning small children you fking moron

  • Zack Mwekassa Motivation

    Trevor, your are stupid.
    From South Africa.

  • Xiao Ran Li
    Xiao Ran Li 6 days ago

    Okay but can we talk about that cat

  • Mayank
    Mayank 7 days ago

    I was binge watching Trevor Noah videos up until this disgusting video showed up. Making fun of the Assange. Try being locked in for 7 years and then be sane.
    Assange is a hero. He went against American power ups to show their ugly face to the world.
    God bless to comment section. Made me have faith in humanity again.
    Shame on you, Noah. A third class comedian.

  • pradeep singh
    pradeep singh 7 days ago

    This video is so stupid. He is a hero.

  • chiragchristopher premraj

    Assange, Chelsea, and Aaron are heroes Trevor I feel really depressed with this episode honestly expected better

  • Andy MacCracken
    Andy MacCracken 9 days ago

    I still love Trevor and his content but yeah, this went too far. I like his stand up shows better, they come from him and only him not sellout show writers only in this for the money.

  • Magistar
    Magistar 12 days ago

    Trevor Noah is a cunt.

  • Firuza khaydarova
    Firuza khaydarova 12 days ago

    Trevor you are disgusting laughing at Hero. Within a short time been brainwashed so quickly. 🤮

  • Firuza khaydarova
    Firuza khaydarova 12 days ago

    Very disappointed with Daly show . Even this guys are corrupted all U.S corrupted. Now the ones who talks the true and wants to fight for human rights been mocked and jailed while Evils is in power and been worshiped. What a messed up world we live in. Free Julian he is a hero.

  • Khabib #1Bullshit Stone

    I just lost aaaall respect for this dick comedians puppet! 👎

  • Yumashell
    Yumashell 14 days ago

    Okay. Trevor has officially become TPTB court jester, he's playing his role well in downplaying the weight of oppreasive nature set upon Assange and the civil liberties and righta he's fighting for on our behalf. And here he is being ridiculed and his situation belittled. Congratulations Trevor, ypu went from hero to zero just like that.

  • Savage KingX
    Savage KingX 15 days ago

    Trevor i love ur show but Assange is a hero

  • J S
    J S 19 days ago

    Disgusting. A journalist in serious danger for doing his job and Trevor Noah performs like a clown instead of defending him.

  • Brecky Fast
    Brecky Fast 19 days ago

    Assange is a fucking rapist, idiotic commenters.

  • O'Nalerona Dinkebogile

    Poor thing. He was the people's voice right?

  • Michael Saint
    Michael Saint 22 days ago +1

    Fuck you brownie

  • Ammar Abd Jalil
    Ammar Abd Jalil 22 days ago

    Ahh another idiot entertainer...

  • shawn bla
    shawn bla 22 days ago

    We lost a hero

  • ricky lyngkhoi
    ricky lyngkhoi 24 days ago

    If Assange was black Trevor would be all sympathy... And respectful.... Assange is a great man

  • Marc Lamparter
    Marc Lamparter 24 days ago

    This guy is an embarrassment to any intelligent person. He's making fun of somebody's freedom and life. I wonder how he would feel if he was in his place?? Than we'd be hearing a very different narrative!!

  • Son WukonG
    Son WukonG 25 days ago

    russia can hack america military easily and get away again easily 😂😂🤙🏿

  • Black Sola
    Black Sola 26 days ago

    I support Assange but man this piece was halarious. Damn. We are fucked...

  • herm marz
    herm marz 27 days ago

    Damn kid wouldn’t have expected this from u .
    Thought u show some luv to a real dude !! But ((( YOU n THE SHOW )))) definitely had an agenda on throwing shade on his
    name !! Smh

  • Jóhanna Hlynsdóttir
    Jóhanna Hlynsdóttir 27 days ago

    I don't understand what this video is about?
    Can anyone explain why everyone is so angry about this video?

  • Tanya M
    Tanya M 27 days ago

    I can't watch this video of arresting without tears. How you people can make a joke about it?! Everyone hates Assange? You should be responsible for your words. Only people were exposed by him hate this poor man. You should support Assange as journalists. If you truly are...

  • Zo Valentine
    Zo Valentine 27 days ago +1

    Free Julian now ⚘
    Free speech now ⚘

  • Eyüb Bardakci
    Eyüb Bardakci 27 days ago +1

    This is so scary .. did they pay Trevor for this?

  • James Crouse
    James Crouse 28 days ago

    Wait so he hacked the govt an leaked secret an because he a journalist it ok ? So if you a so called journalist you can hack the govt 🙄😣

  • Icha Cupcake
    Icha Cupcake 29 days ago

    Everyone hates asaange? No just the american, brits cuz he exposes their gov crimes

  • Rouzbeh Teimouri
    Rouzbeh Teimouri 29 days ago +1

    I cant believe you made fun of him and took this matter lightly, that's it probably never watching you again Noah

  • gus dam
    gus dam 29 days ago


  • CLAUDY9111
    CLAUDY9111 29 days ago

    Assange and Hilliary sitting under a tree K I S S I N G, giggling with each other, holding hands all while saying, who's the traitors and should be in prison for the rest of our lives, WE!

  • harrison Harrison
    harrison Harrison Month ago

    Mr assange should be protected by un and nato, he is a true hero of the world

  • Pipii Kaka
    Pipii Kaka Month ago

    The shots of assange are from russians ? Why americans use them for input ?

  • TheVancho
    TheVancho Month ago

    This was bad. No real journalism

  • Research0digo
    Research0digo Month ago

    OK everybody, I'm walking the walk!
    Here are a few addys & ph#s I am using to do what I can about this mess. I OWE it to Bill Binney, Thomas Drake, the guy that turned in photos of the pile of naked Iraqi men at Abu Ghraib, Julian Assange, Ed Snowden the political prisoner in Puerto Rico, who has been incarcerated for longer than anyone else in the world, Chelsea Manning, and all the others who suffer now and the countless others who have gone before.
    I don't want to be one of the many f-ers who have dropped Assange like a warm dog t__d. I'm DOING something! I'll make waves if nothing else.
    Not wanting to be Stephen Colbert's next Alex Jones, but I copied & pasted the info here. - I'll see if it sticks on the wall or not. ... I wonder if Amy Goodman will say something - if she doesn't already know. She has my utmost respect when it comes to journalistic integrity... she wouldn't ignore this.
    Comedy Central
    212-767-8600 (For those of you out of the country, please add a 1 first.)
    345, Hudson Street,
    New York City, NY
    USA 10019
    Viacom's contact us page:
    htt ps www .viacom com contact-us
    w w w david paul meyer com - - htt ps twitter dpmeyer (no spaces)
    David Paul Meyer (@ dpmeyer).
    Segment Director at @ TheDailyShow.
    Director of @ Trevornoah films. https: / / New York, NY
    (1) 212 - 333 - 1515
    strone dot assistant at tridentmediagroup dot com
    Jon will read our letters, maybe talk to him, if he hasn't already. Counseled him, and maybe convince TN to do the right thing. Apologize or go home.
    Now that you have the above contacts, what will you do?

    I would take a bullet for Assange, one of Australia's top ten people of all time; Australia's Sydney Morning Herald I think it was.
    And for you sickening brown-nosers down there (all three of you), he still makes a LOT of money doing his shows, so don't cry too hard for your lil hero.
    HE wasn't shot to death in Iraq - it shows.
    I don't have a TV, but I'll figure out a way of find out who TDS's sponsors are. For TN's shows, his sometime Director is:
    David Paul Meyer, Pasadena (see above info)
    Viacom's ema il see above.
    This is a PHUCKING travesty. I didn't subscribe to hear Hannity!
    It's been 2 months now - anyone see him apologize yet? I haven't. If he does it here - I won't be seeing it. We Progressives watched TDS with Jon Stewart*. We and most rethugnicans adore Mr. Assange.
    Please don't let this kid think he's respectable anymore!
    When TN apologizes I'll take his coco's picture out of the bottom of my bird's cage.

  • Alexander Lykke
    Alexander Lykke Month ago +2

    Trevor go visit a Saudi embassy asap!

  • Alexander Lykke
    Alexander Lykke Month ago +1

    Trevor.. i used to respect u! no more!

  • Pamela Waga
    Pamela Waga Month ago

    So many people in the comments saying Assange is a hero and kind of forgetting that he hid in the embassy because he's suspected of raping two women.. why would he run away if he wasn't guilty?

    • Pamela Waga
      Pamela Waga Month ago

      I was so excited for the first response knowing what kind of dudes would get provoked and then i get this, obviously its hilarious, but did you even try?

    • Research0digo
      Research0digo Month ago

      You're taking the women's lib thing a tad too far Pamela.
      You can go straight to hell. - He didn't RAPE anyone. He had consensual sex with two women at the same time (jealous?), who happened to be WORKING in the same place they pick up their paychecks. His intelligent use of a condom couldn't prevent the damned thing from breaking.
      Sweden wanted his ass because they would have been favoured by turning him over to the Feds in the US.
      He 'hid' somewhere?
      I guess you don't mind two Reuters Journalists, 6 unarmed men walking toward their offices, and two CHILDREN being shot, I guess.
      Go take a show - you stink BAD.

  • Hello Oubort
    Hello Oubort Month ago

    It is concerning that Trevor Noah is trying to make light of this very fascistic move. Tulsi Gabbard is the only candidate who has spoke out to condemn the arrest of Assange. Please donate $1 to get her into the September debates #Tulsi2020

    • Mrderhj
      Mrderhj Month ago

      Fuck you and Assange

  • Napalmoleon
    Napalmoleon Month ago

    Everyone laughin and applauding while freedom of press goes down the shitter

  • Counterpart Me
    Counterpart Me Month ago

    Can you report anything objectively? You just lost a sub.

    • Mrderhj
      Mrderhj Month ago

      Fuck you Assange lover

  • Nawal Nawnaw
    Nawal Nawnaw Month ago +1

    I've been watching the daily show since Jon Stuart was the host, but after watching this it's time for me to say goodbye to this show ✋ Trevor noah lost all credibility in my eyes 👎

  • Markus Frank
    Markus Frank Month ago

    Hi folk's ! SO - Finally - i found you're channel .... and i am shocked & ashamed irreversibly, what kind of creatures there're out, which are able, of such primitively, silly & sick jokes, about our all hero for freedom, truth and peace !!! And after all - I thought you were black...?!? Are there really black - american(?) Nazi's out there (and this is not mean't bad --- I'm asking as a German) !?? Jokes besides - ever thought of your Karma ? But all in all - you seem to like living in hell...☆ - wish you much fun and think of me when seeing a KZ - your way and opinion ended once there and will do it again ! Think about - there's still place for some hope, but not for creepeling jokes....!!! Nice Grtz to the Other's !!!!

  • Kaylei Burke
    Kaylei Burke Month ago

    He looks like that because he's been tortured. God.

  • Gil Martins
    Gil Martins Month ago

    This Noah clown is disgusting.

  • Louise Cornelius
    Louise Cornelius Month ago

    It takes more than publishing any leaked document that comes your way to be a journalist. There are standards and integrity to uphold especially when publishing sensative information. Assange has few of those. He's a publisher not a journalist. He's callous in his handling of power.
    Also, he doesn't seem to care if the leaked documents are passed to him by intelligence services that are adversarial to the people they effect.
    We probably should be debating if publishers who put 0 effort and minimal integrity into their process should also get the same exemption privileges as journalists rather than whether or not being anti Assange is being anti journalism or anti whistle blower.
    But comments section be what it is. So instead we get "how dare you Trevor! ENEMY of freedom!"

  • ayatollah ferkah
    ayatollah ferkah Month ago

    Reading all these comments and I have realized people only take notice about this shows bias when it affects someone they like.

    BRAYNZ Month ago

    Hollywood studios waiting to make a movie

  • drive 95
    drive 95 Month ago +1

    I usually love your jokes trump, trevor, but this episode sucks

  • Farhan K
    Farhan K Month ago

    Assange is a hero we need in these times, you shouldn't have mocked him.

  • Pekan Baru
    Pekan Baru Month ago

    Wikileak also revealed that trump had a little peanut !

  • Kala Pradeep
    Kala Pradeep Month ago +1

    Assange got arrested for journalism, you know, the thing you guys are supposed to be doing instead of this mockery. Shame.

  • Your Conscience
    Your Conscience Month ago

    Update on Assange.

  • Jaina Novelo
    Jaina Novelo Month ago

    Trevor you are an asshole. Making fun of the situation.

  • patrick jane
    patrick jane Month ago

    No wonder how trump ended up as president😶😶

  • Rafael do Nascimento Pereira

    Trevor Noah joined the fox news and friends in manipulating the population. Very unfortunate. The indictment does not mention hacking into the US government systems.
    The indictment can be found here to be read:

  • Annie F
    Annie F Month ago

    You really think this is funny??? No you're SICK.....I hope your ratings drop, you have no idea how many people world wide are trying to get Julian freed. You're an idiot. You're not funny, Noah. You're on The Wrong Side Of History! "Democracy Dies In Darkness" Brink back Stewart! We LOVE our whistle blowers and respect them unlike you. You're a POS and an a$$h^le

  • none business
    none business Month ago

    what sort of stupid moron are you. are you too stupid to figure they might be LYING about hi letting his cat 'shit' on the floor or that he dressed his cat. what sort of fking moron are u. why make jokes about something you haven't bothered to learn the slighest thing about, the facts are not hard to learn. your whole life, existence and the world you do is pointless, shallow and ridiculous compared to the brilliance and fearlessness of this man. fking idiot. how could anyone be such a moron, a pointless horrifying moron

  • ForAmerican
    ForAmerican Month ago

    Trevor, you made a mistake making joke about the guy who disclosed CIA's virus codes, Navy's random killing. We never knew this kind of government's behavior with his publication. Now government think they can punish anybody who are against them to disclose even their criminal behavior.

  • ForAmerican
    ForAmerican Month ago +1

    The US government offered a financial assistant to Ecuador, $2B. That's all.

  • jimmy choo
    jimmy choo Month ago

    Never trust your pet cat.

  • MazBringsby
    MazBringsby Month ago

    Does Trevor Noah have a backbone guys? Does he know who Julian Assange is? What he has sacrificed? Humiliating Julian Assange like this, TOTAL SELLOUT.

  • d.u.g. Drilly
    d.u.g. Drilly Month ago

    we havent seen Assange in a long time because he got his ass whupped by the police and needs time to heal.
    he like a homeless person downtown.

  • Bright Future Global Tours

    We deserve transparency about the corrupt actions of government. Assange is a hero who was dedicated to reveal the truth about many things that people did not like. I am disappointed that you have this view of a man who is essentially a political prisoner and a journalist.

  • Angelina Sophia Kamaratou

    "Draco Malfoy biological father"
    😂😂 potterhead right there👌❤

    • Research0digo
      Research0digo Month ago

      that's all you fucking focused on you twat?!!! How old are you, 6?

  • Eveangeline Volturi

    It's his job to entertain. You guys hv no problems laughing when he is making fun of someone you hate. But when it's someone you adore, you guys start calling him a sell out. He is just the narrator. N he entertains while letting us know what's going on. But that does not indicate his opinion/feelings in any way. Don't hate on Trevor. It's fine to share your opinion but it's not cool to spread hate this way.

  • Caroline .Shiro
    Caroline .Shiro Month ago

    I normally enjoy your humour but on this you just a new deep low. Assange is a hero for MANY people and no amount of vilifying will change that. Wikileaks a ROGUE organisation? like really? Think you should have steered clear from this top Trevor, it has painted you in a rather bad light.

  • gdyfjbkbljn
    gdyfjbkbljn Month ago

    The daily show has become pure shit

  • christopher hall
    christopher hall Month ago +2

    I would call this segment establishment comedy. A complete 180 of what The Daily Show is supposed to be about.

  • Lokesh Singh
    Lokesh Singh Month ago

    Trevor you are just an asshole comedian...You are not even a shoe dirt of Assange and be careful who are mocking at because Karma works in mysterious ways....

  • Bronson Pinchot
    Bronson Pinchot Month ago

    Free Assange

  • Manuel R.
    Manuel R. Month ago

    What the fuck Trevor? Really? Completely unauthentic and just ignoring the danger for freespeech!

  • Salam & Visit my channel

    Is this the Trevor people were expecting

  • Josh Knorr
    Josh Knorr Month ago

    Can everyone see how our media is just propaganda now? It's been this way for a long time!

  • med bouchetta
    med bouchetta Month ago +1

    Trevor Noah is an idiot...trying to be funny by making fun of a Man, who is way bigger than him. FREE JULIAN ASSANGE NOW.

  • term cee
    term cee Month ago

    the business casual cat is life

  • Fred
    Fred Month ago

    Trevor Noah, you are an utter disgrace to your profession. and a fool to boot. You do not see past your nose far enough to realize that this case threatens the entire practice of journalism worldwide. Any country anywhere will have the power to arrest any journalist for any reason whether or not that journalist has ever stepped foot in the country bringing the charges.

  • Waiting Room
    Waiting Room Month ago +2

    you should kill yourself. trying to manipulate the public opinion by presenting Assange as a weirdo and a villain is really cheap, bad journalism and it makes you look like the lamest person in the fucking universe! #freejulianassange

  • Yustika Audilia
    Yustika Audilia Month ago +1

    Draco Malvoy's biological father 😂😂😂

  • Leon Ordorica
    Leon Ordorica Month ago +1

    Enjoy your paycheck Trevor you fucking suck hard

  • richard d
    richard d Month ago +1

    Remember the PENTAGON PAPERS TREVOR this called Journalism that is something what you know nothing about

    • Louise Cornelius
      Louise Cornelius Month ago

      Neighter do you. It takes more than publishing any leaked document that comes your way to be a journalist. There are standards and integrity to uphold especially when publishing sensative information. Assange has few of those. He's a publisher not a journalist. He's callous in his handling of power.
      Also, he doesn't seem to care if the leaked documents are passed to him by intelligence services that are adversarial to the people they effect.

  • none business
    none business Month ago +1

    this whole thing is so stupid i dont know what to say. if a comedian doesn't know the slightest thing about an issue, why don't they keep their mouth shut. i mean how can this guy know absolutly nothing about this matter and then make moronic jokes that make no sense how stupid

  • none business
    none business Month ago +2

    it isn't a rogue organization. it is an organization founded by a brilliant man who wanted to do something good in the world, publish the truth and protect their sources .

    • Research0digo
      Research0digo Month ago

      You're exactly right - Noah should be fucking fired.

  • Niles Butler
    Niles Butler Month ago +1

    This is horrible.
    Treveor might be funny, but this ist SHIT.
    The man is the victim of extralegal press supression and has been incarceratet in that embassy for 7 years.
    And here this shill is making jokes about it?

  • Nongcebo Mchunu
    Nongcebo Mchunu Month ago +2

    Disappointed in you can u make fun of such an honorable know what’s up come on now

  • Solange Mooney
    Solange Mooney Month ago +1

    Julian Assange is the closest thing to a hero...he embodies the courage of truth..never popular with teeny weeney ball- less cowards...shame on the world

  • Sophia Lotsari
    Sophia Lotsari Month ago +1

    you probably don't know who you are talking about Trevor! He is a multi-awarded top journalist, admired and someone to look up to, not the kind of those you make fun of in the Fox news! He has revealed the truth about issues that concern us and threaten our lives, he revealed truths like the one that talks about the info they get from us through social media, that's why the governments chase him, how about you? what if they expose your dirty laundry those you take the side of this time? and you make jokes about the appearance of someone whose whole life was dedicated to people's benefits? you chose the wrong side this time. This show was a disgrace.

  • JoeJames215
    JoeJames215 Month ago

    Fuck him

  • mulmini29
    mulmini29 Month ago


  • Amir
    Amir Month ago +1

    Dude fuck you and your Zionist piece of shit puppet life and show and country. Fuck your Zionist plague of an excuse mother.

  • J Canterbury
    J Canterbury Month ago

    Trevor, I used to laugh at some of your skits; but after viewing this skit on the arrest of Julian Assange, the only thing that came to mind was, “Jy! Son of Patricia, jy behoort jou te skaam! The gravity of the event has obviously eluded you.