The Try Guys Make Ice Cream Without A Recipe

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    Adrienne Borlongan -- Chef & Owner of Wanderlust Creamery
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    Voice Over by Devlin McCluskey
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Comments • 80

  • The Try Guys
    The Try Guys  3 months ago +14518

    Whose ice cream do you wanna try?

  • TheMarianneMovies
    TheMarianneMovies 22 minutes ago

    me as soon as ned says "semi sweet chocolate": SEMIIIIIIIIIIIIII sweet!!! SEMIIIIIIIII!!!

  • Leila Marron
    Leila Marron 31 minute ago

    keith is making me cry in each of this videos hahahaha he is so funny when he is angry

  • Michał Bykowski
    Michał Bykowski 2 hours ago

    This child is pretentious and annoying as hell

  • Not my cat
    Not my cat 7 hours ago +1

    JAMIE IS 11???!!!!! I THOUGHT HE WAS 8!!

  • Bianca Sanchez
    Bianca Sanchez 8 hours ago

    Let’s taste this FFFFAAAAKKKAAAAA

  • Ok I
    Ok I 13 hours ago

    Can someone tell me if ugene is gay or not I'm confused

  • Ethan Mojo
    Ethan Mojo 13 hours ago

    Wow people know persian stuff I’m astonished

  • anentacatMCPE
    anentacatMCPE 13 hours ago +1

    I love how everyone just scooted away from kieth (XD)

  • Chibi Being Chibi
    Chibi Being Chibi 15 hours ago

    Jaime hating Eugene because putting alcohol on food for two episodes straight

  • S Sh
    S Sh 15 hours ago +1

    Persian is not an ice cream flavor it’s called saffron ice cream or pistachio ice cream.

  • Jace Almaraz
    Jace Almaraz 15 hours ago

    Wait eugenes gay who else or is it just him

  • Blue lemon Wolf
    Blue lemon Wolf 16 hours ago

    A C L C O H O L lmfao then I M S O R R Y H A V E Y O U B E E N TO D A I R Y L A N D

    Kiana BAKHSHANDEH 17 hours ago

    Omggg I Persian!!!!!! finally someone has noticed us

  • gigi zhu
    gigi zhu 17 hours ago


  • Lily Meller
    Lily Meller 18 hours ago

    I was watching this on my TV and my dad walked in and watches 1 Minute and said that they were so gay I was like ummmm....okay

  • Jazmin Aron
    Jazmin Aron 18 hours ago

    There are so many delicious vegan ice creams available that are way better tasting than dairy ice cream. So Delicious, Coconut Bliss, Daiya, Magnum's vegan options, Tofutti, even Häagen Dazs has the non-dairy option all taste great.

  • ɾαηδσʍ Թεɾςση OF ZE EARTH

    Does anyone remember that Keith put rum into his ice cream which Jamie ate...

  • geli10barros
    geli10barros 20 hours ago +1

    Keith’s I’ve never had gummy ice cream

  • moet
    moet 21 hour ago


  • Daniel Villeda
    Daniel Villeda 22 hours ago

    I don’t like the kid

  • KelpyG4BOFA
    KelpyG4BOFA 23 hours ago

    Decadent: characterized by or reflecting a state of moral or cultural decline. nice....

  • Amelia Czura
    Amelia Czura Day ago

    keith harmonizing with ice cream machine is a mood

  • TheRoyalFlame 1
    TheRoyalFlame 1 Day ago

    This entire video is an expert showing how to make good ice cream played over the try guys doing exactly the opposite

  • Blue leader
    Blue leader Day ago

    Keith made Booza

  • moonlight loverr
    moonlight loverr Day ago +1

    Eugene sounds like one of my friend

    By that friend I mean:

    *that one friend who will literally put anything in food*

  • Lobly Potat
    Lobly Potat Day ago

    Eugene: My boyfriend heats up his ice cream.
    Eugene’s Boyfriend: (made ice cream many times)

    Keith: *I JusT dOnT tHiNK ThaTs rIgHT.*

  • Gacha Creamy Cake Wolf queen

    there should be a compilation of Keith losing it

  • jane rostock Fagerberg

    Sorry to say this rugbrød is not from iceland and i know its from Denmark because im danish but i still love you youre videos

  • Sara Sprinkle
    Sara Sprinkle Day ago +1

    I loved when Eugene kept apologizing to Jamie (the kid for anyone who didn’t catch his name) I thought it was adorable. 🥺👉👈🥺

  • Marai Floe
    Marai Floe Day ago

    I was so surprised when Eugene was like no but my boyfriend dose.😐🤯🤯🤯

  • 박나윤
    박나윤 Day ago

    i only know how to make frozen yogurt, then u add like condensed milk for it to be ice cream or something ;-;

  • Sascha cacho
    Sascha cacho Day ago +4

    the eleven year old is so annoying lmao

  • mariesella Miller

    HELLO just 😂😁😀😃😁😀😂😀Have 2 mention whoever edited this with NED UHHH???😌😌😌😌 SO FUNNY ❤ 💘

  • Pam W
    Pam W Day ago

    5:25 wait..eugene is gay ?? i'm so behind on things..please don't shame me for not knowing !!

  • Lawson0279 gaming
    Lawson0279 gaming Day ago +1

    30:43 Zach gags over his own ice cream 😂😂

  • Alanna Powell
    Alanna Powell Day ago

    The dairy queen comment was where my mind was at too 😂😂😂 also, bring the kid back. He's great!

  • JDS Game Hub
    JDS Game Hub Day ago +1

    Is it just me that hates that child?

  • Hags
    Hags Day ago +3

    Can you guys get rid of the blonde lady judge she’s so annoying

  • Lauren
    Lauren Day ago

    12:11 Zach might win this
    13:45 Nvm, he messed up

  • Lazy potato
    Lazy potato 2 days ago +1

    Did this kid really just say ice cream is for everyone? I am lactose intolerance I can’t have most ice cream’s

  • Katy Celedon
    Katy Celedon 2 days ago +1

    30:42 Keith is planning ways to kill Jaime 😂

  • Luci Blogs
    Luci Blogs 2 days ago +1

    The try guys are getting me through quarantine

  • Savannah Espinoza
    Savannah Espinoza 2 days ago

    I loved that one voice
    “Will Zach get last place again”
    “Will Keith make daddy proud”
    “Will Ned continue his streak”
    “Is Eugene drunk”

  • Gabbie Bonifacio
    Gabbie Bonifacio 2 days ago

    Bruh Keith has to stop cussing, ik that there r a lot of ppl cussing in front of kids but bro this isnt right at all

  • Tom Haggas
    Tom Haggas 2 days ago +4

    Ned: always for family
    Zach: puts in everything he sees
    Eugene: Asian alchohol
    Keith: dAdDYs FaVorIte

  • Devon Weiss
    Devon Weiss 2 days ago


  • Itz_Beni
    Itz_Beni 2 days ago

    Keith should of added Rhum.

  • The derpiest squirtle

    That is illegal to give ice cream to a minor

  • Sharlly Hu
    Sharlly Hu 2 days ago

    Zach: 4th place 4 times,


  • Glasses Guy
    Glasses Guy 2 days ago

    Minus the peanut butter and peppermint that ice cream would have been good.

  • Alexandra Kakuja
    Alexandra Kakuja 2 days ago

    Idk why but the glasses lady seemed a bit too rude when it was Keith's turn Imo

    JIMENA REYES BARTRES 2 days ago +1

    Okay but Zach’s vegan ice cream would’ve been incredible if done correctly. The flavor combo would’ve been delicious

  • GeekyGirl
    GeekyGirl 2 days ago

    As a danish I’m offended that wanderlust lady put rugbrød as an icelandish thing I mean sure we kinda “own??” Them they’re under our queen BUT WHAT THE HELL LADY

  • MTG Obsessed
    MTG Obsessed 2 days ago +1

    Nobody’s gonna talk about the penguins?

  • Bill Nye the Russian Spy

    god this is the best channel on youtube, I would be terrified to eat this. Brave judges!

  • Bogart E
    Bogart E 2 days ago

    Too much penguin videos it’s annoying.

  • Room 2.0
    Room 2.0 2 days ago

    yellow shirt is mean

  • haidy owo
    haidy owo 2 days ago

    I seriously love Zach fkvjdkkckxmvm

  • Darth Vader
    Darth Vader 2 days ago +1

    We can't poison the next generation
    Then why did we elect Trump

  • Kathy Bugett
    Kathy Bugett 2 days ago

    Zach:I love cookies and cream
    Me:yay we the same

  • As ASIAN
    As ASIAN 2 days ago



    Wait 5:37 Eugene’s Gay?

  • sophia._.elizabeth
    sophia._.elizabeth 2 days ago

    I think Eugene should have made a bourbon and caramel ice cream because he likes to put alcohol in all of his food and it wouldn't be disgusting

  • Scarlet Herrera
    Scarlet Herrera 2 days ago

    25:53 keith losing his shit is a mood

  • The Adventures of Bario

    Daddy’s favorite

  • The Gaming Wolf
    The Gaming Wolf 3 days ago

    Eugene is gay

  • Asia Cooley
    Asia Cooley 3 days ago +1

    Keith when he was being judged: "HER SISTER WAS A WITCH, THE WICKED WITCH OF EAST!"

  • Always ARMY
    Always ARMY 3 days ago

    I sound like an asshole but that kid is super annoying.

  • Altayra Subrata
    Altayra Subrata 3 days ago

    I like how Keith and Zach is just threatning the child to death with glare

  • Gabriel Duren
    Gabriel Duren 3 days ago

    Is it bad I hate how snobby this kid is

  • Brianna Barrows
    Brianna Barrows 3 days ago

    Is Eugene gay

  • Adrienne the Tree
    Adrienne the Tree 3 days ago

    I loved when they flipped the ice cream and it didn't melt over.
    "Have you been to dairy queen!!!"

  • Osaki Kamatari
    Osaki Kamatari 3 days ago

    ADRIENNE: the alcohol must only be 5% of the recipe


  • Jackson .jacksEEn
    Jackson .jacksEEn 3 days ago

    Ok but did anyone else laugh really hard at Eugene’s face anytime someone said daddy lmfaooo

  • Adhinna Aliyya Ayyoob


  • *Banana Wafers*
    *Banana Wafers* 3 days ago

    My mom has food I can’t eat ;( especially when there was chocolate that was big cri moment

  • Krypto
    Krypto 3 days ago

    3:06 this is legit me

  • SoLar Clan
    SoLar Clan 3 days ago +1

    Am I the only one who feels like Keith’s dad is the dad of Will Ferrell in Daddy’s Home 2

  • Manthahime Chan
    Manthahime Chan 3 days ago

    21:26 That kid 👍👍