Freaky Eaters | Pizza Addict (Full Episode) | Only Human

  • Published on May 17, 2017
  • Dr. Dow and J.J. Virgin are called in to save a pizza addict; consuming 80 times more pizza than an average American. Season 1 Episode 1
    Imagine only eating cheeseburgers or pizzas at every meal? What if your diet was made up of raw meat and it was going to kill you? Based on the hit BBC format our experts, psychotherapist and eating disorder specialist Dr. Mike Dow and nutrition expert to the stars JJ Virgin attempt to save our freaky eaters from their outrageous food addictions and the compulsions that threaten to destroy their lives. How did the eaters become emotionally and physically addicted to such unhealthy food, can the experts stop the ticking time bomb, change their diet and give them back their lives?
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  • Stephanie Santiago
    Stephanie Santiago 51 minute ago +1

    I'm watching this while eating pizza lmfao

  • Pedros Henriquez
    Pedros Henriquez 2 hours ago

    im surprised hes not fat

  • Wendy Williams
    Wendy Williams 4 hours ago

    I’m eating pizza while watching this😂

  • Nesrin
    Nesrin 6 hours ago

    If only I had money, i won't be any different 😊

  • hippity hoppity i'm taking the property

    “JJ virgin”
    I think not ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    OH YEAH YEAH 13 hours ago

    is it just me or the fat kinda looks like cheese curd

    REALKGM FIREDRAGON 12 22 hours ago

    I'm addicted to chicken, Yet I don't get it a lot????

  • khlo boo
    khlo boo 23 hours ago

    wait 320 a month..but 400 something a year? MATH

  • Valentina Canga
    Valentina Canga Day ago

    Bro but him when he was a teenager 🤤🥵😂

  • Alancienne
    Alancienne Day ago


  • MikeTheLegend
    MikeTheLegend Day ago +1

    Minus well drink a glass of grease


    And I thought I was bad!

  • King Kovu
    King Kovu Day ago

    His uncle looks like his brother tbh

  • Nicole Ann
    Nicole Ann Day ago

    Happy for him 😂😂😂😂 i don't know why he ordered the disgusting shrimp and clam though he could've picked something else lol what the heck yuck disgusting.

  • Rakhshanda Mubeen
    Rakhshanda Mubeen Day ago +1

    I just got a dominoz ad

  • Mia Savage
    Mia Savage Day ago

    Damn it now I want pizza

  • sauce sierra
    sauce sierra Day ago

    *watches while eating 2 stove pizzas* lol

  • Princess Vane
    Princess Vane Day ago

    What if someone had an addiction of eating too many fruits and vegetables ?

  • Princess Vane
    Princess Vane Day ago

    And I thought that I had an addiction for eating pizza once a week

  • billybobmoo
    billybobmoo Day ago

    whats his dad eating

  • Wizard King
    Wizard King Day ago

    Him: *says* vegetables suck
    Kids: AM I A JOKe TO YOU!?!

  • Gilbert Malone
    Gilbert Malone 2 days ago


  • • Colors & Scribbles •

    I mean... I relate lol 🍕

  • Horizon
    Horizon 2 days ago +1

    Who else saw the thumbnail and thought it was David walliams

  • Amee Abas
    Amee Abas 2 days ago +1

    Im addicted to watching freaky eaters

  • Gabz Killer
    Gabz Killer 2 days ago +1

    "Steven Sushi should be in this video" 😭

  • Hen xo
    Hen xo 2 days ago

    I'm having pizza in 13 hours

  • rests
    rests 2 days ago

    cant you just add vegetables to your pizza?

  • Clout Sukker
    Clout Sukker 2 days ago

    I’m addicted to Loli porn

  • Blue sapphires _X
    Blue sapphires _X 2 days ago

    When ur favorite food is pizza. And also just clarifying people say their favorite food is pizza and say that if I can eat one thing for the rest of my life it would be pizza, but I just wanna let u know u would die if u did.

  • hazard
    hazard 2 days ago +1

    American toxic sons of bitches, argue wid me in da comme' sectio'. I dare ya'.

  • Jeremiah Wright
    Jeremiah Wright 2 days ago +1

    And he doesn’t think it has anything to do with his pizza....

  • edub590
    edub590 3 days ago

    they really should have a freaky eaters vegan edition

  • Cadence Hsiung
    Cadence Hsiung 3 days ago

    Does he not kinda look like charlie puthw

  • loop retro
    loop retro 3 days ago +1

    as i’m sitting here eating 3 slices of pizza

  • Sophia Vazquez
    Sophia Vazquez 3 days ago +1

    Italy is shaking

  • Shubhi Aggarwal
    Shubhi Aggarwal 3 days ago +1

    Am I the only one concered about the team that has to clean up that fat bucket

  • Sam Gor
    Sam Gor 3 days ago +1

    i am josh we are all josh

  • Vinay K
    Vinay K 3 days ago

    Bro I love pizza too

  • Joseph Maleeh
    Joseph Maleeh 3 days ago

    If I were to eat one thing in my life

  • egg Dumpling
    egg Dumpling 3 days ago

    How is he not boof

  • Love Love
    Love Love 3 days ago +1

    Pizza CAN actually be a healthy, full balanced meal, if cooked correctly: (5 food groups): veggie, meat, cheese, sugar, starch

    • Dog Lover
      Dog Lover Day ago

      Yes exactly!!! This is underrated comment u r absolutely right!

  • Cool Pickle
    Cool Pickle 3 days ago +2

    Dominos, Papa Johns, Pizza Hut, and Lil Caesar’s employees: *OH NO HE’S BACK*

  • Aaron Myers
    Aaron Myers 3 days ago

    This show is staged. Its just for money

  • Darkness inc
    Darkness inc 3 days ago +7

    Josh: eats 1800 a year
    Me: eats ATLEAST most 4 or 5 a year huh

  • Giancarlo Oliveri
    Giancarlo Oliveri 3 days ago +3

    joshs brother: orders pizza
    josh: *insert shocked pikachu face*

  • mark gates
    mark gates 3 days ago

    if they made pizza ice-cream, he would eat that every single day

  • mark gates
    mark gates 3 days ago

    I'm eating pizza while watching this

  • Keisha Armorer
    Keisha Armorer 3 days ago

    Im pretty sure were all addicted to pizza

  • Jennifer Harris
    Jennifer Harris 3 days ago

    It's really annoying when they have these people who hate veggies, eating raw veggies with no seasoning, no dip, nothing. 🤦‍♀️

  • MITZ
    MITZ 4 days ago

    I legit threw up watching this... no offense to pizza eaters but i only like VERY thin crust pizza with barely any cheese and sausage and pepperoni.... So seeing this dude made me legit sick....

    Yet here I am still watching it

  • wot_on_ earth
    wot_on_ earth 4 days ago +1

    This is me lol

  • Walker 4 Life
    Walker 4 Life 4 days ago

    Josh: ugh vegetables
    Vegetarians: are we some a joke to you?

  • Tommy Li The Dragon
    Tommy Li The Dragon 4 days ago +1

    I’m going back to Asian food diet cuz I am Asian & I’m going to stop eating pizza 🍕 NO MORE PIZZA MORE FRIED RICE 🍚

  • TheCubingMarathon
    TheCubingMarathon 4 days ago

    I eat pizza like 15x a year pizza every 2-3 weeks

  • TheCubingMarathon
    TheCubingMarathon 4 days ago

    *I got a pizza hut ad while watching this*

  • Salvo Network
    Salvo Network 4 days ago

    i think he's gonna fap to italian pizza

  • Milys Vlogs
    Milys Vlogs 4 days ago +1

    I would eat pizza *FOREVER* Until i die

  • David -_-
    David -_- 4 days ago

    Just let this MF EAT HIS PIZZA

  • brfxxxcc
    brfxxxcc 4 days ago

    *Matt Stonie intensifies*