This Is How Jeffree Star Spends His Millions

  • Published on Aug 17, 2019
  • Jeffree Star is one of the highest paid RU-cliprs and his business ventures like his own successful makeup line are making him rich. Jeffree Star even earns more money trying a new product than some people earn in years. From $90k luxury bags lying on his floor, to pink customized sports cars, earning $50 Million a year is something you don't see everyday.
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    As of 2019,. Jeffree is one of the most trending people on the internet right now and has collaborated alongside many makeup artists and singers throughout his career. If you weren't around when he released song, you're almost definitely paying attention now, waiting patiently for updates on Jeffree Star Cosmetics' latest release.
    Jeffree doesn't hold back when it comes to spending his millions and it's no stretch to say that he has expensive tastes. If you've checked out his Instagram, you'll find post after post laden with designer goods and any number of expensive bags, shoes, and other accessories. Of course, most of the items you'll see are trademark bright pink. It seems that there's no end in sight when it comes to Jeffree's spending habits.
    Why buy one Gucci bag when you can buy a handful? Why wear one Cartier Love bracelet when you can wear them all at once? Join us today as we take a deep dive into this RU-clip star's lavish lifestyle.

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  • TheRichest
    TheRichest  Month ago +128

    > *TheRichest doing research*
    > *Internet* : Net worth of $50 Million
    > *Jeffree Star* : I make around $50 Million a year
    So, what would be the very first thing you buy with that much money?

    • blanketts1980
      blanketts1980 20 days ago

      New teeth, a new car and Get some Lipo

    • Tayz Lif3
      Tayz Lif3 23 days ago

      TheRichest a mansion duh😂

  • Melisha Thomas
    Melisha Thomas 14 hours ago

    The way he says Hermès hurts my brian

  • Celine Yap
    Celine Yap Day ago +1

    2.44 he said HERRRMIS WHATDA-

  • Izzy Bliss
    Izzy Bliss 2 days ago

    Omg I watched the pink vault vid right before this vid!! xD

  • Ivana Horvat
    Ivana Horvat 2 days ago

    T. R. A. S. H.

    GHOSTLY GAMING 3 days ago +1

    Am I the only one who don't know if I should call Jeffrey him or her but Jeffrey.

    NOT EVEN GOD 3 days ago

    He's living every girls real dream

  • Mckenna Runnells
    Mckenna Runnells 4 days ago

    Your acting like all he spends his money on is crap. HE LITTERALLY WENT FROM NOTHING TO BEING SUCCESSFUL. It is his money so stfu

  • I am Chuck's
    I am Chuck's 4 days ago

    I wish I had the money to do this

  • Hala Hakoum
    Hala Hakoum 5 days ago

    I think on his tatto is 10000

  • Owen Walters
    Owen Walters 5 days ago

    He said in a video he gets 150 million dollars

  • Victoria Rose
    Victoria Rose 10 days ago

    That title made no sense🥴

  • Donna Hudson
    Donna Hudson 10 days ago

    He came from nothen and is till down to earth. He wont forget where he came from.

  • Albert Paravyants
    Albert Paravyants 11 days ago

    Jeffree makes around 100-200 million dollars a year

  • Mr meme Dab
    Mr meme Dab 11 days ago

    I really feel bad for the son or daughter imangine in parents conference in school🥶🥶🥶🥶

  • Jishan Mallick
    Jishan Mallick 11 days ago

    I saw jefree and I clicked!!
    I m obsessed!And obvio shebworth more thn that

  • Mery S
    Mery S 13 days ago

    Che artista 😍

  • Amanda David
    Amanda David 13 days ago

    Is it Her-mees or Er-mes

  • LoganTheSimmer
    LoganTheSimmer 14 days ago

    The way he says Hermès makes me cringe.

  • Cathy Paat
    Cathy Paat 14 days ago

    and here i am trying to have a minimalist lifestyle

  • yvonne savoy
    yvonne savoy 14 days ago

    Why are we on The Richest which you would think speak about luxury brands all the time. Please stop saying Hermes like herpes. There were quite a few brands that were mispronounced. This is the one channel that should know better.

  • sasuke uchiha
    sasuke uchiha 16 days ago +1

    Self made and I respect it no matter whatever gender it is but maybe consider surgery cuz yuck.

  • suburban legend
    suburban legend 16 days ago

    *ERR - MAYS*

  • Arman Sufi
    Arman Sufi 16 days ago

    Anybody else cringing the way he says “hermes”?

  • Peppa Pig
    Peppa Pig 17 days ago

    Imagine Jefferee walking his dog and says _dady come here._

  • Donald Haynes
    Donald Haynes 18 days ago +1

    Does he give to charity? Such waste!

  • RYGUY 1206
    RYGUY 1206 18 days ago +1

    Jeffree: walks into nail shop (idk what its called)
    The worker: ah shit here we go again

  • scy
    scy 19 days ago

    Jeffree gay

  • Kirsten Tippit
    Kirsten Tippit 19 days ago

    Diamond 😭

  • Wydever Valkyrie
    Wydever Valkyrie 19 days ago

    That’s awesome

  • Ryan Conner
    Ryan Conner 19 days ago

    1:53 my fav look ever

  • SJ Villegas
    SJ Villegas 20 days ago +1

    I respect how he always help the poor. Good for him

  • CaribeLatina-Doll
    CaribeLatina-Doll 20 days ago

    THIS IS WHAT A REAL SELF MADE IS! WORK YOUR WAY UP FROM TO BOTTOM TO THE TOP! I like Jeffree because he doesn't give a shit about what people say! he does his own thing that's why I think people are attracted to Jeffree! I do believe that he for sure makes around 100 million a year and his net worth is more than 150 million!

  • LadyJoy A
    LadyJoy A 21 day ago

    I like Jeffree and his personality. I follow him on RU-clip and Snapchat and it's a BLESSING to be able to buy the things you want (not need) but I hope Jeffree also help charities and ppl so less fortunate than him.

  • Nalon Bartlett
    Nalon Bartlett 21 day ago


  • Nalon Bartlett
    Nalon Bartlett 21 day ago

    Thas a girl

  • golden foxy foxy
    golden foxy foxy 21 day ago

    Why is a boy acting like a girl

  • Lucky Cat
    Lucky Cat 22 days ago


  • alex .minajjj
    alex .minajjj 22 days ago

    The prices you said in the video are so off lmao

  • Jr Wilson
    Jr Wilson 22 days ago

    Don’t say he that’s rude

  • Lamia Dollars
    Lamia Dollars 22 days ago

    Ya people know & jeff knows how rich he is but he is cold hearted,I mean there are people who aren't pretty or rich but works hard even give charity to disabled & humans future & what does he do ya he brags & behaves like doushbag,but on good & bright side he's quiet unique & know's some good stuff, I mean talent for makeup & dress-up on the end he's legend & rolemodel

  • grysxloren tutorials
    grysxloren tutorials 22 days ago +3

    only i love from jefree is that he made him rich all alone and thats inspiring story qnd to not give up no one made him rich

  • Discover Lexi
    Discover Lexi 22 days ago +74

    Don't forget Jeffree sends alot of money to charity

    • Brian Cobain
      Brian Cobain 16 days ago +1

      Discover Lexi allot of rich people donate money so they won’t pay as much taxes but yeah but she cared about charity and it’s a nice sweet person

  • Car Crash Central
    Car Crash Central 23 days ago


  • Fabian Olausen
    Fabian Olausen 23 days ago

    You forgot he have a private plane

  • Owen James
    Owen James 23 days ago +5

    Omg someone correct how he says the designers name holy shit🤯

  • Marie Melnykovyčová
    Marie Melnykovyčová 23 days ago

    I feel broke

  • bubble butt
    bubble butt 23 days ago

    *_C’mon Billionaire_*

  • Reece Clive
    Reece Clive 23 days ago +4

    The way he said his bag was worth 90k like it's nothing damn

  • Star of David
    Star of David 23 days ago

    He is not a he... hes a pleiadian alien lmao

  • Jessie Vilchez
    Jessie Vilchez 24 days ago

    taray ni bakla!

  • Stephanie Waddle
    Stephanie Waddle 24 days ago

    This guy scares me!

    FREEZER RACING 24 days ago

    The richest has honestly went to shit

  • Sarah Alanis
    Sarah Alanis 24 days ago


    Sara EL KHAMLICHI 24 days ago

    Hie Barbie doll 😇👈

  • C Wilt
    C Wilt 24 days ago

    Pink me as a winner
    Dream come through

  • C Wilt
    C Wilt 24 days ago +1

    Love your style. Your makeup is fly.... pink is my new kinda lingo. Love ❤️ the taco episode one of my favorite

  • gumzster
    gumzster 25 days ago +1

    So he's basically a hoarder? In a time where so many have nothing and a few have it all, that's hardly a thing to celebrate.

    • gumzster
      gumzster 24 days ago

      @lil snowflake Yeah I understand the phycology of hoarding. It's a treatable condition.

    • lil snowflake
      lil snowflake 24 days ago

      gumzster he's a hoarder because he was born & raised from nothing. So, *WORK HARDER* and u also can celebrate ur hardwork & successful like him.

  • jessie bollman
    jessie bollman 25 days ago

    Who cares what he spends his money on... it's his money... does it fucking matter???

  • onlyoneofme7
    onlyoneofme7 25 days ago

    The taste level needs some work... 😬

    • lil snowflake
      lil snowflake 24 days ago

      onlyoneofme7 tell that again *after* u become a rich person.

    • onlyoneofme7
      onlyoneofme7 24 days ago

      @lil snowflake so because someone is rich, they can't be judged on their interior design style? So if I'm rich does it matter then?

    • lil snowflake
      lil snowflake 24 days ago

      onlyoneofme7 because i always see how a commoner always judge the rich hv they done to u? It's *weird*

    • onlyoneofme7
      onlyoneofme7 24 days ago

      @lil snowflake When I said mess, I didn't mean that of a messy bedroom, I meant it as it looked like sh*t style wise, "a mess." Why are you so offended?
      I do think the all pink is tacky, personally, but I do feel that it's possible to look decent and stylish, how do you have 300K purses and yet a coffin looking shelf and a regular pink bed in a big bed room. It just seemed unfurnished and not styled at all.
      His closet looked amazing, but other than that, taste level was horrible through out the entire house.