Glam With Kylie Jenner 💅 | Keeping Up With The Kardashians

  • Published on Apr 24, 2019
  • A comp of Kylie Jenner's best glam and cosmetic CEO moments... Okurrrrr 💅,
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Comments • 1 203

  • Matrena Melgalis
    Matrena Melgalis 3 hours ago

    I just wish Bruce jenner was Dani Cohn's Mom.

  • Kylie Smith
    Kylie Smith 16 hours ago

    Cut to a billion dollars later

  • kim andrew
    kim andrew Day ago

    bruce is a good father

  • Mital Baxi
    Mital Baxi Day ago


  • Mimi D
    Mimi D Day ago

    I’m sorry but kylie’s assistant needs to stay in her lane...

  • Sav Whitehead
    Sav Whitehead 2 days ago

    At 8:54 I thought they said "we want krabby Patty's"

  • Gary Key holder
    Gary Key holder 3 days ago

    100% had plastic surgery can see the difference.

  • IsLoves Puppies
    IsLoves Puppies 5 days ago +1

    I personally think it’s okay to wear make-up if you want to! Women should be allowed to wear make-up if they want!

  • Sukaina Reza
    Sukaina Reza 5 days ago

    03:08 is she being possessed by a demon?

  • Mer Pat
    Mer Pat 7 days ago

    the old kylie looks lively

  • প্রদীপা

    Me: I don’t get it why fake lips look so unnatural!
    Inner me: .....cause they’re fake.
    Me: Oh!

  • প্রদীপা

    Bruce: No makeup!
    Also Bruce: *Transforms into a woman and wears tons of makeup*

  • Adriana González
    Adriana González 9 days ago

    Kyle jenner era bonita cuando tenia 17 años lo que pasaba es que el capul No le quedaba bien

  • ALone Princess
    ALone Princess 10 days ago +2

    She was beautiful even without these surgeries.

  • Linh Gia Nguyen
    Linh Gia Nguyen 10 days ago

    Lol,Kylie in 6th grade wearing makeup and stuff…
    When I’m now in 6th grade and I am the only girl wearing makeup

  • SA S
    SA S 10 days ago

    she doesnt even look like how she use to omg .Kendall is really beautiful

  • Peter Matta
    Peter Matta 11 days ago +2

    He probably was the only parent cared about the makeup because he wanted to wear that makeup but couldn’t

  • Sophie
    Sophie 12 days ago

    Little did he know he was going to be wearing full glam a couple years later..

  • Dunia Gee
    Dunia Gee 12 days ago +3

    Jordyn was like her puppet she’s so much better with out her thank god she started on her own .

  • Suiane Moreira
    Suiane Moreira 14 days ago +1

    The makeup artist was like: girl stop moving so I can finish your makeup! Damn!

  • Shreya Supergirl
    Shreya Supergirl 14 days ago

    Even my dad hates it when I do makeup.

  • x.carlyy_x
    x.carlyy_x 14 days ago +1

    1:07 well look where kylies lips got her now

  • Marty tina
    Marty tina 15 days ago

    There's so much that isn't fair in this video! Life is unfair!

  • Rand Sawalha
    Rand Sawalha 16 days ago +8

    3:07 tf was happening with her 😂😂

  • Pauline Grace Saballa
    Pauline Grace Saballa 18 days ago

    Someone bullied her for being ugly,.. now when she's a billionaire and got surgery her bashers community are growing up too

  • Paige Hyland1
    Paige Hyland1 18 days ago

    I think Kylie she is beautiful and she doesn’t need any plastic surgery or fillers look at Kendal she did none of these and she turned into a model with her natural beauty

    • Paige Hyland1
      Paige Hyland1 17 days ago

      Nope she did not even do one

    • bludgeonedxx
      bludgeonedxx 17 days ago

      Kendall has plastic surgery too... Maybe not so exaggerated like Kyle but she definitely change a lot. I mean, look at her lips now... Her eyes and nose are pretty different too 👀

  • Paige Hyland1
    Paige Hyland1 18 days ago +4

    I don’t get her father doesn’t let her wear makeup and then Bruce transformed into a women and wears makeup even before he was transforming he was wearing makeup secretly so I don’t get why he doesn’t let her

  • Hamna
    Hamna 18 days ago +2

    The faces kylie pulls at 3:07 😂

  • Emma's world
    Emma's world 18 days ago

    Kylie Jenen : I promise that I won't grow up too fast
    Also Kylie : gets lip fillers at 17
    Starts a business at 18
    Gets pregnant at 19
    And becomes a billionaire at 21

  • Emma's world
    Emma's world 18 days ago

    Bruce was the only one who here wanted his kids to grow normally

  • Emma's world
    Emma's world 18 days ago +1

    Everyone: Kylies the ugly duckling of the Kar-jennners!
    Kylie:*gets plastic surgery*
    Everyone: omgggg why did she get surgery she used to be so pretty!

  • Emma's world
    Emma's world 18 days ago

    I thought she was 16 she doesn't look 11 wtf

  • oliver queen
    oliver queen 20 days ago

    Ok; people just like to hate them cause they are rich; it wasnt peo0les buisnees if she got lip fillers; her mom agreed so it not their buisness; she felt insecure about her "thin" lips and wanted to feel good about herself; fixing what you are insecure of isnt a crime!😑

  • Little zeely
    Little zeely 22 days ago

    Her look totally different

  • chaline moonlight
    chaline moonlight 22 days ago +10

    Everyone is talking about her having lip fillers at the age of 17 or her being pregnant at the age of 19. In the end Kylie is the winner, 'cause she is beautiful, she is a billionaire and most importantly she has a beautiful baby girl. Anyone can say whatever they want, but Kylie is such a good mom and a very supportive one, about her daughter.

  • OG Kush
    OG Kush 23 days ago +1

    Bruce was only jealous because he couldn't wear make up 😂😂

  • Gala Sofia Landa
    Gala Sofia Landa 23 days ago

    I love the necklace in 4 10

  • Maleeha Mazhar
    Maleeha Mazhar 24 days ago +3

    Who else thinks Kylie looked cuter before?🤔

  • Arianagrande
    Arianagrande 24 days ago

    I just want to know what happened to Dylan

  • peace&love world
    peace&love world 25 days ago

    She has got multiple plastic surgeries done bro...can see it clearly

  • Hadji Bern
    Hadji Bern 25 days ago

    That's funnu to watch cause today he owns more lipsticks than her 😂

  • Raven -l
    Raven -l 26 days ago


  • Hzoe Magic
    Hzoe Magic 27 days ago

    3:08 she dying or some shit ?

  • Aussie Girl
    Aussie Girl 29 days ago

    Damn they were really average back then.

  • Amina Anjum
    Amina Anjum Month ago +1

    Bruce this makeup made your daughter billionaire.

  • Dath Mao
    Dath Mao Month ago

    But dad, it's ok for you to wear a dress!!?? lolz

  • Dath Mao
    Dath Mao Month ago +1

    plastic is fantastic!!!

  • Mozorella stick
    Mozorella stick Month ago

    2:25 idk she acts like theyre business partners only but she literally went with him to get his drivers license

  • Salman Ali AZHER
    Salman Ali AZHER Month ago +1

    If Kris is going to threw the tawl again why she's picking that poor thing

  • Amina Fassil
    Amina Fassil Month ago

    Bruce knew about eyeliner back then. It shouldve been a sign

  • aastha sena
    aastha sena Month ago

    What's the songs name?

  • Alisha Sultan
    Alisha Sultan Month ago

    makeup is kind of okay for 11 year olds and talking to guys is fine in grade 6

  • Angela Luda
    Angela Luda Month ago +2

    "I'm gonna go find you, I don't have any friends" sooo meee😂

  • Khushi Kedia
    Khushi Kedia Month ago

    1:23 the phone changed from a cell to a telephone

  • Nataly Almiron
    Nataly Almiron Month ago +1

    yo empeze a usar maquillaje a los 11 justo cuando terminaba en la primaria, mis papas nunca me dijeron nada porque es re normal Bruce no se porque no le dejaba usar maquillaje tampoco para tanto

  • Ava Meyers
    Ava Meyers Month ago +1

    Kylie has been so pretty throughout her life, its sad she got plastic surgery

  • Amy Warnock
    Amy Warnock Month ago +3

    7:48- Kylie, the hair net doesn’t work if you wear it like that 😂

  • Anetaa b
    Anetaa b Month ago

    I'm nearly 15 and I still don't wear makeup

  • appp chew
    appp chew Month ago

    warm me uppp -the background song lol

  • Tia
    Tia Month ago +1