The Game Pat Beverley Woke UP The BEAST In Steph Curry! December 23, 2018 | 60 FPS | FreeDawkins

  • Published on Dec 24, 2018
  • December 23, 2018 | "On a night the Los Angeles Clippers set records with their 3-point shooting, Steph Curry won the game for Golden State at the rim. Curry had 42 points to tie his second-highest scoring output of the season. He also got the last laugh after he exchanged heated words with Clippers guard Patrick Beverley in the first quarter, a sequence that earned both players a technical foul. | The Game Pat Beverley Woke UP The BEAST In Steph Curry! December 24, 2018 | 60 FPS | FreeDawkins - NBA Video'
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  • Mahatru
    Mahatru 13 hours ago

    look at the women's expression in 5:08

  • tyrannosaurus-dex

    This game really hits Beverly hard and then started a band called earth wind and fire

  • Elite - Snipez
    Elite - Snipez 5 days ago

    Lol I wanna see curry or Westbrook knock that mf out?

  • Roy Ramos
    Roy Ramos 13 days ago

    Define ENVY: "Hitting someone without reason because you hate that he is better than you. " If you see the body language that Pat made as an answer of why he pushed Curry....he just didn't like Curry's muscle arm move after taking a rebound from him and Curry was looking down. He was like...what happens to you??? What did I do??? And also took a technical just to do what many othera do like LeBron or any player when some powerful play happens. What a childish reaction....

  • Roguish Miggz
    Roguish Miggz 14 days ago

    I just dont like the announcer saying "Pat knows that, blah blah, he is a junkyard dog" that shit hit my ear with a weird vibe.

  • Blackineffect
    Blackineffect 16 days ago

    Kevin Durant almost lost this game for him, just like he lost that houston game, trying to put in a dagger 3 when there's still considerable time on the clock, I always say the core, Steph, Klay, and Dray close out games and win more often together without Durant because they make better decisions when the game is on the line, no hero-ball, they make the best play, and that's why they're successful without Durant, I hope he leaves.

  • Donisha Gillespie
    Donisha Gillespie 16 days ago

    Beverly is a hater and very salty 🤣🤣😎👍🏽✌️

    BLACKPINKLisa 16 days ago

    Pat Bev= 0 Championship

  • Tech4Life !!
    Tech4Life !! 17 days ago

    I don't like how he flex after taking the layup and getting an and 1, and flexing after getting an offensive rebound. Like, it was just an easy layup and an offensive rebound

  • SnapGoldfish
    SnapGoldfish 18 days ago

    Ppl still fucking with Avery Bradley?

  • Elite Gamer
    Elite Gamer 19 days ago

    I dont wanna be "that guy" but steph kept getting screens...

    • Elite Gamer
      Elite Gamer 18 days ago

      @LeBron James I mean obviously he need the screen to get himself open! It's not rocket science. Not saying he won't score as they're guarding him but it's much easier to score when a big man set a screen and switch on the guard

    • LeBron James
      LeBron James 18 days ago +1

      @Elite Gamer wait, really? I didn't know screens were made to get the guards open🤔 tell me more about your basketball knowledge. What's next? you're gonna tell me the rim was made for the ball to go through it?

    • Elite Gamer
      Elite Gamer 18 days ago

      @LeBron James my point is he didn't do it on them it was on their teammate they can't play defense if they aren't guarding him. Yeah screens are definitely apart of the game but it's also assistance to get the guard open

    • LeBron James
      LeBron James 18 days ago

      Ok? Screens are part of the game so what's your point?

  • Eric Plando
    Eric Plando 19 days ago

    never let a nigga named patrick disrespect you like that!

  • Kristina Reilly
    Kristina Reilly 19 days ago +1

    Steph Curry brought the game back for me. He's elite in every way, on and off the court. He's earned all this hype because he never quits. LeBron heard abt him when he was in college and went to watch him play. I'm ready to watch The Warriors make some more history.

  • Tigerex966
    Tigerex966 19 days ago

    great game, clippers match up well to gsw

  • Hieu Tran
    Hieu Tran 20 days ago

    7:08 amazing ball movement sequence with the fitting background music!

  • Jerry Pescadero
    Jerry Pescadero 20 days ago +3

    At the end of the day regardless what the haters say Steph and the rest of the Warriors are on their 5th straight championship series, beating the Clippers in the playoffs on the way. And they are most likely going to win, again.

  • All Things 11
    All Things 11 21 day ago

    Curry’s technique on his long shots is crazy, I’m not sure if I’ve seen anyone else do this; look close, on the last dribble right before the shot he strokes that dribble a little stronger so it gets to his hands quicker and he is actually starting his jump to take the shot as the ball is traveling down during that last dribble; he is amazing with this; it allows him just a fraction of a second longer to take the shot; I think this is probably why his shooting percentage is very high on those long 3s; it allows him to relax, square up and stroke the shot with the defender just a bit farther away from him than if he didn’t do this.

  • SavBeast28
    SavBeast28 21 day ago +1

    Was there ever a three pointer that steph missed.

    I’m kidding lol

  • HG ent
    HG ent 21 day ago

    Lol why nigaz Think cause a nihha from a hood he tough

  • TOF
    TOF 22 days ago

    I thought the rockets built a team to beat the Warriors😂the Clippers do a better job

  • Sonido Acuario
    Sonido Acuario 23 days ago

    Would’ve been perfect if he flexed to the clipper bench

  • dev1ce Standford
    dev1ce Standford 24 days ago

    I'm pretty sure Beverly regret it

  • Dan Liu
    Dan Liu 25 days ago +1

    As much as you gotta admire Beverly's scrappiness, he really has to learn to pick his spots. It's one thing to go after an overhyped scrub like Lozo Ball, but Beverly's the type that would trash talk MJ, and then get torched for 50+. Durant averaged 35pt on 57% shooting in the playoffs against Clippers after Beverly pissed him off, and topped it off by dropping 50 in the elimination game. Not really what the Clippers needed, huh?

  • sbeallvln
    sbeallvln 26 days ago

    9:00 You can see Draymond holding his man to prevent him from blocking Curry’s layup.

  • Ryyan Khan
    Ryyan Khan 27 days ago +1

    does anyone remember who that one you tuber is who sounds like kendrick lamar and does basketball videos??

  • vincent raymundo
    vincent raymundo 27 days ago

    avery big nose bradley

    KID LEGEND 28 days ago

    6:31 hold up they added 4 points instead of 3

  • Rene Perez
    Rene Perez 28 days ago

    Why don’t you upload every game in 60FPS? Some vids look crappy! But I appreciate the hard work

  • Alex Reverez
    Alex Reverez 29 days ago

    3:06 Demarcus like imma smack the fuck outta him

  • TWM Kurtz YT
    TWM Kurtz YT 29 days ago

    Beverly mad because light skin just flexed on him

  • Maurice Mayhams
    Maurice Mayhams Month ago +1

    Stephen curry will always be the greatest basketball player forever and forever and Stephen curry I will always love u forever and forever

  • Ishmael Darjean
    Ishmael Darjean Month ago

    Beverage is straight garbage!!!

  • iViki
    iViki Month ago

    8:43 guy must be lac fan

  • Allan Martinez
    Allan Martinez Month ago

    congratulations on 1mill

  • jr Howard
    jr Howard Month ago

    Yee yee you got great stuff cuz right on

  • Prithvi Sundar
    Prithvi Sundar Month ago

    I assume everyone were beating up Beverley in the locker room after the game😂😂

  • Nico Yazima
    Nico Yazima Month ago +1

    Beverly always does something like that he gets the best players to get thrown out

  • Yumi Tokushige
    Yumi Tokushige Month ago

    Tobias Harris was traded then. 😑

  • Leih R
    Leih R Month ago


  • theboulkev23 -
    theboulkev23 - Month ago


  • Salvador Santos
    Salvador Santos Month ago

    Curry hall of fame

  • El Fenomeno9
    El Fenomeno9 Month ago

    Messi of basketball

  • Buck
    Buck Month ago

    Its like Patrick Beverly accidentally became an NBA player thinking it was street ball

  • hiphopmusicallday
    hiphopmusicallday Month ago +2

    How to beat Patrick Beverley play with your headphones on the court.

  • rasit kaya
    rasit kaya Month ago

    Beverly cave man basketball player beat warriors 31 point deficit . Warriors will be killed by Houston rockets this year .

  • CocutFX
    CocutFX Month ago

    Can’t beat them, so let’s try get them out of the game. One by one.

  • jtb 93
    jtb 93 Month ago

    The person who made that title & most of everybody in this comment section need to quit, lol. all his points came off of screens. If bradley and beverly were allowed to hand check curry man to man, 94 ft. without getting screened every 5 secs, curry wouldve gotten 20 at-most. In other words, "the beast" wouldve stayed dead & the clippers wouldve won. Quit with the non-sense guys, lol.

  • TehutiBrim 59
    TehutiBrim 59 2 months ago

    Love how Boogie grillin Pat lookin GQ at the end of the bench

  • Bad Vibes
    Bad Vibes 2 months ago +1

    Could a prime glove Gary Payton guard Curry in today's rules?

    • jtb 93
      jtb 93 Month ago

      Without screens? Then yeah

  • Patrick Jasprizza
    Patrick Jasprizza 2 months ago +3

    As a non Warriors fan, the teamwork at 7:00 is just beautiful.

  • Marcus 110599
    Marcus 110599 2 months ago

    Lou Williams reminds me of Jason Terry on the Mavs

  • Gustavo Garay
    Gustavo Garay 2 months ago +1

    You mean he woke up the screen fest on Beverly. Almost all of those points were after a screen switch, c'mon cuh.

    • Arjun Akella
      Arjun Akella 27 days ago +1

      @jtb 93 This video shows exactly what happens when he gets hand checked. He scores 40 points🤣

    • jtb 93
      jtb 93 Month ago

      Thats what im saying. The hype is getting old; weve seen what happened when curry gets hand-checked.

  • SmhKalebe RBLX
    SmhKalebe RBLX 2 months ago +4

    Mouthpiece: Oh no not again!
    Curry: -Chew -Chew - Chew

  • racingwits
    racingwits 2 months ago

    The title is quite misleading. I was expecting once the double tech LAC was getting smoked and curry leading that with three's.

  • Pqttyy
    Pqttyy 2 months ago +1

    nba really soft lol flexing is a tech guys

  • n.a.v gang
    n.a.v gang 2 months ago

    Steph is his daddy on crack.period

  • Joseph Hickey
    Joseph Hickey 2 months ago

    Anybody notice how far green took Avery after the screen 😂😂😂

  • Niko Enciso
    Niko Enciso 2 months ago

    they only won by 2 they need another all star

  • DarkSaint411
    DarkSaint411 2 months ago

    7:10 Draymond and his trash self

  • Snake beach
    Snake beach 2 months ago

    Draymond Green is so scared to shoot a three 😂

  • Marrion Lulu
    Marrion Lulu 2 months ago

    9:38 KD needs new barber damn! Have you seen dem naps?!?

  • Ugaz.Larsen#27
    Ugaz.Larsen#27 2 months ago

    And late news, Curry's eyes in this game was blurry.

  • Jonathan Overfelt
    Jonathan Overfelt 2 months ago

    Should not have been a technical at all. Retarded soft league

  • Johnson Pierre
    Johnson Pierre 2 months ago

    Blurry Curry

  • freshfade28
    freshfade28 2 months ago

    Double tech !?

  • L Cifer
    L Cifer 2 months ago

    He is better than lebron

  • Meggy Deloatch
    Meggy Deloatch 2 months ago

    I know that hurt Klay 😂😭 7:54

  • Jaylin Dansby
    Jaylin Dansby 2 months ago

    These refs are weak bro that's why I stopped watching it the NBA is weak

  • FlameVille B.I.C
    FlameVille B.I.C 2 months ago

    on blurred vision...

  • King Queen
    King Queen 2 months ago

    the man legit scored every bucket on switches...

  • Black Water
    Black Water 2 months ago

    Steph tried to play it off though.

  • Vasilis Marts
    Vasilis Marts 2 months ago

    everyone sympathyses curry for being cocky overaters

  • Ramza
    Ramza 2 months ago

    Is that even flexing?
    It's just a gesture he made on his own because he felt good about the rebound no?

  • yucca
    yucca 2 months ago

    s/o to Steph for hitting a game winner on my birthday

  • Ironboy Sixty
    Ironboy Sixty 2 months ago +2

    I really wish I knew what they said in nba fights

  • Lee Rogers
    Lee Rogers 2 months ago

    Curry is the purest shooter in the NBA
    No disrespect KD!

  • Leo R.
    Leo R. 2 months ago

    I think gotta give the ball to steph in clutch. Durant is best scorer in todays nba. But steph is pg and has high iq. I saw many times durant losing the ball in clutch with bad decisions. Steph will make good decision. If he needed he will score by himself. If he needed he knows who to pass.

  • Jamar Mckay
    Jamar Mckay 2 months ago

    Great video man

  • Junier
    Junier 2 months ago +1

    The only thing scarier than a hot Steph curry is a mad Steph curry

  • Rimarvelous _
    Rimarvelous _ 2 months ago

    idk if yall noticed but Steph is just a beast from another level everytime he plays the clippers

  • Gaux Gaming
    Gaux Gaming 2 months ago

    Look at this gay dude 8:42

  • Euart Mannix
    Euart Mannix 2 months ago

    Did beverly tried to pants green at 3:50

  • Sherma Gustave
    Sherma Gustave 2 months ago

    My favorite recent game from Steph😊

  • Christiano :D
    Christiano :D 2 months ago

    Gayness overload fucking refs

  • Dwayne Prods.
    Dwayne Prods. 2 months ago +1

    Pat Bev:I am the best (then shoves)
    Steph:What's your problem huh?

  • NBAlive 69
    NBAlive 69 2 months ago

    This technique is called tilting technique a player trying to piss another player to ruin his playstyle and mood

  • MOBA PUBG Gaming
    MOBA PUBG Gaming 2 months ago +1

    No need to wake up the beast

    He is the beast!

  • Hunner wilson
    Hunner wilson 2 months ago

    KD looking like a snake

  • frozen offerings
    frozen offerings 2 months ago

    The thing about the warriors is that no matter who’s hands the ball is in they are a serious threat.

  • G Varela
    G Varela 3 months ago


  • Real Talk
    Real Talk 3 months ago +2

    Nobody gonna talk about how Draymond help curry 🙃

  • Imran Tariq
    Imran Tariq 3 months ago

    The wrong guy on basketball court to piss off

  • caleb collins
    caleb collins 3 months ago

    Look this was an impressive game by Wardell and screens are a part of basketball but he didn’t torch Patrick Beverly cause he can’t, every time he hit a shot or three it was because they set the screen to get a mismatch this whole highlight reel there was no play where he just took Patrick Beverly one on one without a screen and did anything cause without them screens Beverly locking that ass up.

  • Costaissa Wahba
    Costaissa Wahba 3 months ago

    i was at that game

  • iZacharyYT
    iZacharyYT 3 months ago +5

    Beverly you literally just woke up the *BEAST* like look at his 3s, layups, like the *MVP* is always he best

  • Evelyn Alferez
    Evelyn Alferez 3 months ago


  • nightbot
    nightbot 3 months ago

    All the stars they have on that team and they still all rely on steph

  • Hoop City Mixtapes
    Hoop City Mixtapes 3 months ago

    lol they screened Beverly off steph every time.

  • Auroruse
    Auroruse 3 months ago

    Steph scored 42, KD scored 21, the rest scored under 20, Kevin Durant, you’re a legend

  • Big Rice
    Big Rice 3 months ago

    I swear almost every Curry game winner is just short of a Buzzer Beater