Modern-Day Political Satire

  • Published on Sep 5, 2019
  • Don't call yourself a satirist unless you satirize satire
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  • Just Another Guy
    Just Another Guy 2 months ago +9261

    it's crazy that despite pretending to commit suicide and suggesting assassination of a sitting US President your video is still monatized. YT Liberal BS

    • Tyler Kimberling
      Tyler Kimberling 6 days ago


    • epic gamer man sunglasses
      epic gamer man sunglasses 12 days ago

      it's crazy that despite pretending to commit suicide and suggesting assassination of a sitting US President your video is still monatized. YT Liberal BS

    • Punkrawk
      Punkrawk 14 days ago

      @Sonamyfan875 Because their hearing aid battery is low.

    • Vritngh
      Vritngh 16 days ago

      Just Another Guy hello boomer

    • Just Another Guy
      Just Another Guy 20 days ago

      @Preston Coots yes i agree that will really help getting the point across

  • Marcus Barr
    Marcus Barr 3 days ago

    Stephen Colbert took a very dark turn.

  • Evenrik_22
    Evenrik_22 6 days ago

    Well, the satire in norway is actually good stuff.

  • unnunn12
    unnunn12 7 days ago

    Is this satire of satire of political satire?

  • The Conductor Esplin

    Wow you are doing a better snl than snl

  • Mattuiop
    Mattuiop 7 days ago +1


  • Teenage Prepping
    Teenage Prepping 7 days ago

    Domt trust this man he shops at Sobeys, real men shop at metro

  • The Supreme Xtream
    The Supreme Xtream 7 days ago

    NPC Meme in a Nutshell

  • Pawn
    Pawn 10 days ago

    Why didn't you apply the tv filter to the background as well?

  • bepisbenis
    bepisbenis 10 days ago +1

    *trigger discipline*
    During the credits you look like the Detroit: Become Human main menu

  • Esoteric Groyper
    Esoteric Groyper 10 days ago

    Dotard Drumpf, am I right my fellow liberals?

  • I'm Funny I Swear
    I'm Funny I Swear 12 days ago +1

    I can’t believe Brian T Carrol just straight up killed President Trump

  • J Hawkshaw
    J Hawkshaw 13 days ago

    The line between satire and propaganda is blurred.

  • Donald Trump
    Donald Trump 13 days ago

    Muh PP small

  • Punkrawk
    Punkrawk 14 days ago +1

    It's like you write for Saturday Night Live

  • Ian Brindley
    Ian Brindley 16 days ago

    Every day my will to exist slowly erodes before my very eyes. but what aBOUT THAT WACKY POLITICAL HUMOR!!!!1!11! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. I don’t know what to believe in anymore because the lines of genuine human feelings have been tragically blurred. HAHAHA

  • Mason White
    Mason White 16 days ago

    Was this SNL?

  • Wilo Polis
    Wilo Polis 16 days ago +1

    This may very well be the most meta channel on RU-clip

  • zaac smitz
    zaac smitz 17 days ago +1

    is that a real gun? lol

  • xealen
    xealen 17 days ago +2

    truly a post-modern masterpiece

  • Tobi the Tabby
    Tobi the Tabby 18 days ago

    What is Jreg?

  • James
    James 21 day ago +1

    orange man bad

  • Sam
    Sam 21 day ago

    You are so excellent

  • Hungry Estonian
    Hungry Estonian 22 days ago +2

    I hate trump but i hate those shitty late night hosts more

  • Harbinger of Hentai
    Harbinger of Hentai 23 days ago

    this is a very humorous video, and as per people that tend to enjoy another peoples content I shall stay tuned for more like minded and rabble rousing gut busters from your channel

  • Derek Lasee
    Derek Lasee 23 days ago +3

    Modern Day Political Satire
    Ingredients: Orange Man Bad *end of list*

  • Saber Cat
    Saber Cat 23 days ago

    Yeah I mean I never rly found the hands jokes funny, even tho I never supportrd trump lol

  • Hael Otny
    Hael Otny 24 days ago

    You're saying that the Trump-Putin jokes whose crux is "Trump is a gay, lol" are homophobic?
    I dunno man. I support tolerating gay people's existence (and I memorized the LGBT acronym) so I can't be homophobic, rather you must be being oversensitive for not liking your type of love, gayness, being used as an insult

  • The Kehwanna Coast
    The Kehwanna Coast 24 days ago +1

    I'm anti-Trump and I agree with the sentiment of this video.

  • mc lil Zen the poet
    mc lil Zen the poet 24 days ago

    No we should buy Greenland it's basically a treasure chest filled to the brim with resources with very little people so no native killing people need to research this shit

  • Zombie Zeke
    Zombie Zeke 27 days ago

    So this uhh post satire of satire

  • Not an Instrument
    Not an Instrument 28 days ago

    Doesn’t that make this a satire?

  • offscreen 6
    offscreen 6 28 days ago

    Okay, but 1:03 was actually quite humorous.

  • Brittlespy
    Brittlespy 28 days ago +2

    Funnier than any SNL skit made from 2016-2019

  • Ryley Griggs
    Ryley Griggs 28 days ago +12

    No matter your opinion on Trump, the so called “satire” of him has gotten very stale.

    • Mr. 8-Bit Doggo
      Mr. 8-Bit Doggo 2 days ago +1

      It's not even stale anymore. It's decayed into dust. It was funny for the first several months, and that was it.

  • Rory
    Rory 29 days ago

    Oh a special episode of SNL. Nice

  • Ranna the Ranger
    Ranna the Ranger 29 days ago

    To be fair it's hard to make satire of a person who's already a joke

  • Pedro Boh
    Pedro Boh Month ago

    Honest question, why people call him drumpf? Is this a pun? I don't get it. Please dont tell me its just a misspeling of his name just for the sake of misspelling it, this would be very unfunny with such a punnable name as trump.

    • Andrej Jerman
      Andrej Jerman 29 days ago

      That's what the Trumps were originally called. Donald's grandfather changed the name to "Trump" to sound more American (they were German immigrants).

  • Skylar Webb
    Skylar Webb Month ago

    Oh thank god someone else sees these "satire" videos as lazy and repetitive

  • Fuck You
    Fuck You Month ago

    Ha! Take that you Libtard Trump Supporters!

  • Nik 4711
    Nik 4711 Month ago

    This is peak satire.

  • Bill Kong
    Bill Kong Month ago

    This is so deliciously awkward

  • Autistic Beverage
    Autistic Beverage Month ago

    le drumpf bad

  • Saintlyfilly 47
    Saintlyfilly 47 Month ago +1

    You forgot to mention that it’s [CURRENT YEAR]

  • jetty
    jetty Month ago

    Bro you can't just rip an entire episode of SNL without permission bro

  • Will Frederick
    Will Frederick Month ago

    top ten anime battles

  • Hadji Pranks
    Hadji Pranks Month ago +5

    Brüh this is literally a satire of a satire of a satire

  • Grim Sleeper
    Grim Sleeper Month ago

    I watched this for 5 seconds and it gave me a headache and made me gay.

  • Matthew Diaz
    Matthew Diaz Month ago

    That would be funny if it wasn't so sad

  • Bannana Boi
    Bannana Boi Month ago

    *hysterical laughter*

  • Dan Strier
    Dan Strier Month ago

    Very observant, thumbs up.

  • A1pha Ch3rnovak
    A1pha Ch3rnovak Month ago

    A motherfucking Colt Python, geez

  • Munib Ahmad
    Munib Ahmad Month ago

    This is pretty spot on. Mainstream media humor is fucking dry. I stopped watching it a long ass time ago because of this reason.

  • Johannes Faller
    Johannes Faller Month ago

    Damn that was good satire

  • Banana Child
    Banana Child Month ago

    Which Sims 4 expansion DLC was this again? I'm quite intrigued to know more.

  • Fester the Nationalist

    I wish this weren't true...

  • Lemon Lupin Reuben
    Lemon Lupin Reuben Month ago

    Down with Ceasar! Down with Caesar!

  • Nurse With A Curse
    Nurse With A Curse 2 months ago

    Orange man BAD

  • PBPP
    PBPP 2 months ago