Things about Relationships I wish someone told me about

  • Published on Apr 7, 2019
  • people are weird sometimes

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  • Karim Zihri
    Karim Zihri 16 minutes ago

    I have a toxic friend and I can't believe I had 2 day sleepovers twice at his house.... He's soo judgy

  • Tarantula The SandWing
    Tarantula The SandWing 22 minutes ago +1

    Everyone reply with one of ur goals, even if it's none whatsoever

  • Mikky Renee
    Mikky Renee 43 minutes ago

    What do I do if I'm the one manipulating and don't know how to stop?

  • AmishRiot
    AmishRiot Hour ago

    I think you do have a responcibility to look after your partner's mental health and happiness. If you can't do that then you prob shouldnt be in that relationship.

  • Toon Link
    Toon Link Hour ago

    7:22 is a my hero academia reference

  • Nikki Smurfling
    Nikki Smurfling Hour ago

    This video is clearly very old....But I hope you find time to see this. I'm in a manipulative relationship, but it's one I have no physical ability to leave and reasoning with the manipulator has done nothing. That's because...the manipulator is my grandmother. I've lived with her since I was three and recently she's been doing everything that you've shown in this video. I cannot drive, or hold down a job, so there's literally no way out of this. So, if you ever find the time to see this...I'd love to know how I can cope with being treated like my best isn't good enough no matter what it is, with no way out.

  • Alejandro Cardenas


  • Greyson Ragsdale
    Greyson Ragsdale Hour ago

    Jaiden: I think the majority of people are too nice...
    Me: meet me and find out your wrong

    Jk lol ;)

  • Pepe Rodriguez
    Pepe Rodriguez Hour ago

    Awesome video!

  • Mythical Beast
    Mythical Beast Hour ago +1

    Even though we’re not responsible for their happiness, we are still allowed to help if we want to right?

  • Ivy The Fish
    Ivy The Fish Hour ago

    I’m gonna do
    *a drug*

  • Ostrich Gang
    Ostrich Gang 2 hours ago

    But also if someone has continued horrible acts they don't deserve to suffer forever

  • Ostrich Gang
    Ostrich Gang 2 hours ago

    When I've learned this. It's gonna be frustrating for people to explain they are not responsible for their happiness. Since they are brain washed of friends to always help them out.

  • Diamondman764
    Diamondman764 2 hours ago

    4:47 But my friend she wants to commit s-

  • x Truth x
    x Truth x 2 hours ago

    I can relate to this so much lol.

  • lolbomb gamerpants
    lolbomb gamerpants 3 hours ago

    Haha I can't tell because no matter what I think I always think negative and that everyone hates me! Yup I even think you hate me Haha! :'D

  • Zachariah Lewis-Fragnito

    This is some beautifully smooth animation, you’ve won over a new subscriber

  • Lily Cummings
    Lily Cummings 4 hours ago

    How wants to go bye bye

  • mischa seymour
    mischa seymour 4 hours ago

    I have a... well it's complicated I have bully but a friend they hurt me in many different way's but I always accepte there apologies and they hurt ,e more and I tried telling them I don't want to be there friend and they hurt me what should I do?

  • Kitty Moon
    Kitty Moon 5 hours ago

    I just got out of a relationship so I was wondering if you have any advice (?)

  • raven 6
    raven 6 6 hours ago

    "You have your own eco system" ok thank you so much jaiden for that cute thought, I think thats how I am going to look on everything now, i feel like jaiden would be a great motivational speaker we all need to learn from her, and we all need to learn how to take care of our ecosystem>w

  • CloudyNites
    CloudyNites 6 hours ago

    Thanks for making this Jaiden! I have a friend who us going through some things but always drags me down with her. I try to look after her but it's just way too stressful and has a huge negative impact on my mental state. I told her I needed a small break from our little friend group since most of the people in it are similar. I've realized that it's hard for me to be her friend, and NOT look after her so I'm just...not going to

  • GachaGamer1234
    GachaGamer1234 6 hours ago +1

    7:23 Toga? Is that you?

  • Call_me_mr_west Boi
    Call_me_mr_west Boi 7 hours ago

    7:21 no one:
    Literally no one:
    Me: oh my God is that toga!!!!!??

  • Call_me_mr_west Boi
    Call_me_mr_west Boi 7 hours ago


  • Tae’s Trash Can
    Tae’s Trash Can 7 hours ago

    7:22 Toga would say HAHA IM GONNA GO KIDNAP DEKU TODAY

  •  7 hours ago

    This video really made me take a long hard look at how I have acted towards some of my friends. And honestly... I want to be a better person. 🙂

  • Peter Collin
    Peter Collin 7 hours ago

    Hard truth: If you guilt people to hang out with you because you feel lonely you 100% deserve to be lonely

  • Riley Oxford
    Riley Oxford 9 hours ago

    Hol up
    H O L U P

  • Owen Gilligan
    Owen Gilligan 9 hours ago

    *how was I supposed to know
    ‘Tosses bucket’

    Jaiden: *THATS TOXIC AS SHI-‘

  • Baldi exe
    Baldi exe 9 hours ago

    Dats toxic as shiiiiiiiit

  • Soarkii
    Soarkii 9 hours ago

    7:21 t-tOGA?

  • The weird Channel
    The weird Channel 10 hours ago

    When they put garbage in a public recycling bin
    Red flag

  • iinkhat
    iinkhat 10 hours ago

    I really needed to hear this at the moment. Thank you!

  • Natali Su Fonseca Choi
    Natali Su Fonseca Choi 10 hours ago

    7:22 toga is that you?

  • valtsu0
    valtsu0 10 hours ago

    8:05 is that a motherfucking jojo refrence?

  • Jorjays
    Jorjays 10 hours ago

    Wow... This video taught me so much... I'll resume myself, in my last relationship that lasted 5 years, the final 2 years i was being an A-hole with my now ex Gf, and, the things that jaiden said in this video, are the things i was become for the time, now, 1 year later, she has a new Bf, and me i'm still single, trying to get up and be myself with my life and ecobeheavior, but, i ever being emotionally weak thanks to many things that happened in my life... Thanks Jaiden! When i get down... I'll watch this video over and over

  • LJ Gaming
    LJ Gaming 11 hours ago

    Y does toga want to be mean

  • Vasile Tomoiaga
    Vasile Tomoiaga 11 hours ago

    Quiet kid gets a girlfriend
    *Mega Red Flag*

  • Vasile Tomoiaga
    Vasile Tomoiaga 11 hours ago

    I don't have friends and I have depression

    Nevermind no one cares

  • LovelyLucie_Gacha 097
    LovelyLucie_Gacha 097 12 hours ago

    Is it just me or did Toga pop out of a bed?

    I thought demons didn’t sleep...
    Srsly tho if that wasn’t Toga it looks a lot like her

  • Rishabh Pradhaan
    Rishabh Pradhaan 13 hours ago

    This is such an amazing video Jaden, you seem to be able to explain stuff like this well.
    Maybe make more of these kinds of videos?

  • ImjustPoppy
    ImjustPoppy 13 hours ago

    How to describe me and my friend, when he have some cocaine 3:23

  • gameboy1001
    gameboy1001 13 hours ago

    “Not responsible for anyone’s happiness” sounds super bad, but is really true.

  • Matt the Gold Bar
    Matt the Gold Bar 13 hours ago

    Hey Jaiden this vid reminds me of that 13 year old boy who asked you to hold his hand while you were ice skating OwO

  • Rubies Rubix
    Rubies Rubix 13 hours ago

    When someone pours the milk first instead of Cereal


  • Socially Awkward Fluff
    Socially Awkward Fluff 14 hours ago

    omg it was toga himiko on minute 7:21

  • Sugar Coated Sug4r
    Sugar Coated Sug4r 14 hours ago

    Did,,,,, Did I see toga at 7:22 ?? bRO

  • OceanCubing
    OceanCubing 14 hours ago

    Oh dear. This video literally came 4 days too late

  • Milo Shmilo
    Milo Shmilo 14 hours ago

    when someone pours the cereal first

    *RED FLAG*

  • T w i l i g h t
    T w i l i g h t 15 hours ago

    I had a “Im pathetic you should leave me” “relationship,” they thought we were bf + gf, nah homie we were 10 and 11

  • TheSmashmaster3
    TheSmashmaster3 16 hours ago

    I hate to be that guy but I actually watch the show now and can legitimately be that guy. So one time! *ahem* Is ThAt A jOjO rEfErEnCe???

  • ;; -
    ;; - 16 hours ago

    7:21 I see you are a person of culture as well

  • DasNomes San
    DasNomes San 17 hours ago

    Haa Jokes on you i got No Relegation ship
    Oh weit Q_Q

  • Galaxywolf 24646
    Galaxywolf 24646 17 hours ago

    D.a.r.e= drugs are really evil? idk

  • Shadi L
    Shadi L 17 hours ago

    Wow Katie is so cool! Anyone reading this comment should check out Katie! It's good i promise.

  • Mr. Nightmare
    Mr. Nightmare 17 hours ago

    I think you explained it perfectly jaiden

  • Anakpunk5
    Anakpunk5 17 hours ago

    This video really helps me a lot... ( T^T) i've faced the same thing and I ignored the red flags and now facing the damage I thought I could fix the relationship, but it just end up getting worst. I had a heavy heart to ended it but after watching this again and having some support system from my other friends, i'm slowly getting better. Thanks for this video a lot Jaiden ❤❤

  • Drum Stick Da Great
    Drum Stick Da Great 18 hours ago

    This makes me not want to know anyone else and it’s hard to understand dis
    I’m only a kid

  • KP
    KP 18 hours ago

    Amazing Video

  • xboxonadrian Special
    xboxonadrian Special 19 hours ago

    And I’m fuck

  • xboxonadrian Special
    xboxonadrian Special 19 hours ago

    What do you do last month

  • RxCEMxLK
    RxCEMxLK 19 hours ago

    Toxic friend: ur dumb
    Me: d e p o r t e d

  • Sum Sum
    Sum Sum 20 hours ago

    No one: absolutely no one: me:Oh mY GoD IS tHaT HimIKO ToGA-!

  • Blue
    Blue 20 hours ago

    Masochists, murderers, gamers, drug dealers, porn star (odd1sout joke yay).

  • yayabutter Andresen-Douglas

    your great

  • Elizabeth R
    Elizabeth R 22 hours ago

    Thank you for this video! Thanks to it. I've cut off my bad connections witj people and have had time to self reflect, and build a better confidence for myself. I feel that now i can start highschool knowing that all the horrible and emotionally straining relationships I had are gone, so i can focus on school. And my remaining singular best friend. She is a great person. And joy to be around. And after discussion, we realized that it would probably be for the best if we cut ties with our old friend group. So thank you.

  • Ainaz Aghdam
    Ainaz Aghdam 22 hours ago

    This helped alot thanks

  • Wolf Spider
    Wolf Spider 22 hours ago

    I need to change

  • Scarlett Muir
    Scarlett Muir 23 hours ago

    Peep Toga

  • Hanna Shuey
    Hanna Shuey 23 hours ago

    One day I stared at the wall

  • _ Gamer _
    _ Gamer _ 23 hours ago

    I thought that red flag have Americans are associated only with Soviet Union)))

  • Rainbow Sloth123
    Rainbow Sloth123 23 hours ago

    I love how himiko toga is in the RU-clip video

  • Doomlander3500 K
    Doomlander3500 K 23 hours ago

    Thanks jaiden for the help

  • United Federation of the Labor Party rama

    Great video and great message! I'm surprised this came from you knowing... your past.

  • juan tacos
    juan tacos Day ago

    ;-; Interesante v:

  • the grenade
    the grenade Day ago

    All of a sudden he becomes Satan. Me: Adam?

  • The Rebellion of Pinda

    This helped me break off a bad relationship. My signs were I felt worse after spending time with them. I always felt like I was waking on eggshells. They had talked bad about me to their mother so that they could be a victim of my most simple mistakes. They asked for a lot of favors and made me feel guilty for having other priorities besides being a supporting player in their life story. And was rarely appreciated when I did prioritize them in my life.
    This person was nice to me when nobody else was but now that I have distanced myself I’ve seen where I’ve put up with things that made me truly uncomfortable.
    You don’t always have to have a tearful goodbye or one last argument. Sometimes just cutting and running is the best option or at least it was for me.
    I still wish things would have been better between us because at the height of the friendship I felt truly valued and understood. I know there was no malicious intent in her heart but enough is enough.
    Thank you Jaiden and crew. Go take care of yourselves. ✌️

  • Wayne Pollard
    Wayne Pollard Day ago

    Everyone in my family tell me all the time and now I don't go anywhere that can temp me I'm one step away to be a cat person

    And my twin scare of dog soooo.....
    I kind of have to get cat
    And my mom hate cat now I need to get a fish or hamster

  • Shawn Currey
    Shawn Currey Day ago

    Beautiful. Thank you. From both sides, i think this was amazing.

  • EclipseWH
    EclipseWH Day ago +1

    I broke off a friendship with someone who I knew since middle school in January. This dude is the type of person to make you look stupid in front of others, and blame everyone else for his issues. One of our friends asked us to fix things, and when I said no (I had already given him a chance to fix things once before) he got all mad at me, and was trying to force this fix on me, and I still wasn’t budging. The guy I cut off then texts his cousin (who I’m close buds with) and tells him ‘hey can Sean stop being a coward and talk to me’ thinking that insulting me would solve anything. His cousin tells him to piss off and that all he did was bully me and be an asshole to anyone who tried to help him. One person said me cutting him off was ‘petty’ and that’s really bugged the hell outta me >:c

    • SharaShaymin
      SharaShaymin 23 hours ago

      Petty? It's a perfectly logical and reasonable choice... not many things can be classed worse than suffering from a terrible problem and having it be belittled or simplified by others. It's unfair; every problem is unique and individual, so they probably don't understand the magnitude of its effects... Great job with ending a toxic relationship, it's a lot harder than it sounds. I hope people stop pressuring you to try and fix it.
      And, hope you have a good day :)

  • Long live the king XXXTENTACION

    Say whatever the fuck you wanna say but I think this chick is desperate for attention

    BURGERMAN 721 Day ago

    Thx so much for this i needed this

  • Weeping Angel
    Weeping Angel Day ago

    Me: **chants hero academia as if I was on an inland and made a human sacrifice to the gods of nutallhalaokeymi**

  • Vaporwave Furry
    Vaporwave Furry Day ago

    No one:
    Toga: haha I’m gonna be super manipulative today! >:3

  • Salt Apple
    Salt Apple Day ago

    the like button is broken


  • Fork
    Fork Day ago

    this hit me right in the feels

  • Cat 300
    Cat 300 Day ago

    This vid helps me a lot ;-;
    But im too worried to tell my friends how I feel ;-;

  • Annette A
    Annette A Day ago +1

    Before this I got an ad of a women checking her boyfriends phone. It was for an app lock. (JD and king George iii should have watched this)

    • LPS Peppermint
      LPS Peppermint 2 hours ago

      jd: im gonna kill people
      veronica: *_RED FLAG_*

  • Funny unicorn
    Funny unicorn Day ago

    In 7:22 you see toga from my hero academia

  • sam samual
    sam samual Day ago

    two of my est friends have moved to another city

  • Katerina M
    Katerina M Day ago

    I died at 3:23 😂😂

  • Kellie Dunaway
    Kellie Dunaway Day ago

    My birthday was the day this was published

  • RoarRaps
    RoarRaps Day ago

    It's this type of ebb and flow that have ruined relationships I've been in. It wasn't enough for me to just be a nice person who cares, I've only found girls who are manipulative and needy. It's this type of garbage that's so hard to juggle and makes me not want to be in a relationship.

  • The Sinodoc Man
    The Sinodoc Man Day ago

    7:21 wait is that toga?

  • Chair Meme
    Chair Meme Day ago

    Nah l'm just going to stay home with my cat and dog.

  • pepe silvia
    pepe silvia Day ago

    Doesn't even mention the sickos who use the butter knife for jam too- butter, jam, and crumbs all mixed into each other and these psychopaths don't even bat an eye

  • Chimi Honey-Hand

    So hypothetically if a guy who cheated on you with your best friend but he realized his mistake and now is going to couples therapy with you. And all your friends from where you met him first are saying bad stuff about himbut you told them that you were going to couples therapy but they didn't really seem to listen Would that be considered still toxic?

  • Luna lovedraw
    Luna lovedraw Day ago +1

    I need some advice my gf tells me she’s not cheating but others say she is cheating and last time I tried to break up (work thing out)
    she got her pocket knife I feel confused I almost killed her well she almost her herself I say she’s not cheating over and over again and I feel trapped I feel as if it’s dangerous for her what should I do