We Made Meat Pies & Ate Gourmet Australian BBQ • Try Australia

  • Published on Nov 13, 2019
  • It's barbie time! Watch us try all the gourmet meats Australia has to offer! Also, we ate at the same place THOR eats!!! AKA: Chris Hemsworth... AKA: a dream come true! Which meat would you want to try first? Let us know in the comments below! 🥩
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  • The Try Guys
    The Try Guys  23 days ago +1821

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    • House0fWolves
      House0fWolves 2 days ago

      Lol Soooo not sweater weather in Aussie and NZ!!

    • Olivia Reid
      Olivia Reid 4 days ago

      Hey try guys I saw you went to a football match in Aussie how did you like it and what teams did you see

    • Nicole Calimoso
      Nicole Calimoso 10 days ago

      This really made my heart smile. You guys and were so cute with Mal. 💖

    • Tobey Geldard
      Tobey Geldard 19 days ago

      go to New Zealand they have the best meat pie's

    • Sammy Cruz
      Sammy Cruz 19 days ago

      I got the zip up squad hoodie and I love it, it has to be my favorite!❤️ I love all you guys and I hav even subscribed for a long time so keep up the good work!

  • Maria Requejo
    Maria Requejo Hour ago

    I don't know what is best: Daddy Keith dancing and singing along or the fact that Eugune it's so energetic and happy in this video.

  • Lia Pranita
    Lia Pranita 2 hours ago

    xcuse me can we bring beardy eugene back?

  • Erin Collopy
    Erin Collopy 2 hours ago

    Eugene saying British food is bad
    Me from England: that’s fair that’s very fair

  • Paige Hall
    Paige Hall 3 hours ago

    Zach: *softly but with feeling* "fuck"

  • Bruce ree
    Bruce ree 4 hours ago

    You don’t eat ribs with a fork you freak! 😂

  • Kristen Smith
    Kristen Smith 6 hours ago

    Did not realise just how small Ned's hands were until now.

  • Ellyn Septiana
    Ellyn Septiana 10 hours ago

    Well from where I'm going to australia took me 24 hour plane and make me bored with the plane food

  • Mentally Unstable
    Mentally Unstable 19 hours ago

    The description: which meat would you like to try first
    Me: do you really wanna know 😏

  • Tabitha Tate
    Tabitha Tate 20 hours ago

    That moment where Mel just gave up and got into the song 😂🤣

  • Jade A
    Jade A Day ago

    When Eugene says Just like Mom says, you just gotta try it raw
    Then Keith's face was like whatt??

  • Valcor
    Valcor Day ago

    Think these guys are gay
    Not sure tho not enough gay jokes in the episode to tell

  • Valcor
    Valcor Day ago

    7:58 lol at the tomato sauce packets.
    Never thought that was weird we always had them lol they are easy .
    Also australias dont have ketchup its different to tomato sauce.

  • Charlie Southwell


  • Marmoniel
    Marmoniel Day ago

    Craving a pie. Might go to a servo and pick one up.

  • Onelisa Major
    Onelisa Major Day ago

    Try guys should go to South Africa

  • Kristina Angela
    Kristina Angela Day ago

    6:40 *Takes whole concept of Sweeney Todd*

  • Ɣσυȵǥ Ɓσσρlє

    as an australian this is just hysterical

  • animerox118
    animerox118 Day ago

    When they start playing “Overcooked” background music when the guy started explaining what is dry-aged meat 18:58XD

  • A D
    A D Day ago

    last time I heard of a singing meat pie shop Tim Burton directed it and like everyone died

  • Rose Thorn
    Rose Thorn Day ago

    The Try Guys eat the vegetable pies extolling the virtues of it while Zach stands in the background, unable to eat it. Wow.

  • Yesenia Moya
    Yesenia Moya Day ago

    I can’t stop imagining Kieth breaking into a Mrs. Lovett song just like “Mrs. Mooney has a pie shop.
    Does a business, but I notice something weird.
    Lately, all her neighbors cats have disappeared.
    Have to hand it to her!” 🎶 🎤 🎵 maybe Zack will hop in and do something adorable while Ned either screams or cringes and Eugene judges the performance.

  • misha
    misha Day ago

    i loved that joke :D

  • Lauren Poblete
    Lauren Poblete Day ago

    I think I've been playing Overcooked way too much bc I recognized the music in this video immediately

  • Ember Reed
    Ember Reed Day ago +4

    Eugene: *endless gay jokes*
    Also Eugene: *cringes when people make gay jokes*

  • franky dank
    franky dank Day ago

    Steak mushroom and pepper is the way to go

  • XxXpertTBNRxX Johns

    the best part of this video is mals overall character development

  • MjauDuuude
    MjauDuuude Day ago

    I want one of them pies so bad

  • AmyAwesomeFtw
    AmyAwesomeFtw 2 days ago

    Where did the 'English have bad food' thing come from ;-;. We have great food Fish and chips, hotdogs, toad in the hole, and crisp sandwiches are orgasmic

  • Niya Odom
    Niya Odom 2 days ago

    Wonder how long they were in there to make *Daddy Keith* submit to the singing... 🤔

  • Angel Basilio
    Angel Basilio 2 days ago +1

    u could say that there was.... a mashacre.....

  • Crash men Vlogs
    Crash men Vlogs 2 days ago +1

    No joke we need a try guys the musical

  • deekshith
    deekshith 2 days ago

    Keith is just like ricky berwick.

  • jdx!
    jdx! 2 days ago

    NZ pies are better

  • Smelly _
    Smelly _ 2 days ago

    They are prawns 🍤 🦐
    Not shrimp

  • HubbzZ
    HubbzZ 2 days ago

    That's a gross amount of meat

  • iPyromantic
    iPyromantic 2 days ago

    ..... They.... Didn't even show us their reaction to the tomahawk? Kinda forgot something there, editors.

  • Bitch Pudding
    Bitch Pudding 2 days ago

    Just gotta try it raw

    That's what Mom says!

  • Flashey Fast
    Flashey Fast 2 days ago

    The meat and wanker

  • Lizafoses Plays
    Lizafoses Plays 2 days ago

    Mel looks dead

  • Gabriel Mendoza
    Gabriel Mendoza 2 days ago +2

    Everytime I see the kangaroo skewers I can't stop laughing it reminds me when gordon ramsay had a fillet kebab and described it as something you eat with your hands tied behind your back

  • Neowti Spam
    Neowti Spam 2 days ago

    me right here looking at good food while eating hot cheetos

  • Chelsea Daniel
    Chelsea Daniel 2 days ago

    I love this video for all the jokes

  • SanOrjo
    SanOrjo 2 days ago

    Filet in my fingers, I filet in my toes, love it all round me. Amazing!

  • Ashley
    Ashley 2 days ago

    that music from 18:52 gives me flashbacks from playing Overcooked

  • Harvey Blundell
    Harvey Blundell 3 days ago

    British food is terrible? I’ll knock u aht bled

  • Colleen Denny
    Colleen Denny 3 days ago

    I know Adam is still with buzzfeed but I seriously half expected him to pop up and help ya'll eat that kangaroo.

  • Blake t
    Blake t 3 days ago

    I think it would be cool in this series of they tried traditional fruit and aboriginal foods because they kinda just focused on one side of Australian cuisine but I think it would have been cool to see them try damper or mulberries to try the more traditional stuff aside from meat.

  • Cotton Spotten
    Cotton Spotten 3 days ago

    it's still so weird so me that the usa doesn't have meat pies. like its just. meat in pastry???? it just really seems like something the us would HAVE???? and no sausage rolls either wtf
    EDIT: AND NONE OF THOSE TOMATO SAUCE PACKETS???? honestly wtf are yall doing

  • This is Buttercup
    This is Buttercup 3 days ago +1

    is Australian video but puts French music in

  • Lazarus Stan
    Lazarus Stan 3 days ago

    Daddy Keith is literally annoyed

  • seige rainbow
    seige rainbow 3 days ago

    im not even British and im offended by what he said 0:48

  • Neve Michelle
    Neve Michelle 3 days ago

    I wish they tried Aussie desserts as well, like lamingtons and pavlova

  • Yomara Ocampo
    Yomara Ocampo 3 days ago +7

    Keith: "we could make this a musical pie shop"
    Sweeney Todd and Miss.Lovet: too late for that chief

  • Lucy Anne
    Lucy Anne 3 days ago +2

    Poor “Daddy Keith”! He seemed incredibly confused & maybe somewhat annoyed!!! 🤣 Definitely confused tho!!! 😅🤣🥰

  • Quinn Knight
    Quinn Knight 3 days ago

    keith is so annoying

  • Claudia
    Claudia 3 days ago

    No!!!! Not shrimp!!!! It’s prawns goddamnit. 😂😭

  • Derpy Betta
    Derpy Betta 3 days ago +3

    Mal is like: *wtf did I get myself into*

  • Midnight Zirconia
    Midnight Zirconia 3 days ago +3

    "I have the bucket of beef, Daddy Keith" is perhaps the *single worst* phrase I have ever heard

  • Seraphina Edan
    Seraphina Edan 3 days ago

    Mal is a gem