GTA 5 Online The Diamond Casino Heist DLC Update $100,000,000 SPENDING SPREE! BUYING EVERYTHING!

  • Published on Dec 12, 2019
  • GTA 5 Online The Diamond Casino Heist DLC Update $100,000,000 SPENDING SPREE! BUYING EVERYTHING!
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    In today’s Grand Theft Auto 5 video - We are BUYING EVERYTHING from The Diamond Casino Heist DLC Update doing a $100,000,000 SPENDING SPREE of all the cars, vehicles, properties and MORE!
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    Hope you enjoyed this video! See you guys in the next one! ✌🏻
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Comments • 618

  • Rick Nemes
    Rick Nemes 7 days ago +1


  • Inna Rhino
    Inna Rhino 7 days ago

    2:13:23 is where he gets destroyed


    nice car.

  • Neville Longbottom
    Neville Longbottom 14 days ago

    Pro-Laps Livery has me weak af dude

    JIMMMY_ MACK 15 days ago

    Think you ment Toss or MrToss4TheLoss

  • Dakota John's
    Dakota John's 15 days ago

    I got kicked out of my own personal car I couldn't drive more then a block it kept kicking me out you know a lot about GTA you think you could make a video on it?

  • BeastGaming
    BeastGaming 17 days ago

    It’s based of the nomad not the atom

  • Obed Romero
    Obed Romero 24 days ago

    Watch atypical his is better

  • Jayz Gamez
    Jayz Gamez 25 days ago

    Yo I got 1.5 billion lol

  • zaireeq Emx
    zaireeq Emx 26 days ago


  • Juice Patch
    Juice Patch 26 days ago

    Does anyone play on Xbox ???

  • Eyas Abd Almuti
    Eyas Abd Almuti 26 days ago

    1:00:00 iT is an Opel Corsa

  • Angel Duran
    Angel Duran 27 days ago +1

    im sorry i im late

  • JaiVyon Patton-Taylor
    JaiVyon Patton-Taylor 27 days ago

    I like

  • Shinokami007
    Shinokami007 28 days ago +1

    about 30 mil spending spree :)

  • Top Tube
    Top Tube 29 days ago

    All those civics but no EG 😂😂😂 chocstar Games you do fail...

  • HetGamesBoy
    HetGamesBoy 29 days ago

    The car on 59:50 is a europe car its a opel corsa

  • Burnt Nugget
    Burnt Nugget Month ago

    90% of comments are negative but 90% likes on vid i dont understand

  • rafael sun
    rafael sun Month ago


  • rafael sun
    rafael sun Month ago


  • Harry Watson
    Harry Watson Month ago

    how can rockstar release a new heist where people ‘make money’ but then make it so you make 0 money. After buying the arcade and a car or two you’ve got no money, they’re all way too expensive. how can they charge 1M+ for a dune buggy???

  • Jules Frenay
    Jules Frenay Month ago

    Mate you need to choose the colour to buy them

  • Thomas Turner
    Thomas Turner Month ago

    Your komoda has no customization

  • Death Is Near
    Death Is Near Month ago

    Danny brown cameo

  • joseph almazan
    joseph almazan Month ago +7

    The reason u can’t buy the car is because u have to choose a color

    • NotBubba
      NotBubba Month ago

      joseph almazan I’m sure he knows that already considering the stream is over and been over

  • Black diamond Quartz

    Where the hell you go all these money from ??????!!!!

  • red dead 2
    red dead 2 Month ago

    The ez way to get a solo public lobby is by switching from session to session

  • Olga Ayala
    Olga Ayala Month ago

    Free aim sessions are alot more peaceful

  • AUTOCON 2019
    AUTOCON 2019 Month ago +5

    "*None of these so far aren't expensive*"
    Me and the players that have only 1 to 3 mill: *Easy for you to say YOU HAVE 100MILL*

    Jesus man did you even watch top gear?!

  • Flamedragon 6000
    Flamedragon 6000 Month ago +1

    36:00 Yo its looks like a charger

  • Train Cross
    Train Cross Month ago

    Gta DLC :)

  • Johnny Guerra
    Johnny Guerra Month ago

    This dude is pretty sad desperate to get subscribers and views look how long this videos. 3:04:32 like I said whoever watches this dudes videos I feel bad to get a life because you just wasted a good amount of time in your life Mr. boss for you just start putting videos you suck at RU-clip and you’ll never be successful like I said start getting a little kids to watch your videos . P.s you suck at RU-clip

  • łonii
    łonii Month ago

    The master of clickbates

  • Aymen Garrouch
    Aymen Garrouch Month ago +1

    Pls do more gta5 online livestreams 😉👍

  • Ying becka
    Ying becka Month ago

    do you know what is the latest version on the Gta5?

  • Christian Shackford

    How did he get the statue at 2:46:48

  • Top Tube
    Top Tube Month ago +1

    The game badly needs the fiat uno turbo. And engine swaps!

  • Top Tube
    Top Tube Month ago

    It's not a proper corsa it doesn't torque steer... Still awsum tho now make all vauxhall's vxr's and lotus carlton.

  • almost Mexican
    almost Mexican Month ago

    The rainbow color is a Volkswagen Thing

  • Luke R
    Luke R Month ago

    What is your pe4 psn

  • Luke R
    Luke R Month ago

    I did like

  • Themistoklis Papasotiriou

    This car is BMW X5 In 57.58

  • Joshua Scott
    Joshua Scott Month ago

    I didn't watch the vid, but I read dome comments. You're just another lamer posting useless spam online. Being a '90s kid, I find myself amazed at how pathetic young guys are nowadays. I hope for y'all's sake the girls are too...because when I was a teen you actually had to man up to get some p@#$$y. You guys woulda got rejected on the spot. Stop hiding online and man the f up you useless twots!

  • NaN cuerda
    NaN cuerda Month ago

    Roses are red violets are blue I just got clickbated and so did u

    MSTV GTA5 Month ago +5

    I'm shocked that you're getting views.

  • Ethan Bleach
    Ethan Bleach Month ago

    Will never be able to buy any of this

  • William Reagan
    William Reagan Month ago +5

    He really just lowered the suspension on a off-road truck

  • Jon Craddock
    Jon Craddock Month ago

    Need pick color first

  • Deadly Odin-117
    Deadly Odin-117 Month ago

    At least that's what it's been like for me. The most people I've ever had in a session is 13. Anyone ever wants to join me for a peaceful lobby, here's my gamertag: Deadlyodin117. Console: Xbox one.

  • Deadly Odin-117
    Deadly Odin-117 Month ago

    I know how you get a solo session. Be boring and unpopular.

  • Cameron Hickman
    Cameron Hickman Month ago +6

    i get shocked when he actually chooses a customisation option instead if just looking at them and leaving everything stock

  • anime love to much
    anime love to much Month ago


  • Calvin Rudolph
    Calvin Rudolph Month ago

    You be taking to long with simple stuff

    JDM SHADOWZ Month ago

    Areal novag

  • Bev Gray
    Bev Gray Month ago


  • Thuganomics
    Thuganomics Month ago

    They need to lower the price of the fire truck it’s damn near the same price as a vigilante 😐

    • Edwardg2
      Edwardg2 Month ago

      its worth it because i can waterboard randoms for going within 500 feet of my lawn

    • Gandhi
      Gandhi Month ago

      I would've totally bought it for that price if it had some Customisation, even just changing the colour would've been nice enough

  • Bob Billy
    Bob Billy Month ago

    Your thumbnails are so fake get outta here

  • Ronnie Day
    Ronnie Day Month ago

    He is so dumb pick a colour

  • Ash White
    Ash White Month ago +2

    16:25 Love how he has a PG channel but plays GTA and tries to keep adult content out of things. Bro, it's GTA smh