Corsair Went FULL Crazy - Hydro X Launch

  • Published on May 28, 2019
  • Thanks to CORSAIR for sponsoring this Computex 2019 coverage. Check out their NEW Hydro X Series here:
    Corsair offers cases, fans, ram, storage, RGB, lighting, and now custom watercooling! With their manufacturing and distribution abilities, you'll be quickly seeing them as a new top player in this space.
    Start your own custom Hydro X custom watercooling through their configurator at
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Comments • 1 850

  • Ultra Vires
    Ultra Vires 4 days ago

    From whom is the d5 ? EK ?

  • Snn Krds
    Snn Krds 6 days ago

    FULL Crazy? Cooler Master is already ready for custom cooling. :)

  • wildcardNS
    wildcardNS 28 days ago

    Damn, dude, those partnerships are *exactly* the ones you'd hope for. I'm impressed. Corsair knows their audience, that's for sure.

  • Bella EXE
    Bella EXE Month ago

    Love it but unsure whether this will be a good go too with my Corsair 1000D case

  • J W
    J W Month ago

    Could build 3 watercooled pc's the same spec for what it'd cost to cool with corsair and bitspower.
    Aesthetics are on point though. be nice to have a competitor with thermaltakes overpriced crap

  • Watt Ng
    Watt Ng Month ago

    Wow...... Time to step up.

  • Nitin Stark
    Nitin Stark Month ago


  • Ian Tetley
    Ian Tetley Month ago

    This is exactly what I needed for my pc upgrades

  • fxc2
    fxc2 Month ago

    Once I get a job I'll treat myself to a set of these.

  • Krank
    Krank Month ago

    *_e c k s d e e_*

    CHEDDERDOGG Month ago

    everyone in 10 years will have epileptic issues due to EVERYTHING having way too much RBG. Or at least vision issues. You all know its true.

  • ZachMIRE
    ZachMIRE Month ago +1

    Can you please make a hard line water cooling tutorial video please? (with the Corsair Hydro X)

  • Rodrigo Gatica
    Rodrigo Gatica Month ago

    I like how happy those cpu block looks.

  • Landon Parks
    Landon Parks Month ago

    More expensive than EKWB, and don't even have a GPU block for my Radeon VII. No thanks.

  • Jeff Freeman
    Jeff Freeman Month ago +7

    First Ryzen now Corsair?! What a great time to be part of the PC building community!!!

  • Lea Firebender
    Lea Firebender Month ago

    It's xD my 2008 slang will rise again!

  • DarkRay
    DarkRay Month ago

    shit looks sexy tho

  • Markus Walker
    Markus Walker Month ago +1

    This will go perfectly into my Corsair 1000D case for phase 2!

  • Michal Placha
    Michal Placha Month ago

    Just waiting for Corsair to start producing motherboards and custom cooled GPUs and I will be happy

  • ManoloDubidubi
    ManoloDubidubi Month ago

    That wall looks like some plumbing store.

  • Maniac MATT
    Maniac MATT Month ago

    Linus, your not shilling hard enough. Shill harder bro.

  • Jens Jacob Juhl
    Jens Jacob Juhl Month ago

    Love it

  • Matt August
    Matt August Month ago +1

    Ive never done water cooling with my system. Does it use liquid like the coolant like you use in your car and if it doesnt can you use engine coolant?

  • Gabriel Brassard
    Gabriel Brassard Month ago

    There are no RGBless version...

  • Glen DeKoker
    Glen DeKoker Month ago

    What did Intel do again I forget

  • John Vargas Badilla
    John Vargas Badilla Month ago +8

    Yes yes cant agree more i understood everyrhing you said

  • Si1ver Wolf
    Si1ver Wolf Month ago


  • Alec Urban
    Alec Urban Month ago

    Anybody else notice 3 reservoirs in that tower? Why?

  • FrobergDK
    FrobergDK Month ago

    And here's me planning a 2019/2020 build and getting worried I won't be able to get anything remotely discreet any more. No market for no-LED, silent operation nerds like me?

  • Charlie Brown
    Charlie Brown Month ago

    Pump noise scares me more than potential leak.

  • TheAwesomeLegacy
    TheAwesomeLegacy Month ago

    I can't unsee the smiley face with glases on the CPU cooler...

  • Louis Christiaan La Grange

    Would love to add the Corsair X range to my all Corsair pc. Would complete the "Branded" pc.

  • aLi0ne
    aLi0ne Month ago

    rgb only? no thanks

  • Bob Kroeker
    Bob Kroeker Month ago

    Looks like the screws will make it so the GPU will not be completely covered by thermal paste little less coverage .. will it effect it??

  • Tomos Saggers
    Tomos Saggers Month ago

    Corsair hydro X looks both expensive and cheap at the same time. The colours look off and give a light piping look to it such as that from cheap 80's transformer toys. Much more impressed with cooler master and thermaltakes journeys in this arena.

  • Glycerin
    Glycerin Month ago +1

    I have become quite a fan of Corsair. I currently own their 250D case, H100i cooler, and PSU. I've been thinking about upgrading my 4770K/GTX 760 4GB rig. Probably not until next year, though. But it looks like Corsair sold me on going water cooling. Thanks, Corsair! Upgrading to a Corsair mechanical keyboard soon.

  • DanielTheJediYT
    DanielTheJediYT Month ago

    Could you still use the XC9 on a 9th Gen i9 9900k?

  • Simon Tarrant
    Simon Tarrant Month ago +3

    Nice work Corsair, this is the stuff i will definitely be using next

  • Keith Holt
    Keith Holt Month ago

    But have they fixed the issue with custom fan curves causing iCue system monitoring to crash? Literally all of this water cooling tied to iCue is useless if it crashes a few minutes after setting custom fan curves.

  • KineticNinja
    KineticNinja Month ago

    Man that GPU block is ugly

  • Silas Allen
    Silas Allen Month ago

    a pizza box used as packaging for a coil of tube...

    Y E A R S O F E X P I E R I E N C E

  • Joseph Schulte
    Joseph Schulte Month ago

    Debating on whether I should hold out for a white AM4 CPU block. Granted my current one is silver from corsair, but white would match so much better with everything else on the pc.

  • Reijhin Ru
    Reijhin Ru Month ago

    This is so god damn overpriced sadly...

  • David H
    David H Month ago

    Corsair - Shut up and take my money

  • Rafael da Silva
    Rafael da Silva Month ago

    @0:11 water-cooled keyboard?

  • UrSoMeanBoss
    UrSoMeanBoss Month ago +23

    As an air-cooling-only guy, I gotta say; damn those look sick

  • Kat Steve
    Kat Steve Month ago +2

    Great video, thank you. High fashion for the gamer! And probably really expensive!

  • ne0tic
    ne0tic Month ago

    Amazing work Corsair!

  • alessaaa aaandro
    alessaaa aaandro Month ago

    Where’s the Thicc 120mm rad😭

  • Mr. Pink
    Mr. Pink Month ago

    the whole RGB trend is just getting ludicrous. I like small rgb details here and there, but these lightshows... nur noch zum fremdschämen!

  • MrNussbuss
    MrNussbuss Month ago

    Am I the only one who thinks these CPU blocks look like funny weird laughing faces ?

  • ferdaus bhuiyan
    ferdaus bhuiyan Month ago

    wow the world has changed linus said am4 before lga115x

  • John Hoo
    John Hoo Month ago +5

    Just in time for my build this year too. Trying to match RGB software between parts just became a thing of the past, now that Corsair takes care of it all.

    • wildcardNS
      wildcardNS 28 days ago

      Before you fully buy in, just know that the commander kits are an absolute nightmare to wire when you're just dealing with fans.

  • Hannes Zhixing LIU
    Hannes Zhixing LIU Month ago +3

    I just brought a pc 2 weeks ago and I am already wishing I’d brought these water cooling things instead of EK

  • Saurlex
    Saurlex Month ago

    Keen for the next build. I am a bit of a Corsair fan boy.

  • Joe's Photography & Technology Channel

    The fatal flaw with this product is Corsairs SOFTWARE......

  • mi rek
    mi rek Month ago

    2:20 custom RGB cooled wall

  • Martin's random art
    Martin's random art Month ago +4

    CPU block, GPU block, tubes: *:|*
    Pump and reservoir: *XD*

  • HOPE
    HOPE Month ago

    Great.........NOW GIVE ME!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Pramit Biswas
    Pramit Biswas Month ago

    #Linus please do a review of Acer Nitro KG271

  • SUNSPYtm
    SUNSPYtm Month ago +6

    They KICKED THAT NICHES ASS you mean ? damn Corsair, love it. Always liked their products since the RAM days

    • Super Kawaii Kitty
      Super Kawaii Kitty Month ago

      The fact that they used the best manufacturer's. Hardware labs, bitspower, mayhem? Holy shit. Top notch stuff right there.

  • Ptr-EshEah Le-Zal GamerFurryGirl69

    YEP found my brand for liquid cooling my new pc!

  • Nephanor
    Nephanor Month ago

    Now all Corsair needs to do is take a cue from InWin and make daisy chainnable fans so connecting a multi-fan radiator up doesn't require a crap tonne of cabling. I mean seriously, why AREN'T more companies using that idea?

  • Redgie Encinares
    Redgie Encinares Month ago

    Thats FANtastic

  • Joke Assasin
    Joke Assasin Month ago

    This looks nice. I would be happier if there was an rgb free option. The only place I want RGB is on the keyboard (preferably individually programable keys)

  • Ryan Brower
    Ryan Brower Month ago

    didnt they make a video like 2 months ago about how water cooling doesnt work?

    • Turbo Turd
      Turbo Turd Month ago

      shhh, cornering sponsor in booth!

  • TroubleShooter
    TroubleShooter Month ago

    I saw a lot of people talking about the novec phase change cooling concepts at computex, but I actually think the dielectric coolant could be better than novec. You can see it here:
    or their site here:
    At first it looks more boring as it is not a phase change liquid immersion coolant, but I think that actually makes it better.
    What I want to see eventually is an immersed system that is actively refrigerated. This would allow cooling well below ambient, and even below freezing point, depending on the freezing temperature of your liquid. Normally cooling at or near 0 degrees Celsius is hard because of condensation, but in an immersed system with no air or water you cant get any condensation. So the basic design would be an immersed and sealed system with a water pump sending your immersion fluid out through a tube to some kind of radiator or heat exchanger, but that heat exchanger would be mated to the cold side of a refrigerator. You could take apart a chest freezer for the refrigeration part, or you could use a window mounted AC unit for it. A decent sized 6000 BTU window unit costs around $200 so that wouldn't be that bad. A small chest freezer is about the same. 6000 btu's is about 1800 watts so that should be able to keep up with a computer as long as it is less than 1800 watts total power draw. Then the question is just how cold do you want your evaporator coil to be. Do you want to chill down close to 0 degrees for extreme overclocking? Or just a little below ambient? After that you can add in some extras like the ability to mount your condenser unit in a window like a regular window mounted AC unit so you blow your hot air outside instead of heating up your room.
    So Linus, when are you going to tear apart a deep freezer to combine with single phase liquid immersion coolant and rig together a condensation proof refrigerated immersion liquid cooling setup for overclocking? Get on that already, chop chop. If its too much work just make Steve over at Gamers Nexus do it for you. The hair makes him infallible so I'm sure he wont need any help.

  • Jan Ryan
    Jan Ryan Month ago

    Sponsored Video. LMG cannot be trusted.

  • ChronoXShadow
    ChronoXShadow Month ago

    We need a liquid-cooled monitor now. Do it, Corsair! I dare you! lol

  • Baha'adeen Al-ees
    Baha'adeen Al-ees Month ago +1

    Please build a pc with the best possible water cooling out of this